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Sex with you in a club.

She did it a couple more times until no more cum was left. She reached over and grabbed a couple tissues, wiping off my dick, still swallowing the remnants of my load in her mouth.

"Do you need some water?" I asked.

She shook her head. "I kind of like it," she said shyly. "But there was a lot!"

"Have you ever done that before?" I couldn't believe she was so good without practice.

"No. Not until you."

"Have you had other experience?" I asked.

"I felt a penis through a guy's pants. His underpants. But not his bare penis." She hesitated, then continued. "I've had... Do you really want to know this?"

"What?" I asked. "About your experience? Yeah, I kinda would. If you don't mind. But that's okay if you do, I was just curious."

She continued. "I've had sex a few times. With two guys. But they just fucked me. I didn't get to play with them or anything."

The way she said 'fucked me' made me think she hadn't enjoyed the experience. She seemed a little upset, so I didn't press her. But I still was curious.

"Any other experience? I asked. "How about guys playing with you?"

"The only guys I let touch my breasts naked were the ones who screwed me. And that's all they did."

"No oral sex?" I asked.

No," she answered. "Me or them."

I looked at her face, sadder now than just after she sucked me off. "How about if you get a little more experience?" I asked. I patted the bed and shifted over, saying, "Hop up here."

Her face lit up, not knowing for sure what to expect, but happy for whatever was coming. She climbed up on the bed eagerly.

"Oral sex is great," I said. "You know how much I like it! Girls like it too, just as much."

"Really?" she asked. "Some of my friends said it was okay, but I don't think any of them got too much out of it."

"Well, boys usually don't know how to do it right. They just get in there for their needs, then move on to other things."

"Really?" she said again.

"Let's try it," I said, reaching for her leg. I ran my hand lightly over her leg, stroking up and down, moving onto her thigh. I slowly worked my way up her inner thigh, finally making it up to her panties. I needed to take my time. I wanted her to have a good first experience. It sounded like she hadn't ever had a guy interested in pleasing her.

"Lie back," I told her. My other hand was running up the inside of her other thigh. With one hand I brushed lightly over her panties, over her covered bush, down to the beginning of her slit. Small sounds escaped from her lips as she started getting excited. I drew one finger down along her slit, pressing in lightly, getting moans from her. After playing and stroking a little while longer, it was time to get her naked.

"Lift up," I instructed, pulling the waistband of her panties down. Slowly, all the way down and off her feet. She kept her legs together until I gently spread them apart. She looked a little scared, but eager. I settled between her legs and stroked her inner thighs again. I stroked up and over to her mound, grazing over her slit, then going up to her top. I lifted it up over her breasts, exposing them to me. My hands cupped them, then swirled around her nipples, finally pinching them, eliciting a real groan from Jamie. Leaning up, my mouth reached her breasts. I tongued her nipples before sucking one into my mouth, batting it back and forth with my tongue.

While I was doing this my dick was pushing onto her thigh, then it landed on her pussy. It wasn't hard, but it was getting there. When she felt it, her legs parted more and she shifted so that her pussy could feel it better. But I wasn't trying to screw her. She was my sister! And I wanted to introduce her to the joys of oral sex.

I kissed my way back down to her navel, then on to her mound.

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