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African American vampire explores Durban, South Africa.

"I see that you haven't and I can tell that it's making you wet."

Debbie got up from the table and ran her hand up Sue's skirt. The heat from her panties was incredible. Sue was frozen and her breathing started getting heavier. Debbie and Sue had gotten each other off before, but not while talking about their husbands.

"'re right. I want to feel full."

Debbie said nothing, but continued to rub Sue through her silk panties. The soft female hand felt good against Sue's aching cunt.

"And I want to feel what is like to be in control and to have a man wiggle inside of me. I want to have what you have," replied Debbie

Sue's mind was racing within in itself. She couldn't think. Debbie had the upper hand in this situation and Sue was powerless. It had been ages since she had been sexually powerless. Debbie continued working her hand, until she pulled Sue's panties down. Debbie inserted three fingers inside of Sue and started opening them as she entered her friend's tight cunt.

"You are a tight one, ain't you?"

"Please...Deb...I can't stand it."

Debbie smiled and continued working her magic fingers, until Sue exploded on the dinning room chair.

"That was great, right?" asked Debbie.

"Yeah. I didn't think you had it in you."

"How would you like to feel powerless like that with a nine inch cock?"

Sue was quiet for a few moments. Was Debbie offering her a night with Ted? And what did she want in exchange? Then like a thunderbolt, it hit her.

"You want to switch husbands for the night, is that it?"

An evil smile cracked across Debbie's face.

"What do you say, Sue?"

"Well, we are best friends and I suppose we should share everything."

"Of course we should," came her friend's reply.

"How will we convince Tom and Ted?"

"We'll make them an offer they can't refuse," laughed Debbie.

"I never thought you had it in you, Deb."

And the two women laughed and giggled at their sinister plan.

It didn't take much to talk Ted and Tom into doing it. So the switch was made. Tiny Tom found himself in Debbie's bedroom and Ted found himself with Sue. The sweat was pouring from Tom's face as he stared at Debbie's body. She was wearing a black lacy bra and panties to match. She was a healthy woman all right. She had large round breasts, a round fat stomach, and solid muscular thighs. How could Sue have talked him into this? Tom had already stripped down to his white briefs. Debbie wore a wicked smile on her face, she pointed at Tom and motioned him to come closer. Debbie could see him visibly shaking, as he walked toward her.

"Aren't you just a little sweetie," smiled Debbie.

He felt tiny and powerless against this dark haired beauty. Her meaty hands ran up and down his body, until they found the elastic waistband of his briefs. With one quick motion, the briefs were to his ankles. Debbie got up from the bed and stood a head taller than Tom. His eyes widened and a look of fright came upon his face. Debbie smiled and wrapped her arms around him. She pulled him closer to her and pressed him against her soft warm body. She could feel his little hardness against her panties.

"Relax little one, I won't hurt you."

She took her hands and lowered his head to her massive cleavage. She held him there for a few moments. She released him and pushed him away. She sat down at the edge of the bed and smiled at the sight of him. His face was flushed due to the lack of oxygen he had between her breasts and now his cock was leaking precum. She undone her bra and said, "Come closer, little man. Now get on your knees."

He got on his knees at her feet and started showering her toes with kisses. She felt her panties with her hand and they were wet. She reached her hand under them and started rubbing herself. Ted had never kissed her feet before. Wow, what a lucky girl Sue was!

After she had brought herself off twice, she stood up towering over Tom. He looked up at her like he was worshipping a goddess.

"Stand up, little man.

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