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Baby sister makes a confession to her best friend.

He clicked on the Compose button and typed in her email address.

He typed "hello" into the subject field.

He started typing a message but deleted it. He tried again.

"Hello. It was good to see you again. I would like to meet with you soon if possible," he wrote.

He read it. He read it again. A bit lame but...

He clicked on the Send button before he could change his mind.

Now he would have to wait for her reply. He wasn't good at waiting.

The afternoon passed with extreme slowness. He had checked his email many times but there was no reply from Sara, just more fucking junk mail.

He decided that he would try one more time before riding the 10 kilometers to his home.

One new email.

He opened his Inbox and saw a single email with the subject "hello back".

His hands were shaking as he clicked on the email.

"hi tonin, meet me at the number 17 bus stop near the corner of Seaview and Light Streets at 10.15pm tomorrow (Tuesday). Bring your mobile phone. Oh...and what's your mobile number."

His heart was pounding in his chest as he replied.

He slept little that night and managed even less work the following day.

The night was still warm when he started his ride at 9.45. As usual, he was dressed in the least amount of clothes possible: shoes, socks, t-shirt and shorts. He didn't wear underwear when he was riding, partly because it was less sweaty without underwear, but mostly because he liked the feeling of his balls against the seat and the way his cock moved against his shorts.

Tonin had been riding his bike around the coastal suburbs for nearly 30 years - he didn't have a car license - so he was familiar with the meeting place.

Twenty minutes later he was standing on the beach side of the bus stop waiting.

For the next 10 minutes he paced back and forth wondering if she would show.

He decided to check the time on his mobile (he didn't wear a watch).

The fluorescent green screen lit up: 10.14.

He was still holding his phone when it's electronic ring tone pierced the still night air.

"Hello," he said.

"It's me," came the female voice.

"Move to the road side of the bus stop," she said.

Tonin did as he was told and began to look around for her. He couldn't see her.

"Stand in between the two bushes near the road," the mobile commanded.

There were two, dense bushes, both over two meters tall, near the curb.

He was starting to wonder what was going on but he did as she had requested.

There was still no sign of her.

Then a thought came to him. How did she know which side of the bus stop he had been standing on?

She must be somewhere near.

"Your not looking in the right direction," she said, "look across the road".

The house across the road was a two storey, rectangular building, with wide windows and a balcony at the top.

She stood on the balcony, a soft, down light overhead illuminating her.

She was wearing a singlet top that just reached her midriff and a pair of high-cut satin panties.

"Very nice," he said into his phone.

"Take off your shirt," she said.

He took off his shirt, his hands shaking slightly.

He watched as she put her phone on a nearby table.

She slowly lifted the bottom of her tank top so that her boobs became visible.

Now she moved her hands over her tits, stroking her nipples, which even from Tonin's distance, were obviously hard.

After a short time she picked up her phone.

"Take off your shorts."

By now he was completely under her spell, and the fact that his cock was now upright didn't deter him from removing his shorts.

Sara moved one hand down the front of her panties. Tonin could imagine her fingers sliding through her pubic hair and slipping inside her cunt and his hand involuntarily grasped his throbbing cock.

She now had her back to him and with infinite slowness was sliding her knickers over her lovely arse.

Down her long legs they slid until they reached the ground. She stepped out of her underwear and bent very low to pick them up.

As she bent, her legs moved apart giving Tonin an amazing view of her arse and the pubic hair between her legs.

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