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Into the Earth.

Her thighs were parted and slightly raised as she sat facing me. I stood up and moved to stand in front of her, my crotch only inches from her sweet lips. Without prompting, Pam ran her hands along the back of my thighs and then pulled down the front of my bathing suit as her mouth enveloped my raging cock. I wrapped my fingers through her dark hair as I guided her mouth along the length of my cock. She sucked hard as I felt her hands reach into my bathing suit and massage my balls.

John was busy changing camera angles and zooming in on the action as my cock slid in and out of Pam's sweet mouth and her fingers massaged my loaded balls. Beth watched in fascination as I was enjoying her beautiful friend. Her fingers had been down between her own thighs for some time and she'd been cumming all along as she watched the action on the screen. I was pleased that all of this was going on film and the thought excited me even more.

I continued to pump my rod into Pam's hungry mouth as she worked my balls with her hands. It didn't take long for me to feel my load rising and I grasped a handful of Pam's hair and as I felt my cock ready to explode. I brought my hand to my cock and then pulling her head back a bit, my cockhead slid from between her lips as a strong stream of cum shot out of my rod and through the air into her still open mouth. Pam was a bit surprised but kept her mouth open as she tasted the salty cum spray across her tongue. The initial burst spent, I slid my cock back between her eager lips and she continued to suck on me. I continued to stroke Pam's hair as her lips pleasured my cock. She seemed to have no intentions of releasing me from her hungry mouth and I had nowhere else to go for the moment.

Beth was fascinated at the power of my load as it shot through the air into Pam's mouth. She realized then just why she came every time one of us shot into her tightness. As her fingers grazed over her clit she screamed softly as her loins flooded once again.

Holding Pam's head firmly, I sat down on the bench and as she bent forward, her face was still filled with my shaft. She continued to suck as she placed her hands on my thighs and guided her head up and down the length of my spent shaft. Finally, Pam eased her suction and slid back a bit on the bench.

"That was excellent." I complimented her and she smiled at me as she placed her hands between her open thighs.

"Stand up." I said and Pam rose before me. She stood before me, one tit bared and the other still covered by the skimpy bra. Her legs straddled the bench, her firm thighs parted before me and her face filled with sexual anticipation. Motioning her forward, she straddled my legs, spreading her own thighs that much wider apart. I reached up to her chest and tucking my fingers under the neck string of her bra, pulled the sides out until both of her magnificent mams were fully visible. Her nipples were rock hard as I began to play with them. Pam moaned loudly as my fingers touched her body.

Pinching her nipples firmly with my fingers, I shook her massive tits gently and then guided her nipple to my mouth. Pam edged closer as my mouth sucked on her tender nub. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she pressed my mouth to her huge tit. My hands wandered down between her thighs and began to tease her pussy. The scent of her love juices was already intoxicating. I continued to suck on Pam's heaving tits as my fingers teased her pussy and her ass. I reached up and untied the string in the middle of her back and then Pam reached up and undid the bow behind her neck and the bra fell onto the deck. I continued to suck and tease her tender nipples as she moaned loudly, her legs beginning to tremble.

Easing away from her rock hard nipples, I pressed her body back a bit.

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