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He becomes her and reaps the reward.

I had seen my co workers laugh and smirk as I showed them some new pictures I had made of the kid's. I never realized that they were laughing because everyone knew about my wife and my boss. Large tears ran down my face and I felt the nausea that told me that I was going to lose my lunch of bologna sandwiches. Bologna was all I could afford since I spent everything on Mary and the kids. I heaved and my puke went all over the carpet. Then I felt the worse thing. I had puked. I had cried. My feet were frozen in place. I thought that I wanted to go and take a long ride except there was no gas in the car. I had given all my extra cash to John's favorite charity. he never told me what charity it was but that by giving to it I would ensure my job with his company for many years.

Like I said I felt the worse of all possible things happening then. I felt my bowels loosen and the stuff with a diarrhea like consistency let loose and ran down both my leg's and onto the carpet, covering my urine. "Who," my wife and boss both said at the same time, "Oh my God look it's Bruce, my devoted husband."

"Don't forget to say that he's also my loyal employee," John added.

Then I saw the horrified look on my wife's and John's faces as the realized that they had been discovered by me. I knew that they both were freighted of the wrath I would unleash on these fornicators. "Oh shit...look at the carpet John and I know you loved that carpet ever since Buy had to sell his other car to buy it for me."

Then Mary's voice changed to concern. "John he's not moving, is he waiting to unleash his wrath at us fornicators?"

"No Mary it's just that his feet are frozen in place...see the ice around his shoes?"

"Sorry John I just thought that was either old bologna sandwiches after having been thrown up."

"No Mary he is suffering from lit erotica wimp disease."

"Oh John please tell me what...what ever you said is."

"Well let's see Mary, incidentally move your cut a little faster please. Buy has all of the symptoms that all wimp husbands have when they find out their sweet and angelic wives are cheating on him."

"But does he realize that we are really cheating on him, After all this is the first time he ever saw us facing."

"I know Mary. If he mentions it then I'll ask him what he was home when he's supposed to be out of town."

In my mind I knew that he was right. I was a loyal husband and employee. I listened as John made a cell phone call. Mary like the caring person crawled out from under him and began to suck his cock. She didn't want him disturbed when he was speaking on the phone.

"OK AL, let's get this right...yes he's already become frozen in place and he had already did the PP routine. That's right you heard me the puke,

shit and piss bit. I smells awful...if he had only waited he wouldn't have caught us and the carpet would not be messed up. Oh slow down Mary, you got me ready to cum."

"What's that AL...oh that it's Buy's wife sucking my cock. Well thanks there anything else I can look forward to. Oh I see. No his car is probably out of gas...Yes I know that most husbands go for a drive and get stink but he only drinks Pepsi...oh my God the thought of getting drunk on Pepsi. Got to go now AL, Mary is getting ready to swallow my cum." John grunted his cum in my loving angel wife's mouth. "Oh hell yeah Al...Mary will be there. See if you can't find a few more guy's for her gang bang this time. Yeah...yeah I know forty two guy's were a lot but she's the one getting fucked so see if you can find about ten more."

John and Mary threw the sheet over them and were smoking when there were war cries as cute little Sandy and cute little Jeffy came running to the bed and launched themselves at the reclining couple.

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