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The story of Alex continues.

These revelations did not come to Gary immediately. They were insights born of hours of reflection concerning why he took pleasure in being used by another man and why he felt joy at being abused by another man. However, once Gary had attained this wisdom, all the many spankings he'd received during the set that Russ had bestowed upon him during their first session had been well worth it. Now, for the first time in his life, thanks to the help of his mentor, Gary had come to understand who he was and why he was as he was. A great, perplexing mystery had been resolved, and the pieces of his personality had, as it were, come together, completing a whole of his fractured psyche. By the stripes that Russ had inflicted upon Gary's satin-smooth buttocks, Russ had healed him. He had made Gary whole.

By their fourth session, Gary understood these facts, intuitively if not yet completely consciously, and, when Russ demanded that Gary submit to the receipt of anal intercourse, Gary willingly acquiesced to being penetrated in this manner by his mentor's rigid cock, just as Russ had earlier predicted to himself that Gary would do.

Gary positioned himself on his elbows and knees atop the bed, with Russ behind him. The mattress dipped and swayed as Russ, also on his knees, positioned himself between Gary's widespread legs. Then, Gary felt a thickness between his buttocks, followed by a firm pressure against his anus. The pressure increased, and Gary's asshole began to spread. His ass' sphincter opened, and Russ' ramrod-stiff cock shoved deep into Gary's rectum.

Gary's asshole fluttered frantically about Russ' invading member. Russ' prick remained lodged inside Gary's asshole, and Russ felt the ring of muscle grip and squeeze his penis repeatedly, seemingly frantically. Russ waited until the spasms of Gary's anus subsided. Then, he drew his hips back, tugging his thick, hard cock back through Gary's asshole until only the glans remained within Gary's anus. After a few moments' pause, Russ plunged his cock back through Gary's asshole, again sending his erect organ deep into Gary's bowel.

Gary frowned, grimacing. He'd never had a prick up his ass, and the feeling of having his behind crammed full of cock was both exciting and uncomfortable, both in the physical and the emotional sense. In having drunk Russ' piss and sucked his cock, Gary had demonstrated his submissiveness, but, in being fucked in his ass, he was being unmanned. He was losing his masculinity. He could no longer think of himself as virile. He was just a slut, just a bitch, just a whore. Part of him cringed at what was happening to him--at what he was allowing to happen to him--but another, larger part of him wanted to be fucked in the ass.

Russ jerked his organ back down Gary's bowel and slammed it home again, driving it deep into the tender, soft tunnel of Gary's rectum. As he continued to fuck Gary, increasing both the force and the intensity of his thrusts with each renewed assault on Gary's bottom, Russ thought of how his prick would look sliding back and forth inside Gary's ass, as viewed from various angles. From beneath and slightly behind them, a viewer could see Russ' pumping ass; his cock, extending straight out in front of him, but half buried inside Gary's ass; and Gary's own prick, jutting straight out from his balls, just before the short stretch of Gary's perineum, which separated cock from cock.

Seen from a slightly different perspective--below and slightly in front of them--the focus would be upon Gary's erection and balls before following the upward curving perineum to Russ' penis, jammed through the lower cheeks of Gary's ass.

If one were located behind them both, such an observer might see nothing of Russ but his lower buttocks and his balls, shoved as far into Gary's bottom as possible, Russ'

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