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A conservative beauty can resist her sexuality no longer.

I knew you were pushing your boundaries in some of the situations, but I hoped you'd end up feeling all right about it. I take it from the question, that you don't?"

Margo nodded. "I didn't until what you just said." She paused and asked, "What do you think of me now?"

Mike got up and came over and sat beside Margo. He gathered her into his arms. "Margo, I love you. I really do. I want us to become closer and closer, and to grow old together. I can do that better when you stop judging yourself and feeling bad about some of the relationship situations you find yourself in. I include the sex in that statement. You're not a cold fish, but I feel you hold back because you think I'll think ill of you for doing something sexy or bold or off your scale of behavior norms. Trust me, I won't ever feel bad for something you try, even if it doesn't work out for one or all of us."

Margo looked at Amber, but asked Mike, "What about Amber? How do you feel about her?"

"I love her to pieces. She takes ME places I didn't know existed. She helps me extend my boundaries. She's bold, can be meek or flashy, puts her all into our lovemaking and sex, and is willing to try just about anything I can think up, in any part of our relationship. I see us being a couple forever, maybe having kids if she's interested, and sitting in rocking chairs when we're old talking about all we did but can't do anymore." He laughed towards the end of his statement.

Margo's eyes got all glassy and she looked from Mike to Amber, and back. In a sad tone she said, "What about me?"

Amber took her hand, and Mike kissed her. He said, "We'd hope you'd be in the other rocking chair with us, Baby."

* * * * *

"Margo, do not put your underwear back on," Amber admonished, as they got out of the shower together. Mike was still under the spray doing a final rinse. It had been an erotic shower because no one washed themselves, plus there were kisses galore that almost made each of them lustful enough to return to the large bed for a further round of mind blowing sex.

Although Amber insisted that Margo get the lion's share of the attention from Mike, she too suffered through several bone-cracking orgasms that made her whole body rattle hard in pleasure after pleasure. Amber had wondered how her body could respond to Mike the way it did, taking her far beyond the sexual pleasure she occasionally felt with some of her best 'dates'.

Amber had also made love to and with Margo, pushing her limits on female-female loving and sex with cum-laden cunnilingus and then giving Margo 'The Experience,' where Amber fisted her and stroked her through an A-spot orgasm that left the innocent young blonde nearly delirious. Margo had made a real effort to return the favor, but was unsure of herself enough to not trust herself with fisting her best friend.

Margo and Amber watched each other dress, both studiously avoiding any under garments. Margo said, "When we first met and you made love to me, you made us go to dinner without underwear. I'm sure everyone was scandalized. That was the first time I'd ever done anything so outrageous. I'd been taught that good girls always wore underwear."

Amber laughed, "I don't think anyone noticed, but it sure got you worked up. During the meal you held your legs together so tightly I was worried about gangrene setting in from the crotch down. Tonight is going to be different, however. I want to challenge you to flash at least five men, letting them see your pussy or anything else you care to display to them."

Margo looked shocked and then worried. "You're pushing my boundaries, aren't you? I don't know whether I can do that."

Amber gave a snarky smile and laughed. "How about if I do one, you do the same or another? Oh, and Mike and Brad don't count."

Margo shrugged but with a coy smile, "Maybe."

A minute later Amber undid the top three buttons on Margo's summer dress as they left the hotel room.

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