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Keith & Sarah spice things up with a little role play.

"Wow, I taste really good! I love tasting pussy, especially when it's on your mouth."

We lay there and I started massaging my cock.

"Don't do that. She said. "I don't want you to cum right now, I have other plans."

She reached over and picked up her cell phone and soon I heard her telling someone that it was okay and that they should come on over. When she hung up, I asked her what it was about and who was coming over.

"Don't worry, it's a surprise." That was all that she would say.

I was getting nervous and tried to get dressed.

"No, I want you to stay naked." She commanded.

Reaching over and taking my cock in her hand, she said. "We might as well make good use of the time while we wait.

Despite my reservations, I soon succumbed to my lust and we lay there fondling each other. She would bring me right to the edge of ejaculation and would then stop. I thought that I would explode, but she exercised total control and would let me get relief.

"Hi, guys." I heard a male voice and nearly jumped out of my skin.

"This is Derek, Mr. S. He is another pet of mine that I wanted you to meet." Jane said with a smile.

"Take off your clothes and get comfortable, Derek." She continued.

Derek quickly stripped down and sat on the other side of Jane from me. I was mortified with embarrassment; here I was, a 65 year old man, sitting naked with a beautiful young girl and a handsome young man, both equally nude. I felt like I was in a fog when I heard Jane say.

"Doesn't Derek have a gorgeous cock?"

I looked over to see her holding his growing erection in her hand.

"Would you like to see him fuck me while you watch?" She said.

"I don't know; I guess it's up to you." I said, confused.

"Yes, it is up to me and that's what I want!" She retorted.

"Move around so that I can kneel over you. You can suck my titties while Derek takes me from behind."

She positioned us the way that she wanted and I became lost in her lovely breasts. It was hard to keep either of them in my mouth because she was moving backward and forward in time to Derek's thrusting into her from behind. I heard her tell him not to cum until she told him and he agreed. I could vaguely hear them both moaning and could feel him getting faster and faster.

"Stop, I want to do something different!" I heard her say. She pushed my head away from her boobs and moved up till her snatch was above my face.

"Now, lick my pussy while Derek fucks me. Derek, I still don't want you to cum." She instructed.

Now I found myself licking both her pussy and part of the time,the underside of Derek's cock.I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I am not gay and have no desire to taste another man's dick. I had just learned to eat my own cum and wasn't even remotely interested in trying anyone else's. However, I just went with the flow. It wasn't so bad just having my tongue touch it every so often. I wasn't about to go any further than that though. Shortly, Jane had us stop again and told me to slide out from under her and reverse my position so that she could suck me while I licked her. That sounded fine to me and I hurried to get into the position that she wanted, happily back to licking pussy and occasionally getting a little taste of man meat. I was hoping that Jane would let me cum in her mouth, but she continued to bring me almost to the point then backing off.I was becoming more and more frustrated and willing to do almost anything to achieve an orgasm.I felt her slide her hand down between our bodies and to my mouth. I thought that she was going to play with her clit, but she rose up slightly and took Derek's member in her hand guided it into my open mouth.

"Suck it, sweetie." She murmured. "Be my little cocksucker and make him cum in your mouth."

I tried to pull away, but my head was trapped between our bodies.

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