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With a high IQ and didatic memory, he can't forget her.

It felt so good having his arms around me. When I pulled back our eyes met and the passion between us filled the room. We kissed. The kiss started out soft as if only to be the briefest of pecks, but started to get harder, filled with heat and wanting.

Before I knew it I had straddled his legs and was sitting in his lap, my hands on his chest as his hands caressed my back. Our tongues wrestled with each other while our lips were pressed tightly together. Then out of nowhere we banged teeth and the kiss ended.

I jumped to my feet saying, "I have to go. It was great seeing you in person." As I turned he asked if I would help carry his large cooler back into the RV and I agreed. Walking back outside we could see all the other fans enjoying the race that we no longer had any idea what was happening in. We each took an end of the cooler and carried it back into the RV. When the cooler was in its place I turned to leave.

He said, "Don't I get a hug before you go?"

I stopped, smiling; I closed my eyes as I turned back around, knowing what he really wanted. I walked back to where he was standing and gave him a big hug. He whispered in my ear, "I want you."

With that said he kissed my deeply. It felt even hotter than before, if that was even possible. His hands now cupping my ass he gave it a big squeeze and pulled me hard against his body. I could feel the bulge of his manhood pressing against my stomach, sending a jolt of electricity through my body.

He broke the kiss moving his lips to my ear. His tongue traced the outside, flicking the lobe before licking the inside, making me close my eyes and sigh. Taking my ear lobe between his lips he gently sucked then bit with a quick tug, making me moan aloud. He then kissed down my neck, the feel of his mustache sending shivers throughout my body. Once at the base of my neck he began to nibble his way back up and to my lips once again.

His hands begin to move north under my blouse. The heat of his fingers burning my flesh with every touch, he stopped when he reached my breasts. Pulling back and looking me in the eyes, he caressed my breasts, feeling their fullness in his hands he ran his thumbs over my now hard nipples. Closing my eyes, I let my head fall back as I moaned aloud.

With that moan I felt my blouse being pulled over my head and my bra being pulled down and off my body. Standing there half naked to his hungry eyes, I could feel them devouring me and my heartbeat began to quicken.

He leaned in, taking my right nipple in his mouth as he twisted and pinched the left nipple between his thumb and index finger just the way I had told him I like. My head fell back as I moaned again. He then switched, sucking on my left nipple and playing with my right. I could feel my pussy starting to tingle, getting moist.

I reached over to rub his throbbing cock through his jeans, hearing him moan as I rubbed my hand up and down his length. I unbuttoned his jeans and as I unzipped him his cock popped out and I realized he was not wearing underwear.

Dropping to my knees in front of him, and taking his cock in my hand I began to stroke him. I could see the moisture forming on the head of his cock and I leaned forward, licking it off oh so gently with my tongue. Then I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock before taking him in my mouth. While working my way down the length my tongue danced along the underside. On every up stroke my tongue flicked the head of his pulsating cock.

Then his hands were on my head, his fingers tangling themselves in my hair as he began to move my mouth over his cock, back and forth, then all the way to the hilt. As quickly as he started to fuck my mouth he pulled me off his cock and to my feet, whispering in my ear, "I have to taste you."

He led me to the bed and removed the remainder of my clothes so that I was standing before him completely naked.

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