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A fertility clinic with a twist.

I is groanin' like a bitch now as the ones on me nob is suckin' right down to me shaved pubes. I starts tremblin' an me nads have gone super tite, I feels me orgasm racin' up an' I try to stifle a cry but dey musta known cuz de bastards suddenly all stop.

"ARRRGHH FUCK! DON'T STOP! I WERE GONNA CUM! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" I shout shaking on da edge of me orgasm. I frantically shove me groin forward and tense tryin' to force me orgasm. "URRGH! PLEASE! MEK ME CUM! DON'T LEAVE ME LIKE DIS!" I begs.

Suddenly I is covered in ice cold water, I scream. "ARRRRRGHHHH! FUCK! IT'S FUCKIN' FREEZIN'"

I hang der shiverin' an' realise me nob is goin' soft, I guess ice cold water would do dat to ya.

Everyfin' goes quiet, I struggle to break free but it's no use, I'm trussed up like a guddun. I can hear dem movin' around, even some whisperin' but nuffin' happens, I is so on edge not knowin' wot dey am gonna' do next.

Suddenly I feel hands on me, lotsa hands, I can't tell 'ow many but dey is rubbing oil in me skin. De hands am everywhere, up me arms, me chest, me sides, me feet, me legs, thighs, me ass an' me nob an' bollocks. I is in fucking heaven! Dey are bein' really sensual too causin' me to moan and groan, someone is massaging an' fingerin' me hole while some one else is strokin' me cock real slow mekin' it hard as nails again. I throws me head back and savour this amazin' sensation, deze bastards am givin' me pain an' pleasure like I never knew. I is smothered in oil mekin me skin feel alive an' I is back in sensory overload as der hands an' fingers slither, stroke, tickle an' tease me sensitive skin. I is close to orgasm again, an' I is determined to bust me nut. I try me best not to let on I is about to shoot but I guess with the heavy pantin' an' me body tremblin' it were pretty obvious because de fuckers stop again just as I am about to blast off.


Da silence is killin' me, "Please talk to me, who are you?" I realise I is sobbin' again.

Suddenly I is drenched in Ice cold water agin, I scream wiv' de shock. After a pause dey are back rubbin' de oil in me skin and teasin' me cock. Dey do dis five fuckin' times, gettin' me close to shootin' den chuckin' ice cold water on me.

After wot seemed like hours I is den lowered, thank fuck!, me arms am killin' me. Dey release me legs too an' drag me off. I is med to lay face down on sum sorta bench. It feels like leva on me chest an is cold. Me arms am tied to either side of de bench near de floor so I can't lift me body, me head is stickin' over de end. Me legs am moved so I is kneelin' an' strapped to de bench which means me ass is up in de air.

"Oh fuck!" I gasp, I know dat dey are going to fuck me now. Me hole feels well vulnerable.

First I feel a tongue at me hole, whoever it is is fucking expert, it feels wonder-fucking-ful! At de same time someone has pulled me knob right back an' is suckin' on it. I moans like a bitch again.

Someone den grabs me head an' pulls it up. Something is pressin' at me lips an' I realise it's his knob, I is so turned on I don't complain an' suck it deep as I can. Fuckin' 'ell 'es got a biggun! I is gaggin' big time but lovin' it!

I den feel sumat cold on me ring piece an' I realise I is bein' lubed. I can feel fingers probing me shitter an' slippin' in side. I groan as I suck on the big dick in me mouf. De ova fucker dat woz suckin' me has stopped an' is slowly strokin' me knob.

I den feel somat pressin' at me hole, it's too cold to be someone's knob and I realise it's a dildo.

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