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Adventures of two guys on the road.

Vickie fell to Richard the next round and added her trimmed pussy to the line along the wall.

With just the two of us left and both down to the last piece of clothing this was the final hand. I drew the first card and flipped it over to reveal a three. Richard smiled and turned a card without looking. Neither of us could believe it, as the two of clubs settled to the table. "Get them off and get over here" Peggy said; "I am getting tired of standing this way."

Richard dropped his boxers to reveal an erect cock that was maybe an inch or so shorter than the other two but was at last twice as big around.

Peggy got out a notebook and wrote the names of all three couples at the top of the page. Under Vickie's name and mine she put 200 + 100. Peggy then said: "Now since Dan won Vickie is eliminated from the bonus part of the game."

She looked at Cindy and nodded towards the table. Cindy reached over and turned over an 8. Carl started to get a card when Peggy told him not to. "Males do not participate in the bonus round." She then reached in and flipped over a Queen.

I asked what that was about. Peggy said: "I just won, that means I get to be your bed partner for tonight. Since spouses are not allowed to sleep together at night then Vickie will go with Carl and Cindy will go with Richard. Tomorrow night you get Cindy, I get Carl and Richard gets Vickie. Now lets get to bed. You have a long hard night ahead of you and more surprises tomorrow. The breakfast game starts at 8:00 am, don't be late or it will cost you much needed points. "

With that she grabbed my cock through my boxers and pulled me towards one of the bedrooms. I looked back and saw Carl reach over and squeeze Vickie's big breasts while Cindy was trying to fit Richard's fat cock into her mouth.

In the bedroom Peggy pulled my boxers down, getting her first look at my uncut dick. Licking her lips she said: "That looks good, I have never sucked one with a foreskin before." Then looking in my eyes she ask "How do you like the games so far?"

"I think I like it." I replied. "To be honest with you, I am just a little apprehensive about Vickie fucking someone else. I think it is just a macho thing thou. You are the first naked woman I have seen, other than Vickie, since we got married."

"Do you approve of my body, I am pretty skinny compared to the other girls and do not have much in the tit department."

"I think you look great." I replied. "I have gotten glimpses of your breasts before and have had fantasies about you from time to time. I hope that does not make you angry."

"No, I think it is sexy. I like to show off what little I have. Probably when you got a peak at me it was because I was trying to show you. It makes me hot knowing that you may have jacked-off thinking about me. Now get on the bed, I want to get started on that wonderful looking cock."

I lay back on the bed while she crawled between my legs and started kissing and sucking my balls. She then licked up the shaft of my dick, took her hand and pulled the foreskin back, and licked her way around the head. I was in ecstasy. As Peggy began trying to stuff as much of me as she could into her mouth I asked her to turn around so I could return the favor.

She got on top of me in the 69 position and lowered her hairless cunt to my mouth. I parted her lips with my tongue then slowly flicked it across her clit. Her little love button started to puff up. I took it between my lips and gently sucked it while still rubbing it with my tongue. Suddenly she sat up straight, and ground her pussy down on my mouth. I stuck my tongue up it as far as I could and could feel her spasm around it. I was surprised when my mouth was blasted with a spray of cum. I had heard of women who squirted when they came but this was the first time I had experienced one.

Peggy moved off my face and said: "I'm sorry, I usually don't cum that fast and Richard does not like me to squirt in his mouth."

I pulled her face to mine and kissed her on the lips.

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