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Dina makes Mark and Carol an offer they can't refuse.

My arms are stuck. Peter, you have to pull me out."

I squatted down. It was awkward, not being able to use my hands, and not being able to see what I was doing. My cock hit something.

"Did you just stick your dick in my face?" said Trudy.

"I don't know," I said. "I can't see dick." I had to turn around, but first I wanted to know where that purse was. I felt around for it with my knees. My penis kept hitting something. Probably Trudy's face, from all the muttered swearing.

"Do you need any help?" said Retta. "Where are you?" And something smacked into my face. I smelled - definitely pussy. I gave it a little lick. Very tasty pussy.

Retta giggled.

"Quit fucking around and help me out of this!" Trudy hissed.

"Sorry." I bent over and tried to find the purse, and my cock slid into something wet and soft. Trudy mumbled something I couldn't hear. I wiggled around. Something hard on the side there? Oh, I got it. Teeth. I pulled out.

"I said," said Trudy, "get your dick out of my mouth!"

"Sorry." I finally found the purse. I tried to memorize where it was. Then I turned around and felt behind me for Trudy's shoulder.

"A little over," she said. "That's my tit."

"Wait - you sure?" I rubbed at it. "Yeah, I think you're right. That's a nipple there, which means this must be tit."

"As soon as I get my hands free I am so slapping you."

"Better keep it down," said Retta. "Those people are coming closer."

"We're going to get caught here long before this doofus gets me out," said Trudy. "Retta, can you find your way back to the gazebo?"

"I think so."

"You're going to have to hold the ferocious Clubs off. Then we'll come save you as soon as I'm free."

Retta inhaled. "Okay. I can do that." I heard her pushing through the bushes. "I'll take one for the team." Somebody said something I didn't catch, and somebody else replied. "Take more than one for the team," she said.

I got hold of Trudy's arm and tried pulling her up. It was hard; I couldn't get a good grip or any leverage. I heard Retta climb the steps of the gazebo.

"You can't go past," she said, her voice trembling a bit.

"Who are you?" said a male voice.

"I'm someone who's going to stop you from getting past. You won't do ferocious things to my friends."

"Do ferocious things to your friends?" said another voice.

"Over my exhausted limp body, you will!" said Retta with bravado.

Someone else went up the steps. "Sure," said a man. "I mean, shit. Naked and handcuffed and blindfolded and what kind of ferocious things were you talking about?"

"Ones you won't do to my friends," said Retta, and suddenly moaned.

"I promise we won't do anything to your friends."

"That's all I want," said Retta. "Have your way with me if you must, but leave them alone."

"Well, if we must," said another voice. Several more sets of feet went up the stairs. I couldn't tell quite how many.

"Peter!" said Trudy. "Hurry up!"

I pulled hard and lost my grip and toppled over forwards. My blindfold was really getting loose. On my hands and knees I bowed my head and shook it until it was off. Behind me, Trudy was sprawled on her back on top of her purse, her arms lodged in its top up past the elbows. Her legs were splayed, and her pussy was glistening. "Where'd you go?" she whispered. "Come back here and help me!"

In front of me, I could see through the bushes to the gazebo. Retta was on her knees, blindfolded, surrounded by five boys. They were pushing their cocks at her face, and she would suck on one until another managed to squeeze its way to her lips. Hands ran all over her.

A boy lay down on his back, and the others pushed her down on top of him. She gasped, then started riding him gamely.

"Fuck, she's tight," said the boy. "These Hearts are always so tight."

"It's all the kegels," Retta managed to say before another cock was shoved in her mouth.

They were lifting her off that boy and pushing her down on another when Trudy found me with her foot and started kicking.

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