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"There will be times during the semester when I ask you do to do things you may not be comfortable doing. You may, of course, opt out, but it will negatively affect your participation grade, which is 50% of this course. The other 50% is broken up into 35% out-of-class projects and homework, and 15% for the final multi-format exam.

"Any questions so far?" she asked. A few hands went up. "Yes?" she said, pointing to a girl in the third row.

"You mentioned demonstrations," replied the girl. "Are those going to involve guests? And how involved will they be?"

Sharon smiled, and replied, "No, we will normally not have guests this semester, unless we are covering a special topic. The demos will be performed by each of you, as well as by myself. They will be very in-depth, and will usually involve grouping up to get a chance to observe the topic, and get hands-on experience. Hopefully that clarifies it. If not, it should become clear in a little bit, as we'll be doing our first demo today."

"Oh...thanks..." replied the girl, quite stunned, and a little confused.

"Anyone else?" asked Sharon. A boy on the left side of the room held his hand up. She nodded to him.

"So, when we group up, will we be grouping boy-boy or boy-girl?", the boy asked.

"Good question. For the start of the semester, we will form groups that include both genders. As each of you have the most experience with your own gender, you will need to study the other gender more thoroughly." Then she counted out how many of each there were in the room. "I was planning on pairs; however, it looks like the numbers don't quite work out for that. If we start with coed pairs, that'll leave four extra boys. So we'll have two groups of 3, with an extra boy in each, and two boys with me."

The boy grinned, "Thanks. That's what I was hoping."

"I'm sure it was," replied Sharon, with a bigger grin. "Any other questions?" There weren't any. "Alright then. We'll move on to roll-call. Some days, including today, I'll give you a question for the day. When I call your name, you will stand, answer the given question, and strip off your clothes. Normally, you will remove all of your clothing, but since it's the first day, you'll only be required to remove two articles of clothing. Shoes, socks, and jackets do not count."

That got everyone's attention. There was no mention before that anyone would be stripping. It was implied, due to the fact that hands-on demos would probably require nudity, but this confirmed it.

"Today's question is an introduction," Sharon said. "You'll state your name, age, where you're from, and whether or not you are a virgin. We'll start with me. As I said before, my name is Sharon. I'm 32, and I'm from San Francisco. As I'm sure you have all guessed, I am not a virgin."

With that said, she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, placing it on the desk. Underneath, she had a sexy white bra, with black lace. Next, she unzipped the side of her skirt, and slipped it down her long legs, revealing a matching thong.

Now that her clothing was removed, I got my first good look at her body. She was slim, in a fit kind of way; she definitely worked out regularly. Her legs seemed to be miles long. She had one noticeable tattoo: some sort of tribal pattern, wrapping around the bottom of her breasts. She was very tan; she must sun bathe quite a bit.

"Now your turn. First up, Tony Baker"

A boy on the right side of the room stood up and introduced himself. "Hi I'm Tony Baker. I'm 19, and I'm from Texas. I am not a virgin." He pulled his shirt over his head. He had a tan body, with six-pack abs. Next, he pulled off his shoes and socks, then pulled his pants off, revealing a pair of red boxer briefs, which were tented slightly. Apparently I wasn't the only one who found Ms Gladwell attractive.

"Nice to meet you Tony. You may take your seat. Next up, Mindy Hayes"

She proceeded to call out each student's name. About half-way through, she called "Christina Mccoy"

Christina stood, and said, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I can do this.

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