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Arana is injected with Venom.

I will do better in remembering my manners." He took her offered hand and lifted his foot to stirrup, swinging up behind her in a fluid motion. He was uncertain of how to sit correctly behind her, and would have been uncertain of how to ride behind any woman, but being a slave was he allowed to place his hands on her? Where was he to hold onto?

His unvoiced questions became moot when she immediately kicked the horse to a canter. It was either hang on to her or go flying as the powerful animal put his ears back and took off. Self preservation won and Jason wrapped his arms around her as the ground sped by at an alarming rate. After a while the horses initial burst of speed settled into a fast but regular gate and he relaxed a bit, leaning back some and dropping his hands to her waist, they were still moving to fast for him to feel comfortable letting go entirely. He supposed she would have already corrected him if he wasn't supposed to touch her.

At this proximity he couldn't help noticing other things about her. Her scent was a mingling of flowers and warm skin, and he could feel the tightness of slender muscles where their bodies touched as the horses gate brought them together. She had a pleasing figure and despite himself was thinking of her in terms he knew he shouldn't be. He tried to stop thinking, to blank his mind, but that was a mistake. It left him open to feel more acutely the places where their bodies touched.

He noticed the way her waist fit in the circle of his hands, and that the vest she word had slid up slightly, leaving a thin gap between it's bottom and the top of her pants. His finger had slid into that space and lay against the bare skin of her belly. Just that little bit of skin felt achingly soft to him. He had a sudden and almost uncontrollable urge to slide the rest of his hand against the smoothness taut belly, his fingers twitched and he had a vivid picture come to his mind of doing just that, his hands sliding over the soft skin of her torso upwards to cup her breasts.

Jason felt his manhood stir and quickly tried to shut the image out. He was mortified to be thinking such thoughts. She owned him, he couldn't forget that, and with his own will he had agreed to serve her. She was his liege now, and it was not a wise thing to desire the one that had such power over him.

He tried to hold on to this, tried not to feel the way the horses strides moved their bodies together, the way his thighs touched her's, or the way his groin kept being pressed into the soft curve of her buttocks. He clamped down on a groan as the stir he'd felt a moment before became a stiffening.

It seemed the more he tried to control his body's reactions the less control he had, and he became very aware that if he couldn't some how back away from her like now there was no way she would not notice his arousal. There was no way to do so though, the saddle wouldn't allow it, his face turned almost as warm as the heat in is groin, she must have noticed by now. A tight knot of anxiety formed in his belly, what if she was offended? What if she was disgusted? Or worse, angry? She owned his body and could do anything she wanted to it, punish him in anyway she saw fit.

These thoughts should have worked like ice water on him, but neither his anger, embarrassment, nor fear was doing anything to make his erection any less. He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to will himself down. A moment later the horses gate changed and he opened his eyes to see they'd rounded a bend and a castle loomed before them.

"This is not my home," She told him over her shoulder, in case he was

wondering. "We will be staying as guests. The Ladies that own the castle have graciously granted me permission to use a few members of their staff for your training." As she finished saying this they had trotted around to the back of the castle and a stable boy ran up.

Jason dismounted as soon as the horse came to a halt, his embarr

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