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A Penny Dreadful fanfiction.

I looked up, attempting to meet the eyes of my savior and became overwhelmed by masculine nearness, underlined by the scent of Drakkar Noir, my favorite.

"A kiss for a rescuer?" He asked quietly. My breath caught and my throat dried up, preventing me from speaking. "Ah, perhaps later then" his deep voice held only a touch of disappointment, more of a promise. He righted me easily, and somehow both his hands were on my ass, his palms pushing me gently towards Lara and the champagne His fingers were long enough that they caressed the skin on the back of my thighs below the fabric. I turned to look over my shoulder, but he'd melted back into the shadows.

I returned to the champagne, but Lara was already gone, so I sipped quietly, listening to the sounds around me, some kissing noises, quiet whispers, an occasional soft moan in the darkness. The temperature of the room seemed to be rising rapidly. A finger trailed down my back and I shivered, hearing a deep approving "mmm" behind me. Turning, I could make out a guy about my height, stocky and broad, who was already stepping closer. "So baby, do you wanna do it on the couch?" He asked bluntly.

"Excuse me?" I replied, stepping back. He caught my wrist as I went to pull away.

"That's what we're here for, right? Do you want to be on top, or would you like it if I bent you over the couch? Maybe you'd prefer I stick it in your ass? Don't worry, I can be very accommodating."

His matter-of-factness was just enough to keep me from pressing my little red light. He wasn't trying to intimidate, simply ask the question of exactly where and how I would prefer to fuck him, right now. Despite the swirl of mental images his offer sent pinging through my head and the pinpricks of sensitivity I suddenly had from head to toe, this was going too fast.

"I think I'll just start with some champagne" I replied tentatively, waiting for the rejection backlash common from the bar scene I was used to.

To my surprise, I depicted the shadow of a negligent shrug. "Alright baby, I'd have liked to have gotten to you first, but maybe later if you change your mind" he replied in the same matter of fact tone. With that, he turned, and rejoined the darkness, where from the sounds of it he was met far more enthusiastically by the pair of women who'd entered together. I heard one of them as "Hey Dan, are you lonely?" as they converged on him.

Though Dan had gone, the images he'd inserted into my mind lingered after him. Riding on top of masculine flesh, feeling the fur rug beneath my knees, grasping the back of the couch as I felt myself impaled from behind, rocking back and forth, I felt my legs squirming as I stood there sipping my drink, the nervous tension from before hadn't disappeared, it had transformed into a new kind of tension, a heat that centered between my legs, drawing a direct line from my rapidly dampening groin to my nipples that were stiff under the scrap of fabric that confined them.

Momentarily adrift, I was glad to hear Lara's soft whisper as she grabbed my hand "Come here honey, I need your opinion.

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