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She lives out her threesome fantasy.

One young teenage girl who was relaxing with her parents motioned Julie to stop so she could see what she had bought. I could detect a few barely audible German phrases expressed by the girl. Due, I suppose to her European upbringing, she seemed as much at ease with Julie's partial nudity as she was with her own. Julie bent over, put her hands on her own knees, and allowed the girl to inspect and admire the silver necklace dangling from her neck. With the jewelry still lying against her open palm, the young girl turned to her parents and seemed to plead to them for one of her own. Just as I sensed the father was going to take the opportunity to move up for a closer inspection of both the necklace and of course Julie's pendulous breasts, the girl let go and Julie stood up, smiled, and left.

As Julie returned to our spot on the sand, she offered me a similar close-up view, gave me a passionate kiss, and put her moist lips close to my ear saying, "Thanks for helping me over come my shyness...I feel so free and at ease! I hope you didn't mind the young guys looking at me. They sure didn't seem to mind!" She finished her thought by easing the tip of her tongue ever so slightly into my ear. She backed away with a coy smile, knowing she had given me goose bumps with the tongue action. I wasn't so sure she knew her beach walk and playful lick also had made my cock grow. I didn't think an answer was necessary at that moment, and she stood up, went back to her chaise lounge, and laid down on her stomach. She turned her head in my direction, winked, and asked "Would you mind putting suntan lotion on the back of your almost-naked wife? Don't forget to take care of my bottom half while you're at it."

The remainder of the Cancun trip was spent alternating between beach and sun activities (sun tanning, body surfing, parasailing, snorkeling) and evening activities (dinners, drinking tequila at Senior Frogs, and wrestling between the sheets). Sounds great...and it was...but we wanted to expand our horizons.

Within a few months of returning to our Indiana home, my vacation web searching led me to look at the island of St. Martin, and even more specifically to Orient Beach, known as the French Riviera of the Caribbean. Total nudity was allowed on the beach, and the talk on the travel forums was it was a fantasy that had to be experienced. St. Martin quickly became my objective for our next trip.

Late one Saturday evening, we turned off the downstairs lights and took our glasses of wine up to the bedroom in preparation for having some fun. I knew this was the time to explore whether Julie was ready for such a nude adventure. Julie went into the bathroom to freshen up (it takes a little while since she likes all of her erogenous zones ready for caressing and kissing during love making), I lit a candle, pulled down the covers on the bed, retrieved the massage oil from the night stand, and got naked.

Julie came out of the bathroom and squealed with feigned delight seeing the mood I had set. I say feigned because after this many years of marriage, our non-verbal signals could easily be read by the other, and she knew pretty much what to expect. Tonight, though, there would be a little bit of a twist. After my own quick sponge bath, I returned to find Julie sprawled out naked on the bed face down waiting patiently for her favorite masseuse.

I straddled her round smooth backside with my knees, allowing my engorged penis to lay directly on the cleavage of her warm ass. I knew the back massage I was about to administer would allow me to slide my member forwards and backwards, almost as if getting a tit fuck

As the mood heated up for both of us, I began my inquiry. "Julie, do you remember the feeling you had when you went topless in Cancun?"

She softly replied, "My God yes.

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