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An uncle defiles his complaining niece. He needs her bum.

"God I gotta fuck her!" Adam said finally. He picked her up easily and carried her, still bound, to the bed. Jay grabbed the ball gag from the floor and followed Adam to the bed. Adam and Jay untied her ankles as Tristan just stood and watched, his balls empty for the moment. Jay and Adam had unbound her ankles and now Adam flipped her over so she was on her back, spread-eagle on the bed. Her arms ached from being tied so tightly behind her back, and her body weight on them only added to the pain. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Adam positioned himself between her legs. He held her ankles one in each hand, and forced her legs apart until she felt he would tear her in two. In the same second, he shoved his cock into her pussy. With barely any lubrication her pussy seared with pain, and she thrashed and screamed in agony.

Her Master covered her mouth with his hand. "Shhhh" he warned. "Take it all, my slut. Take it. This is only the beginning." As Adam began to thrust with a steady rhythm, Jay started to play with her clit, gently pinching and rubbing it, mercifully making her wet with pleasure. She tried to focus on the pleasing sensations from her clit, and forget about the pain from her pussy. Jay grabbed her tit with his other hand and began to play with her nipple at the same time as he was toying with her clit.

Her Master now climbed onto the bed next to her but on the opposite side from Jay. He rubbed her other tit with his cock-head as he watched Adam fuck her pussy. Jay turned her onto her side and finally untied her arms. She wished she could thank him, it felt so good to be able to move her arms again, but she knew to speak would bring more pain. The aching began to fade from her arms as she flexed her hands and straightened her arms at her sides. But she quickly realized that he had not freed her for her comfort. He gripped her hand and led it to his huge cock. She began to stroke it and turned her head to suck on his cock. He brushed her hair away from her face and watched as she took his cock into her mouth to the hilt.

Her Master began to slap her tits with one hand while he stroked himself with the other. Sharp pains lanced through her tits as he smacked each one in turn. When both her tits were bright red and painful, her Master straddled her chest and started fucking her tits, squeezing them around his cock as he thrust between them. Adam was shoving his cock as far in as it would go, then backing out until only the head remained in her pussy, then slamming it back in to the hilt. He began to smack her inner thighs as he fucked her harder and faster, and soon she heard him groaning that he was cumming. She felt him empty his balls deep into her pussy, and she was relieved when he pulled out of her and got off the bed. But almost immediately Jay pulled his cock out of her mouth and moved down between her legs. She felt him rubbing up and down her slit with his cock-head as he slicked his cock with her juices. Adam had not been small, and Jay was much bigger than he was, and she shook in fear as she felt him touch the head of his cock to her asshole.

"No, no! Oh god please..." she pleaded, but she was silenced as her Master slapped her face.

"You take what is given to you, you do not give the orders here! You are nothing! Do you understand me?" He yelled.

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