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A husband turns the tables on a cheating wife.


She hung up the phone and grinned at Jimmy.

"Get dressed. Billy is at your house and he's gonna get your mom turned on for you." She grinned. "I'm going to call him fifteen minutes after you leave, but if you get there before he comes out, do not go in. Wait for him to come out. Do you understand me?"

Jimmy nodded as he slid off the bed and picked up his pants.

"When you go in, say hi or whatever, then go jump in the shower." She said as she watched him pull his pants up and tuck his cock back inside. "No, go get in my shower now, that way you'll be clean and can just start working on her as soon as you walk in the door, and she won't have a chance to calm down."

Jimmy just looked at her for a moment, then dropped his pants and stepped out of them. He pulled off his t-shirt and dropped it on the floor.

"The shower is through that door." She said, pointing toward the bathroom door. "Don't dawdle, just wash real good and get out...Go!"


"Oh god, you're going to make me cum again Billy!" Helen Davidson moaned, writhing on the couch as Billy knelt between her legs, his mouth plastered to her juicing cunt slit. "Please Billy! I need you to fuck me! I want to feel your big cock inside me, fucking me!"

Helen was a thirty-eight year old divorcee who's husband had left her for his younger secretary. This resulted in Helen getting a ridiculous alimony settlement, which made it so she never had to work again.

With dark brown hair framing a model's features, thirty-five EEE-cup tits and an ass that filled jeans or yoga pants to perfection, Helen had no trouble finding men who wanted to fuck her, but like Sarah, she found most lacking between the legs.

So when she had seen Billy's cock one day when he was peeing in her backyard while he was cutting her grass, she just couldn't resist seducing him.

"Mmmmm, I just can't get enough of your pussy today Helen, it just tastes so fucking good!" Billy grunted, leaning back as he looked up at her, licking pearly droplets of pussy juice from his lips. "Just let me eat you for a few more minutes, then I promise you'll get all the cock you want..."

"Okay." Helen giggled, wrapping her fingers in his hair and drawing his head forward. "But put your fingers in my pussy and fingerfuck me while you eat me..."

Billy was just pressing his lips to her pouting pussy slit when his phone rang.

"Fuck, I need a minute." He said as he dug his phone from his pocket and held it to his ear.

"Yeah. This is...what? When? Yeah...I'm on the way." He said into the phone. "I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Shit, I'm sorry Helen, that was my mom. There's some kind of emergency, and I need to go home right now."

With that, he got to his feet and almost ran out the door.


Jimmy had only been standing on the sidewalk for a couple of minutes when Billy came out of the front door of his house.

Billy grinned sheepishly as he tried to moved past him, but Jimmy moved over and blocked his path.

"Dude, you smell like pussy...what have you been doing in there?" He asked, looking the other boy in the eye.

"I know...nothing... just..."

"I know you're fucking my mom, Billy." Jimmy said, a sly smile spreading across his lips. "But that's okay man...cuz I just got done fucking yours!"

Billy stared at him for a moment, then burst out laughing.

"So that's why she...that conniving bitch! I knew she was up to something!" He said, still laughing. "Well, your mom is in there hot and raring to go dude! I just ate her out for half an hour and left her begging for my cock. Just go in and whip your dick out, and you'll be fucking her before you know it!"

"That's the plan man, that's the plan!"


Helen was still sprawled on the couch in the living room when she heard the front door slam and Jimmy calling out, "Hey Mom, I'm home! I just saw Billy leaving, was he over here doing stuff for you again?"

She had barely gotten her robe closed when Jimmy entered the room and came over to stand in front of her.

Helen looked up at her son, and she sensed that there was something diffe

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