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Duke Adurant wants another child.

You did a nice job."

"You like it? I'm so glad" April yelped as she hugged Faye, and the older woman braced her hands on the dresser when her heart skipped a beat and tried to get her voice to work.

"You did great. For this you deserve two shots of brandy."

"Later. Let me just enjoy this moment."

"Too bad you can't do something about the weight I've put on over the last couple of months," Faye opined as she looked at her waist which had thickened of late, although the older woman knew that the extra pounds didn't look all that bad on her frame which had been gaunt her whole life. "But as for the hair? You're an artist."

April was beaming from behind her neighbor as she brushed a few stray hairs from Faye's shoulders, and she reached around to do the same to the older woman's upper chest too when she stopped suddenly and apologized when some hairs dropped into the harness.


"That's alright, You were right when you suggested I take this damn thing off," Faye heard herself say, and with that she reached up and unhooked the front of the harness and shrugged it off.

As her slightly sagging breasts eased down she looked at the clippings in the cups while feeling April's eyes on her chest before she looked at Faye's shoulders and winced at the little grooves the straps had caused in her skin.

"Faye, you really need to buy some new bras. Look at what these old things have done to your shoulders," the teen announced as she traced the notches. "Come into the store and you can use my discount."

"Things aren't that tough that I need to hustle Wal Mart out of a buck," Faye retorted.

"Whatever, but with your new do everybody in the warehouse will be checking you out."

"Amusing. That's the last thing I need or want."

"Okay then, for comfort," April conceded. "I'll pick you out a couple next day I work and bring them over here."

"I wouldn't even know what size I need now."

"Well I know what size the one you were wearing is - same size as me - but since you've changed," April said while she timidly reached around and lightly cupped the older woman's breasts, making Faye twitch as she grazed her throbbing nipples. "Let's see - give me a second - I'm not used to looking in the mirror and seeing breasts."


"I know you hate that. Sorry - oops! I didn't mean that either," April mumbled as she hefted Faye's breasts and added, "I'd say a B cup now at least. Maybe a C."

Just then it seemed to hit April what she was doing, as Faye saw her reaction in the mirror.

"Kind of got carried away here," the girl said in a shaky voice, but she didn't lower her hands and continued. "Guess you know I've always had a crush on you Faye. At least I used to think it was a crush but that's for kids. I always suspected you and Mom were more than - well I don't want to know. I have no right to know but while I was jealous of Mom I was also happy because the two people in the world I loved most of all were happy and you deserved it."

"Feel free to tell me to shut up," the teen babbled as she started to retreat. "I wish I had that brandy when I had the chance because at least I would have an excuse for all this."

"No, I'm glad we skipped the brandy," Faye blurted out while grabbing April's hands and placing them back where they were. "What you've been doing? It's what I would have done when you first started visiting me if I only had the guts. I thought there were times you were flirting with me but I figured that must have been my loneliness talking to me. After all, you're a vibrant and beautiful young girl and I'm a broken down old..."

"Stop,'" April whispered before kissing the back of Faye's neck, sending shivers down the older woman's spine. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," Faye said as she sun and kissed April hard while embracing the slender teen, and the girl was out of breath when Faye's lips left hers.

"I don't how to - never been with anybody before," April blushed.

"What about that little Italian girl from around the corner? The one that used to sneak into your bedroom window and sl

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