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Helen really is Daddy's girl.

Andrew stood and turned for her so that she could look at his masculine back and buttocks and then turning to face her, his erection pushing slightly forwards from the unruly dark pubic hair. He sat back on the seat on the timber wall as she watched his every movement through her half closed eyes. She watched as he started to move his hand, without any urgency, up and down his penis, just slow up and down movements. Sometimes he would pull his foreskin right back other times, the movement was much less.

She let her own hand drop between her legs, gradually opening them and slowly moving her fingers around, more or less in synchronisation with his slow movements. They watched each other attentively but time seemed to stand still. Slowly, Melanie was beginning to get past the point of no return and knew that she wanted to make herself come. She held herself at that point for an eternity each touch taking her just a bit closer, her whole body was on that delicate knife edge.

It was when she saw that he had started to increase the frequency of his hand movements, she told him to stop and he did, taking his hand away from his penis so that it was standing forward from his pubic hair with his balls hanging so naturally below, occasionally giving a little involuntary jerk. Entranced with the beauty of it, it was so stiff and hard yet small and almost totally lost in his hand, she knew that he would come soon and beckoned for him to carry on using his hand until the semen burst from him, arcing through the air and splashing down on the floor. With a few more touches on her clitoris Melanie was coming as well.

Neither of them had made a sound during those final moments. They still didn't touch, just looked at each other, him sitting on the small bench seat, her standing, leaning against the balcony. There was no sign of embarrassment between them, just a mutual feeling of satisfaction, both of them naked, her with her legs apart and he with a pool of semen at his feet, his penis gradually shrinking in his hand. There was no signal that it was over, nor at what point they decided to dress, but finally, dress they did and together, walked to his front gate and without kissing, said goodbye to each other.

Their only other sexual activity together was some weeks later when they were walking in the warmth of the countryside and had wandered into a large barn stacked high with bales of fresh straw. It was very secluded and had that delicious smell that permeated all round them making Melanie feel quite heady. It was her that made the first move although they were not doing very much except facing and holding each other.

Andrew made no effort to kiss her although Melanie tried to kiss him but he turned his head away after a light contact with their lips but still he held onto her and she could feel the warmth of him through her blouse and his breath on her neck and shoulder. They were both wearing jeans and as he was not leading the activity as most boys seemed to want to do, she dropped her hand down to feel him through the material of his jeans and was a little surprised that he didn't have an erection but somehow it was in her mind that it was her fault. Reaching up and unbuckling his belt, she undid the top button and his trousers fell to the floor.

Now she could reach inside his underpants and feel the softness of him.

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