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By now Joan was well used to their large cocks and she had another orgasm as Jimmy's cock charged forcefully deep into her cervix. Jimmy pounded his cock into her pussy relentlessly and she kept screaming, "YES, fuck me hard, push that cock all the way into my stomach. FUCK ME, FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK."

Jake then said, "Leroy, she hasn't had the privilege of tasting black cock, especially coated with cum. Get up there and teach her how to deep throat big black cock." When Leroy's cock touched Joan's face, she immediately opened her mouth and sucked his cock as far into her throat as she could. I knew this was an automatic act on her part from past sexual activities. Joan was good at sucking cock. She worked on his cock as hard as she could. Her zeal and desire finally won as she was able to get his 9 inch cock all the way down her throat.

Jake said, "Do you believe that, Leroy? She's a great cock sucker. She will make us a lot of money, especially when we teach her how to fill all three holes." Joan and I both knew what he was talking about. She was not virgin to ass fucking, but cocks with 11/2 to 2 inch diameters would probably cause tearing of her rectum.

I watched Leroy begin to tremble as his cock was totally down Joan's throat. I knew he was going to cum. He grunted and with a last shove, he filled her throat with another load of his cum and they were all astonished that she was able to swallow his full load.

With that excitement, Jimmy couldn't hold back any longer and I watched as he grabbed Joan's hips, pulled her tight into his groin and released his large load of sperm deep into her womb. Joan felt his cock spasm and begin to throb as his cum fulled her. Jimmy yelled, "OH MY GOD, her pussy is clamping down on my cock. She is trying to squeeze the cum out of me." Joan was having another orgasm or maybe a continual orgasm as she was milking his cock.

Jake then said, "Leroy, take the camera. I'm going to open up that white shit hole. I want her ready for our customers." Leroy took the camera and when Jimmy finally pulled from Joan's pussy, Jake climbed up behind Joan and without any lube, he began to inch his cock into her rectum. Joan cried out, "Please go slow, you're too big. It hurts, please not in my ass."

Again, Jake did not pay attention and continued inching his large cock into her ass. I saw about three inches had already entered her when Joan began to moan, a pleasure moan that I recognized. I knew it wouldn't be long before she has another orgasm which I knew would please Jake. Soon Jake was fucking her ass hard and Joan was screaming, "YES, HARDER, fuck me harder. Fuck me deep. Yes, Yessssss, more, more. I love your big black cock in my ass."

Jake uploaded a large amount of his cum deep into her bowels and Joan reached back and grabbed his ass, pulling him tight not wanting him to pull out. Finally, his cum began to leak out of her ass and around his cock. He pulled out and then stuck his spent cock in Joan's face. She immediately took his cock in her mouth and began to clean it with enthusiasm. After cleaning Jake's cock, they allowed Joan to rest.

Jake lead Joan from the bed and stood her in front of me.

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