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Sometimes the best things happen in small places.

The sensation of having a girl sit on you would also not be enough to get you to all hot and bothered." She finished by licking his ear quickly and resting her head on his shoulder. She was completely spot on, he was so hard it hurt, he hadn't gotten any in months and the mere feeling of her hair on his cheek was pure torture.

They sat there for a few minutes, as Garrett tried to think, his mind reeling. What was so wrong about being her plaything? She said she wouldn't hurt him too much and it would be really fun. After all she was bendy. How could he trust a bloodsucking creature of the night though? She thought it completely normal to stalk someone and walk around on rooftops. Even worse, what if he fell for her? He didn't need to repeat the experience of falling for someone who wasn't into him that way and who he couldn't have the relationship he wanted to with.

Sophia had left a scar on his mind and his soul, which honestly scared the crap out him. It reminded him of how fast something like that could happen. He couldn't repeat that mistake, he swore he wouldn't. In spite of where he was, he couldn't help but be sucked into his own memories, tainted and twisted by the passage of time. He couldn't see past them to realize that he wasn't worried about Paige being a vampire as much as he was worried about her being a female. He had thrown himself into his schoolwork, gotten a house and a job, not because he had to but because he didn't want to get into another heavy relationship. Garrett could barely hook up with someone casually simply because he was worried what it might lead to. Now here he was, a vampire sitting with her fangs inches from his throat and he hardly noticed out of fear of the past.

He couldn't even realize that his hands were shaking and his breathing was getting ragged as he fought internally to push back the flood of memories. Paige was not in the same trance-like state as him, however, and could tell something was up. She shifted to look at him and saw his eyes were blank, staring off into space, he wasn't even hard. This was an interesting one indeed, she thought to herself, completely unaware of the chaos currently going on in Garrett's mind. Paige just blew in his ear began running the back of her hand along the side of his face.

Garrett broke free from his own memories upon feeling Paige's hand on his cheek, her nails tickling his skin. It felt so relaxing he leaned into it and closed his eyes, completely at ease.

"I take it I hit a nerve?" Paige asked calmly, watching Garrett open his eyes and turn to meet her eyes.

"Yeah...My feet are falling asleep, would you mind moving?" He asked, instinctually changing the subject. Paige cocked her head to the side, deciding if she would press the issue or not. She decided against it before responding.

"Do you really want me to move?" She smiled innocently before grinding herself into Garrett, causing him to harden once again.

"Fine, if you won't move then I will." He tried to push her off him, barely moving her before trying to pull himself to his feet. After failing he just sighed and planted his feet on the ground and spun his chair back towards his computer. He tried to continue editing but Paige just sat there looking back at him with a triumphant smile on her face. He sat and thought for a second before deciding against asking her to move; instead he reached up and put his hands along the back of her neck and head. She arched an eyebrow at him before he pushed her head towards him and to his left, laying it against his shoulder before getting back to editing. Paige let out a small laugh but just closed her eyes and leaned back on him. Her legs wrapped around the back of his and her hands rotated from the back of his head to the side of his face. Her nails made small patterns in the scrabble of his unshaven facial hair as she turned to look at his computer screen.

After the few seconds it took to get used to her, Garrett quickly relaxed and actually really got to like the feeling of Paige's body on his as he worked.

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