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A deprived divorcee gets just what she needs.

He knelt, tugging off her little boots, then wrinkling his nose at the scent of the black socks below.

"Yeah, they stink, get used to it," she sighed. "Take 'em off and get busy."

He obeyed, peeling her socks off, cupping the heels of her feet in his hands as she wiggled her toes in his face. The smell hit him like ripe cheese with a hint of vinegar, just a nasty overall foot funk. He'd sucked the feet of younger women and liked it only because they did. But now he realized he liked this a lot, as his cock throbbed to hardness, despite the ache still in his balls from her crushing hand.

'Fuck', he thought to himself, burying his face into those toes, sniffing, the stench acrid and sharp and inviting, making him realize he was adding feet to a list of preferred female body parts that until now just had 'Tits' on it.

"Lick 'em, bitch!" she snarled darkly, eyes half lidded as she watched him work, his tongue scraping up and down the soles of her old feet and into her toes, then his mouth closing over them, sucking. "Oooo, you learn fast! You a foot boy, huh? You a granny foot boy?"

"" he moaned, tongue washing over her long old toes.

"See if this helps," she laughed, nearly choking him as she stuffed a foot down his throat.

OK, so he was a foot boy, he realized, eyes rolling over in the sockets as his hands moved up under her jeans leg to cup her calves, amazed at the hardness of them, feeling the muscles flex, pushing against his fingers as they squeezed them. Her foot tasted worse than they smelled and he was shocked that he was loving the hell out of it.

"Get that tongue going up and down my soles, stud," she snarled.

He obeyed, running his long tongue up and down the wrinkled flesh with a hard, papery feel, digging into and worshipping every salty crevice of them. Her heels were calloused and rough and he sucked them moist as he worked her rugged old calves. He looked up her; she was moaning, head back, fingers on her own pink nips, twisting them. He ran his tongue up to her toes to suck them, working his tongue between each, grimacing at the grit there. But not stopping.

She reached down, pulling up her pant legs, exposing her rugged, thick, freckle-covered calves, and now Gary licked up her ankles, over the flexing tendons in them, lapping up the salty length of her shins. He spread them a bit, shuffling forward, tonguing the meat of her calves, marveling at the hardness. He sucked, lips wide over the flesh, letting it fill his mouth. She wiggled her feet, flexing those calves and he felt them dance in his mouth as his tongue caressed their steely feel.

"You love my calves, doncha! I got great legs, too, for an old lady, strong as!" she hissed, suddenly and savagely wrapping them around his neck, squeezing, locking her feet behind his head, instantly cutting off the blood to his brain and rendering him dizzy, his extremities tingling as the blood left his hands and feet to rush to the site of the scissoring trauma. "I got some strong gams, kiddo, you fuck with me, you disappoint me, I WILL fucking knock you out in them!"

"Yesh...Mrsh...Albbberrt," he said in a drunken-seeming slur, hands falling to his sides as he fought unconsciousness.

She laughed and released her leg lock, dropping her feet to the floor. She leaned forward, those giant tits swinging into view. He dove at them but she caught his face in her hands, nailing him with a growling, open-mouthed kiss. He obliged, lancing that tongue inside, stabbing at and sucking hers, making her moan as he did.

"Damn, can't wait to get that lizard in me," she hissed, sucking it like a wet dick before popping free of his mouth and sitting up straight, hoisting her meaty melons in her hands. "Have at 'em boy!"

He did, hungrily, eagerly, frantically. He wanted them all, every inch, in his mouth. He sucked her thick left nipple first, drawing it into his lips, tongue lashing the long thick nubbin, and then sucking more flesh inside until he nearly had the entirety of it inside.

She growled, tilting her head b

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