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Ecstasy in high orbit.

She pushed her hips toward Him again, this time being extremely careful not to drop her knees. "What do you want Carissa?" He taunted. "Beg Me."

"Please, Jack...," she whispered. "Your finger...I want Your finger."

"You do?" He teased. "Hmmm," He said as He examined her pussy again. He firmly pushed on the back of her thigh, causing her ass to rise slightly.

She felt utterly helpless...ass in the air...her most private and sensitive parts exposed. "So, want my finger, huh?." While using the thumb of one hand to peel apart the cheek of her ass, He used a finger on the other hand to lightly press against her virgin asshole.

Carissa had been touched there before and she had rather liked it. But never had any man ever penetrated her butt. She had an idea of what was about to occur and the thought was wildly pleasing.

"Mmmm, so you like that too??" asked Jack as He continued to touch and increase the pressure on her asshole. "Yesss..." answered Carissa, barely audible.

"You are quite the little delightful whore. You please Me," He said in His soothing voice. "Are you my fuck whore, Carissa?" He asked. "Yes," she stammered quietly. "Say it then, baby," He demanded. "I'm Your fuck whore, Jack," she whispered.

As He resumed pressing His finger to Carissa's asshole, He simultaneously began to touch her clit. She sighed deeply as her sexual tension mounted. "Do you like that, Carissa? He asked. "Ooh yess...," she replied.

"Tell me what you like...tell me what you want, Carissa." Said Jack as he lightly squeezed her clit between His thumb and forefinger. "Mmmmm" was all she could manage. "Beg Me for my finger, Carissa. Beg Me to slide My finger into your tight ass, or I'll get up and walk out of the room and there will be no pleasure for My beautiful fuck whore today."

There she was...spread before Him like a slut. Her need and desire was all that mattered. She would do anything... She managed to open her eyes and look at Him for a brief second. She knew He meant what He said about leaving her there...

"Please slide Your finger into my ass, Jack," she said.

"More, beg Me more," He responded.

"Please, please, Jack...I want to feel Your finger in my tight ass," she pleaded.

He used the juice dripping from her cunt to lube his finger and slowly started to work the tip into her little butt. She squirmed beneath His big hand as He used His forearms to hold her still. "Stop thrashing," He warned, or I'll have to redden your ass again. She tried her best not to move excessively...

She wasn't sure if the sensation of her asshole being invaded was painful...Jack's attention to her clit somewhat distracted her from the fingertip probing at her ass...

But when He slowly began to insert His finger deeper into her, she felt stretched...and she felt naughty that she enjoyed having her ass played with like this. She moaned louder as Jack made sure to pay equal attention to Carissa's clit. "You like that my little fuck-slut?" He asked knowing what the answer would be. "Oohh yess, Jack," she moaned.

"Then don't you think that you should thank Me for your pleasure, Carissa?" He inquired rather matter of factly. Her head reeled in confusion. He was asking so much of this state she was barely able to think..."Thank Me for sliding My finger into your ass," He repeated sternly.

She blushed furiously...she felt degraded, slutty, and so hot. Not only was she enjoying the hell out of this, but now He was making her admit it...out loud. "Thank you, Jack," she mumbled.

Suddenly He slapped her ass...much harder than before.... "You'd better do better than that, baby," He said, quite kindly. Why don't you try it again," He suggested. He was playing with her clit and very slowly sliding His finger all the way in and all the way out of her ass.

She moaned again...intense pleasure enveloped her. "Oh, thank You, Jack," she whispered..."Your finger in my ass feels sooo good."

"Much better," said Jac

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