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Cathy and Tammy tell their parents they are lesbians.

When we got inside, my aunt, who had just started making burgers for lunch turned to us, "Wow, you two look tired, you really shouldn't stay in the sauna that long, you could overheat or dehydrate." I couldn't help cracking a smile. I may have dehydrated, but Gretta surely didn't.

But I wondered... If they all have super hard nipples, which are big and obvious to all, then how can they not notice each other? I looked around, and realized I was wrong. No, not wrong about them all having hard nipples, wrong about them not noticing. I noticed many glances from one woman towards another's chest. Damn, this replenished my arousal.

After lunch, everyone spreaded out and were going to go about daily activities. But, everyone had to change into their own clothes, first. We all changed in our bedrooms, which meant I got to change with Cynthia, Karen, and Connie. Karen decided she would just wear what she had for the rest of the day. Connie untied the back of her bikini and her perky B tits let out a sigh of relief. Oh God were they nice. Cynthia untied her own, dropping out one juicy pair of tits. I can tell you, I had an extreme urge to suck those big puffy nipples.

Then, It was the moment of truth. I dropped my own trunks and my extremely hard erection popped out like a happy puppy. I took my time pulling on my boxers, hoping this little show might get me closer to those perky tits and those luscious nipples. They then began to reveal their naked asses and... Oh God... glisteningly soaked pussies. I could actually see a drop of precipitation come out of Cynthia's. Cynthia had a nice trim, so that all her pubic hair was behind the bikini, and Connie was completely shaven.

Cynthia took a look at her pubic region and said, "Wow, completely shaven huh? Do the guys like that better, you think?"

Connie replied with sexy rolling eyes, "I don't know, but we got one in the room, lets ask him, shall we?"

I looked nervous at first, I'm sure, but I controlled myself, played it cool. But I did think it through, I wanted to be honest, yet not offend either of them. Now that I thought about it, I liked them both. So I phrased my answer as, "honestly, not only do I like trimmed and clean shaven, but hairy pussies can be sexy too. I guess they glorify in their own positions, but right here, both of you naked in front of me, I'd have to stay neutral." To tell the truth, I was leaning towards clean-shaven, but I can bend the truth a little.

We finished getting dressed without incident, and went wherever we were going. I was wearing a baggy pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and it seemed that all the women had packed for inside clothes were sundresses. I'm not sure about the rest of them, but Connie and Cynthia weren't wearing underwear. Based on the fact that I could still see all of their nipples, I'm guessing they followed the same trend, though I couldn't guess about the whereabouts of their panties. Most of the sundresses were long, all the way down to the ankles, but Aunt Hannah's was mini, and the curves of her ass pulled it up even more. She, I could tell because I stared every time she bent the slightest bit over, was also not wearing panties.

Her pussy was also juicy, and the lips seemed almost as tight as the lips on Gretta. I can't believe that Gretta and Hannah haven't been continually banged into looseness, but I prefer tightness anyways. I sat down and watched TV with Hannah, Gretta, and Karen. As Hannah was flipping through the channels they got on their 'Hollywood Hotel Satellite TV' she landed on the 20 or so channel series that was completely devoted to porn. One of them was just starting. "Eh, nothing else is on, anyways," said aunt Hannah. Damn I loved this family.

"Seduction Delivered" cheesy title, but I still wanted to watch.

It started out with a pizza delivery boy wearing ridiculously tight jeans and no shirt under his work shirt.

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