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Jessica tries out for a small part in a play.

I decided to go join in a group dance. They accepted me readily. I was relieved. Other guys bobbed in and out of the group dance. I assumed the girls were just getting started and were making themselves available on the floor. I asked one of them to dance alone. She accepted and we boogied to a fast tune. She introduced herself as Monica and I told her my name. I thanked her for the dance and we moved away from each other.

Back at the table, I was watching the door. It was almost forty-five minutes later when Meredith walked in. She sauntered over to the bar and ordered. I could see heads turning as she made her way over to the bar. The effect was dramatic. I headed off to the rest room so I could pass by her. She barely noticed me, but I did see a slight smile. My looking at her would not raise any suspicion. Every guy and some girls in the room were checking her out. The soft grey knit dress showed plenty of leg and almost all of her upper breasts. With no bra on, she might as well have been naked. Not only were her nipples thick and distended, but even the outline and color of soft pink areolas were visible. If she by chance bent over, her shaved pussy would be on display for everyone to see. She walked demurely toward the end of the bar.

I passed on and did make a pit stop. When I came back out, the first guy was already hitting on her. Apparently he asked her to dance and she accepted. It was going to be hard for her to get too close to any one man that evening. They only guys not interested in dancing with her were the ones who felt totally intimidated and outclassed by her considerable beauty. If they only knew that I was the one she was going home with, they might have reconsidered. Some guys were so intimidated by women that they forget that it is not all physical attraction.

After about an hour and a half of dancing with numerous guys one guy felt bold enough to take her back to a table and sit down. She followed him easily and they began chatting. This went on for about twenty more minutes. I watched as the guy moved ever closer to her. He would occasionally touch her arm or hand. She was not responding yet. It was a sexy move on her part. Let him be the aggressor. She could handle it any way she felt. If he was too aggressive, she would cool him down or just leave. He waited patiently and I could see that he was about half way into the mating dance. They danced together a few more times. Each time he got a little closer to her. One slow song came on and I saw him caress her ass through the soft material. He could almost reach the hem in the back; the dress was so short.

By now he knew she was not wearing any underwear. He had to. Any man caressing a woman's ass while dancing is looking for the telltale elastic. Whether it is bikini or thong, the elastic is the giveaway. He had to be totally hard when he realized that this gorgeous blonde chick with the big breasts was without bra or panties. I could just imagine what he was thinking.

After the fantastic night was over were re-lived the whole encounter from Meredith's prospective. She said that even though she had danced with several men over a time, this particular guy, Ted, had been the most persistent. He was a smooth talker also. He talked mostly about himself. His background, his athletic achievements, his car. He asked Meredith a few questions, but he seemed to be more into trying to impress her with his studliness. She said that this made him the perfect candidate to lead on and let down.

As they began dancing entirely together, he did ask the usual personal questions.

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