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19-year-old guy shares a hotel room with a 60-year-old man.

He did, after all, make me cum first. Then he cleared his throat, bringing a hand up to hold her shoulder. Wait for it, Jess; he's about to swallow it. Hook, line, and fucking sinker!

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Yet, he couldn't stop himself from asking, "Old style?"

"Oh God, yes! You can't imagine how much I enjoyed being pounded into the mattress. God, I miss sex like that." She played him, like a master angler.

Jack thought, You miss 'sex like that'? So, what the hell kind of sex have you been having?

"You know, I've only been separated from my wife for four years. I mean we were quite active, until she left. It's not like I haven't ever ...."

"How long were you married, Jack?"

"Eighteen-years, but I knew her a while before that. Meaning, we dated a while."

"Did you ever cheat on her?" Jessica looked up.

Jack didn't hesitate a moment. "Never!" The statement wasn't made with pride; it was made with a kind of humble, I'm just not built like that.

"So, you haven't been with anyone else in more than eighteen years."

Jack winced; for him, her statement sounded more like a criticism. "That's right, I haven't." Unless you count my teenage daughter and her best friend. But Jack wouldn't go there even to win an argument. "But, sex is sex. It's like riding a bicycle. You don't forget how to have good sex."

"You're right, good sex is sort of like riding a bicycle and you don't forget the basics of that. You can, of course, get out of practice. On the other hand, Jack, great sex is not like riding a bicycle. It's like riding a fucking Harley-Davidson Roadster. It's about having a lot of power between your legs and control."

Chew on that for awhile, Mr. Sexpert!

Jack Grant was silent. He didn't know what to say. He wasn't used to losing arguments; more importantly, he sensed she'd outmaneuvered him.

"Jack," she continued, "you're a master of what you know how to do! I promise you that was really wonderful."

"But ...?" Jack supplied.

She shook her head, No. Placing her fingers over his lips to shush him, she merely asked, "Do you trust me enough to learn something new?"

What the fuck is NEW in sex? But, he shook his head, Yes.

"Roll over and get on your knees."

She smiled as he hesitantly rose to his knees. "Now, lean forward on all fours." Jack blushed. He had a distinct Eddie Murphy, Dr. Doolittle moment, Don't touch my ass!

She knelt beside him and ran her hands over his back. Leaning in, she whispered, "Shhh. You'll enjoy this. It won't be weird, I promise."

She ran her fingers through his hair. Then she tousled his hair and ran her hand, back along his neck. Then, her hands found his chest and played gently with his chest hair.

Jack hardly noticed her other hand surround his cock and pull down gently. She used her hand to strip the loose skin up and down the shaft. With a hand firmly around his manhood, she moved it up and down.

Jessica leaned in to speak softly into his ear, "I had a professor a couple of years ago, who taught 'Classics'. He was very interesting. He had a great brain. He called this position "The Bull of Zeus." Her hand moved to the small of Jack's back.

Jack looked down between his legs; he could see her other hand working him. She was palming his dick against his stomach. Then, as he watched, she took him in her hand and started tugging downward. Jessica tightened her hand as she pulled down then loosened her grip as she slid her hand back up. She milked his shaft.

Jack moaned. Okay, cutie, this is good; but, it's still a hand job. Ha-ha! Good luck with that one, little girl. Nothing new here, other than the position.

She chafed her hand up and down. Jack started slowly leaking precum. Jessica smiled. She took her hand, rubbing her palm over the leaking head to coat it. Suddenly, Jack was moaning again as her, now slippery hand, flew up and down his cock.

"The Bull of Zeus, huh?" He almost grunted the words.

She leaned in to whisper again, "Yeah, he had a nick

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