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A night of passion has turned into a Torrid romance.

No need for any gentleness."

Suddenly she looked nervous but took obedient steps forward until she stood behind but to one side of the bowed figure. With one hand she eased one cheek aside and applied the tip of the plug to Gwen's arse. Although since her escape Gwen had showered and cleaned herself luckily for her there was still a coating of lube on the plug. With very little consideration for her mother's comfort Charlotte thrust the plug home, ignoring the cries of pain. She stood up and turned to me with a grin on her face.

"Well done my dear, it wasn't that difficult was it?"

She came and stood back next to me but closer than before. I reached out and put an arm round her waist.

"Obedience is very important to me and now you must find out what happens to those who don't do as they're told. Follow me back to the play room and bring the slut with you."

Without any bidding from me she walked forward and grabbed a handful of her mother's hair and pulled her head up from the floor and forced her to turn around. I led the way back to the playroom, Charlotte following me half leading and half dragging Gwen behind her. I handed Charlotte the red ball gag.

"I have a feeling she will need this unless she is to wake the whole neighbourhood."

Charlotte grinned as she took it from me. She pulled Gwen's head back and demanded, "Open wide mummy slut." Gwen glanced at me, a look of pleading in her eyes but I turned away and went to the cupboard. I picked out a large wooden paddle and a multi-tailed lash. When I turned back round Gwen was once again wearing the gag and it was fastened tightly round her head. She looked scared.

"Lay her across the bed," I told Charlotte. None too gently she pulled Gwen up and onto the bed leaving her legs dangling over the side.

"Perfect," I said, "Now take this." I passed her the paddle, handle first. "My usual punishment is twelve strokes but since she has broken the rules twice we'll make it 24. Are you ready?"

"You want me to do it?" Charlotte asked suddenly nervous.

"Of course. How better to learn. Try and strike across both buttocks and get her to count each stroke as you go. If she loses count then we start again. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Miss."

She turned and took her place to one side of the figure on the bed. Tentatively she measured her distance by laying the paddle across the proffered bottom before lifting her arm and bringing it back down. Immediately I swung the lash and struck Charlotte's bottom hard. She yelped and looked at me in surprise.

"You need to strike harder," I told her, "we won't count that one. Now, try again." As an incentive I swung the lash from side to side in my hand. Charlotte turned back to her task. She swung the paddle again with more force this time. Gwen flinched and her knuckles turned white as she gripped the edge of the mattress but she made no sound.

"Count, bitch," I told her, slightly raising my voice. A muffled and barely audible "one" came from somewhere buried in the mattress.

"Louder next time, bitch." I nodded at Charlotte and she struck again. The muffled "two" that came from behind the gag was louder this time. Another strike and Gwen wriggled ineffectually. To give her credit, apart from the count she remained silent until the seventh stroke at which she cried "ow" loudly and began to sob audibly. Charlotte's next stroke lacked the purpose of her previous ones and I reminded her of her duties by delivering another lashing to her bottom that made her jump and cry out. I reminded her to stick to her task which she did until we had reached twelve.

"Take a breath, my dear, your arm must be getting tired."

"Thank you, Miss."

I put my arm around her waist and pulled her to me, kissing her quite forcefully and letting my tongue slide between her lips. She was at first shocked but soon responded with her own tongue. We kissed for some time before I broke away.

"We are only half way through, my dear.

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