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Who gives a shit now, it's done and dusted. This is a celebration. Ty pulled me out of my head.

"Oh my god, do you remember that Jamie?"

All my friends were laughing, they had tears practically running down their faces. I could not help but smile along.

"Remember what?" I laughed at no idea what.

"That valentines day we got a call out to the boyfriend bonfire?" Ty waved his hand, "Anyway, Jamie was sent into the house to check the inside. He was coming down the hallway, as he passed the bathroom a drunk guy comes out baling Jamie here," he threw his thumb in my direction, "up against the wall and lays a wet juicy one on him and grabbed his junk. Nine chicks sitting in the backyard, too close to the house burning all the ex-boyfriends stuff. One guy at the sad sac party and he chooses the one straight firey to hit on."

I huffed out a laugh. What else can I do, none of my friends know I am bi. There never seemed any point bringing it up since I married Tracey. So I had just kept it to myself all this time.

"I'll have you know he said I was hot and a great kisser, thank you very much."

My friends all lost their shit laughing at my deadpan delivery. I couldn't hold the straight face very long and ended up laughing along with them. The next hour or so went the same way, funny stories from our past, more beers, and more shots. We were all having a good time, this is great, I have missed hanging out with these guys. It is nice that we have not lost a step even though I had not been hanging out with them much lately. Individually we were all in contact and saw each other, but as a group, I had not been able to manage it.

"So Jamie, how did you go with that promotion you went for?"

"Ugh! God Gav don't remind me," I groaned, scrubbing my face with my hands.

"Tracey's uncle was on the interview panel, how do you think I went?"

"Dude that sucks, haven't you been acting in the job for like six months?"

I nodded my head answering Louis as a took a long draw of my beer.

"Yep, doesn't matter though. There were four jobs, fifty odd applicants, you do the math."

"Shit man, do you think he held you back?" Gavin asked sympathetically.

I shrugged my shoulder, "Who knows, there's always going to be someone better suited no matter what job you go for. I applied for a transfer to another district, but the asshole did block me on that one with a bad review."

"You should come and get a job with us," Ty said sincerely, "they're always looking for guys."

Ty worked in the metropolitan fire service. Since he left rural and went to metro, he's always trying to get me to make the switch.

"Ty's right, but before you do that why don't you take some time off and travel. You always said you wanted to go back to the States. Granted, without your parents this time." David piped up.

"You have a passport right?" Louis said excitedly.

"Yeah, of course, I do," I answered.

"You can afford to go at the moment, yeah?" Ty said.

"I suppose, but I was going to use that money as a deposit on another house."

"You don't have to spend it all knucklehead, when you get back you would still have enough for a deposit."

I forgot that I had told David about my finances. It's not something I would usually discuss with anyone, but he helped me figure everything out so I could get rid of the ex-missus with minimal damage.

"Come on, Jamie, you have to do it. You're in a position any of us would kill for. You get to travel, do what you want, see what you want, do who you want," Gavin was laughing as he finished off his beer.

You know when you've had just that little bit too much to drink, and everything seems like a good idea? Well, this sounded like a great idea. My friends are excited, which in turn I am now getting excited about it. A trip by myself, no one to answer to. Sounds like fucking heaven to me.

"Why not, I don't have any responsibilities. It'll be great." I held my bottle up to toast with the guys. (and back to past tense)




I sat up straight, and threw my legs over the side of my bed.

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