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A young professional male takes a Gangsta Ghetto sista home.

Soon I was buried balls deep inside her with all 7 inches. Her wet warmth hugged and conformed to my length. I kissed her with passion as I stayed buried deep inside her. When there was no more evidence of pain in her face I tweaked a nipple and her clit then slowly pulled out and then fully entered her again.

I did that over and over again until her body arched and impaled itself on me. I knew then her body was ready for more so I started to saw in and out of her, slowly picking up speed with each stroke. Being with her was better than anything I could have imagined or fantasized about, her warmth stimulated my cock with warm wet friction as I plundered her virginal depths with every stroke.

Despite the blowjob earlier I had to concentrate on sports, and other things, to hold myself back. She was so tight, and felt so good I found myself in precarious control of my impending orgasm. I did manage to hold back though, barely.

Marie started mewling as I started to pound into her and manipulate her clit at the same time. Her legs now over my shoulders, my balls were slapping the bottom of her luscious ass with every stroke of my manhood in her sweet hole. She screamed my name when she came and I gasped when her pussy locked down on me and started milking my rod.

"Oh my god Marie, I can't hold back anymore."

She moved her legs and locked them around my body, pulling me into her as deep as I could go as I started to shoot my load into her honey pot. I caught myself on my elbows against the bed when I collapsed and kissed Marie, suckling on her bottom lip. I kept myself inside her long past when her body was done milking me.

When I pulled out I held her for a while, not talking just being.

Marie whispered, "Thank you, I knew you would make it good for me."

Looking worried she said, "You are taking this really well, I thought you would be a little more freaked out about it. Me being a ghost and all."

I nodded. "That is kind of strange," I agreed. "Me not freaking out I mean, probably has something to do with our long history, and the fact I love you. Ghost or not you have always been here for me. Speaking of always being here, you know why Nikki had to leave?"

She nodded and bit her lip. She said reluctantly, "Being with you is borderline rule breaking for an angel, but only because normally humans can't sense their guardian much less see and interact. The rule is meant to prevent... Rape... Of the human being guarded. Even if they wouldn't notice it would still be a violation.

"You see, humans normally can't feel angels, but they can feel humans. So it was a simple thing for an angel to catch a ride so to speak when a human masturbates. So that rule was made. Angels are a randy bunch if you haven't caught that yet. They have absolutely no shame when it comes to physical pleasures.

"Anyway, it's a rule that shouldn't apply to you, her supervisor is kind of an ass though, I met him a few years back. To make matters worse he has a thing for her, so jealousy is involved. They were never together either, she can't stand him, but in a way that makes it worse. His crush has turned into a virtual obsession over the years."

I nodded, realizing I was getting ripe I kissed Marie then hopped up and asked if she wanted to join me in the shower.

She replied, "Can't, water is bad for a ghost, it can't hurt us, but it messes with the energy flows which weakens us a bit. It just wouldn't feel good."

Nodding I said, "Bummer, that would have been fun." I winked and waggled my eyebrows at her suggestively then said, "Probably just as well, if someone walked in on us when we were playing it would probably look strange, with you being invisible and all."

Marie giggled and said, "Clown, go wash.

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