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It's summer and they're in heat.

The scene shifted and the girl, now naked, was being led into a large room. In the middle of the room was a sort of dais, like a very large bed. On the bed was another woman, blonde and also naked. Around the room were several couples, all dressed and all wearing masks. The girl was led to the dais. After that it became a bit of a blur. The blonde arranged the other girl in a kneeling position, then a man appeared, naked with an erect penis. The blonde showed the other girl what she wanted her to do ... handle the man's cocks, play with it while the blonde, the man, and the audience watched intently.

Within a few seconds of this, my cock was as hard as the guy in the movie. I tried to keep still but it was difficult.

"You like it? she whispered, turning to face me.

"Yeah" was all I could say.

Still looking at me, she put her hand in my lap and felt the outline of my cock. I gasped. "Oh my, you really do like it, don't you?" I could only nod; my mouth was too dry to say anything. She removed her hand and went back to watching the movie.

After several minute, during which the girl had started licking and mouthing the guy's cock, I felt Meghan's hand once more in my lap. "Oh I think you need to get more comfortable. Don't you?" I nodded again, but didn't move. I wasn't sure what she wanted although I had a pretty good idea. "Well, why don't you loosen your pants, Jeremy." I didn't need a lot of urging. I unbuckled my belt and unzipped. She put her hand inside my pants and felt me. I was about ready to come right then. "Take your clothes off." I did. "And your socks." I took them off and resumed my place alongside her.

"Here's what's going to happen, Jeremy. You are not to touch yourself, until I say so. Do you understand?"

"Y-y-yes" And so I lay there, stark naked alongside this cool, elegant, fully dressed woman with my cock sticking out as stiff and hard as I've ever known it.

"Would you like me to touch you?"


"Say please ... please Meghan, touch my cock."

"P-please Meghan, t-touch my cock." And she did. She stroked it slowly up and down with her cool, soft, small hand.

"Do you like that?"

"Ohmigosh, yes."

"Don't say 'Ohmigosh' Jeremy, that's infantile. I want you to say "Oh, fuck, yes. Will you say that for me?"

"Yes I will ... er, oh f-fuck, yes."

"Good boy." And she took her hand off my cock and went back to watching the movie. By now, the girl had the guy's cock in her mouth and was masturbating him with one hand while the other clasped his buttocks. He was swaying into while her mouth took his cock as it slid back and forth. After a minute or so he pushed her head away, took hold of his cock, jerked off rapidly and shot his semen all over her chest. She looked him right in the eyes as he came and, when he had finished, she sucked the end of his cock for a second or two.

As she watched this, Meghan would, from time to time, put her hand on my cock and slowly stroke it up and down. I thought I was going to pass out I wanted to come so badly. At one time she felt the pre-come on the end of my cock and, absently, licked it off her fingers. After the girl had finished sucking the guy he left and, almost immediately, another guy appeared, naked as the first.

When the second guy came out, Meghan started to unbutton her shirt. That done, she stroked my cock again and then unbuttoned her jeans. "Need to get comfortable," she murmured and started to play with her breasts. The second guy had his cock played with and sucked but instead of letting the woman finish him with her mouth, her turned her onto her knees, positioned himself behind her and slowly, very slowly, the blonde girl guided his cock into the other girl. By this juncture, Meghan had done some serious handling of her breasts and had played frequently between her legs. Saying nothing, she stripped off her shirt and shucked out of her jeans and panties, throwing them off the bed.

"Don't you want to look? she said.

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