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Matt gets out of the hospital. Kent hits a bump in the road.

roughly pushes a finger inside and wiggles it about! Then he pulls your right leg and locks it into a metallic clamp Then you're left leg! Your trapped and cant move see or speak you are 100% helpless but part of you is tuned on beyond belief you don't know why!

You feel his hand on your chest and feel him touch your breast through your top! Then you feel him pull at it as he cuts it off you are shocked then he cuts your black lace bra off! And he puts his tongue to your erect left nipple and starts to tease it you are tuned on so much by now that you like it and want more!

Then he puts a nipple clamp onto your left nipple and it pinches it you don't have a clue what it is but there is a mix of pain and pleasure there! He pushes two fingers into your pussy hard and teases your clit with his thumb! At that point he starts to suck your right breast for a minute or two! God it feels good!

Then he removes his hand from you and you feel empty and want him back inside you and would have told him except for this gag! You then feel a metallic thing and he cuts your skirt off and then rip's your thong off! You are completely naked except for your high heals and you are scared as this isn't like your boyfriend he seems so cold and fare off that you are really getting Scared!

You are left standing naked for about 5minuts and you start to wonder what's going on then you hear some noise and the metallic restraints that hold your legs are moving apart and your legs are starting to open! Your legs are well open now and you can feel that your pussy is well open too! You are still getting more and more turned on! Then you feel something rubbing your pussy lips and you don't recognise it! You don't know what it is! But it feels so good that you start to get more and more tuned on!

You are starting to like the rubbing then it stops and you feel great force as something tries to enter your pussy! It is so big that you cant take it in but it don't give up and start to stab slowly at your gapping hole and finally after a minute your pussy stretches and it slowly enters you and you think that you are going to tear you in half! God its big but when he pulls it nearly out you whimper into your gag as you want it back then he pushes it in hard and fast all the way! Oh my god that feels so good you moan into your gag! You feel full so full oh my god yes!

You no longer care you just want him to fuck you with that monster dildo then! He pulls it nearly out of your pussy slowly this time then thrusts back in deeper faster harder! Then stops while it is burred all the way in! You feel something touch your let and you think it's a wire but can't be to shore! Then you hear a faint click!

And something happens the dildo start to vibrate gently and then it gets stronger and stronger got its vibrating your hole in tire body then you hear a click again! And it not only vibrates but starts to wiggle deep inside god it feels so good you don't care now and want that dildo to fuck you to a climax and you know its going to be a very good one at that!

He start to move the monster in and out of your dripping wet pussy your so wet its running down your leg its still vibrating and wiggling as he thrusts it in and out going faster and faster deeper and deeper harder and harder! You are so tuned on you couldn't care less now fuck its so big and feels so good you just want more he starts to go faster deeper harder deeper harder faster more and more your loving every minute of it then he stops! And slowly pulls it Completely out!

You want to scream and shout at him not to stop but you cant! Then you feel something cold next to your pussy its metallic! You're starting to worry again! Then he puts something into your pussy lips and they open wide and you are exposed to him completely and you feel his hot breath on your clitt that is exposed then you feel something touching your clit it's a feather and he starts to tickle your clit with it!

It really tingles and your really enjoying him tease your clit he moves the feather round and round just touching y

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