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Beginnings of an affair - Opportunities taken and given.

But even three specialist stamp magazines was a somewhat excessive for that limited market.

"Tell us something we don't know," yelled a man in a suit and open necked shirt.

The woman beside him was wearing his tie.

"Please Maurice have respect for our guest speaker," urged the chairman.

"It's okay Mr Abbott, said Jenni, halting her address. "Is there any support for this interjector?"

There was, surprisingly perhaps, from a rather large number of people.

"All right," said Jenni, "I estimate more than half of you are keen for something a little more stimulating. I'm happy to oblige but be warned. I may get up your nostrils."

"Give it to us Jenni!" Snowy shouted.

She began by saying that the so-called advertising and public relation professions were long well-established institutions in society.

"Tell us something we don't know," again called the semi-drunk without a tie.

Jenni ignored that.

"Perhaps what distinguishes the advertising and PR groups from other so-called professional groups in business circles is an extra-ordinary large percentage of unqualified, untalented and under-performing people running those businesses although I emphasize not all of those businesses are filled with such deadwood."

Her audience was hushed.

"The problem for people who wish to advertise or wish to get solid advice about inter-facing with their market, their politicians or the publicly generally, is finding out with certainty who they should be dealing with.

"Do Yellow Pages inform them that Company A is filled with egotistical morons while Company B has people who deliver triple-A results although they charge like wounded bulls? Of course they don't and the websites of companies soliciting for such business interest generally over-promise to incredible levels that are professionally embarrassing.

"Consumers who sample a new magazine like mine pay eight to ten quid for the purchase and if they don't like it they don't buy it again and so what? Their financial loss is about the cost of one or two cocktails in London."
"But if an advertiser engages an under-performing advertising agency that works up a campaign as instructed but at the eleventh hour the decision-maker comes to the conclusion that what he or she is reviewing is simply a heap of garbage, they are on a cliff-edge. They are aware that time is running out, they have committed to spending thousands - perhaps tens of thousands of pounds to that point and what do they see - an advertising campaign that simply is not going to jump the bar.

"Similarly with PR the client gets assurances that the company has all the contacts, knows how to get the job done - but no promises of course. The job is tossed to little Freddie, a shy lad who has some talent to get the job moving. But his contacts in the targeted area are zilch and the boss is not much help because he's down at the boatshed most days watching the finishing touches being lavished on his new sixty-foot cruiser.

Outcomes like this are appalling, and the image of your profession suffers as a result.

"None of you will challenge what I just said because you know it's true because you are in a sleight of hand businesses where missed cues and buggered-up campaigns are as common as spoiling summer rain in Britain."

"Let my talk to you about my own magazine, new to the market but so what? Can't a newcomer have the potential to dazzle the public? I was not so presumptuous to think that I had the magic wand in my mitt to achieve such a thing. But I tell you what; I would go to work my guts out and drag on what talent and experience I knew I had to produce something at least a little out of the ordinary.

But what happened?

The reaction of advertising agencies viewing the mock-up was typically a stall, just encouraging words such as "That's fine - good for you Jenni.

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