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Loving femdom: he gets a little black dress & a strap-on.

Idly, Lady Victoria stroked pet's head, running Her fingers through pet's silky locks. Her other hand reached down and stroked alice's cheek. "So soft," Mistress murmured. Mistress leaned over to whisper in alice's ear, "While you are here, little one, you are Mine." She then lightly kissed alice's soft lips. Her tongue lightly stroked alice's closed mouth. Her hand glided down alice's cheek, neck, throat, collar bone, then finally down to alice's supple breast, circling the nipple with Her long fingernail until alice whimpered and moved closer.

Lady Victoria asked alice, "Have you ever pleasured your Mistress before?"

Blushing, alice replied softly, "No, Mistress."

"But you have wanted to, have you not?" She asked.

"Yes, Mistress, but..."

"Yes?" prompted Mistress.

"Well, Mistress, not like I want to pleasure you!" alice blurted out, blushing furiously. Lady Victoria chuckled, pleased with the girl's answer.

"Then you must certainly be taught how to do just that," She said, smiling. "Now, little ones, come to Me."

They all three piled up in Mistress' huge bed, with Lady Victoria in the middle. "alice, now you will learn another important lesson," Lady Victoria told the nervous slave. "When you are with Me here in bed, you are allowed a little more freedom. pet will show you what I like and how I like it. But I want you to experiment, too. Understand?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress! Thank you, Mistress!" was alice's enthusiastic reply.

"A backrub, Mistress?" asked pet.

"Oh, that would be lovely, my pet," replied Lady Victoria. "Just the thing to break in the new girl!"

alice watched as pet warmed the richly scented lotion in her hands and started massaging Mistress' feet. Emboldened by Mistress' words, she started warming lotion in her hands, copying pet's motions, and began massaging Mistress' shoulders and back. pet moved up, massaging each slim ankle and shapely calf, while alice moved downwards. They both arrived at Mistress' butt about the same time.

alice stopped, not quite knowing whether or not her "freedom" extended to actually touching Mistress' butt. pet, however, had no such qualms and smoothly moved her hands and started kneading Mistress' butt. A low moan from Mistress made pet smile, and she winked at alice. alice grinned and started on the other cheek. Mistress' moan was a little louder and longer this time. Both girls grinned as they worked.

Mistress turned over onto Her back and looked up at the girls kneeling on the bed, one to each side. Mistress smiled at both of them, then reached up and stroked each girl's breasts. alice's eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensation.

pet, however, took the opportunity to start massaging lotion along her Mistress' front. Lady Victoria smiled as pet applied warmed lotion to Her firm breasts. Then alice mimicked pet's motions and soon, She was moaning in pleasure. As the girls' hands moved lower, their mouths each found a nipple. The massage was soon forgotten as the two slaves pleasured their Mistress with their tongues, mouths, and fingers. The Lady's moans grew, then suddenly stopped.

Lady Victoria's sigh sounded of regret and Her voice brought both pet and alice back to reality. "Girls, leave me now. I have much planning to do. pet, you will watch over alice tonight."

"Yes, Mistress. Good night, Mistress," the girls said in unison as they backed out the door, closing it softly.

Lady Victoria rang the bell for jacob. In less than a minute, he was knocking softly on Her door. "Enter," She commanded. "You must have been waiting for My call," She said.

"Yes, Mistress," replied jacob. "I thought you might want to know that the preparations are completed."

"I expected nothing less, jacob," She said fondly. "Thank you."

"You are most welcome, my Mistress," jacob said softly. "Is there anything else I may do for you this evening?"

"Just remind jasmine I need to be awakened early tomorrow.

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