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Good back massage leads to surprising ecstasy.

"Then I get her," I point at the latino girl beside him.

She slides her shades back up over her face, her look betraying nothing. He thinks a moment, and the crowd is so silent I can hear all their hearts beating, a staccato chorus of life, their breaths held in anticipation.


Glances pass around and I speak again, "One conditon though."

He has that look that says "Yeah, I thought so."

"And that is?"

"The loser gets to watch. Has to watch."

He laughs, "You are a real masochist aren't you man. If that's what you want."

The others laugh too, and they begin to leave, making their way to the starting line. I feel Lez back away, heading towards my Camaro, and Tanner retreats towards his own. The latino girl walks up to me, my face reflected in her shades. "Maria," she says without preamble. She grabs my crotch, "I hope you win gringo." She turns and walks away, her shapely ass tightly accented by the leather pants she wears.


Once I lived for the race. Just like all these others, it was my life's blood. The adrenaline rush as the RPMs climbed into the red were the greatest climax of my life. Now, my heart doesn't even beat, and I feel no excitement as I slam the Camaro into fourth gear and the engine howls like a hungry beast. It's a means to an end now, no more than a cheap circus ride. My opponents are no challenge. My skill, my reflexes, make me unbeatable. I don't race to win, I race to lose.

I know Lez stands at the finish line, contemplating what will happen. This is a new game for her, we haven't played it before, but she knows the outcome. Tanner's lime green Nissan struggles to pull in the lead beside me. I glance out my window and see the determined look on his face. He has never lost. Tonight will be no different.

I ease back on my stance on the gas pedal. I let him nudge ahead just as we reach the finish line. I can't make it too easy, I have to let him feel like he earned it. We blast across the finish, his car's nose nudging across first, and we slow to a halt beside each other.

When we exit, a good part of the crowd has caught up to us. The grin on his face shows he never doubted himself. "Good race bro, but you lose. You aren't going to back out on me are you? I'm looking forward to getting a piece of your bitch."

"I keep my bets."

He's smug, self-assured, arrogant. "You ready to watch? You ready to see what I have in store for her?"

I don't answer him. I see two of his friends leading Lez up, they already have her hands in cuffs. She is playing afraid, and fake tears filled with black mascara stain her face. "Krow?" she pleads.

Just before I turn my back I see Maria, and I feel her cool glance from beneath her shades. "Where to?"

I hear Tanner address his friends, "Throw her in the trunk." He turns back to me, "You just follow bro...if you can keep up."

Keeping up is not a problem, and we rendezvous at a warehouse, a chop shop where cars are turned into sleek racing machines. As we walk in, the smell of oil and grease fill the air, and a bare bulb dangling from the ceiling provides light. Tool kits, spare parts, tires, gasoline, a rack fill the room. He has brought his two friends and Maria. The two friends drag Lez from the trunk as Tanner opens an old refrigerator and pulls out a six pack of beer. "Wanna drink bro?"

"Not yet," I say.

He chuckles, "Help yourself when you are ready."

He snaps the can open, takes a long chug and looks at me. "Now, before my friends and I fuck your woman, do we need to cuff you too? Or are you gonna be able to handle it?"

Lez lets out a sincere sounding whimper, and twists in the arms of his friends. I try not to smile, finally, I can feel the excitement growing inside, my own hunger peeked as my prey falls closer within my grasp.

"I'll be fine. Just do it."

"Oh whoa, no rush. We got all night right? We gonna do her right. We gonna make so she never forgets us bro."

Lez tries to pull away and Tanner walks up to her, taking another long swig from his beer.

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