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How I became a doninatrix.

Your attacker used a Morphine derivative to induce unconsciousness by injecting you inside your eye socket, that's why we didn't find the puncture mark right away. That may explain the bruising on your face, but I am inclined to think he struck you too. So, if those tests are ok, and if you continue to improve, then I would say you'll be fine. And there's a few other tests we administered," he said looking a Raven and Taylor. Hagan grimaced.

"What other tests?" asked Jordan suspiciously?

"Your vagina was badly lacerated. So we did a rape test plus tested for STDs and HIV," He blurted out reluctantly.

"Oh, my God! Was that necessary?" Raven asked before Jordan could.

The doctor began a halting stumbling explanation, "The assailant was dead, but when they found him his penis was exposed and he was still in a state of partial erection... and you were totally unclothed according to the Sheriff, so we had to assume... we had to know ... if he achieved penetration and if ejaculation occurred ... and when I examined you I found that it did not... plus we checked the other things to be sure."

"You mean to tell me I was naked on a table with a dead man beside me with an erection?" said Jordan in disbelief.

"Regrettably, Yes." Dr. Yan said with a remorseful expression on his face.

Jordan looked at Hagan, "Bill, why didn't you tell me?"

"Well ... I thought at this point with everyone around it wouldn't do you any good to know, besides you are OK now," said Hagan in an apologetic voice. He looked down at his boots. He would never tell her what was going through his mind when he found her naked on that table with blood running down her legs. Jimmy was there too, but he had sworn him to absolute silence on the subject. He only told the doctor.

"I had you out of there before the deputies arrived," he said innocently as if that would make her feel better. "I carried you myself... in a sheet," he added. Taylor rolled her eyes and looked at the ceiling. Raven just stared at him.

"Thank God for that! Great!" Jordan then laughed with relief, and asked, "So, when do I get out of here?"

"Let's see," said the Doctor, "I'd like to check your level of consciousness. If everything checks out okay and you can demonstrate to me that you are alert and oriented, then I would say the day after tomorrow. We'd like to keep you here at least another day to monitor you."

"What about the coma?" Taylor asked the doctor.

"The coma was the result of the head injury." Looking at Jordan, he continued, "You were struck on the back of the head with a blunt object and received a moderate concussion, plus you were struck fairly hard in the face, and that injection didn't help. Head injuries are difficult to deal with sometimes; you never know how severe the damage can be. But again, as long as you continue to improve..." The doctor then asked Jordan a series of questions and conducted some simple neurological tests. He was pleased with the results and spent several moments writing in her charts.

"Very good Ms. Connor. I'll be in to check on you tomorrow. If you should start feeling worse or develop flu like symptoms, please tell a nurse right away. Have a good night." Dr. Yan waved goodbye and left the room.

Raven smiled at Jordan as Taylor observed, "Good news, huh, except for that other stuff? Things sound reassuring.

Jordan looked at Hagan, "What did the docs say about Grant's lab?"

"They got the place quarantined while their inspecting everything in it and we're not allowed near it. At least we don't have to collect evidence to build a trial case against the bastard. Oops, excuse my language ladies, but I am not sorry he's dead."

Jordan squeezed Raven's hand and said, "Of course, I can't wait to hear about their findings. It should be interesting. What about that strange odor of meat in the basement?"

Hagan explained, "The docs said Grant used beef broth as a medium to grow the bacteria.

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