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She loves her hot chocolate.

She began rubbing it extremely fast while using the other hand to unzip her own pants. James kept fucking her, and could hear her breathing follow the rhythm of both Maria's intense clit-rubbing and his fucking. With Maria taking care of her clit, he figured he could fuck her a little harder. James began driving his cock further and further inside her until the room became filled with the sound of his hips smashing against her pussy.

"Shit, that's hot," Maria remarked before standing up.

Since she'd let go of Julia's clit, James let his fucking turn more gentle. Maria was standing next to them and getting her clothes off. She quickly got her jeans off, before pulling her shirt over her head. Even with a bra on, her tits were the hottest James had ever seen.

"Bet you'll like these," Maria said to James as she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.

Her tits were the best he'd ever even fantasized about. They were everything he could ask for - perky, shapely, fucking huge and all of this on such a slender body. Maria really was tight, and everything about her looked firm and well-toned. Her pretty tits were just like icing on the cake.

James couldn't contain his horniness and found himself increasing his thrusting pace again. He heard Julia's loud moans grow more and more frequent as he watched Maria lay down next to her. Their shoulders were touching, and Maria turned her head toward Julia and began kissing her. Julia quickly looked over and responded to her kisses. James' two fantasy girls were a little bi-curious with each other - who would've guessed?

"Put your legs together," Maria told Julia between kisses. "Show your ass off to him."

Julia seemed too preoccupied with being fucked to do anything about it, so Maria took it into her own hands. She sat up on the ottoman, grabbed Julia's spread legs and held them together above her stomach. Just like she'd said, it really showed off her ass to James, who couldn't keep himself from placing a hand on either ass cheek and squeezing them.

"That's it," Maria purred. "Now fuck me for a little bit."

James slowed down as Maria laid back down on the ottoman. She too spread her legs, and looked seductively at James as an invitation to fuck her. He pulled out of Julia and scooted over to Maria. As he guided his cock toward Maria's pussy, Julia was trying to catch her breath while wiping sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand. Spurred by the aftermath of his hard fuck, he slid inside Maria.

She moaned in relief as he worked his way deeper and deeper. He decided to start out a lot more gentle with Maria, since he'd practically been told what to do to Julia.

"I like it fast," Maria whispered after a while. "In case you couldn't make that out yourself."

As she said it, James realized how dumb he must've been not to realize it on his own. She'd given him the fastest blowjob he'd ever seen (and that's taking all the porn he'd seen into account), and then rubbed Julia's clit faster than he ever thought possible. Keeping that in mind and the fact that she was on the school track-and-field team, it was obvious. So, he started fucking her faster.

"That's it," she moaned as her entire body shook back and forth.

"Show him your ass, too" Julia teased from next to her. "See how we compare!"

Maria giggled, turned over to give Julia a kiss on the mouth, and then did as she'd been told. She could really multitask - all this while being fucked as fast as James could physically manage. Just like he'd seen before, Maria's ass wasn't in the same league as Julia's. It was pretty fucking hot, but nowhere near as big.

"Guess mine's a little bigger," Julia said and gave Maria's ass a slap.

Maria lifted her legs straight up into the air, before giving her comeback to Julia's playful teasing.

"You've seen these before, honey," she said between moans, and wrapped an arm under her boobs. "Let's see what you've got."

Julia laughed, sounding almost a little insulted, before pulling her top off.

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