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Chuckling at the young man's complete confusion, the king spoke up. "I've learned its best do what she says, Captain. She will get her way eventually anyhow."

"Oh hush you. Please, sit down Mykal. We didn't ask you here for a formal meeting. Well, at least lunch is not formal. The meeting later will probably be fairly formal." she said, sitting in the chair next to the one that Mykal had just stood up from.

Slowly sitting back down, Mykal nodded slightly, still off guard by how informal the two royals were acting in front of him. It was not something he had ever imagined, let alone expected to see.

Elaine lifted the cover of the tray that the serving man had deposited on the king's desk before he had disappeared back through the door like a ghost. Revealing a selection of finger sandwiches, cut meats, cheeses, breads and fruits, she picked up a grape and popped it in her mouth. "Eat up Mykal, I'm sure you'll be able to catch up when you have a full stomach." she said with a smile.

"Elaine, stop teasing the boy. Obviously he is having a hard time with the fact that the royal family really is just human." the king said lightly as he stacked some food on a small plate, which was included with the platter on the tray. Turning and looking at Mykal, he continued. "We are just normal people Mykal. Just with jobs that are more important than most. We can succeed and fail just like everyone else."

"My husband is getting ahead of himself." Elaine cut in. "What he means is that we have seen how some people have nearly worshiped our family and we want you, one of our most loyal subjects, to see who we really are." she said, laying a hand on top of Mykal's; which had not left his knees. "You have done too much for this family to be anything but a friend."

Sitting speechless for a moment, Mykal's mind reeled and tried to catch up with what had happened in the last two days in regards to the royal family. "I don't know what to say, Majesties. I'm just a commoner, an orphan that got lucky and was admitted to the academy. I'm a bit overwhelmed here."

The queen let out a tsk. "First off, no more of that 'Majesties' stuff when we are in private. Second, just be yourself. That is what has made you what you are." She winked at him, "Besides, I know you were able to call my daughter by her name."

Both men's faces immediately turned bright red. Mykal's from embarrassment, Hans' from something less innocent. Mykal began to stutter an apology before he was cut off by the queen. "Oh, don't be silly. From what she tells me, you put up quite a resistance." She added looking towards her husband, "You know how she is. You can't be surprised."

Hans let out a sigh and visibly calmed. "I suppose." Looking at how red Mykal's face still was, he chuckled. "You are going to learn firsthand what it means to be out played by someone used to navigating the royal court."

Finally finding his tongue, Mykal spoke up. "What do you mean?" he asked, looking between the two.

"Oh, this will be fun to watch." the queen said quietly with a chuckle.

Realizing that he was not going to get a straight answer, Mykal opted to try and shift the conversation. "If I may ask, your Majesty, why was it you wanted me to accompany you to your meeting this afternoon?"

"My name is Hans, Mykal, and the meeting is going to be with some of the military command staff that we have here on the ship. I don't want to go into details, but there is much more to what happened on Orphus III than is apparent."

"It was an inside job, wasn't it?" Mykal said before he could stop himself. Hans tensed slightly and Elaine smiled smugly at her husband.

"I told you."

Hans rolled his eyes at his wife and looked back to Mykal. "Yes, yes it was. So far inside that it could shake the kingdom to its core." a dark look passed over his face momentarily, before he continued. "The traitor was trying to eliminate all the family that was on Orphus III."

Mykal's mind whirled at what his king was telling him.

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