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I saw my ex pupil when I opened the door.


"Sure, Baby."

"And should I pull it out?"

"That's the idea girl."

With that she reached down, unzipped my pants and put her hand in.

"Oh my, Bob. It feels so warm and meaty. Can I pull it out now?"

"Pull it out, Tinah."

She had it out in seconds and was flipping it back and forth between her two hands. Squeezing and getting a feel for its weight.

"It feels sooooo good, Bob. Can I play with it for a while?"

"You may handle it for a while honey...but I have a few questions while your busy doing that."

"Have you ever had your breasts kissed?"


Have you ever given a boy a handjob?"


"Do you masturbate?"

"Yes, Bob ...I like to rub my clit sometimes."

"Do you let the boys play with it?"

"Oh no...I'm a virgin. You know that"

"Just testing, Tinah."

"Bob, you know your penis is a lot bigger than when I started playing with it."

"That's because you're getting it aroused."

"The head is so fat and I can hardly get my little hand around it."

"Does it scare you?"

"Oh no. I like it. I'm not sure it could fit into me...maybe it will hurt me!"

" Tinah. Your body will adjust to it when the time comes."

"Show me Uncle Bob"

"That's just what I had in mind, honey.

Now scoot up on the bar stool and spread your legs real wide for Uncle Bob."

I came over to her and began to rub my cock head up and down her little slit. Then stuck it in until her lips covered the head. I was sure to rub her clit several time then asked," Does that feel okay, Tinah?"

"Oh yeah...really good. Your cock...I mean penis is so soft and silky...much nicer than my fingers."

"It's okay to say cock, baby."

"Oh yeah....I love your cock, Bob. Are you going to fuck me?'

"No, honey. You're here for instruction and that's all.

"You could stick it in. I don't mind. I kind of wonder what it feels like inside me."

"I know, Tinah. But for now why don't you just grab hold of it and play with your pussy with it. Stick it in a bit...rub your clit ...just have fun."

"I'll watch your technique and give you pointers."

This girl didn't need pointers. She was working my cock up and down, in and around that little cunt of hers like some old time whore in heat.

"Very nice, Tinah. You're my best pupil ever...but now its time for our next assignment."

"Oh phooey...but you are the master and I'll do whatever you say."

"I've noticed that you pussy still has hair on it. I want it let's get started."

I had set out the necessary items earlier... so as not to distract her when I was ready for her

"Keep those legs spread girl.

Here's some nice warm cream for that pretty little mound"....and rubbed some in, around and over it.

I told her to hold still when the razor was applied.

I gripped her pussy lips with my thumb and index finger while shaving away her hair. First one side, being careful to leave my thumb up her hole a little...for leverage you know!

Pulling the lips back...stretching the skin...using the blade.

Then again, leaving my thumb up her hole ...did the same to the other side.

"There, Tinah...all done! Let me wipe off the soap... and then you can get up and walk around."

"The air feels so cool...I've never felt so free and clean." She twirled around and looked gleefully at me.

"You dirty old man!"

"Wait till I tell, Angie."

"She'll be so jealous."

"Angie!!! Who's Angie???"

"She'll be right over. I told her to meet me here. She wants some instruction about boys and stuff too...

That's okay...isn't it?"

What could I say? This could get out of hand with an old coot like me and a couple of 19-year-old girls. When Angie shows up I'll lay the law down...hard.

These two need to know who's in charge here.

I'll get Katie over for backup...just in case...of what ...I don't know.

I phoned her and she said she'd be over soon.

Then the doorbell rang...Angie!

Without formality, I opened the door and said, "Come in Angie."

"Now get your little cunt outside and strip off all your clothes....NOW!!!"

I was going to be hard on Angie...very to speak.

(I didn't know it at the time but Ang

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