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Samara gets tied up.

I sped up my oral assault, skillfully using my lips and tongue to massage every inch of his impressive member. I could feel his shaft almost thicken with impending orgasm.

"Fuck yes, fuck yes!" he affirmed.

I abruptly pulled off, just at the moment I knew he was about to unleash a boatload of cum down my throat.

"Oh fuck no, fuck no! Don't stop," he demanded, waving his throbbing dick at my lips. His body shook, desperate to give. "Finish me!"

"I can do better than this," I said with a coy smile.

"I've never had better head," he confessed. "Nothing is better than this!" he said, desperate for me to finish what I had started.

"No," I said. "If this is my last fuck with a real man, I want to fuck you right."

"Finish this and then we can fuck," he begged.

"My superpower gives me the ability of ten women," I informed in my sultry voice.

"Yeah, that's why you're all chained up," he said. "Now finish me," he demanded, his body squirming in desperation for release.
"Ever fuck more than one woman at a time?" I asked.

"Threesome once," he answered sharply, eager for a little less conversation and a lot more action.

"Ever had a foursome with three women?" I asked with a sly smile.


"Ever thought what it might be like to have four women fuck you at one time, or five, or six?"

"Shit," he said.

"If this is my last fuck, then the least you deserve is the pleasure of what it would be like to be fucked by ten women at once. You'll never have that chance again."

"Damn," he said considering the proposal, still desperate for relief.

"All I need is my hands to be free to give you the fuck of your life," I promised.

"I don't think so," he said. "Nice try."

"What do you mean 'nice try'?" I asked. My feet are still chained to this chair. I can't go anywhere. You are still the man in charge. No reason why I have to die without one last great fuck, and no reason why you have to miss out on the fuck of your life. Either you let me fuck you right, or I'm done," I announced.

The lug thought about his options. If my superhero fucking skills were anything like my oral skills, he knew I was offering the best fuck of his life. His dick throbbed in front of him, begging for attention and release.

"You're in charge big man," I lied, knowing I had him right where I wanted him. "The choice is yours. All this to yourself for a fuck that will blow your mind, or we can sit here and stare at each other until Dami__n and his bitch get back and take it for themselves. Either way, I get fucked. If you're not man enough and would rather watch them fuck me..."

His big black hand quickly reached up to the clasp on the long chain hanging down from the ceiling and unhooked the handcuffs, allowing me to drop my hands. Blood immediately flowed through my veins back into my fingers, restoring feeling.

"I'm keeping the cuffs on you," he said. "Don't try anything tricky," he warned.

"The only thing tricky is what your dick is going to feel when I fuck your brains out," I promised convincingly. "Now get undressed and fuck me like a man," I said.

The thug obediently pulled off his shirt while kicking off his shoes, then lowered his pants. His impressive ripped six foot four black frame stood before me, ready for the promised fuck of his life.

"That's more like it," I said. He instantly began to strip me, unclasping my top from behind, allowing it to fall to our feet. I was worried he might try to take my belt off, and my strength with it. Instead, he pulled my thong down from beneath my short skirt before easily ripping the tiny fabric off, preventing the need to remove the cuffs to slide them off my feet. Without my thong, he had full access to my pussy without removing my skirt. Fortunately that meant he kept my belt on. Keeping a remnant of my uniform on added to the real life fantasy of fucking a superhero, although what he was about to experience would give him more that enough to know this was no mere mortal fuck.

"Now do me like you promised," he ordered.

I gave him a long deep kiss before dropping dow

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