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"Let's go get cleaned up." Max ordered and led the boy to the bathroom.

Time for a change

Max had a huge master bathroom with mirrored walls. There was a huge spa-like tub and a walk-in shower with glass doors. Lexi walked in and Max guided him to the double-sinked vanity. There was a device on the vanity that looked like an electric hair clipper without any visible blades. Max picked it up and held it out to Lexi.

"This is a new-fangled hair remover that I just recently got. It operates with some kind of laser and does an absolutely fantastic job of getting rid of all your hair. And the hair doesn't grow back as fast as it used to."

Max took a towel off the rack and spread it on the floor.

"Step onto the towel, honey, and shave all of that hair off your body. Then you can look like the sissy you are." Max commanded.

"Please, Daddy, I'm not a sissy." Lexi protested.

"Look at us in the mirror, honey." Max said as he turned Lexi around. Lexi was dwarfed by Max. At 55, Max was still a good looking guy. He was still mostly muscle, though he was sporting a bit of a beer belly; and he still had most of the hair on his head in addition to copious amounts of hair on his chest, arms and legs. Lexi, on the other hand, looked like a little boy next to Max - or worse yet, a little girl! Lexi had long, thin legs, arms with no real muscle definition and a petite little bubble-ass. Lexi had very little body hair to begin with.

"Look at us, honey." Max repeated. "You already look like the sissy you are. Taking off your hair will only add to your sex appeal. Max likes his boys hairless. And you are Daddy's boy now."

Lexi's eyes began to tear as he took the hair remover from Max and began to denude his body of all its hair. When he had finished, he did look more like a girl than a boy. Max took the appliance from him and bent him over and removed all of the hair in his ass crack. Now, except for the hair on the top of his head, Lexi was completely smooth and hairless.

"C'mon, baby, let's clean up before dinner." Max said. He wrapped his hand around Lexi's cock and led him into the shower stall.

Max soaped Lexi up, rubbing his hands possessively over his body. After washing himself, he grabbed the tube of lubricant he kept in the shower and coated his finger with it.

"Bend over, baby." Max commanded. Lexi did as ordered and Max slowly inserted his finger in Lexi's ass, coating it with the lube.

Max then copiously applied the lube to his cock and slid it into Lexi in one slow, continuous motion.

"Ahhhhh!" Lexi exhaled as Max's cock slid into him with absolutely no resistance. It didn't hurt nearly as much this time. In fact, it felt nice going in.

"You have such a nice, tight pussy." Max said as he began to slowly fuck his new boy. Max wrapped his hand around Lexi's hard little cock and began to stroke it in time to the rhythm of his fucking.

"Oh noooo!" Lexi gasped. He couldn't believe how much he was enjoying being fucked.

"Do you want Daddy to stop, baby?" Max asked.

"No, Daddy. Please don't stop."

"Tell Daddy what you want, baby."

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me faster! Please fuck me!" Lexi pleaded.

Max increased the tempo of his movements. He could feel the cum rising inside of him. His orgasm violently shook him as he filled Lexi's ass with his semen. Lexi was now making those little animal sounds in his throat as his orgasm shook him.

"Oh, yes, Daddy! Yes! Yes! Yes! Make Lexi cum!"

Then Max slumped against Lexi, holding the boy's cock as it emptied its load onto the shower floor.

"What are you, Lexi?" Max whispered in the boy's ear.

"I'm a fag, Daddy." Lexi responded as his body shook in Max's embrace.

"Yes, bitch, you are a fag! My fag! Now, let's go clean up. We should get your car before dinner."

Max toweled Lexi dry; then toweled himself off. He grabbed Lexi's cock and led the boy into the bedroom, to the dresser and opened a dresser drawer. The drawer was filled with panties and lingerie. Max picked a pair of pink panties and held it out to Lexi.

"Here, honey, wear

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