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Gina's face moved next to mine, so she could suck Alexa's tits and kiss Alexa, while I was trying to do exactly the same to Alexa. Gina and I wound up making out, while the Latina's hand was on Lanie's lower belly, feeling how deep my penis was inside the redhead's body. Gina began rubbing Lanie's clitty while I fucked the girl, and that got Lanie to start cumming around my penis inside her hole. At some point, I had Alexa and Gina taking turns sucking my dick, sticking it back into Lanie to fuck the redhead more, then sucking it more, while I was making out with another girl, and Mark was making out with Lanie.

About the only thing that didn't happen, not surprisingly, was any direct interaction between Alexa and her stepfather. They seemed cool with doing whatever each other was doing, but they almost ignored each other -- barely looking at each other, saying or doing nothing towards the other even moving elbows or knees apart so they wouldn't even have to touch. That took a bit of contortionism, with the five of us naked together in a big fleshy ball on the bed.

I had my third orgasm of the night in the midst of that fleshy, fun mess. Making out with Alexa, Lanie underneath me, I start squirting semen -- or it felt like it, hell I might have been dry -- into Lanie's cunt. Three 18 year old dancers, three tight pussies, three filled with my sperm! What a fucking night. Yeah, I kind of felt guilty about it, being married to a great woman and all -- but, this was worth the guilt and risk. These three foxes were fucking amazing.

Not long after I cummed inside Lanie, Mark was loaded for another round himself, too. He climbed on top of the redhead and fucked her a third time, while he and I were making out with Alexa. But having fucked her on her back already, Mark pulled back to roll the girl onto her knees. He pulled her thin hips upwards, getting her skinny pale butt into the air of the hotel room. Mounting her from the backside, the stud rammed his thick penis into her cunthole -- make the dancer squeal once more, but with less energy, she was getting tired for sure -- to thrust as deep as he could.
However, the man wasn't satisfied just to fuck Lanie. He wanted her to fuck the other girls. Oddly, he told Gina to have Alexa sit in front of Lanie (instead of just saying it to Alexa directly), and moments later the horny blonde dancer was sitting on her small ass, tanned thighs spread wide, pushing her used pussy towards Lanie's face. Mark gripped the teenager's long, wavy strawberry hair firmly in a powerful fist, forcefully manipulating her head and torso however he pleased. Pushing her forward more on her knees, ramming his awesome cock repeatedly into Lanie's pussy, the horny male shoved Lanie's mouth against Alexa's waiting, naked cunt in front of her face. The blonde looked down her thin, tanned body and hot little titties at her redheaded friend's face, then past that to Lanie's hot little ass stuck up in the air, where behind it her stepdaddy was furiously pounding away, jamming married adult meat in and out of Lanie's tight cunt. Crawling next to the three of them, Gina watched with a wicked smile, pressing her thighs together to soothe her very-used pussy, enjoying the sight of Lanie being forced to eat the blonde's sperm-filled pussy.

Taking a liking to a submissive side he sensed in Lanie, Mark stoked the flames. "You like that?" Mark sneered at the girl he was fucking, almost laughing while he made Lanie jam her tongue into Alexa's teen cunt, "you like eating Alexa's pussy? Look at her, she's so horny, she loves it -- you gonna promise to eat Alexa's pussy anytime she wants? After school, after dance practices?" The horny stepfather hardly gave the redhead a chance to answer, with her mouth occupied eating the blonde's cunt, but he already knew the answer. "She's so fuckin' wet, you're gonna eat her all the time, aren't you, honey? Huh? Promise me?"

His fist yanked back her long red hair, pulling her head back painfully, but it just excited her more.

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