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More loving in the library.

"No," he said, smiling, "I want to see how you would do it if you were on your own... playing with your nipples and turning on whatever parts of the vibrator you want, at your own speed. Just pretend I'm not here."

Sitting down in the chair, facing the already horny guy that she'd given herself to this week, she thought that it was going to be awfully hard to pretend that he wasn't there. Already he had his dick out and was wanking it... well if she was going to be watching him masturbate as well perhaps it wouldn't be so bad. Closing her eyes she tried to get a little more comfortable with her position, running her hands lightly along her thighs and up her body to her breasts. It felt strange, almost as though she could actually feel his eyes watching her.

Trying to ignore the sensation she made little circles with her finger tips around her breasts, slowly working inwards towards her nipples. It was working, her little buds got harder as her fingers approached, and as she brushed lightly over them they throbbed, desiring a more firm touch. Squeezing her breasts she pushed them together and then apart, working the globes of flesh over with her fingers but without touching her nipples; teasing the aching little buds. Finally she let her fingers close over the nubbins, her breath letting out in a sigh as they were properly pinched and rubbed; feeling the ache spread down to her pussy.

Opening her eyes she looked across the few feet to Will, who was staring at her lustfully, his hand working up and down his very hard dick. Something about the way he was looking at her turned her on even more, made her want to play with herself in front of him so that he would lust after her even more than he was already. She liked the way his hand looked, moving up and down his dick, she could see the way his fingers squeezed the head before moving away; creating pleasure for his whole body. It was just as interesting to watch him as it was for her to play with herself... the mutual masturbation was kind of fun.

Maybe it was time to see what kind of fun she could have with the vibrator; Will's eyes lit up as he watched the purple head sliding into her pink pussy. It looked even better than it had in his imagination, really getting to see her hole split open and engulf it; this was an angle that he couldn't see from when he was fucking her himself. The vibrator felt very thick and good in her wet pussy, Jessica turned it onto a low vibration as she pushed it inside of her, feeling the head making small circles in her tight hole. Will's lustful expression was getting her excited and she pushed it faster, moaning as the circling tip hit her g-spot.

When it was all the way inside her, the anal stimulater was pressing slightly into her asshole, opening it just a little; and the little butterfly was up against her clit. She turned both of those on to low volumes and moaned as her entire groin seemed to catch on fire, the little beads rotating against her pussy lips, massaging them, while the tip inside of her pressed her g-spot, the anal stimulater perfectly located on that sensitive bundle of nerves, and the butterfly fluttering rapidly against her clit. Jessica's whole body shivered, and her expression was one of pure lust; she completely forgot Will's presence as she began to move the vibrator back and forth a little, turning up each of the volumes slowly, building the orgasm.

Although she really wanted to just enjoy the incredible sensations that were sweeping through her, she could feel her orgasm building much too quickly for that.

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