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The family circle is finally complete.

I decided that I was going to slip into my newly bought lingerie and surprise my husband and perhaps my boots could be knocked! Being in a good mood for me is my main aphrodisiac, better than chocolate, better than red wine and certainly better than having a certain something waved in my face. My son happens to be the good mood killer these days so my plan was to avoid him, I didn't even want to feel awful about it that night, I would have time for that the next day.

To continue with my good spirits I opened a bottle of wine to share with dinner. I'm not a heavy drinker but I do drink enough to have some wine in the house for when the need arises. I prefer red so I took my time with dinner and sipped slowly letting the kids clear the table long before I was done.

Maybe I shouldn't be so much of a perfectionist but there are some nights when you just hope everyone will act like you want them to, like you deserve a break and don't want to verbalize what you want because that would ruin it all. My husband decided that he had to get some work done and was elbow deep in technical drawing by the time the last drop fell from the bottle. The kids were fighting as my son wasn't letting my daughter watch want she wanted to watch on TV. I can't say I completely blame him for this as she can really watch some dumb stuff but I also just wish he had the maturity to be nice to his little sister every now and then.

In any event this night I was not putting on my referee uniform, I was going to open another bottle of wine. These glasses flowed more quickly than the first bottle until the bottom was clear, I figured I wasn't quite wine poor yet so I opened the last bottle. Like I said I'm not a heavy drinker so three bottles is way past my limit and I was pretty drunk. I wasn't feeling all that romantic either and didn't have the energy or balance to slip into my little black panties. Instead I decided to go unannounced to bed with most of the wind out of my sails.

From all indications my husband sensed my state of inebriation and begun his carnal assault.

"Michelle." he whispered into my half sleeping ear, "Let's have sex."
I didn't respond but I didn't protest as he started to undress me either. I didn't feel that sexy, I didn't have my lingerie on and worse I had the feeling that he didn't care either way. Piece by piece I was undressed, down to my navy cotton panties that were the last causality. He wanted me to suck his dick, and I would have, but I really felt like I might have gagged so I backed out. Undisturbed he got on top of me and started to do his thing.

Soon the bed was squeaking from the activity and I was doing my best to keep up. I was moaning and making the usual noises when something came over me and I decided to let some dirty talk slip out. I don't remember all the things I said but they were pretty typical dirty talk stuff. Like, fuck me, fuck me harder, I'm a slut. Once I started that it didn't take long for the squeaking to came to a stop and my husband was taking off his condom and seemed thoroughly satisfied with what just happened. He asked me what had gotten into me in elated shock as dirty talking isn't really part of our love making. I didn't really share his enthusiasm as the night didn't really go as I was hoping and I still wasn't quite feeling satisfied. Worse I looked at the clock and it was 9:13pm, I was horrified that the entire house could have probably heard my obscenities.

In the morning all I could do is wake up and shake the cobwebs and make breakfast for the kids like nothing had happened. That is exactly what I did. I think you could have heard a pin drop that morning but even my kids had better sense than to complain about what they undoubtedly heard. As for me it really did feel like nothing happened and this was just another week, another week in the same routine.

The routine did continue.

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