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Mother respects owners desire in front of her own son.

"So far my little sex slave, you didnt swallow when I told you to, you've tried to stop me from tying you up, even if it was a feeble attempt, been sarcastic in your replies to me but most of all you have no respect for me. Not once have you called me Master. Its about time you learned who the boss is."

you tell me in a voice that lets me know I'm very soon going to have a sore ass.

You remove your belt from your jeans and ask me if I'm ready to take my punishment. I say yes in a very quiet voice. You grab my hair and tell me to speak louder and not to forget your title. I reply

"Yes Master.

You tell me that as my punishment you are going to belt my ass harder than usual and the punishment is six strokes and I have to thank you after them. I start to laugh a little with nerves and excitement. The first three strokes aren't to bad but the fourth lands harder and stings a bit, i try to move away slightly but five and six land before I have a chance. I realise that your now waiting for me to thank you and decide I'd better do it straight away, my poor ass feels like it's on fire already.

"Thank you Master."

I tell you.

"Good girl." you say and straighten me up, unty my hands and give me a cuddle.

We start to head up the hill. We get a little way up the hill when you suddenly tell me to bend over and grab my ankles. I look at you as if to ask why but then do it anyway. You slide you hand inside my thong and take it back out again.

"Wet as I expected."

you chuckle. You lead me to a spot you have already picked out. I find myself tied between two trees, legs and arms tied wide apart.

You start to tease me all over again, licking my clit and squeezing my nipples hard. occasionally sliding your fingers deep into my pussy and making me lick them clean.

"Bet you'd like my cock deep inside you wouldn't you?"

you say to tease me even more. You continue to do this until I'm begging you to fuck me.

"Ask me properly then slave"

you say. "Please fuck me Master." I reply. You unty me from the trees and get me to lie on my back and start to give my pussy a good hard fucking but then you stop before I come. You tell me I can only come when you let me. You tell me to turn over and start fucking me from behind.

"Tell me how you want it."

you whisper in my ear. "I want you to fuck me hard, really hard and please make me come Master." you start fucking me really hard and fast and then when I'm close to coming you tell me you want me to come for you and to come now. The orgasm hits with such an intensity it catchs me by surprise.

"Was that nice slave?"

you ask. "Oh yeah. That hit the spot." I reply after catching my breath.

"Well now that you've come, I think it's my turn."

you say "hands behind your back slave." I put my hands behind my back and you tie them together again.

"Remember you told me it was a fantasy of yours to be kneeling with your hands tied behind your back and have a guy come in your mouth.

Well its about to become reality. Open wide and stick your tongue out slave." you tell me as you start wanking in front of my face.

You tell me to watch as you wank your cock then ask me

"Now should I come in ur mouth or give you a facial?"

I reply that as your the Master the decision is yours. After a couple of minutes you tell me to open my mouth so you can fuck it. You slide your cock all the way into my mouth making me gag on it.

"Im going to go between wanking in front of your face and fucking your mouth until I come and I'm not going to tell you when I'm close, just to add to your suspense my little cock sucking slave.

You do this for a few minutes then suddenly stop. You walk around me and grab my hair.

"Mmmm not yet. I've decided that your ass needs some attention."

You push me so that my face is on the ground and my ass is in the air. You slide two fingers into my pussy and then slide them slowly up my ass. I can't help but groan in enjoyment when you do it.

"Oh I think someone likes that"

you say as you start to pull your fingers

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