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Doing Sleeping Beauty.

Sifting through the trees of the forest, Hannah found Mauricio. He was standing next to a great gray mare, a beautiful horse who was tied up with rope to a tree. Now, in the moonlight and stars, Hannah could see why her horse had snuck away into the words. She was a beautiful horse.

"Silly Mauricio," she said smiling to her companion. The horse had no eyes for Hannah; he was in heat.

At times, Mauricio would find a gorgeous wild mare and mate with her. Hannah was accustomed to watching her beautiful creature's animal cock harden as he mounted his mate. Affectionately, Hannah sometimes called her horse Tree-Trunk-Dick, because his horse cock was the thickness of a tree trunk. Hannah was happy to let her animal friend find a partner to empty his nuts into. It just meant a new generation of little wild Mauricio horses in the forest.

But Hannah had never seen a horse tied up like this. Sure, sometimes she would tie up Mauricio, but how did this mare get this way? Did someone do it? Was someone here?

As Mauricio's neying and whinneying got louder, Hannah heard a shout; definitely not an animal! She had never encountered anyone else before out in the wild, and she ran behind a tree far from where the sound was coming.

"You stop! You stop!" yelled the voice as it came closer, "Get away from my horse!"

The figure that emerged toward the mating horses was enormous. At first Hannah couldn't see him in the darkness of the forest, but then she realized it was because his skin was dark as tar. He was a hulking burly black man, with bulging muscles straining in the arms of his shirt and a fierce expression on his face as he scolded the horses.

"You'll ruin her, get away from her!" he yelled to Mauricio, shoving him. He was unsuccessful in moving the beast, but Hannah heard Mauricio's distinct finishing ney. His horse balls emptied and satisfied, she heard him dismount the mare and whinney away.

"Shoo! Shoo!" yelled the black man to the departing Mauricio. Hannah was sure the horse would go back where the delicious meat was still sitting in the sand.

"What did he do to you?" asked the man to the horse, patting her on the buttocks. "Ewck, he's gotten you all sticky, Donald" he called, "Donald!"

A smaller set of footsteps trudged towards them.

"Yes sir, yes sir," answered Donald, "it was difficult to keep up behind you." He was a little white man, not much younger than Hannah, she was sure, with a huge knapsack on his back. She was amazed such a little white man could carry it all.

"Clean up Marsie," yelled the Master pointing the horse, "Some brute has come and defiled her."

"Right away," said the white man, nodding his head. He glanced at the sticky gloopy horse, what a mess he would have to clean.

The black man scowled at Donald as he scrubbed at the horse with a rag from his sack. For the tired little man, getting all of the horse spunk out of Marsie's fur was a challenge.

Hannah, however, had her eyes right on the black man. Her heart was pounding in her chest; she had been dreaming of a man like him for years.

She slowly moved from behind her tree. She walked slowly towards where the two were standing.

"Wha--AHH!" yelled Donald as he saw the approaching figure.

"Wha--What?" said the Master, turning.

To the two men, the slow moving Hannah must have looked like some long lost goddess of fertility. Her big bare breasts swung with her footsteps. She wore an earthy smile the shone in the moonlight, which also illumined her bare toned stomach and curvy wild hips. Hannah was beautiful.

"Hello," said the Master, glancing up and down Hannah's shiny brown body. Hannah didn't respond; she hadn't spoken to another human in years, nevertheless such a strong bulking black man. She just smiled.

"Who are you, young lady?" asked the Master, but Hannah just moved slowly towards them silently.

When she was close enough, she could see both the men clearly. And she saw, on the Master's left hip, a holster for a very large shiny gun.

Hannah froze. She didn't like guns. The men noticed.

"What's wrong, why did she

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