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A woman falls in love.

I finally got up and started the shower and then I helped Melanie up and removed her dildo and harness. We showered together, washing each other, giggling like little girls as we did. It was a lovely ending to a night to remember. We went to bed together, naked and held each other in our arms, luxuriating in the softness and warmth of each other. I wished that would never end.

The next day was mine also. I made Melanie go for a walk so I could prepare some things for our time together. I scurried around out room gathering what I wanted and lying all of the things on Melanie's bed.

When she came back I told her to close her eyes and I took her hand and led her to the bedside.

"Open your eyes, darling."

She did and smiled broadly at what she saw.

I had put on her bed the handcuffs, nipple clamps and chain, a length of rope, a flogger, a bottle of lubricant and her favorite strapon harness and dildo. There was also a bra of mine, panties, a top and a pair of shorts and a pair of scissors. Lastly were her car keys.

"What did you have in mind, Sabine?"

I shivered.

"Take me somewhere, outside and do what you want with I have laid out for you, Melanie. "

She looked at everything, deep in thought and then at me. Then she nodded and looked at me.

"Strip and put those clothes on, Sabine."

I eagerly stripped naked and dressed in the clothes I had put out. While I was doing that, Melanie put everything else but the car keys in a bag. She took my hand and led me to her car. We drove out of town into the country until she found what she was looking for, a set of woods on a side road. Melanie parked her car and got out with the bag.

"Come on, Sabine."

She led me into the woods until she found a small clearing. She found it so quickly it seemed as if she had been here before. Melanie dropped the bag and opened it. I stood silently, shivering and expectant. The handcuffs came out and were put on my wrists. Then she tied the rope to them and flipped the other end over a thick branch that extended into the clearing. She pulled until I was up on tiptoes and then tied it to a tree. I was helpless.

Melanie rooted in the bag again and stood up with one hand behind her back. She circled behind me and pulled up on one side of my top. I heard some sounds and the front of the top fell forward into my sight, cut off. The other side lifted and then fell down. I felt what I knew now to be the scissors slipping under a bra strap. Snip and it was cut through. Then the other.

Melanie came around in front of me. The bottom of my top was pulled out and the scissors hissed upwards. All the way through the neckline until the top fell off my body to the ground. My bra was pulled out and cut. It slithered down also.

Melanie knelt and cut each leg of my shorts from bottom to top until they were a pile of rags at my feet. My panties went next. My clothes were nothing but scraps of cloth at my feet. I was naked and bound on tiptoes. She went to the bag and came back with the nipple clamps. She fastened them on my nipples and kissed me, stroking my cheek. I was excited and scared and nervous. What if someone came?

She went back to the bag and returned to me with the flogger hanging from one hand. Now I was really scared. She wouldn't really hurt me badly, I knew, but that thing hurt.

Melanie circled me, dragging the flogger across my bare skin, making me shiver and tremble.

"Have you been a bad girl, Sabine?"

"Yes, Melanie."

"How bad?"

"That is for you to decide, Mistress."

I had to choke that out.

She circled me again, teasing me with the flogger. Melanie disappeared from my sight, I heard a thick hiss and my ass exploded in pain as she lashed into it. I grunted out loud. Another hiss and my back caught fire as she lashed higher. I was dancing to keep my balance and my toes on the ground.

Melanie worked the flogger from my shoulders down to my thighs leaving burning traces of heat and pain.

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