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A vampire falls in love.

He takes her by the shoulders, and pushes her, forces her back against the solid frame.

'Good choice,' she says.

Tadao crouches down beside her, and grabs one of her legs, strokes it, kisses it.

The first shackle goes around Kimiko's ankle. There is no key to be seen, but Tadao can hear a click as soon as he snaps it shut. First left then right, and Kimiko's legs are forced apart, two shackles around her ankles, two just above her knees.

Her face lights up, and Tadao can see her struggling against the restraints, her thighs tense, but unable to move one inch.

He rises to his feet again, and leans in for a kiss. Kimiko reaches out, feels his body under the shirt, one hand wandering down, lightly squeezing his erect manhood through two layers of cloth.

Tadao takes the hand, and guides it towards the shackle, so high above Kimiko's head that she can barely reach it. Another lock snaps shut. And another. The arm is held by the wrist and just above the elbow.

'You're doing great.'

Only one free limb remaining. Kimiko licks her finger. Tadao watches as she circles her nipple, takes it between thumb and forefinger, twists, and moans.

He takes the arm. Click. Click.

Kimiko cranes her neck, and puckers her lips, but cannot quite reach Tadao.

'Very good,' she says, straining with all her might.

Tadao pushes her back. Another shackle snaps shut around Kimiko's neck. Tadao puts his hand against her stomach. It is flat and hard, and he feels the contours of her abs, then pushes her torso back as well. Click. The last shackle just above her naval has closed.

'All helpless,' she says. 'What will you do now, Mr. Watanabe?'

A hunger in her eyes, Kimiko can only watch Tadao as he takes off his jacket, then his tie.

'So?' he asks. 'What is it you like?'

He grabs her tits, and begins to massage them.

'Pain?' he pinches the nipples, and Kimiko bites down on her lower lip.

'Maybe a little,' comes the breathy response.

'Being teased? Tickled?'


Tadao takes something from the table. It is small and black, and made of soft leather. A blindfold.

'Would you like to wear this?' he asks.

'Well Mr. Watanabe, even if I didn't, it's not like I could stop you now.'

Tadao carefully places it on her eyes. It fits perfectly, and he marvels at the quality. He pulls it tight, then waves his hand in front of her face. No reaction.

'It suits you.'

'I know.'

The darkness around Kimiko is impenetrable. She hears Tadao's footsteps, he is still wearing his shoes. Something touches her hip for only a moment, warm, coarse, Tadao. In vain she tries to follow after, too thrust her groin, but unbending metal keeps her in place. The beautiful struggle causes a stir in her loins, and she can feel the moisture between her spread thighs.

There is a rattling noise, and Kimiko's whole body jerks when something cold and hard touches each of her nipples. She knows what to expect, and prickling goose flesh and exhilarating pain confirm her suspicion right away. The chain that connects the nipple clamps falls onto her stomach, and Kimiko shivers from the cold and the intense sensation.

'Enjoying yourself?' she asks.

Tadao's hand is on her dripping labia, slides in easily. Not far. He tickles her clit, rubs it, plays around, and is gone.


'I am,' he says.

She squirms. The urge to be touched, to touch herself is getting less bearable by the second. She writhes and pulls, and as she fights she can feel the juices dripping down her immobile legs.

A wooshing sound.


Sudden, sharp pain. Her left thigh. Her stomach. More squirming. Kimiko's body reacts by itself tries to evade the strikes, to anticipate the leather crop's next target.


The chain rattles as her breasts are struck.

'Too much?' Tadao asks.

Smiling broadly, breathing heavily Kimiko shakes her head.

'More. Aahh!'

Stomach again.

'So loud.'

There is the sound of rummaging again.

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