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John and Leigh show Melissa what she's been missing.

Veteran of a million illicit trysts he had become a master at such manipulation.

His hands gently stroked the back of Harshita's head ruffling her hair.

"But I am married!" said Harshita, tears stinging her eyes.

"Which is why I promised you a concession." said Raghavan agreeably.

Firmly but gently Ragahavan's strong hands pressed her face down to his crotch. It was easy considering he was seated on his desk and she on her chair.

He met with some initial resistance, but nothing he could not overwhelm. The wench wanted a promotion bad and by god he was going to make her earn it.

As her face buried itself in the seat of his pants, he moaned softly to himself. He applied a little forcible pressure on the back of her head, so that her nose pressed against his organ.

When he felt himself erecting slightly, he released her. Tears stained her face, but shame shrouded her countenance. Shame, that she was willing to do this. Shame, that she would do this to her husband.

Harshita could not believe what was happening. It was as if she was in some alternate nightmare of a universe. There was a sudden purring sound and she saw to her horror that Raghavan was undoing his zipper. His hands deftly maneuvered and she saw something poking out towards her from his crotch.

Whatever her arguments at that point she was stopped short. Rushika had not lied. Even semi erect Raghavan's cock dwarfed her husband's four to one.

"Go on," said Raghavan gesturing towards his manhood.

Before she knew it (willing or unwillingly) Harshita's hands had wrapped themselves around Raghavan's meaty monster. At her touch Raghavan cock twitched and started growing in size. Harshita watched fascinated as the already large penis doubled in size. Clueless as to what to do next, her hands stroked the undersurface of the member with her right hand and the upper part with her left. She palmed the cock with both her hands making a rough impression of a cock-meat sandwich. She stroked from head to shaft to balls, and was rewarded for her efforts with a further increase in size.

If she had started out with a root, she now held a tree trunk in her hands. The gargantuan organ pulsated and throbbed with a life of its own. Veins popped out of nowhere and pulsed; pumping more and more blood, feeding the massive member.

Knowing that he was fully erect now, Raghavan got to his feet. The unexpected forward motion caused the cock head to smack sharply against the side of Harshita's face. She recoiled, scared and bewildered. Again Raghavan directed his cock towards her face and again she shrank back.

"What are you doing?" asked Raghavan irritation smudging his early smooth behavior.

"I though I was giving you a hand job so I...."

"What?" roared Raghavan.

"You said you were giving me a concession, so....."

" By 'concession', you prickly little cunt; I meant I would not be fucking you in that tight pussy. That's what I meant. Now do you want that promotion or no?"

"Please..." begged Harshita, "I have never given a blow-job to anyone not even my husband. I ...I don't know how."

"A golden opportunity to learn presents itself," said Ragahavan evenly, a semblance of his former nonchalance returning.

"Its just that I...." began Harshita, Raghavan cut her off.

Raghavan grabbed her head roughly and shoved his erection into Harshita's face in an open display of lechery. As she struggled, he grabbed her by the hair and pinched her nostrils, using his fingers in a pincer like motion. Soon Harshita could not breathe through her nose and was forced to open her mouth a little. Ever the sexual opportunist Raghavan shoved his cock against her lips, somehow managing to pry open her mouth and slipped in a bit of his member.

Unwillingly Harshita found her self allowing more of his firmness into her mouth. When she started gagging he retracted his member a bit. She was given just a breather before he plunged his cock back into her mouth.

The shame of being defiled like this was taking its toll on Harshita.

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