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God she was so fucking talented. She could move her body up until I felt like I was going to fall out of her pussy hole and then slowly move back down on me taking al of my cock shaft deep inside her.

She smiled down at me again and lifted up and held her pussy over just the head of my cock. She knew exactly where she was and as she held the very swollen mushroom head inside her tight cunt hole, she began rotating her body around and around in small circles. Faster and faster she rotated her cunt on my cock head, just my cock head. Then when she felt me lift my ass and hips up from the sensitivity she was giving the head she slammed down on my cock taking all of it back into her again! "OH GOD YES! OHHHH! YESSSSS Madoke! Fuck me baby!", I screamed!

She lifted again and began rotating her pussy on my cock head again! Then when I arched she slammed back down on me. My hips began to go out of control and pumped up into her body lifting us both up off the floor! She fell on top of me as I fucked up into her again and again! She went back to the rocking motion as I slammed my cock and body up into her. I grabbed her and held her tight to my body as I humped my hips up into her shoving my cock as deep as I could get it into her pussy. As she lay on top of me, she licked my neck.

She said: "Oh yes Budson, Budson fuck Madoke hard! Fuck Madoke hard! Fuck Madoke! F u c k YESSS! Budson!"

She kissed me shoving her tongue into my mouth as deep as she could get it. She broke the kiss and bit and then licked my neck and earas she told me: "Budson want to cum again now?"

I moaned and grabbed her rolling her over on to her back. "Oh yes! Budson want to cum now!"

I was so full of lust I wanted to pump my cock into her cunt as hard as I could and fill her body with my cum! "Fuck!", I yelled as I tried to push my cock through her and out her back! She yelled back: "Fuck! Budson Fuck! Fuck Medoka!"

Again and again I rammed her small, young, wonderful, sweet body wanting to cum so fucking bad I hurt. My cock was swollen and so fucking hard as she held it in her pussy squeezing it with the walls of her pussy! What a fuck!! She wrapped her small legs around my body and humped me like a wild animal as I rammed my cock deep into her.

Just before I started to shoot my load into her, I heard her moan: "Oh yes Budson!!! I go to happy land! Oh yes! Fuck Madoke Budson!!!"

And I was there!! I was fucking her now with every ounce of energy, every ounce of strength left in my body! My cock was pumping shot after shot of cum that my balls had produced over the last hour of stimulation Madoke gave me! Finally, as the wave of lust and passion reached the peek of my orgasm, I rammed my cock into her one last time! I held it inside her as I arched my back and pushed as hard as I could with my ass and legs trying to get even more of my cock into her.

I of course was already fully inside her! She held me and lifted her ass and hips up of the floor holding us both up off the rug until she was sure I had finished my climax. Finally when I realized my orgasm was over no matter how hard I tried to keep that last sensation, she lower us both back on to the rug and I fell on top of her.

I could feel her breast pressing against my chest, her hard nipples like little darts pushing into my body! I lifted up and looked down into my lover's face. She smiled and said: "Good Budson! Madoke like big time!"

I kissed her and we tongue fucked for a long time. Finally my deflated cock fell out of her pussy. I moved off of her body and looked down at it! God she was so small but so fucking spectacular! I stroked her hair, moving it off her face. It circled her face and fell over her shoulders. It was poker straight and dark as coal!

She sat up and there was cum everywhere. All over her body and when I looked down I could see it was all over me too! She ran her fingers over it and said: "Budson cum big time!"

We laughed and I stood up, I took her hand and pulled her up to me.

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