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Fez gets his erotic revenge.

I just get fidgety when a horny naked guy is close to me. Sooner or later almost all of them think: "Oh, it'll be OK now-we're so close anyway," and then they grab a tit or finger my pussy or try to fuck me, and they start thinking NO doesn't really mean no."

"I don't think Jimmy would be one of those guys, but I see your point."

In the end, Annie agreed to come over to our place on Friday, but just for dinner and some frank conversation with Jimmy. I hoped a horny mood would strike her and we'd take it farther than just conversation. I made a mental note to replenish our wine cellar.

Friday Afternoon

Annie followed me home and we worked together on dinner. Jimmy had phoned me earlier that he'd be later than usual and we timed the meal for 7:00. I poured us each a glass of wine to sip while we talked, chopped veggies and prepped the veal for a scaloppini dish later. We finished everything that could be done in advance and still had an hour before we needed to start cooking. I poured us another generous glass of wine.

"Oh!" I exclaimed. "Let me show you something else that came from our night together-at least indirectly."

I excused myself to don the Dr. Knockers lab coat.

"Ta Da!" I proclaimed upon re-entering the kitchen. I caught Annie in mid-sip and a little wine exploded across the table with her laugh.

"And how, pray tell, did that come from our night?" Annie giggled.

"After I told Jimmy about us, he made some remark that he always thought you were "just a regular scientist" and I said "Like me? I'm a regular scientist!" He got all flustered at that and we teased back and forth some more. At one point I said: "That's DR. Knockers to you, bub" and it's kind of stuck. The next day when I came home, the lab coat was hanging in the hallway."

"Too funny!" Annie blurted.

"Now it's my stripper name too," I opened the lab coat, grabbed my boobs through my blouse and shook them close to her face. "Ginger wanted me to have a stripper name and Jimmy was on hand to make the suggestion."

"Well, it's a hoot. Or should I say 'hooters'!" Annie said, feeling me up, and went off in another fit of giggles.

"Which reminds me of an odd thing," I added. "Pammy, she's the one with Jimmy's tit genes, felt me up twice while she was home. The first time was when she was drunk on her ass, and I wasn't sure whether it was an accident, but the second time she was in full command of her senses."

"Mmm. Can't say I blame her," Annie said, still fondling my tits, adding "are you sure you need that bra?"

I cocked my head, raised my eyebrow, and silently took off my lab coat. Then my blouse. Then I turned my back to Annie who unhooked my bra and slid her hands around from behind me to cup my breasts while I let the bra straps slide down my arms. I felt her gently kiss the back of my neck and my whole body flushed with eagerness for more. I turned and kissed her tenderly, then pulled away.

"Annie-I'm going to put my blouse back on. I'm so very turned on, and I want you badly, but I don't want to go any farther until Jimmy's with us, OK?"

"Sorry. I . . .I, it must have been the wine. I didn't mean to . . ." Annie's voice trailed off.

"I loved it, Annie. Your kiss on the back of my neck sent shivers straight through every fiber of me. Hold that thought."

I kissed her again and hugged her close before putting my blouse (no bra) back on. The evening's possibilities were looking up!

"So, if I can ask," Annie said, recovering to change the subject, "how did you take it when your daughter felt you up?"

"Surprised, to say the least. And puzzled. I mean, if it was anyone else, I'd figure they were trying to get something sexual started, but I just can't bring myself to think Pammy wants to do that! I'm trying to convince myself she wanted to shock me, but I can't make that fit with the rest of the visit. Maybe she thought coming out would shock me and when it didn't she had to try something else?"

"What was it she said?"

"She said: "I got gyped.""

"So maybe she was

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