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The second story of my amazing wife.

Now nude, she moved to her bed and fluffed the two pillows onto the headboard and then leaned back and spread her legs. She started slowly, first lightly caressing and tweaking her nipples, then moving down her belly and between her legs. Her slim fingers grazed the outer lips of her vagina before spreading them to again expose her fully erect clitoris.

After slowly stroking her clit for several seconds, she opened the drawer to her bedside table and rummaged around with one hand, eventually locating a small, bullet-shaped "personal" vibrator a friend had given her as a joke Christmas gift. That little joke had served Skye well in the subsequent months and she had grown addicted to the crashing orgasms the tiny bullet enabled her to have.

Grasping the vibe in once hand, Skye twisted the bottom to activate the unit and smiled as she felt....Nothing.

Disbelief turned to a mild panic as Skye remembered that the last time she used the vibe, she had run the batteries flat. Now, here she was, wet, panting, and throbbing in need of an orgasm and no help in hand.

She tried just using the vibrator to penetrate herself, but without the vibrations, it was no more useful than her fingers.

"Shit!" she muttered to herself as she lay in her bed, frustrated by the multiple sexual malfunctions that had characterized her day.

"I wonder if Mom and Dad have batteries in the kitchen," she muttered as she scrambled out of the bed and padded, nude, to the other end of the house.

A frantic search of the kitchen and laundry room turned up nothing. About to sob with frustration, she glanced into her parent's bedroom, the one room in the house where Skye rarely ventured.

From as early as she could remember, her parents had established and reinforced the idea that, while she was not forbidden to enter their bedroom, it was their territory and she was not to just wander in there any time she wanted. Skye hesitated, considering the possibilities, but her hand wandered over her smooth belly and across here throbbing clit and the rationalizations that comes with being horny set in..

"They're at work and won't be home until after 5:00," she muttered to herself. "I'll only look in Mom's bedside table and if there are no batteries, I'll just have to finger myself."

Taking a deep breath, she slowly walked across the room. It was eerily quiet and felt almost spooky to be in her parents' room when they weren't even in the house.

The room was dominated by a tall four-post queen bed centered on one wall. Bedside tables stood on each side of the bed,. A dresser, overstuffed chair, a full length dressing mirror and a rather large padded bench at the foot of the bed along with lamps and plush rugs at each side of the bed completed the room. As usual with her mom and dad, the bed was made and everything was neat and in place.

Glancing around as she walked across the room, Skye was somewhat startled to see what seemed to be a pair of sheer bikini panties laying on her father's pillow. Like most eighteen year-olds, she refused to think about her parents' sexuality, so this little item was an eye-opener. She paused and briefly wondered how her mom's panties, sexy panties at that, ended up on her dad's pillow, but she was on a mission to find batteries for her vibe and let the question pass without further consideration.

Hesitantly, she walked to her mother's side of the bed, and leaned over to carefully open the drawer to the bedside table. As the contents of the drawer came into view, she frowned in puzzlement then gasped in shocked surprise at what she saw.

"Oh Jesus!" Skye blurted as the realization dawned that the drawer contained a fairly broad array of sex toys, including dildos and vibrators of various sizes as well as containers of a variety personal lubricant.

Pausing only to momentarily to stare in dismay, Skye slammed the drawer shut and quickly retreated to her bedroom with both her pulse and mind racing.

"What the hell is Mom doing with all that stuff?" she asked herself aloud as she lay on the bed and stared at the

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