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A son is initiated by his mother into sex.

"Please remove your outer garments and your bra Penny."

Not thinking much about the request Penny quickly took off her dress and hung it on the hanger provided. She reached between her breasts and unhooked the bra hanging it on the hanger as well.

'Hmmm, not too bad a figure if I do say so,' Penny thought as she caught sight of herself in one of the mirrors. Her breasts were still a firm full C cup with no sagging visible, her brown areoles and nipples were large and inviting. At that instant, for no reason that Penny could think of her nipples began to harden. 'It must be cold in here.' Penny thought.

"Turn around and face me please," Miranda asked. "Please step onto the stool so I can take your lower body measurements."

Penny complied and stood on the stool facing Miranda. Miranda took her cloth seamstress' tape and began to measure everything from the size of Penny's ankles to her inseam, hip and waist. Each measurement was carefully noted on an information sheet that Penny saw had her name on top. When Miranda took Penny's hip measurement she inadvertently brushed across the front of Penny's panties with her knuckles. Penny, just as inadvertently, shivered in response to the touch.

"Sorry, did I hurt you?" Miranda asked looking up at Penny with large hazel eyes.

"No, no you didn't Miranda," Penny quickly replied, feeling her face flush a little in embarrassment. What was it about Miranda's touch that was so electric Penny thought to herself?

"Ok Penny, you can step down I need to take your upper body measurements now," Miranda ordered.

Stepping off the stool Penny stood still before Miranda, her breasts and large firm nipples were indicative of arousal. Miranda ignored the sight and continued to take measurements, arm length, wrist size, shoulder width, neck to waist. 'God' Penny thought 'what is she measuring me for?'

"Now I need to take careful measurements of your breasts Penny. A lot of our bras are custom made and we need more measurements than you'd usually need for an off-the-shelf bra," Miranda commented.

"That's fine Miranda, I don't mind at all," Penny said.

Miranda took Penny's chest size, her trunk size (to get the cup size). She even measured from Penny's shoulders to her nipples, the size around of Penny's breasts, the size of her aureoles and even the length of her nipples. All of this touching had an effect on Penny that she would never have expected, her pussy began to moisten. Also Penny's nipples became the hardest she had ever seen, they ached for touch. When Miranda turned away to write down some of the latest measurements Penny quickly took the opportunity to reach to her nipples and stroke and pull on them. That action caused her to moan unexpectedly.

Miranda, for her part knew that Penny was aroused; her clients always were at this stage in the measurement process. As she bent to write on Penny's information sheet she heard Penny moan and stole a brief sideways glance into a mirror in time to see Penny stroking and pulling on her nipples.

Smiling, as much to herself as to Penny, Miranda turned around and said, "Everything ok Penny?"

Now Penny could feel herself going scarlet in front of this beautiful woman because she had become highly aroused at a woman's touch.

"No worries Penny, most of my clients have the same reaction you did. Mostly they are looking for that kind of attention to be paid to them by their partner," Miranda said softly.

"But I've never been affected by the touch of a woman before, it's not something I'm very comfortable with," Penny quickly replied as she dropped her head to avoid looking at Miranda directly.

"I know Penny; most women are used to having these feelings when they're touched by a man not another woman.

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