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Part of the alien problem is revealed.


Ricky's mouth worked, then he spoke in a carefully controlled tone. The kind that suggested simmering anger just beneath the surface. "Listen. I am very busy. This is your one chance to model here. Do you understand? You can't change your mind and come back later." She nodded her head to indicate that she did. "Good. Then think for a moment and then tell me, 'yes', or 'no', are you doing this or not."

More than anything, Katie wanted to take a shower and wash the shame and humiliation of Ricky's hungry eyes off her skin. She thought about looking for a different job, but knew that anywhere else, she wouldn't be able to pay her rent on time, let alone her credit card bills. For the first time, she really considered asking her parents for help. After the fight we had about going to school here? No. I've got to prove I can take care of myself.

"Well?" he asked, snapping her out of her thoughts.

Katie studied her shoes. "Yes, I'll do it,"

"Good, good," he smiled again, not even trying to hide the smug satisfaction on his face. "Take your shirt off then."

Katie took a shaking breath, hesitated, then pulled her t-shirt up over her head. Goosebumps rose on her arms in the chilly air. Her bra was white with pink stripes, and she suddenly felt very embarrassed about how girlish it looked.

Ricky assessed her out loud like a piece of meat. "Good stomach. Very flat and firm. Tan is consistent throughout." Then to her, "Very good. How tall are you?

"About five one." Her voice was shaking.

"Okay, take the jeans off."

Katie sat down to untie her Chuck Taylor's, taking her time. She could see Ricky getting a little impatient, but she needed a few breaths before she could take her jeans off for him. She hadn't realized it until just now, but her body, for some horrible reason, was becoming aroused. Katie could feel her panties getting damp, and she didn't want the humiliation of Ricky seeing that.

But she was barefoot now, and couldn't think of another way to stall except to walk out, and she couldn't do that. She stood up and unzipped her jeans, wiggling out of them.

Ricky leered at her wetness, but didn't say a word. In a way, that made Katie feel even more uncomfortable. She bit her lip and felt the color rise in her cheeks. Ricky took some more pictures, having her face front, back, and sideways for him, then said, "Now everything else."

Katie closed her eyes-Just a few times, she reminded herself-and reached back to unclip her bra. She let if fall to the floor but instinctively covered herself. Her panties were soaked. Absurdly, she wanted nothing more than to be at home alone so she could masturbate and relieve the tension building up in her. What's wrong with me?

Ricky twirled his fingers in a "keep going," gesture.

Katie's teeth began to chatter, not from the cold, but from an overload of nerves and arousal. She had never felt this way before. She absolutely did not want to be here, but she also no longer wanted to leave.

She slid her panties off, the cool air lighting her nerves up, nearly causing her to moan out loud. She took a deep, shaking breath.

"You have small breasts, but a nice shape." Ricky leaned forward, "Your nipples are great. Brown and hard. But your pussy is the money maker. And you're getting so wet. Do you enjoy this Katie?" Ricky asked, again with another of his damn smiles. He seemed to have one for every occasion.

Yes!"No!" she shouted in embarrassment.

"Come toward me," he said.

Katie stepped closer to Ricky, and then, without warning, he reached out and squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly. The sensation was incredible, the experience was not. She felt so humiliated she wanted to cry. And then Ricky reached up with his other hand and stroked her clit. She was wet and slippery, and despite how ashamed she felt, her eyes rolled back and her hips pushed against his finger.

This time she couldn't help it, she groaned against his touch, her knees weak and shaking.

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