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Caretaker sister teases incapacitated brother.

I felt her shiver from the feeling.

We stayed there for a few minutes; she broke the embrace and said: "You're horny too aren't you?"

I looked at her in puzzlement, she stepped a little back and I felt my penis spring up and realized I was fully erect. I looked down, and then said as I looked back at her: "I guess you're right."

She giggled a little. That caused me to laugh too. I composed myself and said: "You ready to get cleaned?"

She looked at me in surprise and said: "I don't think I will be able to clean myself if you let those jets hit me again."

I replied: "stand right in the middle and I will wash you, the jets are weakest there, but you will feel them on every inch of your body, that will be very intense, are you ready?"

She answered by taking a step back and feeling the jets against her back, she started to shiver at the sensation again, I gave a few minute to adjust then I moved so the jet hit the front of her body for the first time, the intense sensation made her nipples spring to attention instantaneously, she also started to shiver again, the she came again. I caught her from the side leaving her body exposed to the jets, I held her up as she went through four more orgasms. She started to regain strength and was able to stand alone again.

I looked lovingly into her eyes again; then asked: "Are you ready to be cleaned now?"

She looked at me weekly and said: "I am not going to be able to move if you leave those jets on."

I reached over and pressed the tile again, the mist cleared and the water started to flow from the shower heads. Alicia sighed a sign of relief, and said: "I will have to try that again someday, but right now I am too weak."

I smiled and said: "That's ok dear I enjoyed watching you cum."

She replied: "I enjoyed it too but I will not be able to do much for an hour or two I am completely drained."

I affectionately said: "I only need you to relax and stand for a few minutes, then I will sit you down and you can just stay there while I have fun stimulating you."

She shivered and said: "Oh god will I have enough energy to move tomorrow?"

I replied with a devilish grin: "You may be able to, but I doubt it." She nearly fell when I said that. I caught her and hugged her and said: "You will never forget tonight, I promise you."

I helped her to her feet; when I knew she was able to stand on her own I left her side. I got a bottle of body wash, strawberry scented, a lather ball and a shower head from the back wall. I turned the water on and slowly started wetting her again from the top of her head. I lathered up the wash and slowly began cleaning Alicia.

I started with the back of her neck, she shivered at the soft touch, I washed down her back to the base of her spine, I stopped right before her sweet buns. I spent three minutes slowly washing her back and shoulders, she was finally regaining some of her strength and moaned softly, she also started to relax, the tenseness in her shoulder and back was completely gone by the time I soaped her cheeks, I gently asked her to bend forward and rest against the wall so I could have better access to her nether regions, she complied willingly. I slowly and gently cleaned between her cheeks, she moaned loudly when I rang my finger over her rosebud, I made a mental note of this, but continued.

After rinsing her back with the shower head I turned her around and lathered and cleaned her arms and the sides of her body. I spent 5 minutes on each arm doing my best to relax her and clean every nook and cranny. I repeated on the other arm after. She was completely relaxed and she returned to her regular composure.

I then slowly moved to her breast and stomach, I kneaded each globe and washed every inch, paying extra attention to her nipples and areolas.

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