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Helping others leads to wonderful things.


Erdgar reared back and moved aside, getting to his knees. He led Danetta to a sitting position, swept her hair aside, and whispered in her ear, "Shall we have a game?"

Her fingernails lightly touched his chin. Her eyelashes fluttered. "I'm completely prepared for any game you fancy."

Silk cords, there were some in a nightstand somewhere, unless a maid moved them.

Erdgar asked Danetta to sit in a nearby armchair. As her delightful aroma floated off, Erdgar went to a nightstand. There was a bundle of smooth cords in a drawer for him. He picked one and padded over to his wife.

"A sacrifice for a beast, could you humor that?" With cautious and tame movements, he pulled her thin wrists behind her back, which had the little woman pushing her chest out.

He knew she saw his cock slightly jerk.

His fingers wrapped the cord around a few times. Then he tied a knot. He tested the slack, making sure that if there was an emergency she could pull herself free. Once, when Danetta was pregnant with their first child, he had her limbs bound during an intimate moment. A candle had been knocked over, and Erdgar had to put a small fire out. Nobody was harmed, but he had gazed at his vulnerable wife and wondered what would've happened if he hadn't been able to help. How could she have saved herself in that condition?! Unacceptable!

As he stepped back, Danetta lowered her head and made a distressed, watery noise, fearful and hopeless.

Then, in a manner that was coarse and to the point, Erdgar put his hand under her jaw and chin, tilting her head back up, forcing her to look up at him, or rather, allowing him to look at her.

His voice turned as rough as his scars.

"They left me a right beauty, eh?" He thought he sounded like a child of a sailor and a farmer.

Her lovely eyes swirled around. The sacrifice didn't want to take in the features of the ugly, ferocious beast that would likely devour her. Her chest heaved.

He had to see more of her.

Hands on her shoulders, Erdgar loomed closely over her. He whispered, "Forgive me, I'll compensate you another day."

"I beg your pardon?"

A heavy, cruel tear. Danetta gasped and left her mouth open.

Erdgar had ripped her chemise in half.

Her knees knocked together.

"Oh no, Love! Can't keep a beast away from his prize!" His fingers shoved between her thighs. He forced her legs apart.

Danetta turned her head aside, her curls swishing with the movement. "Please, oh please, have mercy!"

The heel of his hand slapped onto the delicate little mons, feeling the thin curls. He felt her body lurch at the sudden, sharp contact. He heard her disturb the air in the chair's cushions.

Then, the other hand, he purposely turned it, putting the heavily scarred dorsa against her beautiful, sensitive nipple. He felt a surge of scraping need rush down from his nape to his scrotum.

Poor, Pretty Little Prize! She was nearly terrified, her body rocking back in the chair... dragging her hot... slowly melting little cunt over his palm and fingers.

The hand at her breast flipped over. He gripped the heavy, soft thing, caressing the wonderful flesh, so amazingly different from his, impossibly different. Damn... damn! He was already firm, a hungry rod of iron.

But the beast wanted his prize's scent all over his nose and mouth.

His bare knees went to the stone floor. Fortunately, a small rug was there to serve as a barrier. He tugged her hips forward, putting that pretty, opening flower to his hungry lips and teeth.

Sweaty, savory, hints of that perfume, a bittersweet dessert, all in one tortuous lick.

"Ohhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhh pleeeeeeeeeeease!!"

Yes, Mistress.

Squeezing her thighs, repeatedly lapping, even occasionally dipping his tongue inside the tunnel, where there seemed to be the greatest heat of all.

He felt and heard her feet kick in the air.

But there would be absolutely no mercy.

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