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The detectives track down the twins and learn their past.

ural bee sting titties! But I'm glad you say you like mine : D

Wow, I just love the pics you sent me! Ty! It makes my pussy wet to see you baby! Yum! You've got a nice cock. Would love to see how it tastes...

Yeah, I'm a single girl. How bout you, are you single?

Love from,

Jessica xxx

Dec 18, 2011

Dear Jessica,

Yes, as a matter of fact I'm single too.

I'm attaching a new pic I hope you'll enjoy.

If you'd indulge me, I'd love to see a pic of you spreading your ass.


Jack xxx

Dec 19, 2011

Oh man, I just love the pic you sent!! It's so hot! Your cum is shooting all over that picture of my pussy! It's so flattering! and it gets me so wet to imagine... I just dildoed myself to orgasm looking at it, baby. Maybe some time we could try that for real, hm?

I'm attaching a pic I just took of my big spread bum for you to jerk off over. Do you like it??

So here's a crazy idea... you wanna spend Christmas together, say in Paris maybe? I'm from the states, but I'd love to meet you in the city of love. <3

I know Christmas is only like less than a week away, so the hotels and flights are probably booked solid... it was just an idea.



Jessica xxx

Dec 20, 2011

Oh man, your emails are getting so hot, I can barely stand it! And I love the latest pic you sent! It makes me so horny to see your gorgeous spread shaved asshole like that- fantastic! Your ass is GORGEOUS, btw! I just wanna fuck you so bad, Jessica... I wanna make you cum all night long, baby.

Wow, about Paris, that's quite a proposition. Yes, Jessica; I'd love to. I've already got my tickets and made hotel reservations. Hurry up and get your ticket and I'll meet you at the airport in the city of love.

Baby, I'm so excited about this.


Jack xxx

Dec 21, 2011

Got my tickets! My flight no. is AF809. A bientot, Jack!!


P.S. I'm going out to get my pussy and asshole freshly waxed for you this evening. Xxx

Jan 3, 2012

Dear Jack,

Holy shit, that was an awesome vacation! and such a romantic Christmas. My ass is a little sore though (jk!) My ass is fine. Mmm, I never knew I could take it in the bum like that though! I think I must have swallowed at least a gallon of your cum, you horny fucker!

And the pics and videos we took of us are just amazing. I'll be masturbating to them for ages. Thanks baby.

I think I might just be falling in love with you,

Jess xxx

Jan 5, 2012

Dear Jessica,

I couldn't agree more about our vacation; you are one smokin' hot little bitch! (Sorry, jk about the bitch part.) I could fuck you forever. You were my sexy little Christmas elf.

You really didn't have to bleach your hair like that for me baby. You were beautiful as a brunette, but thank you! You knew platinum blondes were a fetish of mine. It was truly my fuck-fantasy cum true, and I'll never forget what you did for me, Jess.

And of course I agree about the pics and videos we took. I can't get over just how fucking sexy you are. I miss your big gorgeous ass and delicious soft kissable lips (both sets!) already. Thanks for letting me call you 'Jessica Fuckhole' and 'Jesse Jane' sometimes while we were fucking. You're amazing!

I loved it when the first time we made love and I was wearing a condom, and you took it off half way through (telling me you were on the pill) god, it felt so good! And when you jerked me off with your pink silk thong while I sucked on your beautiful big fake boobs...

And the way you flashed your tits at midnight on new year's eve in that bar that started off all the girls doing it! I'll bet every guy in that bar is grateful to you for that!! And the love we made back at the hotel afterwards... I can't think of a better way to start a off a new year than being up your ass all night.

When are we gonna see each other again, babe?

I love you too, Jess

Jack xxx

Jan 7, 2012

Dear Jack,

Let's go to Hawaii in February. You can fuck me on the beach.

How does that sound, baby?


Jessica xxx

Jan 9, 2012

Dear Jess,

Sounds fucking great.

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