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He's given his first gay experience.

Walking into her room, she told Sally to get the hell out of her room and go fuck her boyfriend in her own room. After they left, she slam the door and went to bed. The next morning she went about her business as usual, leaving for work at 8 and coming home after 5, fixing dinner then going to bed. This was her life for the next three months, that is until she got sick, and went to the Doctor. What she didn't know was that Doc. was also Ben's brother.

"Well Miss Sellers, Your pregnant, I'd say about three months along." Doc. said. "Are you sure, I mean It only happen once." she told him. "I'm very sure, Are you going to be alright Miss Sellers?" he ask her. Nodding her head she told him yes, then left the office. He watch her leave the office, picking up the phone. "Hello, Ben yes she just came in and yes she's pregnant.....just left....okay bro see you later, good luck." he said.

She's been sitting in her car for over an hour, not seeing anything. Finely she gets out and walks up to the door. Walking into the house. "Katie, is that you honey?" her dad calls out. Taking a deep breath. "Yes dad it's me." she yelled back. "Come into the Den, please. we have company." dad said. She went into the Den to find dad and Ben sitting talking. "Ben's been waiting for you to come home." her dad said. "I needed to talk to you if that's okay with you Miss Sellers." Ben said. She nodded head yes. They walk outside to the porch.

Sitting on the swing, "What did you want to talk with me about?" she ask. "Katie I wanted to invite you to my house for dinner tonight." he said. She got up and walk down the steps, walking to the lake. Ben followed her, when she stop in the spot where he had made love to her. Walking up to stand behind her. "Katie, I knew it was you i made love to right here in this spot." he told her. "How did you know?" she ask. "I've known from the beginning, whenever I came over you were never home, Sally said you left to go to town. While Sally had her men over I would talk to your dad, he told me that you sometimes go to the lake late at night for peace and quiet. So I waited for a week before you show up that night." he told her.

"I have something to tell you Ben. I'm pregnant." she told him. "Will you marry me?" he ask. Knowing that if her father found out she was going to have a baby, and not being married he'd killed her. Maybe not really kill her, but he would be mad as hell. "Yes Ben I'll marry you, this weekend." she told him. "We can get married tonight if you want, I have all the paper work ready." he said. Looking up at him she nodded yes. "I'll pick you up at 6, dress for comfort." he said, lean down to kiss her.

Going back into the house she went up to her room, packing an overnight bag she place it by the door and went look over the rest of her stuff. She didn't really want anything but the things her mother gave her so she pack them also. Everything she own fit in three suitcases, and when she left tonight she wasn't coming back. Carrying everything downstairs and sitting them on the porch. She went in serech of her dad, finding him in the kitchen she told him she was getting married and moving to Ben's house tonight. He told her he knew Ben had told him when he came to talk to him this afternoon. Checking the clock, she saw it was 5:45, Ben would be here in 15 minutes so she waited out on the porch.

"Where are you going Katie?" her sister demand. She didn't say anything. She got up when Ben pull up, Sally grab her arm to stop her. "I ask you where you think your going?" Sally demand. "I think you better get your hands off her right now Sally." Ben said. "Oh and what are you going to do?" Sally said. "Sally get your ass in this house now I'm hungry, and it's your turn to fix dinner."their dad told her. "All my stuff is there on the porch." Katie told Ben. Helping her into the truck, then he went back to get her stuff.

He watch her from the livingroom window.

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