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Jason sees a vision in white.

Maybe it was just physical, but maybe it was more. She didn't know, but she knew she had to find out because this wasn't going away. Tiptoeing down the hall, she opened his bedroom door and slipped inside. His silhouette in the moonlight made her heart feel lighter. Several girls at her sorority had mentioned that they thought her dad was cute. She suspected it was more because of the way he fussed over her than his looks. He didn't just say he loved her, he showed it in the things he was constantly doing for her. Some of the girls had father's that could care less about them or had even beaten them when they were growing up. She was pretty sure they would trade places with her.

Dan woke up as Stacy sat on the bed and slipped under the covers. "Are you all right?"

"I can't sleep." She scooted over to be next to him.

He felt her body next to his, her body heat felt nice. "I haven't had anyone in bed with me since your mom."

Stacy slept in an oversized football tee-shirt. She pressed herself into him and laid her head on his chest. "How come you haven't dated since mom died?"

He felt her fingers start to play with the hair on his chest. "I didn't want anyone to come into our lives and make you feel uncomfortable or anything."

She kissed his neck. "Dad, I wasn't even trying to turn you on today but you still got hard. Don't you take care of that for yourself?"

Her lips on his neck, and her fingers playing made it difficult to talk. "No I don't. Why am I having this conversation with my daughter?" His cock had started to grow as she teased him and he was grateful that he was covered by a blanket.

As her fingers played, Stacy had rubbed herself against him and now her nipples were getting hard. "Do you think I look like mom?"

Dan held her close as he pictured his wife and absently brushed his hand in her hair. "Yes and no. You have her hair with the multiple layers of different color blonde." He let her curls cascade around his fingers. It feels soft and luxurious just like hers did. She used to let me play as much as I wanted to. You keep yours longer than she did which only makes this more fun."

Stacy was having trouble breathing as her dad played. Raising her head, she looked into his eyes.

"I look into your big blue eyes and I see your mother looking back at me. Yours are the same light shade as hers only yours are brighter. Those are eyes a man could get lost in. I did and I never wanted to find my way out.

What he was saying was making her light headed. All the stupid boys couldn't get past her looks to find out about the woman underneath. She was actually very lonely and his gentle touch was making her wet. "How did you do it? Mom was pretty, so how did you get past her outside to find the inside?"

"I met your mother in a park. She had found a puppy that was lost and she was trying to find out who it belonged to. I helped her and it took us about an hour but we did it. I asked if she would like something to drink and she accepted."

"Don't tell me, let me guess, chocolate milkshake right?"

He chuckled, "Yeah, and a large order of curly fries to split. We were both surprised because we thought only an hour had passed as we sat and talked and it had actually been three hours. She was very lonely even though she was pretty."

"I know the feeling."

"Do you?"

A heavy sigh escaped, "I haven't had a boyfriend since high school."

"But you're a junior in college. Surely you could find a guy."

"Oh I can find all of the guys I want. I'm pretty and have big breasts and that is enough for them."

"But that isn't enough for you is it?"

"No. I want someone to find 'the me' on the inside."

Your mom actually thanked me for looking at her face when we talked and not her chest. I walked her home and I kissed her. We started dating after that. It wasn't until our fifth date that she kissed me and it was me returning the kiss."

"Show me your first kiss."

"Are you sure? I mean - because of this afternoon."

His touch had made her enti

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