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She turned them down, not wishing to impose. Several other considerate villagers mentioned spare rooms where she might sleep. In the end the young woman chose to stay at the inn.

The inn was really just a well furnished room behind the general store. As she walked down the stone walkway to the store a chill ran through her. It was an eerie place. The grey and washed out brown of the building clashed with the bright green of neatly trimmed grass. Inside the elderly owner told her that the room was really far too small for a guest to stay in. She disagreed politely.

As light began to dim the silence sank even deeper. The young woman felt eyes on her. She hugged herself for warmth, there was no heater in the room. To warm herself she let her hands slide across her smooth skin. The warmth of arousal spread through her body. Her fingers knew their jobs well. They flew across her most sensitive places. The young woman's eyes fluttered as she let her body put itself to a warm, pleasant sleep.

One long finger pressed and flicked her clit. She bucked at the ceiling and gave out a short high pitched cry. In fear she stopped, praying the kind hearted proprietor had not heard her. When nothing stirred she allowed herself to continue. Her fingers returned to their posts and worked to warm her once more. Three slightly louder cries later they young woman drifted into sleep.

It was dark when she awoke. Something had changed. The bed was gone. The room was gone as well. Her body was suspended above the ground and a cool breeze passed over the young woman's naked breast. The cold made her shiver.

A silent voice whispered words of comfort and apology. Her position shifted slowly as the objects of her restraint adjusted themselves. She frowned, everything seemed surreal and dream-like. With great effort of will the young woman turned her head to the side. A vine was wrapped around her wrist.

Looking around she saw that more surrounded her. Life pulsed through the writhing mass and it moved with a single will.

Her back arched as a dozen probing feelers began to explore her flesh. Their touch was oddly warm and against the cool night air she moved to encourage them. As if taking cue from her response the vines grew bolder. Between her legs one of the tentacles teased her nether lips. At the same moment another pushed itself against her rosebud. No amount of twisting or thrusting could force them further.

Two more vines moved up her stomach and circled around her breasts. They squeezed with a gentle force. The vines extended further to rub across her nipples. Her eyes opened wide.

The young woman hung there, trapped in the embrace of her weird captor, for what seemed to be hours. Clever vines kept her trapped on the edge of release. A feeling of euphoria spread warmly through her body. She could feel the attentions of the vines alter, becoming more aggressive.

One slipped into her expectant pussy while its partner forced itself between the cheeks of her ass. A sigh escaped her lips as they started to move in rhythm. As one slid in the other slid out. The young woman's breathing became heavy. In the cold night air her warm breath turned to crystal clouds.

A drawn out cry marked her release. The vines cradled her gently and placed her on the grass.

The assault let up for only a moment as the young woman caught her breath then began again in full force. There was no hesitation this time. The vines were confident and quick, already knowing her body's secrets. Her legs spread wide at their urging leaving her exposed to their caress.

As if knowing more than before one vine started to rub itself across her clit. As she pushed back against it the same two from before invaded her body. She gasped in the grip of passion but was cut off as a final vine fed itself into her throat. Guessing its intent she moaned around the tentacle. The others rewarded her with stronger, faster thrusts.

She collapsed on the lawn after her cries had rung beautifully through the darkness of the sleepy town three times.

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