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She found out a little too late how a security system can help.

I felt myself cross this divide and progress rapidly towards my climax. I found myself panting, my hips thrusting, spikes of pleasure shooting from my nipples as Charles and Penny squeezed them hard, sending bolts of electricity directly to my clit and with a scream I came hard, writhing on the bed between their bodies as I surrendered to wave after wave of incredible sensation that annihilated me completely.

I heard myself shouting, as if from a distance, "OOOOHHHHH, YESSSS, YESSSS, YESSSSSSSS, OOOOOHHHHH!!" as an incredible orgasm gripped my body and shook me, hard and continuously, while Penny and Chares continued their inexorable stimulation.

After several lifetimes I started to come down from my peak and lay there, panting for breath, while they slowed their stimulation, smiling at me broadly as they observed the effects they had on me.

"Oh, thank you, thank you both so much," I managed after my breathing had slowed a little. "That was absolutely divine, completely out of this world."

I gave them each a sloppy sexy kiss then flopped sideways onto my back, my body still twitching as they watched me. They then looked at each other.

"You up for some more?" asked Charles of Penny.
"Oh yes, darling. Fuck me good," replied Penny.

Charles threw Penny's legs over his shoulders as she lay on her back, then plunged his massive hard cock into her gaping love tunnel. It slipped in easily, having been well prepared with my fingers, and he ground his pubic bone against her clit, eliciting a shrill yelp from Penny before she then pressed harder against him. I moved around behind her head and reached forward to squeeze and caress her nipples while Charles thrust into her, hard and deep.

The intensity of their love making was such that it couldn't last for long. After only a very few minutes Penny was gasping for air, her breathing fast and erratic as Charles pumped into her like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly Penny froze, her body going rigid as she let out a high pitched scream of ecstasy, cumming hard, completely impaled on Charles' massive organ. I squeezed her nipples hard as she writhed on the bed despite Charles' weight on her.

It took a long time for Penny to return to earth from wherever her orgasm had taken her. Slowly her breathing became more regular and slowed and she opened her eyes to look firstly at Charles, then at me as her body stopped shuddering. Charles gazed down at her lovingly, as he also gazed at me, and then slowly resumed his movements inside her. He hadn't cum yet.

I left my position by Penny's head and shuffled around until I was between Charles' legs. Here I had a perfect view of his cock plunging and out of Penny's sopping cunt, his balls swinging in their sac against her ass. I reached out and grasped his balls, my hand moving back and forth in time with his motion. I tightened my finger and thumb around the neck of his sac and pulled them downwards gently. I'd heard it said that pulling a guy's balls down like this prevented or delayed his orgasm; now was a good time to find out.

I began by decreasing the movement of my hand, allowing him to stretch his balls downward each time he thrust into Penny. I then stopped my hand altogether so that when he was out as far as he was able his balls were in their natural position but when he thrust he stretched the ball sac. The deeper the thrust the greater the stretch. He was thrusting deeply, at least five inches, so his balls were stretched that much each time, eliciting a grunt, possibly of pain, with each thrust. I also squeezed harder, compressing his balls with my hand.

Charles was obviously quite fit.

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