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Fun continues with college girl & a stranger.

Alice breathed in deeply and let it out slowly, she swallowed her waiter's cock forcing it farther down her throat, closing her eyes. Then he was in, Alice's eyes popped open to see the hostess watching her with a peculiar smile. Alice's nostrils flared as the Mexican pulled back and pushed in deep. Her waiter's dick twitched in her throat and he came telling her what a dirty little whore she was. She felt the Mexican draped over her with his cock pounding in and out making her ass burn with friction, while he rubbed and fingered her pussy and pinched her nipples.

She began to choke on the cock in her mouth, but he held her pinned to his crotch. Tears welled up in her eyes as she fought to swallow the load in her throat and relax to enjoy her assfucking. Then the thought hit her, "I'm fucking two cocks at once." A wicked smile spread around the cock in her mouth and she pumped sucking him dry.

Then looked up to the hostess, "What time is it?"

With a perplexed expression, the hostess said it was ten til nine. Interspersed with gasps for air, Alice said, "You've got to get me and my stuff into the kitchen."

The cock in her ass now felt good. She leaned back kissing his ear explaining that he had to get her into the kitchen. To her surprise, he rocked back and was helped to his feet by the other guys from the kitchen. His cock went deeper inside her ass while four fingers pushed harder into her slit.

She felt completely filled and kissed his ears while saying, "I want you to cum hard up my ass."

As they were coming into the kitchen, Alice told the hostess not to mention anything to Jake when he showed up, but to give them the booth that she was sitting at.

The Mexican began bouncing Alice up and down with her thighs pinned next to her chest. It was not as comfortable as it had been, but he was getting close. She clinched and felt him surge back into her, burying his cock deeply, unloading his balls. He slipped out as he nearly collapsed from exhaustion.
She looked at the two other men on the kitchen crew with a devious smile. Both were stroking their tools. She pushed one down onto a tall stool and backed up pulling his cock towards her ass. The burn lasted briefly as he penetrated her and began thrusting enthusiastically. Alice could barely control herself as she pulled the other new guy in front of her. As she grabbed his cock a clear glob of precum fell to the floor. He was close.

With both dicks ensconced she felt their rhythm and patted the counter for the Mexican. He sat on the counter with his wet limp dick looking sad and spent. Alice slurped it up and felt the situation envelope her. She was becoming numb, but it didn't matter now, both new guys were cuming hard and she would have a break soon. The Mexican was mostly spent, but already stiffening a little. It was tempting to suck on him some more, but there were more pressing issues now.

In a proficient, if not incredibly sexy way, she cleaned off both other crew members and pulled herself together. She explained to them what she was doing in general terms, essentially, that she was playing a trick on someone, and if they wanted to fuck her anymore, they should wait for her to come back into the kitchen. They gave her the slip and thong panties and she fixed her makeup and perfume in the bathroom. Both orifices were leaking but that was part of the plan as she put on her coat and gloves, then slipped out the back door to wander around to the front as if she were just arriving.

She saw Jake sitting in the booth and he waved to her and got up. The hostess asked if she could take her coat examining her with a sultry glower. Alice claimed to be cold and kept it as Jake and the hostess walked her to the table.

After the hostess left, Alice removed her gloves and looked at Jake and saying demurely, "I've got a surprise for you if you're good."

With that, she opened the panel of the coat so he could see her slip and her hard nipples poking through.

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