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Sister reveals her feelings, brother hatches plan.

I gulped down the water, but then as I put the mug down on the counter a flash of movement in the window made me look up. I saw my reflection in the window, and saw the t-shirt read 'fuck me' in big white letters. Then I saw a larger darker figure behind me. I was about to cry out, but one large hand wrapped around my mouth and another grabbed me across the body, pulling me into a tight hug.

"Don't scream" menaced a different voice in one of my ears; one of the other guys. "Just hold still and this will be over quickly. You'll be a good girl won't you?"

I didn't know what else to do, even if I screamed I'd only attract the other house mates, so I just nodded my head meekly caught as I was in the much stronger man's embrace.

He took his hand away from my mouth, but not far, even in the dim light I could still see that. Once I didn't scream he moved that hand down to fondle my tits through the t-shirt. He pinched and pulled my nipples for a while until I could feel they were quite hard, then his hand moved to his pants, and I felt the rush of air on my bare legs as his pants fell to his ankles.

He bent me over, and I grabbed the edge of the counter for balance. Looking up I was face to face with piles of dirty plates and bowls. He lifted up the bottom of the t-shirt, revealing my ass, and ran a finger over my pussy. Sniffing his finger he whispered "You're nice and wet, I see Dale's already been here. Well now it's my turn." With that he plunged his cock into my pussy. The force of the thrust nearly sent me into the dirty dishes, but I caught myself, and by the time he'd pulled back and thrust into me again I was braced for the assault. He kept up with that for what felt like ages, long deep strokes into my stretching pussy. It felt like his cock was longer than Dale's too as it seemed to reach deeper places inside me. I caught myself almost enjoying it until I remembered this guy was forcing himself upon me.

Suddenly his pumping intensified and I felt new thick wads of goo impacting inside me. He pulled out almost straight away, and wiped his cock clean on the back of my t-shirt. "Good fuck" He whispered to me as he padded away from the kitchen.

I took a moment to compose myself, bent over a kitchen counter with two guys cum in me, and dampness running down my legs. I didn't know where I was, so I'd need to convince one of these guys to call a taxi here so I could go home. I left the kitchen and went up the hall, looking for the room of the first guy Dale. I saw light coming out from under a door, and figured it for the light from Dale's bedside lamp. I opened the door and stepped in.

I was stunned to see the third guy in here, at his computer with his cock lubed up, wanking off to some porn. He saw me gaping at him from the door and quick as a flash jumped up and grabbed my wrist pulling me down. In my shock I found myself on my knees in front of him as he sat on his computer chair, his six inch cock out bobbing in front of my face. I tried to get up to go, but he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into his crotch, trying to bury his cock in my nose, or so it seemed. I pulled back, but his other hand was now guiding his cock towards my mouth. "Open up" He said smiling happily to me. I opened my mouth to say 'No way' but before I could even get the words out he had his cock in my mouth and half way down my throat. "No biting now" he whispered, but I was having enough trouble just trying to breathe with him trying to reach my pussy through my mouth.

He took hold of my ears, one with each hand, and began happily thrusting in and out of my face. I gasped trying to get air, and while I got air I also sounded like a pig snorting.

Suddenly I heard Dale's voice from the doorway behind me "That's where you got to!" I tried to wriggle to see him, but the other guy held my face firmly to his crotch, stopping his pumping. "She's great Dale, a good little slut!" he announced happily.

"I want to try her ass" declared Dale "

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