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Final chapter: will Camilla be gang-banged in hell forever?

The adrenaline she was running on was gone. Sara laid her head back on his shoulder and started crying. She hated herself for it but she couldn't stop. She was in more pain that she had ever been in and she was so tired. The blood loss and the fight took their toll on her and for the second time that day her world went dark.

Sebastian didn't know what to do with the sobbing girl in his lap. Crying was the last thing he had expected. But before he could decide whether or not to just shoot her and be done with it when she went limp in his arms. He brushed the hair from her eyes and looked into her face. God she was so young and beautiful. He felt his dick throb just looking at her. She was so small next to him. Like a child. A child that had almost kicked his ass he thought wirily. He couldn't leave her there with the bombing going on so he picked her up in a fireman's carry and grabbed her bag and took off.

Sara woke up to the countryside passing before her eyes. She spun around to see were she was and instantly regretted it. God she hurt. Everywhere. She shook it off and looked around more slowly. She was in a truck and almost passed back out when she saw who was driving. The sniper. She let out a gasp and he turned to look at her. Sara was sure her heart stopped. All of her anger from earlier was gone. The only emotion she felt now was fear. She tried to calm down. He turned his gaze back to the road. She let out the breath she didn't even notice she was holding. After a few minutes Sara got the nerve to take a good look at her captor. He was big, very big. At only 5'3" Sara was used to having to look up to people, but this guy was at least foot taller than her. He was a good seventy-five pounds heaver. All muscle. Broad shouldered with dark hair and eyes. She couldn't help but think under different circumstances she would be attracted to him. God she must have taken a blow to the head sometime today to think like that. She rolled her head back and groaned feeling sick.

Sebastian heard her groan and turned her way. She had her head laid back on the seat and looked like she might be sick. He watched her a moment more to make sure she didn't throw up in his truck and turned his eyes back to the road. What was it about this little American girl that had made him take her in the first place? Most women were so submissive which he liked but most gave up without hardly giving him a fight. They just laid there and took it. They were too compliant. He liked a challenge. He knew he had one in her. He was shocked out of his contemplation when she laid her head in his lap and went back to sleep.

Sara felt him stiffen when she laid her head in his lap but didn't care. She was so tired and couldn't get back to sleep sitting up. She figured if he hadn't killed her yet she was okay for now. Wondering how she had gotten into this mess in the first place she fell back asleep. Sara woke up to a pair of strong arms lifting her from the truck. It wasn't until she was laid down on a couch that her mind finally cleared enough for her to remember where she was. Her eyes widened in fear as she watches to see what he was going to do. He just turned his back to her and went to the kitchen and came back with a glass. He took a drink and than handed it to her. "Drink" he said in thickly accented English. She reached out with a shaky hand and took it. He turned and walked away. It was orange juice. Sara drank it gratefully.

When she was done she looked around for him. He was sitting at the kitchen table going through her gear bag. She got up on shaky legs and walked to the table and sat down. He lend over and started to unbutton her jacket. She grabbed his wrist to stop him.

Sebastian liked the look of defiance mixed with fear he saw in her eyes when she grabbed him.

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