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A new take on Master teaching me to be on time.

"Does that matter?" Peggy said in a stage whisper.

"You mean about thinking you were shy?"

"No, I meant the part before about you being so much older than me?" she asked, swallowing hard and starting to breathe heavier. "Does that matter?"

"To guys? I don't think so," Alan grinned. "Girls though, not that's a different story. Not many want to be seen with a fossil."

"Not me. I'm not like that. Been with some older men," Peggy suddenly shared and then added, "Too much information huh Mr. Winter?"

"No honey. Are you saying that if I called you sometime you might want to go out with me?"

"Sure. It's not like there's a waiting list."

"Well, when would be a good evening for you?" Alan said as he acted like the insurance agent he was, moving in to seal the deal before he had a chance to reconsider. "Next weekend?"

"Sure," Peggy said. "Tomorrow night? Now?"

"Now?" Alan repeated, and after Peggy shrugged he went on. "Do you have to bring any of your stuff home? Need to call your folks?"

"No. I'm 19, remember?"

"Right. Where would you like to go?"

"I know I look a mess," Peggy said as she dropped down the visor and looked at the mirror, frowning and trying to fluff up her shag do. "Can't go to my house."

"Mine?" Alan offered. "Or is that too many bad memories?"

"No, I was in Ricky's bedroom, not yours," Peggy said softly, and since that answer took care of many questions the older man simply turned the engine on and waited impatiently for the defoggers to work.


"Different kitchen table," Peggy noted as they entered the kitchen, and as he helped the teen off with her jacket he explained.

"Lost the custody battle on that," Alan said. "Guess her new stud muffin didn't have one, but to be fair she was good about most of the stuff we had accumulated."

"12?" Alan kidded when he saw the jersey Peggy was wearing under the jacket. You don't look 12. I thought you said you were 19?"

"Ha! My Dad bought this for me for some reason," Peggy explained as she spun in place. "He likes the Patriots and Tom Brady."

"I'm a Giants fan but that's okay. You can stay," Alan said. "Can I get you anything?"

"Maybe a glass of water?" she asked, and took the bottle of spring water her host produced from the refrigerator. "Dry mouth. Is that a sign of nervousness Mr. Winter?"

Ricky's father held up a finger but said nothing until retrieving his own bottle and taking a deep swallow, and only then said, "It must be."

"Did you get taller?" Peggy asked of the man was about a head taller than she. "Hope I'm not getting shorter."

"I don't think so," the insurance man said as he read into her comment that she looked much like Ricky, except with his Dad being taller and considerably thinner, not to mention the great streaks in his hair than he hoped added an air of distinction to him.

"Anyway, since we've been so honest with each other, can I ask you for some favors before things start happening?" Peggy asked. "If you find any of this off-putting just say so, okay? I know I'm strange but, hey, you knew that already."

Peggy went through a little list of things that made it better for her, blushing a little as she spoke, but when she finished Alan Winter simply shrugged and said the specifics for what amounted to a little role playing were fine with him.

"Cool," Peggy responded. "Never been able to say that stuff to somebody right off, and if there are things you like just do them. If I have a problem with anything I'll just say, Aunt Emma!"

"I'm sure there's a story behind that but I get it."

"And if I do anything you don't like..."

"I'll use Aunt Emma too," Alan said with a nervous grin. "One thing though. You can call me..."

"Mr. Winter," Peggy interrupted. "Forgot that part but it's kind of important to me. Other than that, I'm yours to do with what you wish."


"You caught me, I didn't make th

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