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The stakes are high in a card game.

I twist the base of my pleasure wand and the reassuring buzz hits my ears and my crotch is moistening and throbbing in Pavlovian anticipation. I stroke the tool up and down my slit. It feels incredibly good. But I need a real man's penis to satisfy me. I bet a man like Robert has impressive equipment down there. A vision of an erect large penis flashes into my mind as my vibrator stimulates my most private areas.

Suddenly my phone beside me on the bed buzzes to indicate a text had arrived. It's from Robert.

'Thanks for the wonderful pics, my dear. They are all beautiful but I especially like the last one. Under your panties, I could see the faint outline of your natural hair down there. That is so wonderful. It's the custom today to shave it away but I think that is so unnatural.'

I can't believe he just said that. He's talking about my pubic hair and we haven't even met. But as I stroke my pussy with this vibrator and feel my pubic hair slide by against the side of my palm, it seems so very right. What a sexy man. I take my phone and text back. ''I'm glad you like them. I look forward to meeting you." As soon as my finger hits the send button I regret it. Jeepers, I just more or less said, 'Glad you like my hairy crotch. Let's have sex soon.' What will he think of me? Then I run the delicious buzzing vibrator down the slit between my pussy lips and back up to my clit and I think, "He will think I'm a horny woman that needs a solid fucking. And he'll be very right." I turn up the vibrator setting and gallop to an explosive orgasm.

The Big First Date Night

Robert is picking me up for a dinner date in twenty minutes. Tommy is with a nice older lady in an apartment down the hall. She loves kids and tell me to stay out as late as I want. My goodness, I haven't been on a date in almost forever. I went out and bought a flowery, summer dress at a consignment store. It has a tight waist with a nice full skirt that ends modestly just above my knees. I hope it's not too conservative a style. But the top is shoulderless and there is much more cleavage showing than I'm used to. I hope Robert likes it. I put on a small amount of eye makeup followed by some light pink lipstick. Beneath it all, there is the pink panty and bra set that I wore in the selfie picks. My sister told me to shave away my pubic hair but I remembered what Robert had said about liking natural hair down there. Not that we will be having sex tonight. The thought of having sex just made my knees weak. Girl, it's been way to long. A spray of French perfume on my neck and wrists makes me feel very girlie. My nails just have on clear polish since I can't afford manicures. I broke my budget on the dress. I finish with some white open-toes sandals and go down to the street to wait for Robert.

The day is just turning to dusk as Robert pulls up in an expensive forest green BMW. The tires screech to a stop and he leaps out and runs around to my side. He looks me up and down with a big smile.

Robert's Viewpoint.

She is standing there, so beautiful in a bright flowery patterned summer dress clutching a small white handbag in front with both hands about pussy high. I give her a New York air kiss as she smiles demurely. Her perfume is intoxicating. She is my ideal girl, very natural, very pretty, very young, very shy and very in need of my help.

"You look absolutely amazing. I'm the luckiest man in town."

She looks down modestly, "You're so kind Robert." My goodness I thought, she doesn't know how special she is.

I open the car door and she slides into the black leather seat. As she bends to get in, I can see down her dress to her perfect alabaster breasts almost to her nipples. I can't wait to cup those beauties in my hands.

I get in behind the wheel.

"Robert, your car is so wonderful. I've never been in one so nice."

"And this car has never had as wonderful a woman in it." She smiles sweetly at the compliment. "I love your summer dress. Its so fun and perfect. Let's go and have a great meal."

We drive

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