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'babydoll' gets night of wet fun

The Robin was suddenly silent as the distant alarm calls of several Blackbirds and a Green Woodpecker announced that something not to their liking was abroad.

He stood and looked along the length of the stream, expecting to see a fox or feral cat and was shocked by the plaintive cry once more. He wandered about fifty yards further and was shocked all the more by what he saw. There, tethered naked to a willow, was a local girl known to Nilok; her name was Davina, a sweet maid from Grace Farm, no more than five hundred yards from Maidenbower. She was a mute; the pitiful cry was all she could muster, being deaf and not knowing any words. Her pretty body was tied lattice-like with greased leather thongs; her pert breasts jutting out with her body bound so tight; a thong tightly up her mound, lifting her to tiptoes which had made her squirm and orgasm several times despite her discomfort, her juices dribbling down her soft milky thighs, interrupted only by the bonds which lashed her helplessly there.

Unbeknown to Nilok, eyes which had waited for him looked down from a nearby tree; another pair burned holes in his form from the undergrowth nearby. Davina's eyes looked at Nilok with pitiful relief and then turned to terror; because the girl could not speak and her arms were bound about the tree, Nilok realised too late that she was looking beyond him, over his shoulder. He turned to see a buxom female form dressed in tight black leather; her curves so feminine yet also menacing, like a predatory cat. Her brown eyes pierced him from under a mane of jet black hair; her lower face was obscured by her hand which held what looked like a wooden flute. The pipe played no tune despite the vixen's cheeks expanding and expelling out through it; Nilok heard a sharp pop and just caught sight of a small red object flying toward him. A sharp pain stung his neck like a vicious bee as something pierced Serena's soft blue collar of ownership and bit deep into his flesh. He tried to lift his arm and pull the stinging object out, but a bubbling sensation travelled up his limbs and he keeled over, his eyes fixed on the delicious harpie, who now lowered her blow-pipe and smiled victoriously as her prey fought to just remain conscious.

She knelt next to him as he stared fixedly at his beautiful assailant, as mute as poor Davina now. She smiled wickedly as she delved her hand into his lower garments and nursed his cock to a fine erection. The sense of eroticism was overpowering; as the flesh of this black widow creaked within the tight leather as she smiled and caressed his now eager manhood. He could not move but felt every sensation; an accomplice dropped smiling from a nearby tree, eerily clad in green velvet, though just as an erotic a vision; she knelt too, her nipples poking like thumbs through the tight velvet as she softly mopped his brow and watched his cock stiffen. The leather one spoke with a voice as sultry as her looks.

"You're ours now, we've had our eyes on you for a while and you came and submitted to us like a lamb; you must have wanted it.

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