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Anthropological research launches her strapon practice.

Selecting shoes did not take near as long as choosing the dresses; Jay quickly picked out three pair. Five-inch cream-colored wedges with a one and half inch platform and a wide strap around her ankles; four and a half inch black strappy sling-back sandals with a one inch platform; and black five and a half inch island sandals with an inch and a half platform.

But the most important item to prevent Barbie from being recognized as his mom was a wig; she had worn the one so well at Christmas it would create the perfect deception should anyone they know be at the party. Jay picked up a wig with long curly black strands but Barbie was already trying on a bright pink one that had bangs cut to show her face, the rest of the fake pink hair was straight curling under at her neck.

The unnatural color looked surprisingly well on Barbie; but color was not as important as function, as preventing her from being identified is what mattered most. She looked cute in the pink wig as well as much younger than thirty-nine; even if someone she knew was there they would never recognize her with pink hair.

Barbie picked up a pair of black fishnet thigh highs to go with the black mini-dress and a pair of light blue thigh highs with the word 'slut' printed on them to go with the blue mini-dress. She started to put the blue ones back fearing Jay would be offended by what was written on the hosiery, but when she saw him laughing she kept them in her hand.

"Well, you said it will be a wild party; and my secret is out now, you know I love being a slut in bed; if this party is as wild as you say why not advertise what your date really is."

They both laughed at her comment as they made their way to the register. As they waited for the clerk to come from the back of the store Barbie picked up a remote control vibrating egg from the counter.

"This looks interesting, I have heard about them but I have never tried one, I think it could be fun. What do you think Jay, should I get it?"

"I don't know I have no idea what to do with it; I have never seen one before."

"I think we should try it, I am getting it."

She put it with the dress she was buying along with extra batteries. As the clerk rang up their purchases Barbie felt proud about the outfits Jay had picked out for her; his choices showed he wanted her to look nice and not have her dress simply to make him look better like the rich men she had dated. She was anxious to get to the hotel and choose which dress to wear.

Time was getting short and they still needed to check in at the hotel then eat before the party. At the hotel Barbie insisted she wear one of the dresses he bought her to go to dinner; with two of the dresses reserved for the party the choices were the shirt-dress or the one-piece skirt and deep V-neck top. She held them up for Jay to choose.

Jay preferred the deep V-neck knowing it would show off Barbie's wonderful cleavage better; but he wanted to test her and see how adventurous she was willing to be so he picked the shirt dress. Barbie quickly changed so they would not have to rush later preparing for the party. Jay was somewhat disappointed when there were no buttons unfastened on bottom, even though the first button was already about eight inches above the hem of the dress; on top she had only left two buttons unfastened showing just a hint of cleavage.

At least the high-heeled wedge shoes made her extremely long legs look super sexy. If she was not willing to be more daring than this perhaps suggesting they go to the party was not such a good idea after all.

Even though they were two hours from home she had been to many of the restaurants in the area either with Sam or the rich men when she was separated; Barbie insisted she choose where they would go for dinner. It was a restaurant and bar patronized by couples more than families with children; a detail Jay would not recognize until later.

As the hostess greeted them Barbie purposely requested a table in the middle of the large room; a trivial detail Jay had no reason to thi

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