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Just fillin' in some family history.

I've never felt such an immediate reaction to anyone and am convinced it's because I'm so vulnerable.

You start chatting with me - comfortably, easily - and I begin to relax - as relaxed as I could be with your warm hand on mine. Without realizing that you ordered, another round of drinks arrive. You ask me to dance and I'm drawn to your tall frame. You take me easily on the dance floor and lead flawlessly with your hand at the small of my back, constantly looking at me. You don't realize what your closeness and your eye contact are doing, but I can no longer think of any problems, just this man in my arms and the reaction in my body.

We are dancing our second dance, slow and close, and you tilt my chin up and say, "I realize I don't even know you're name," I said.

You cover my mouth with your finger and say - "Let's just keep this perfect and we can introduce later." Then you replace your finger on my lips with the softest kiss, quick, light, electric. You pull back - you felt the electricity, too. You lean in and again take my lips - this time with hunger, passion you didn't know existed - passion I didn't know existed.

You take my hand, and lead us back to the table where you lift the suitcase I had with me and I follow you. We go to the elevator where the elevator attendant greets you by name and pushes the top floor button. I am tingling still from the kiss not knowing where this night will lead but the excitement is filling my every pore. We get off the elevator and you open the door to the largest suite I've ever seen. You turn around and kiss me again - more hunger, more passion - sweet and strong. I lose myself in your kiss - I've never felt the power of a kiss like this and I was engaged. That fact alone freed me from my past and I gave you everything in my kiss.

You noticed the change - not knowing what it was from, but not caring either. "I have more than enough space for you to have your own room and say the word and I won't touch you again and you have a place to stay for the week here while I'm here. But know that I want you and I want you now."

I look up to you and stand on my tip toes with my heels and kiss you - hoping you understand that it's ok. But you need the words. "Tell me what you want and it's yours, my dear."

"I want you too. I don't know you, but I have never wanted anyone more." You bend down and put one arm under my knees and the other under my head and you carry me to your room in the suite. It is elegant but I don't see it - I only see and feel you. You put me down and we are staring at each other standing up. Your hands on my waist, you kiss me again. I felt this kiss deep inside, the flow of the river inside me is powerful. You deftly unzip my short cocktail dress and let it fall to the floor revealing a lacy black one-piece teddy with garter straps and black stockings. I'm in high heels. You are staring at my whole body and I've never received a nicer compliment than your face as you took me in. I'm pale against the black and you're still in your white dress shirt and slacks.

I start to unbutton you and you stop me.

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