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Kitty produces but Mark gets caught.

He wasn't going to use her just yet as much as he wanted to, he had promised Mistress Isobel she could have her first. Klein sighed. He turned to one of the valets.

"Stay outside the door Vlad, Don't let any slaves in."

"Yes sir."

And they left her alone. Felix stretched her arms above her head.

"Finally I'm out of there," she said to herself. She had her hands free. She looked down her naked body. The sedatives had dampened her sex drive, she hadn't even thought about sex since she came round. "What have they done to me?" she whispered quietly.

Fern pretended to get on with her duties as she watched the three men leave the room they had just taken Felix into and watched Vlad stand outside the room as the other two left. As soon as they were out of sight she went to go speak to Vlad. Usually she would never leave her duties but this was important. She bolstered up the courage and walked straight up to him.

"Vlad you have to let me see Felix." She blurt out. Vlad raised an eyebrow.

"Fern its not like you to go out of line."

"This is important!" she found herself shouting. "I NEED to see her, please!"

Vlad was torn, he'd get such a whipping if they found out that he let a slave go in.

"You got 5 minutes then you really have to get out of here." He looked around as he opened the door.

"Thankyou! thank you!"

"Shhh just go in! be quick about it!"

Fern went inside, her heart beating out of her chest. Then she saw her. In the cage. Cages freaked Fern out, she hated them since her first Mistress insisted on making her sleep in one. She tentatively walked over to Felix and crouched down. Felix was sleeping. Fern touched the cold metal of the cage and shuddered.

"Felix, Felix, wake up I don't have long......"

"Wow I like this dream I can see Fern......" Felix rubbed her eyes. "Fern? Fern! What are you doing here, do you know how much shit you could get in?"

"I don't care I had to see you, to warn you."

"Warn me?" Felix put her hand against the bars of the cage, hating the distance it kept her away from Fern. "What you mean? I'm back dude! Its all good now."

"No Felix it isn't. Klein said you have 5 months to prove yourself and not mess up or he'll put you away for good." She glanced round at the door. She didn't have much time left. "Roxy is out to get you, she wants you to mess up, she's gonna make you mess up!"


"Oh crap I gotta go.....Felix please be careful." Before Felix could reply she was gone.

Fern crept out the door and tried to walk away as casually as she could so she wouldn't be seen. But Roxy saw her leave.

Felix slumped onto the floor of the cage. She knew Roxy was a bitch but she didn't think she hated her enough to ruin her life. Felix boiled over with anger and punched the side of the cage leaving a dent. "Fucking bitch, FUCKING BITCH!" She screamed as she thrashed around. Eventually she grew tired and just lay there. Thinking.

What am I gonna do? I cant go back down there, I cant. She's gonna ruin everything. I have to be good, I have to be good. I Need to be good. Fuck it I'll behave, I'll do as I'm told even with Isobel. Fuck she hates me as well, why is everything such a mess and why cant I get horny! Fuck fuck fuck....

Fern tried to get on with the day after speaking to Felix but she was heavily distracted. After accidentally spilling hot tea down a Dominants lap she got dismissed. Humiliated she made her way to slaves quarters, maybe she could speak to Roxy, maybe reason with her. Mistress Isobel stepped in front of her. Fern immediately dropped to her knees.

"Where are you scurrying off to little slave?" Isobel said in an uncharacteristically friendly voice as she clipped a leash onto Fern's collar. Fern looked down, she hadn't been put on a leash for ages.

"Nowhere Mistress." Fern said quietly looking at the floor.

"Come with me then, come on." Isobel tugged on the leash and Fern reluctantly followed her.

Felix was still deep in thought and jumped when the door opened.

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