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The barest taste of freedom.

"Mmm. Still not done yet?"

"Not even close."

"I'm worn out. Can I sit down?"

I stood up, acutely aware of my leaking erection, and led her to the couch. Rather than lying down like I had expected, she knelt on the cushion, resting her elbows on the back of the couch. This opened her up to me even more, as she peeked back over her shoulder with a sleepy smile, and shook her ass at me. I knelt on the floor behind her and looked at...

Oh. Fuck.

I swallowed hard. My cock twitched. Pre-cum oozed.

She hadn't realized it, I assumed. Somehow, the crotch of the thong had pulled just a little to the left. Her pussy was still covered, but one side of the vulva was exposed. I could see where it began its curve inward and where her skin moved from a lighter pink to a darker pink. She was hairless and smooth. What should I do? I thought. Should I tell her? Adjust it? Fortunately, the devil sitting on my shoulder had an erection and slapped me in the back of the head with his free hand. What the fuck is wrong with you? Go get it!

I dove headlong into her crotch again, my hands grabbing her ass and squeezing at it as I ate. Stacy jumped, squealed and laughed at my attack. "OH! Someone's still hungry."

"You have no idea!" I exclaimed, pulling away just long enough to say that. Back to work!

"I have some idea," she mumbled. "Damn, you love my pussy, don't you, babe?"

"Mmhmm," I eeked out into her cotton crotch. I was going to have to work this right. If she caught on, it could be a problem. I made sure I stayed on the cotton for a while, my tongue narrow, often pointed. I would occasionally flatten it and run it right on her inner thigh and ass, bringing her a shudder and a moan. Sometimes she would flinch at my touch. I wanted her to feel my tongue on her skin. More and more frequently I alternated between tasting her flesh and licking her panties. After watching for signs that she was getting worked up, she was now more consistent in her signals. Her breathing and cursing, the twitching of her hips, her own hand on her ass, opening her up for me. I waited for that sign again. She may be an unknowing partner in my violation. I could always claim I didn't know. While my face was buried I would feel her pull her right cheek out some as she squeezed at it.

Next time, I thought. The next time she pulls that ass open, I'm going in. Within the minute she pulled herself open for me and I ran my pointed tongue right up the dark pink, feeling the softest, smoothest flesh I'd ever felt. The taste was a little more metallic, the juice fresher. The left side of my tongue was right up against the seam of her panties. "Ooooooh!" My sister let out a long moan, unconsciously pressing her ass back. "Fuck, Thomas, what..." As soon as my tongue was at the back, I wedged it in again, this time I was even further to center. "MMMmm!" I could feel the panty cave to the side. Again I lapped at her with my tongue spearing forward. "NOooo!" She flinched, but didn't stop me. Her hand was keeping her ass completely open for me now. Imagine my surprise when I pressed forward and my tongue pressed the panty to the side even further. My tongue was buried now, my mouth rested against her naked pussy. My left cheek was pressed against bunched up panty and my right cheek had a fleshy mound of ass against it. "FUCK!" She started twitching all over now, driving her hips back onto my mouth. I did the only thing I could think of. I tried to bury myself even further in. I brought my hands up to her ass, my right hand rested on hers and my left grabbing the back of her panties and pulling them the rest of the way to the side. No use pretending now.

We were locked in a battle of wills, but not with each other.

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