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George finds love from his niece.

This is somewhere he had been before and he expertly unzipped the front of David's pants; he popped in a couple of fingers and extracted David's rock hard prick. Fergus put a hand on my chest and prevented me from immediately devouring the cock that stood between us.

"Gently Peter. Just follow my lead; copy everything I do."

Gently, oh so gently he placed his forefinger on top and thumb on the bottom of the cock shaft and moved them up and down the length of David's prick. His touch was feather light and several times the prick leaped as if it had a mind of its own. My turn now; I imitated his movements and was delighted to achieve the same results. The prick stood alone now as the item of our desires; I know Dave was attached to it but the prick was all we concentrated on.

Next it was just the forefinger resting on the fraenum and moving just slightly causing the prick to leap and buck, but each time coming to rest again on the finger. Then it was just lightly squeezing the fraenum between finger and thumb and holding it steady as it tried each time to break free.

As we were manipulating David's cock my own cock was desperate to be touched but when my free hand dropped to touch it Fergus shook his head and said "No."

The fingering lasted a little while longer but David seemed to be in some discomfort and was begging us to "Stop fucking around and suck the dam thing."

Fergus now grabbed the shaft and pulling the prick round to his face kissed the glans; now he pushed it across to me and I repeated the action. Fergus retrieved the object of his desire and closed his lips round the entire glans. His tongue was flicking across the end of David's cock and then I saw Fergus's cheeks sink as he sucked hard on the prick. After a few seconds it was my turn; the end of the cock glided into my mouth and as Fergus had done I worked my tongue over the end of the penis. Then I sucked on it like it was my favourite lollipop. My eyes met Fergus's eyes and I realised I was happy; I was happy to b sucking cock and I was happy for someone to see me doing it.

I half released the cock but kept my lips on the glans. Fergus now moved forward and applied his lips to the other side of the glans. Then in synchronisation our lips moved up and down the shaft and each time we reached the glans end our lips briefly touched before starting the trip back towards David's balls.

Fergus and I now had something going and on the next trip to the end of Dave's cock we released it and went into a passionate kiss. Tongues intertwined and wrestled together; David now saw fit to push his cock between our lips and started to thrust backwards and forwards between our lips as though fucking a woman. We stayed perfectly still and allowed David to fuck our lips.

Now Fergus turned his head and took the full cock into his mouth. His lips moved down and down the shaft till the cock butted up against his throat; then he eased backwards and held the cock in his mouth for a few seconds before releasing it. For a terrible moment I thought David had come in his mouth but then realised that it was only spit that was reluctant to make the break between cock and lips.

My turn now! When I had sucked David's cock before it had been frantic and the moments had been stolen but now it was deliberate and I could savour the seconds to the full as his prick slid into my mouth; my lips made their way slowly and deliberately down his cock; his penis filled my mouth and I could taste the musk of his cock. I had a man's cock in my mouth and it was good. As I pulled my lips back over his cock I squeezed them and hoped he might reach a climax. I didn't want to let go but Fergus had other ideas and pushed my head back thus releasing Dave's cock.

Fergus took the cock in hand and turned to me and said, "Watch and learn. The master will now show you how to really take a cock."

I watched in fascination as the

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