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A broken man finds new hope.

She'd been completely honest with him, sharing details of her past and being completely open about her preferences. She wasn't tied one way or the other with being with women or men. She was open to loving relationships and she was interested in monogamy so whomever she decided to be with, male or female, was going to be the recipient of all of her love and affection, and she expect the same back in return.

It was a typical Friday night and the pair had just settled in after dinner to listen to some music and relax for the evening at Marcus's crib. Neither of them were big fans of television so when Karen suggested that they watch a movie, it sounded like a great and novel idea to both of them. There was no TV in the living room; it was hidden in an armoire in the bedroom. Karen made her way to the bedroom with a copy of the DVD Chocolat in one hand and her shoes in the other while Marcus was off to the kitchen to make popcorn and open a bottle of wine. He was carrying the tray up the stairs when he froze in his tracks. He almost dropped the goodies out of sheer terror. He could hear the sounds from the television coming down the hall.

Karen has made her way to the bedroom to start the movie. There were three remote controls and she was just pushing combinations of all of them trying to get the DVD to play. Marcus still has a combination DVD/VCR player and when the screen flickered and images appeared she quickly climbed on the bed to get comfortable. She was ready to call out to Marcus to hurry up when what she saw made the words freeze in her throat. There, live and in living color was a video of two men engaged in some serious, hot, and heavy action. Karen stared at the scene, two men licking and sucking and fucking, but it was more than just typical porn, it was almost as if they were making love. Karen shifted on the bed, pulling her legs up under her, drawn to the action and afraid to look away but almost sure she should turn it off before Marcus got there. In an instant, Karen realized that the porno on the screen wasn't a regular porno; it was a homemade video. It was a homemade video of Marcus with another man. She gasped out loud and looked up to see Marcus standing in the doorway with a look of sheer terror on his face.

She scrambled for the remotes, trying to find the one that would turn off the video but she was pushing buttons in vain. For a full minute, she was fumbling, cursing, and pushing more buttons trying to turn off the video. Finally, she pushed the right one and the screen went to blue. Blue easily described the look on Marcus' face as she turned to apologize for the accidental invasion of privacy.

"I'm sorry . . . . I . . . I . . . I didn't mean to . . . I'm so sorry."

Looking dejected and broken, Marcus set down the tray and sat on the edge of the bed to keep from falling down. He whispered, "There's no need to apologize, I'm sorry for being dishonest for all these months."

It was in that moment, Karen froze. It hadn't occurred to her that the video might be current. They had spent every moment together possible and there wasn't any time that Marcus's whereabouts weren't unaccounted for, or so she thought. She was scrambling for her shoes and trying to make her way out of there without crying. "I thought, I thought we had something special," she said, sniffing and holding back the tears. "I never thought you would be capable of cheating."

Marcus was dumbfounded.

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