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The Colonel's Away...and the Whore Will Play.

Getting into the driver side he started the car "Make sure you keep those pretty little legs of yours spread as much as you can." He said as he put the car into gear and drove to the exit of the airport. She did as she was told, and listened as things became quiet.

All she could hear was the low hum of the car and it was relaxing to her. They had been driving for about fifteen minutes when gently he placed his hand on her thigh. She tensed up for just a moment and relaxed, a small smile appearing on her face and he moved his hand deeper between her legs. He pressed the side of his pinky between her slit and squeezed her thigh. With a small moan her legs began to close slowly with pleasure. Quickly he slapped her thigh hard and made her yelp. "What did I say about your legs, slave? Didn't I give you an order?" She opened them back up letting out a deep breath. She was calmed down only a few minutes ago and now he had her all worked up once again as her panties began to dampen again. He grinned at her, moving her panties aside and sliding his middle finger into her tight soaked hole. Squirming and moaning, she pushed her chest out even further. Pulling out he moved his hand up her stomach and up to one of her nipples. " They're so welcoming when you're all tied up like this, slave." Pinching them hard as he told her this in a whisper. He could feel himself growing in his jeans and couldn't wait to get her home.

"Please, Master. Please play with me a little more." She said breathlessly, silently he pulled his hand away and left her like that. She squirmed and panted in the seat next to him. All she wanted was for him to take her, to use her how she needed to be. That was her place, to do all she could to please him, and she loved it.

They were only a few minutes from his home and once again he reached over to her, quickly taking one of her nipples between his thumb and pointer finger, giving it one good hard pinch. It was hard enough to cause her to scream and she jerked forward in her seat toward his hand. He laughed at her as he pulled into his driveway and shut the ignition off and stepped out of his car. Without his smile once leaving his face he moved to her side and opened the door kissing her hard on the lips. She immediately pushed her head towards him, not wanting it to end as she breathed heavily through her nose. She wanted him to take her right here, right now and he pulled away. Giving a small whimpers she searched for his lips again but they were to far.

He uncuffed her and helped her out of the car, guiding her to her knees once again and pulled her to his front door. Gently he took the blindfold off her head and she stared up at him. She had so much lust in her eyes by now, but he could see the innocence she still held. Kneeling down beside her he kissed her on the forehead and whispered kindly to her.

"Slave this is my house, you know that." She nodded. "Good, and that means you follow MY rules at all times." She understood and nodded again. " Good, now no slave of mine will be wearing clothes under my roof, the only thing I want to see you crawling around is in that pretty little collar of yours. Unless I say otherwise, do you understand?"

"Yes, Master." She spoke quietly. He stood up but continued to look at her with a smile as he opened his door. Stepping inside he left just enough room for her to crawl through and she had a feeling of what was to come next.

"I'll see you in a minute then, slave.

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