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She loses her virginity at 29.

It was also a strap-on.

"I think that's a little too big." Sharon said as she ran her gaze up and down it's length. It was as detailed as the smaller black one she had admired earlier. "I'd never be able to handle anything that big." she admitted.

"Oh you'd be surprised at what you can handle." Violet said as she ran her fingers across the dildo. "As long as the right person is on the other end of it."

Sharon looked deep into Violet's enveloping smile. She'd have had to have be pretty stupid not to have noticed that Violet was as gay as she said Mark had been. And that she had been coming on to her since she'd come into the store.

Not that Sharon felt awkward in being hit on by another woman. Back in her college days, she'd experimented a little with girl-sex. After that, she'd had a brief lesbian romp with a girlfriend following her divorce. But those had all been with girls that she would've described as feminine. This was the first time she'd drawn the attention of a butch. An attention that she found herself enjoying.

"It does sound interesting." Sharon said. "But since I don't live in the city, I'd hate to buy something that I'd have to come all the way back to the city to return. That is if you can return such things."

"Well there's an easy way around that." Violet said beaming.

"And that would be?"

"I'd be happy to give you a demonstration."

Sharon's face now also beamed.

Violet led Sharon to the back room. Surprisingly, instead of the storeroom she expected, Sharon found a small one room apartment. It had a couch, television, refrigerator and microwave. All the comforts of home.

"Do you live here?" Sharon asked as she looked around.

"No," Violet said as she pulled the blinds, flooding the room with sunlight. "It's just a place to crash when someone needs it."

"Pretty nice, I..."

Sharon was cut off in mid-sentence as Violet abruptly grabbed her and pulled her against her large breasts. Any cry she might've wanted to make was cut off by the crush of Violet's lips against her own.

The kiss was forceful, aggressive, more like that of man than a woman. Yet at the same time, it was exciting and intoxicating. It had been a very long time since Sharon had wanted to be taken forcefully by someone. Violet had connected with a primitive desire that was usually buried deep inside.

Continuing their exchange of lust filled kisses, Violet slid her hand beneath Sharon's blouse and fondled her smaller breasts. With practiced ease, she undid the front clip of her bra, letting her round globes fall free.

Sharon moaned softly as strong fingers played with her nipples. Violet's touch was a combination of both rough and gentle. Almost immediately, both nipples were rock hard.

Pulling against the yellow blouse, Violet ripped it open, sending several buttons popping to the floor. Sharon didn't have time to worry about how she was going to repair the damage to her outfit. Grabbing one of her now free hanging mounds, Violet lifted it to her eager mouth.

"Oh God, yes." Sharon sighed as she felt the alternating pain and delight of Violet's teeth and tongue working on her sensitive tips.

"Oh, baby, we're just getting started." Violet laughed as she turned her attention to the other breast.

Sharon ran her hand through Violet's short curls as she held her head tight against her breast. Not that the younger woman needed any encouragement. She found the feel of the short hair enticing.

Not were Violet's much larger mounds to be ignored. Already covered with sweat, her large thick nipples pressed out against her thin shirt. Sharon reached out with her one free hand and took hold of as much of one as she could.

Even through the material, Sharon could feel the warmth of Violet's skin. She couldn't wait to get past that thin cotton barrier.

She didn't have long to wait.

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