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Cumming Over.

Cassie gripped her handbag and angrily strode towards home.

The hand suddenly grabbed her again and she cried out in surprise as it pulled her towards a muscular torso and tipped her off balance. Strong arms held her tightly and the voice whispered in her ear.

"Cassie, I'm so sorry," it almost pleaded.

"It's too late Ed" she said with a little less frustration as she looked up into his crystal blue eyes, filled with genuine remorse. Her heart melted for a split second and she didn't resist as his lips drew nearer to hers and planted a tender kiss.

Ed clutched her hand and wrenched her into a narrow side alley. The passage was devoid of passers by as the rain hammered down around them and splashed into deepened puddles on the road.

He pressed his lips to hers again and she melted totally, her hands raised to his head and ran through the jet black curls of his hair. His tongue probed her mouth, pushing through her lips as he shoved her back against the brick wall of the dimly lit alley and pinned her shoulders, his body pressed against her and Cassie could feel his heart beating through his chest.

"I want you," he hissed into her ear.

"Right now?" she responded as she jerked back in surprise.

Ed's hand trailed over her ass and found the hem of her skirt. He firmly yanked it up, his palm prising open her velvety thighs and tracing the edge of her sheer black panties.

"Right here, right now..." he whispered hotly as he bit the lobe of her ear.

Cassie moaned and felt his cock harden beneath the denim confines of his jeans, his groin pressing tightly against her pelvis.

"I'm going to fuck you Cass," he murmured as his fingers deftly slipped under the flimsy material and tugged her panties down by just a few inches.

"Are you going to give yourself up?" His voice was full of devious intent.

Cassie moaned and unashamedly spread her legs in silent offering. The rain became heavier, and she felt it trickle over her skin as Ed's fingers found the soft moist entrance of her pussy, already slick with her eager excitement. He forcefully pushed inside her, rapidly fucking her with the rough thick digits as his thumb slithered over her labia towards her clitoris and rubbed the vulnerable nub, weakening her knees.

"Oh God..." she groaned and grabbed him firmly against her.

Ed met her lips with his and kissed her hard, his free hand grasping her long red tresses. Reluctantly withdrawing his fingers from her dripping cunt, he raised his hand over the flat of her stomach and fumbled for the zipper of her jacket, tugging it open with desperate passion. He found the firm round globe of her left breast, feeling the hardened nipple press against the wet cloth of her blouse.

He ripped open the soft pink buttons in one easy move and slipped his hand inside her half cup bra, the fleshy mound spilling over in his palm as he squeezed it with more force than necessary.

Cassie groaned in pleasure and thrust herself closer to his body, sensing his yearning hunger as she manipulated the belt of his jeans and pulled it open with one hand. Her fingers dipped into his pants as she found the intense hardness of his cock.

"That's it" he hissed, his voice heavy with passion as he tugged on her hair and slowly encouraged her to her knees.

Cassie knelt in a puddle, now oblivious to the pelting rain that soaked them both to the bone as she released his cock from his jeans. She licked her lips and dipped her head to take the rock hard shaft in to her mouth. All anger at him forgotten, she pushed her lips over the fleshy head and slid her mouth all the way to base of his throbbing manhood. She felt him shiver as his large hand gripped a handful of her matted hair and guided her head as she expertly sucked and flicked her tongue over the sensitive veins of his firm dick.

Ed's cock pumped in and out of Cassie's hot and willing mouth, groans of passion filling the empty alley.

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