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Husband finds cure for a snoring wife.

I just didn't want her to think of me as a selfish, brutal lover, even though that is what we both wanted at that moment.

Suddenly I could tell that Ros was reaching her orgasm, her movements back towards me became erratic, her muscles began to tense up and she started to make little guttural noises in her throat, so I plunged myself even harder into her, wanting my own orgasm to arrive at the same time so that I could flood her pussy as her orgasm was at its height. But she beat me to it, jerking and shuddering under me, calling out incoherently and swinging her head from side to side like some animal, Ros orgasmed.

It was a long and violent climax, but when it was over Ros was spent and made to slump away from me, even though I had yet to finish. I couldn't let her, I could feel my own climax building, my balls tightening and my cock becoming extra sensitive as it always does just before I cum, so I gripped hold tighter to her hips, digging my fingers into her, and hung on, pounding at her with all my might.

She realised what was happening, bless her, and tried her hardest to help me. But she was just too spent and she had to let her head drop to the bed so that I just held her up by the pelvis as I fucked her.

Beside me Dawn was also on her way to cumming, I could recognize the signs. She was digging her nails into Eddie's back, her own back arching as she pushed up to meet him with her legs wrapping themselves around him to hold him in. That sight did it for me and my balls finally exploded, sending my cum right into Ros's pussy, spurt after spurt shooting deep into her body.

It was a beautiful and powerful climax, made even more potent by seeing Dawn having hers at the same time, but as it declined so did my strength and both Ros and I finally collapsed into a sweating trembling heap at the foot of the bed, making me miss the moment when Eddie sent his load flooding into Dawn's womb. I regretted not seeing him cum into her, but I knew from her cries and from his groans that it had been a good one, and I took surrogate pleasure from that.
By the time I finally got myself together and raised my head to look they were lying together on the bed, quivering with the aftershocks of their climaxes, and with his rapidly softening cock slipping wetly from Dawn's pussy. I could even see his creamy spunk trickling in a little stream from her opening to pool just under her anus. It was a lovely sight to finish off a fantastic and very horny session with.

It took us quite a while to recover from our swap. All four of us had found it to be very, very stimulating, and the fact of having sex with someone else in full view of our partners made it so much more intense. This time when we congregated in the lounge for coffee we didn't even bother with bathrobes, but just plonked ourselves down naked.

For a while we relaxed silently on the suite, the only movements coming from the two women as they padded some tissues under themselves to collect the little rivulets of cum that still oozed from them. I couldn't prevent myself from grinning with a silly kind of pride that Eddie and I had made them so uncomfortable.

"It's alright for you." Dawn remonstrated with me, smiling faintly and with her voice still carrying signs of her exertions.

I shrugged and smiled back.

"I thought you wanted to lick my cum out of Ros's pussy instead of sitting on tissues, or that's what you told me, isn't it?"

Ros's head snapped around and Dawn went scarlet.

"Did you really?" Ros asked her.

"Well, yes." Dawn admitted reluctantly. "I did say that, but it's more of a fantasy than an intention."

"Oh, so you don't actually want to do it, then?"

"Well." She paused. "Maybe, if the time was right, but I'm far too knackered right now." She was fidgeting from embarrassment, her face still crimson.

"That's a shame.

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