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Nilok captured by a black widow, taken from Serena.

"Please stay with me this one night, and as much as it hurts me to say, we will part and never see one another again."

She looked into his sincere, hurt eyes and moved much closer to his face and laid her forehead against his, still slightly sniffling. "Yes, we will stay this one night and make it something the stars will retell for years to come."

Gently he laid her back down, his lips moving down her neck to her shoulders, skin soft and smooth. He gently ran a finger down her wing, the bright blue and purple swirls of her wings. Just like butterfly wings, a light fur covering them, to protect against the rain from dampening them. Bringing his strong hands to her head, gently ruffling through her short pixie hair, the glitter shimmering throughout the strands.

Her body moved under his touch, she pull away the cloth covering her bosom and her perky pale breasts and delicate pink nipples were finally revealed to him. At the sight of them his manhood began to stiffen. She slowly spread her legs, her maidenhood moist and warm.

He slowly brought his fingers to touch and feel the warmth, his fingers dampening in her wetness. Her scent unlike a real woman was sweet like candy. As he continued to feel her and put his fingers inside, he kissed softly down her tight stomach, feeling every movement she made. Feeling the pleasure from the movements, he stiffened to his fullness. He pulled her skirt up and he gently began to lap up the sweetness her passion fruit, and how sweet it was. He unbuckled his belt and removed his trousers. Gently kissing and blowing on her at the same time, not rushing, making every taste last, making a record in his memory to forever hold.

He pulled away slowly and sat on his knees, she sat up and looked at him. His phallus at full size and quite large. She looked into his eyes and gave him a kiss, tasting her juices making her more moist than before. She kissed down his neck, breathing in his scent with every kiss, tasting his skin, all so masculine.

She kissed and licked his chest, the hard muscles pushed roughly against her lips. Down his stomach, his abdomen moving rhythmically with his harsh breathing. She felt his lips gently kissing on her wing tips, him gently sucking on them. Her nipples hardened, she moved her hands to be breasts and felt the small hardness of her nipple, the sensitivity causing great waves of heat to travel through her body.

She moves her lips to the tip of his member where she gently licked and kissed. He gently bucked his hips toward her, his body involuntarily convulsing from the overwhelming feeling.

Her saliva slowly rolled down his shaft, she brought a delicate hand to it and began to stroke and massage it. Feeling it throb in her mouth and her hand. She looked up at him, his face in total ecstasy, his eyes closed and his mouth partially open.

He slowly led her back to the soft forest floor, where he proceed to gently guide himself into her awaiting womb. His movements gentle and slow, he could feel the tightness from her maidenhood. He did not want to hurt her, he moved ever so slowly and she began to move her hips into him, beckoning him faster. He quickened his movements and she opened her mouth and a soft moan escaped. He moved to her open mouth and slid his tongue inside. He massaged her tongue passionately as he continued to push himself into her deeper. Her moans muffled by his mouth. Her body moved wildly beneath him.

He pulled his face back and began to push harder and rougher into her. She gripped his hips and pulled him to her harder yet. Her eyes opened suddenly as she gazed at him and watched him. Her moans began to become much louder, her body trembled from the pleasure. She arched her back, her wings gently began to cause her to float up. He stood keeping himself inside her and continuing his rhythm. She let out an amazing and beautiful howl as she reached her climax and she slowly began to flutter back down.

He held her to his hips and continued to pump into her, until his seed exploded into her.

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