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From an injured past comes a beautiful future.

There he was... sweaty, bare naked, he felt dirty and every small bit of him felt painfully sensitive.

Just like every time when you put a bandage on your eyes and the lack of vision increases the intensity of the rest of your senses.

He was on the verge of explosion but she wouldn't allow him any relief.

He bit his lips until they led.

How did he ever leave her tie him down so craftily?

Suddenly he felt her sliding on top of him... but without touching him.

Her skillful, quick fingers took off the bandage and the image of her revealed itself before his eyes, which were burning with pain.

He could barely tell her outlines apart at the light of candles that were scattered around the room.

He was furious at her... but those stockings and her lips took their toll on his erection.

She was standing over him on all fours, like a real bitch, supporting herself on her palms. She moved her hips rhythmically and every time just when she was about to let her body drop on his lap she was moving away very sharply. And that teasing smile...

She was getting close to his lips and then pulled away again.

"I swear that as soon as you get me out of these handcuffs I will strangle you."

"Who has told you I would take them off?"

She licked the blood that streaming down his chin from his lip. Her nails were scratching him lightly, she was gradually increasing their rhythm. And when she leaned down and begin to tease his nipple with the piercing on her tongue... he was one push away from erupting.

But the little slut was crafty and could always feel when he was on the edge.

Then she pulled away and watched him suffer with a cunning glow in her cat-like eyes.

She ran her small tongue on his chest and arms at very short intervals. The metal of the handcuffs around his painfully heated skin felt almost like a brand with hot iron.

She moved away from bed and without hurrying up at all, swaying her hips, she reached out for the table. He gasped for breath and his throat dried up when she saw her incline the tall, fragrant candle to his chest.

"D-don't you dare..."

"You know you like it."She hissed at his ear. Her captive closed his eyes and tilted his head back while the hot wax was melting and spreading all over his skin. His brain was entranced by the aromatic fumes and the arousing sweat, and yet it was beyond him how the pain of burning brought him insane pleasure.

He opened his eyes when he felt her licking the wax remains. Her gaze was fixated on him. His erection was obvious and those shameless eye orbs completely crashed the last inhibitions of his will-power.

"You know you want it!" She dug her nails in his thighs as she sucked on him very lightly, so much as to feel the salty taste on her lips.

"Damn you!" Such hell of a passion aroused at a person who was usually domineering and drove women to insanity... He wasn't very sure which sensation prevails, the discomfort or the erotic.

"I love you too." She unhooked her bra with very slow, snake-like movements and tossed it at the corner of the room. She slid her naked breasts on his own and kissed him deeply. Her tongue sank in his throat. She wanted him to feel his own taste on her lips and tongue.

Then she moved to a much more classic game. She left him a few minutes and during that time he was shaking in his chains. He swore he could see white fire burning before his eyes.

She came back carrying a large bowl full of strawberries, covered with whipped cream as white as semen. She bended over her butt to his jaw.

Just then he saw how a strawberry was showing between her damp, drenched pussy lips.

His first wish was to bite them off.

That arousal seem so unnatural to him that he fought hard to overcome it.

But the fragrance that streamed on his face when he felt her getting so close finally made his head spin and put him under the spell of lust coming from the inside.

The sweetest strawberry he had ever chance to take a bite of.

The fruit and love juices got mixed inside his mouth in a gastronomic and sexual cocktail, a masterpiece.

She wasn

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