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They wanted better sex, he didn't expect this.

She came through the door a minute later, closing it behind her. I noticed that she wasn't naked anymore but was dressed in some jeans and a T-shirt.

"Angela, what is your home number?"

She gave it to me, and I dialled it. Her mother answered the phone as I had expected.

"Hey Mrs Martin, it's Alex," I said

"Hello my boy, how are you and Angela doing?"

"Well, you know. I can't complain," I said.

To be honest it would have been very hard for me to complain - Angela had decided that it would be a good idea to give me a blowjob at that time.

"Good to hear it. Is Angela there? I need to speak to her," Angela's mother asked me.

I looked down at Angela bobbing her head upon my shaft before replying,

"Sorry Mrs Martin. Angela's a little busy right now. I'll get her to call you later though. Anyway, I was wondering if you would ((bring me a coke))."

"Bring you a coke? Yes, I suppose I can do that. I'll be right over," she replied.

I smiled for two reasons. Reason one: it had worked. Reason Two: Angela was still sucking my cock. I looked down at her. She was thoroughly enjoying it, perhaps even as much as I was. I watched as her tongue darted about, licking my cock and paying special attention to the tip. A minute and a half later and Chloe slammed open the door with a can of coke in her hand.

"I'm going to kill you Alex you lazy bastard... Getting Mrs Martin to bring you a drink, seriously? Oh."

She had noticed that Angela was sucking my cock. She seemed stunned and couldn't look away. I don't think she even noticed that she was staring. I smiled at the effect that we had had on her.

My sister was pretty enough. Her breasts were a bit small but she more than made up for them with her personality. She was a very bubbly and outgoing person who could easily brighten the day when you were sad. And then there was that arse; she had a really nice, firm butt. Now, I'm not really an arse person, it's all about the tits, but honestly, I had spent some time fantasising about Chloe's. I think I've mentioned before that we were twins. I was just a little bit older and, despite annoying each other a huge amount at times, I got on pretty well with her. She was dressed similarly to Angela at the time, only instead of full length jeans she had on a miniskirt. I had a feeling that her choice of clothing was deliberate but somehow, I didn't think it was aimed at me. Although that didn't stop me enjoying the view she was giving as I admired her shaven legs. I could also see the tiniest glimpse of white panties. It was such a wonderful view.

Even so, I wasn't enjoying the view as much as she was enjoying hers. I watched as her nipples grew hard at the sight of my cock and the attention that Angela was giving it. I could see her breathing fasten a little, her breasts heaving just that little bit more through her t-shirt. My breathing had also sped up as Angela bought me ever closer to my climax. Chloe was still looking at us, she was mesmerised. I managed a laughed through my breathing.

"You can stand there staring all day if you like Chloe, I don't mind" I told her. It was the truth. Having my sister watching me receive a blowjob from the beautiful Angela was very arousing.

She glared at me and threw the coke can at my face before turning around and walking to her bedroom. I caught the can with telekinesis and put it on the side. I then turned my attention back to Angela. She was taking me deep again now, licking her tongue all around my cock whenever it wasn't too far in. My mind wondered from Angela again and I found myself thinking about Chloe. I had a feeling that I knew what she was doing and I just had to take a peek. I extended my mind so that I could see what she could see.

She was looking down at her pussy, watching herself fingering it.

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