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Samara gets roughed up in a auto shop.

After spending a nervous morning at work, I arrived at Jacques apartment. Again he greeted me with a hug, but when he started to reach for the zipper on my dress, I stopped him, and told him to leave it to me. Then I started to dance for him, trying to do a sexy strip tease. The look of lust in his eyes, along with the sexy comments he made as I stepped out of my dress and stood before him in my sexy underwear made the effort more than worth while. When I finally stripped out of the panties, he had taken his clothes off and from the size of his cock, was more than ready for me.

We fell on his bed and got into a sixty-nine. The more he flicked his tongue over my clit, the harder I sucked his cock. To my delight I managed to bring him off before I came, his sperm was spewing into my throat as a powerful orgasm hit me. This time instead of immediately trying to fuck me, he started to lick me again. Intense feelings burst out, as he probed with his tongue, while moving his hand to my clit until an orgasm unlike anything I had ever experienced burst over me. As I came down he rolled me over and fucked me doggy style, while reaching in front and squeezing my tits.

Afterwards, I laughed and told him that if we kept meeting like this, I'd be able to treat it like a diet, having missed lunch and got plenty of aerobic exercise.

Over the next months we continued to meet almost every Thursdays at lunch hour. On a couple of occasions, when work prevented me from making our 'date', I suggested a make up, but Jacques told me that these were the only days that he could get together.

Those 'nooners' were intoxicating, just like the spell Jacques cast over me. For the first while, I still felt vestiges of guilt at what I was doing, but gradually these faded. I convinced myself that it was just sex, mind you incredible sex. I loved Bill, and knew he loved me. When Bill and I made love, I went all out, to show him the love that I felt for him, a love that was as strong as it always had been.

There were times that I really felt guilty, times when Bill suggested getting together for lunch. Now this was something that we didn't do often, but liked to occasionally. I always enjoyed it, because it was special. Now, if Bill suggested it on a Thursday, I came up with excuses about prior plans to meet with friends, knowing that he would accept the excuse, and knowing we'd get together some other day. I must admit that when I turned him down I'd feel particularly guilty, knowing that I was getting fucked by Jacques, instead of having lunch with my loving husband.

But at the same time, there were a few occasions I cancelled on Jacques. One of these was our anniversary, there was no way I was going to fuck somebody else on that special day, a day to celebrate our love for each other.

I made sure that I wore the new lingerie for Bill soon after I had its initial showing with Jacques. Bill commented how much he liked it, and how he missed the sexy underwear I used to wear regularly. That night, he was all over me, tonguing me through the panties before ripping them off and making love to me. Later as I was trying to fall asleep, I realized that when with Bill, we truly made love, but when with Jacques, I got fucked.

Responding to how both Bill and Jacques had appreciated the sexy lingerie, I had gone back to Victoria's Secret and purchased several outfits. When I got home, I hid the outfits in a bag in the closet in the spare room, knowing that Bill would never go in there. I was happy that Bill appeared to appreciate my sexy new underwear, and I made sure to model every outfit for him over time.

There was only one time that I got a little concerned, and that was when Bill asked if I had ever seen that glassblower with the sexy voice again. I momentarily panicked, but I'm sure that I set his mind at ease when I laughed and told him no, but he'd better watch it because I might be fantasizing about him while we made love.

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