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Party gig leads to sex with friend's mom.

" it wasn' raped me you bastard."

"Oh I dint think so, if I remember rightly you threw me on the settee and raped me, either way it doesn't matter cos I'm gonna fuck you some more and your gonna let me."

She stood up face red with anger, he stood opposite and as she swung her arm to slap his face he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off balance. She was falling back but he stopped her from going down by holding onto her hair and supporting her with his hand. His other hand popped open her top and slid inside, running over her bra till he found her nipple, erect and hard, he took it between his thumb and finger and pinched it as hard as he could and as she opened her mouth to scream he kissed her hard, bruising her lips. He gripped hold of her flimsy bra and pulled at hard several times, until it tore away from her body. Then pulling her upright by her hair he pulled up her skirt and did the same with her thong.

"You don't wear these around me whore, ever, you understand?" She looked terrified into his face, "Understand?" he said again

"Yes" she said, "I understand."

He grinned, "I understand Mr Harwood Sir.," he said pushing her toward to settee.

She sat up as best she could but was determined not to hoist him to the position of master, despite the ache in her stomach and the wetness between her legs already throbbing to feel him in her.

He smiled again and walking over to the desk pulled something out of the drawer. Hiding it behind his back, he walked back to settee. Sarah stubbornly stared straight ahead. Dave stood behind her, "Say it slut."

"I wont." she said

He grabbed a hand full of her hair and viciously pulled her up, turning her around so that she knelt on the settee leaning on the back, only inches from his crotch. She heard it a second before the pain struck her arse. She gasped in pain. Pulling her head up he said, "Though I might need an old friend of ours to help you remember you place." and again he h whipped the curtain rope across her behind. Again, she let out a gasp.

"I don't care what you do I wont say it, I wont." she said.

"Well see about that slut," he laughed and again he whipped her. As she remained quiet, he whipped her again. Getting no response, he leaned over the settee and pulled up her skirt. She kneeled there, impassive not trying to get away, all the time her mind was screaming for her to scream aloud while her body told her to hold out. He pulled her head up so that he could see her face and slowly, repeatedly whipped her with the cord. Each time it landed between her legs whipping her sopping pussy, and her clit. Still she refused to submit. She was not even struggling to get away. Her mind called for help but her body called for more. The feeling in the pit of her stomach was laughing, enjoying every stroke. Suddenly she let out a moan, she was losing control to the need for orgasm that her stomach told her she craved.

"Ok! Ok!" she gasped, breathing heavily. "As you say Mr Harwood Sir. But please no more."

"You will serve as and when I say slut understand?"

She fought the response until again the cord found its mark. "Yes Mr Harwood Sir, as and when you say, anything, but please, no more"

"Anything I say, when I say understood whore."

"Yes Mr Harwood, anything."

"When you're around me you are my slut, my whore to do with as I please. What are you Sarah?"

Laying her head on her arms she said, "I am your slut Mr Harwood your whore."

"And you will actively do as I tell you, your job is to please me in any way I see fit. What is your job Sarah?"

"To please you Mr Harwood Sir in anyway you say."

"Good, now straighten your self up. To everyone else in this store you will remain Ms Bowman, Resources Manager, understood?"

"Yes Mr Bowman."

"Good" he said, "I think it's time to inspect the store."

He walked out of the office and she followed behind.

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