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She's been a naughty girl.


"Mmmm, that's better." She moaned.

"I was going to go see Tommy today for lunch, but Derek sounded so panicked, he doesn't want to fail and loose his scholarship, you know."

"When I got there, Derek wasn't around, but his roommate let me in saying that Derek was in the shower, cleaning up after practice."

Shifting a bit, pushing her love nest over her husband's mouth, Maria continued with her story.

"Shane had just gotten back to the room from his shower; his body was all wet and steamy. God honey, I couldn't help myself; you know how I get around a black cock."

Hearing his wife start to talk dirty as she unfolded her triad caused Marcus' cock to twitch and slap at his stomach.

"You love how your prim and proper wife is a slut for big hard cock don't you baby?" Maria breathed hard as she watched his precum drip onto his stomach.

The only response Marcus could give while trapped between her thighs was to groan as he shoved his tongue deeper into her stretched pussy and scoop out the sweet salty tastes of her nectar mixed with her young lover's juices.

"I couldn't help myself; I just had to have it, so I tore off his towel and dropped onto my knees right there. Even soft he was huge; I didn't think I would be able to take him but I had to try."

Grinding her hips down onto his searching tongue, Maria continued to tease and entice Marcus with her story of giving the young college soccer player one of her patented blowjobs. She shared with him how she took him into her throat and licked his balls even sticking her finger in his ass bringing him to the edge, then making him hang, loving the control and power it gave her.

The entire time Marcus cleaned out her pussy, his own small cock twitched and dribbled pre cum all over his leg.

"That's when your brother came into the room. I didn't turn around I just kept sucking that big, fat, black cock."

"UH, that's it baby make me cum." Maria pushed her pussy down hard as Marcus' ministrations made her cum. Not even touching her clit yet, she was saving that for later. Her pussy spasmed then pushed more of her lovers cum out and into his open, sucking mouth.

Panting and breathing hard Maria continued, "He didn't know it was me and pulled up my skirt........Uh baby, that was good I think there's more.... He must have been watching for a bit because his cock was already hard."

"He must not have gotten any from that skank of a girlfriend because he was an animal! Grabbing my hips and slamming his cock into me..... Yeah right there, baby, just like that...He's not like you at all. If I didn't have that wonderful black cock in my mouth the whole dorm would have heard me as I screamed. He bottomed out slamming into me."

"Neither one of them lasted that long; Derek fucked me hard cumming deep in my pussy...MMM taste him honey don't we taste good together???...." Feeling him fucking her pussy with his tongue, Maria ground down more "You do taste him don't you? You like it, oh yeah you like it..... That's it make me cum again..."

Pushing up and arching her back Maria grinded down as her passions took over. Her eyes rolling up into her head as her hips quivered and shook. Marcus' hands reached up and wrapped around her hips keeping her steady not wanting to miss a drop.

Slumping over again Maria continued, "Jeremy filled my mouth with his sweet tasty cum, pulling out before he was done and sprayed my face with his cum, he called me a whore and a slut. That just made me cum all over your brother's cock, my pussy pulsing and squeezing his cock; that set him off filling me with his fuck load."

"I had to see the cock that just fucked me so well. I turned around and his cock was so big and good looking I just had to taste him."

Continuing her story, Maria related how Derek was shocked that he'd just fucked his hot looking Aunt and tried to pull away but being the greedy slut I am, I wouldn't let him out of my mouth and even threatened to bite him.

From here down, you are telling the story to Mar

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