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After party, couple celebrates on their own.

w my commands no matter what!"

You peel the wax from my sensitive nipples and breasts, as you do this you roll my hard nipples between your fingers making me moan. My nipples are on fire from the sensitivity created by the wax and your fingers pinching them so damned hard. The heat in my nipples from your fingers is driving me wild my entire body aches for you. I know that without question there is nothing i would deny my Master. My heart swells.

I hear you rummaging around and then nothing but silence. I strain to hear, my heart pounding when you lean down and lick my nipples the wetness of your saliva and the cool air in the room causing my nipples to ache. My nipples are so hard from your touch, suddenly the ache turns to fire as you clamp each sensitive nipple lightly adjusting the pressure of the clamps till I moan out loud. You turn on the switch to make them vibrate. I know these are the ones you gave me as a gift.

The throbbing of my nipples goes straight thru to my cunt causing it to drip it's juices, my clit still throbbing from the pain of the wax. I moan out softly with desire and ache for you.

You move between my legs and I feel you peeling the wax from my now over sensitive clit. I moan out as you move my clit around with your fingers as you pull off the last of the wax. You blow your breath across my clit and cunt. I arch my hips as the air causes my clit to throb harder when suddenly you engulf my sensitive clit in your mouth sucking on it, flicking it with your tongue letting your tongue slide over my wet cunt. I push my cunt towards your mouth. My body trembling as my breathing gets more rapid. You suck my clit again and drive 3 fingers inside my dripping cunt, fucking me, rubbing my g-spot. You lift your head and I hear you as if from far away.

You say, "You will not cum slut, until I say you can. Do you understand my little whore?"

Jaggedly breathing, I gasp, "Yes Master, yes I understand."

I moan as the explosion within me builds. You fuck my cunt with your fingers till I am wreathing at my bonds. I am begging you unable to hold back any longer "Please MASTER!!!!!!"

You say, "Please what, slut?"

"Master, please let your fucking whore cum for you! PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!"

You say, "NO! This is your punishment for not obeying me."

I start to sweat trying to fight back the building explosion. Knowing if this doesn't stop I will fail yet again.

The tension inside me builds and builds until I think that I will go completely insane. Even though my eyes are covered, I know they are filled with fire and desire. I try my hardest to fight back the orgasm sweat forming on my brow. It is so hard, but I suspect the punishment for not doing so will be even harder to take. My mouth contorts as I turn toward you, I try to show with my lips and teeth that I am obeying despite the incredible urge to cum. You continue to massage my g spot, while saying, "you had better hold it, slut, don't you dare cum without my permission!"

"Master please please I am sorry for being bad. I am sorry for disobeying you Sir"

Whimpering as I fight with all I have not to cum. I know it is a losing battle I have never been able to feel your touch and not cum.

Then suddenly you shout, "CUM WHORE NOW!!! DO IT NOW!!"

Instantly my entire body convulses. My back arches up. A huge moan emits from my mouth as I am wracked with a massive climax. My wrists and ankles strain as my body shakes repeatedly. I am vibrating for many minutes, it seems like hours, my head shakes and twists.

I scream out loud, "Oh GOD MASTER!"

My juices soak my ass crack and the bed. As the orgasm subsides, you hear my jagged gasps and high pitched squeaks coming from deep within me.

When I calm down, I say, "Thank you Master."

You say, "So you like cumming slut? Well, this is going to make you cum over and over again!"

I hear you lean off the bed for a moment.

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