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Veronica looked shocked and concerned, then shook her head.

"I'll see you around then. It was nice meeting you, Dani."

"Likewise, Veronica."

Veronica scooted back into her bedroom as Thalia gathered her clothes, some books, and her computer.

"You have internet and wifi at your place, right Dani?"

"Yeah, and I have two assigned parking spaces, so you can use one. Doesn't get much use otherwise."

"You mean all your girlfriends flocking to your condo don't keep it filled?"

"Hasn't been used since my little sister came to visit me about six months ago."

"How is your sister going to cope with having a sister now instead of a brother?"

"Shit, never thought of that. Hell, my driver's license says I'm a male named Daniel, and has my old picture."

"We'll get that changed. Just don't get arrested in the meantime."

"I don't have any other siblings, and my parents have both passed already."

"Any other relatives to freak out?"

"A few cousins that I don't see very often anyhow."

Thalia drove her car and we went back to my place. I helped her get her stuff upstairs and put away in what would be her room, at least for the next few months. I was disappointed that Krista had put the kibosh on any potential relationship. Even if Thalia wasn't interested in a long term serious relationship, I had hoped for something.

My office was decent size and I certainly don't use it 24/7, so I let Thalia work out of the office except when I needed it. Though I never saw her make notes during the day, she spent several hours a day writing up what she observed of me. She spent time writing before we went out to dinner. I spent some time catching up on e-mail, voicemail, and texts from the past few days.

I had a number of consulting clients, most of whom I didn't necessarily see in person, just occasionally on phone or Skype conferences. I wasn't sure how most of my clients would take to my change, so I told them that due to a medical issue, I'd be dealing with them through a highly trusted associate, my sister Danielle. Most of them knew I'd been fighting cancer, so it wasn't too hard for them to believe. Definitely easier to deal with them while letting them think I was a middleman.

I did call one client as Danielle, and at first acted much as I normally would, then as they pushed back on a recommendation, I told them that I'd discuss the issue with Daniel, and let them know what he said. I little later I sent an e-mail to the client as Daniel confirming what I'd originally said. Just so they wouldn't think I was someone else using Daniel's e-mail, I asked about one of his kids and how they were doing with a problem he and I had privately discussed previously.

I know sexism exists, but until the client pushed back on Danielle's recommendations, had never faced it head on. Just something I'd have to learn to live with. Pretty obviously I eventually want to turn the business over to myself as Danielle, but I'll have to slowly back out as Daniel, and may need to keep an online presence as him for a while.

I had gotten in my condo okay before, but realized that I needed to tell them that Daniel was going to be away undergoing medical treatment, and while out his condo would be used by his sister Danielle and her friend Thalia. Of course that still left me with the issue of getting new driver's license, passport, etc as Danielle instead of Daniel.

After we'd both done our thing for a few hours, Thalia and I went out to dinner. We hit a nice Italian place near my condo, where I was a regular. At least Daniel was a regular, but Danielle on the other hand was just someone off the streets. I told them I was Daniel's sister and that did help, though they asked how and where Daniel was.

After dinner, Thalia took me to a club, which turned out to be primarily a hangout for lesbians.

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