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Stef fulfills her side of the bargain.

I slid in beside her spooning my body into hers.

"I'm sorry" I said "don't be angry: tell me about Avril." I placed my hand on the material of her knickers on her hip. "Go on tell me I know you want to."

She sighed "Well she just got very drunk. She was dancing with these two lads, she was sandwiched between the two of them on the dance floor, they were both grinding against her their hands all over her, then the one behind her started kissing her neck. It wasn't long before she was kissing both of them. She didn't care who saw her. She is married you know?"

"You said she left with one of them: she couldn't take him back to her place?"

"No quite a few of the lads had booked rooms in town, I expect they went there."

I stroked her hip. She was talking to me, I might still get sex tonight.

"One of the blokes out of my office asked me to go to his room."

Where did that come from?

"Say that again."

"Daryl asked me to go to his room with him."

My mind started racing I had always fantasied about watching her with other men.

"Who the hell is Daryl?" My cock stiffening in my pants.

"He is just in our office."

"What happened? What did you say? What did you do?" I wanted to sound angry but I was too excited.

"I just kissed him and told him to go home to his wife."

She kissed him. She said she had kissed him, not just told him to go home to his wife, but she had kissed him. "Tell me what happened."

"We were just standing at the bar, he was buying me a drink, and he just asked if I wanted to go to his hotel room."

"What! Out of the blue he just asked you, something must have happened before?"

"Well he had had a couple of dances and we had sat talking and drinking, he brought me quite a few drinks."

"And he just asked you? Nothing led up to him asking, he just asked?" I wanted all the details but I didn't want her to know how much imaging her kissing someone else was turning me on.

"He did feel my arse when we were dancing"

I moved my hand from her hip down between the two of us and placed it on her backside. Moving it gently I asked "Did he do it like this?"

"No, he was rougher he squeezed it and pinched me."

He had mauled my wife's arse. I squeezed it hard. "Like this?" I asked. She pushed herself back into me, I slid my hand beneath her and cupped her breast, stroking her nipple with my finger it was already stiff.

"Yes hard like that, he said I had a cute arse." She wriggled more. "He asked me to go to his room, I asked what for, and he said he wanted to fuck me."

I moved my hand around in front of her, I slipped it inside her panties and felt her pubic hair against my fingers, she kept her legs firmly clasped together. My cock had never felt so stiff; my wife had just told me that another man had asked her to go to his hotel room to fuck. I pressed her more. "So did he just ask you once?"

"No he kept asking, in the end I told him if he didn't stop then I would come home."

"So you stayed with him after he had asked you?" I tried to push a finger between her legs but she just clenched, I rolled her nipple between the fingers of my other hand.

"He was buying champagne, he was only flirting."

"When did you kiss him?"

"I told him I was tired and was going home, he came outside with me to see I found a taxi, it was very busy and very cold. I put my arm around him as we stood in the cold. He kept feeling my bum, I told him to stop. He kept asking me to go to his room with him. When I got to the front of the taxi rank he asked me again. I told him he should go home to his wife and I kissed him."

I raised my head above hers. "Show me how you kissed him." I was expecting her to kiss my cheek, instead she turned her head and kissed my lips, and opening her lips she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Had my wife really tongue kissed one of her colleagues? I felt her legs part slightly and I moved my hand between her legs. A warm wetness greeted me. My finger brushed through her pubic hair pushing into her wet cunt. "You wanted him to fuck you, didn't you?"

Breathing deeply "Yes" she replied.

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