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Mengxia puts her boss in chastity.

She took his hands in hers and said, "If there is anything I can give you it would be this." Opening up his hands she kissed the inside of his palms. Closing his fingers around her kiss she said, "Take this with you wherever you go, and know I am with you always."

He reached up and touched his fingers to her cheek and she leaned her head down to his hands. Moving his hands down the front of her, he felt the soft smooth, silky material of her dress. She looked in his eyes and said, "I cannot let you fuck me because I feel you are not ready for that yet. You must go home think more on it. When you feel comfortable about us to where it will not bother you or affect your life in any way, we shall meet again. But, for now I will give you this." Slowly she reached down and pulled the dress up over her head. Taking off her bra, he reached and cupped her impressive breasts in his hands. Stroking the nipples with his fingers he watched them get hard. She leaned her head back and breathed a murmur of arousal. He moved her panties down and she took them on off. Then she got on her knees in front of him. She said, "This is all yours, to see, touch, caress, but I cannot make that final commitment between us as of yet." He sighed knowing what she said was true.

His hand moved down between her legs feeling the softness of her hair that protects the wonderful mounds of her pussy. Sliding a finger between the lips he felt the wetness and smelled the essence of her. Hearing a moan, she leaned back and spread her legs for him. Looking down at her pussy he spread the lips and looked at her clit with hunger. Sighing at the passion swollen beauty of it he touched the tip of his finger to her clit and rubbed very softly. He saw her quiver. Still with her pussy open and exposed to him in all its loveliness he moved his finger on down and inside her feeling the wet soft walls of her grasp around his finger.

Moving his finger in and out he watch the glow spread across her face and her lips part in ecstasy. He kept his finger deep inside her and moved his head down between her legs. Licking her clit with the tip of his tongue and tasting the sweet juices from her he hears her gasp and moan. Yes, he thinks to himself so sweet so fresh, he begins to lick and suck her clit harder while his finger still moved around deep inside her. Feeling her legs quiver against him, hearing her breath come in harder between her moans and gasps he knows she is about to cum. Feeling the wetness of her slid down between his fingers and hand he begins to move faster, feeling her tighten hard around his finger. Using his tongue, licking and sucking her clit more in his mouth he hears her scream and moan with loving release as she cums.

Moving up he can she her eyes are clouded over with hunger for him. Leaning back she moves toward him with determination. Undoing his belt and pants he knows how good she will be to him. She grabs his pants and pulls them down to the floor. Lunging onto his already swollen cock and with his legs spread he feels her breast lay against his balls. Lifting up on to her hands and her breasts swaying low against his balls still she sucks him down deep, feeling the tip of his cock against the back of her throat. Sucking in his breath at the sudden shock of pleasure he feels, he groans. Moving back up she lets go of his cock and slides her tongue down to his balls. Grasping one in her mouth she closes her lips around it and sucks while her hands caresses and plays with the other. With them both then laying in her hands gently she licks and kisses all around.

Moving back up to his cock she licks and then sucks on the tip to taste his juices.

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