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A Day in the Life of a Gay Sex Slave.

As a last thought I opened the box of jewellery and selected chain with a silver pendant to wear. Then I checked the backdoor but it was already locked so I slowly and nervously went to the front door. It was left open so I peeked through the screen feeling overcome with fear seeing my father's car in the driveway next door. I just hoped that they wouldn't be looking out of the windows right now and with sweating hands I closed the door checking to make sure it locked, I walked quickly to the car.

My heart was racing and I could barely breathe as I got in and stared at the front windows of my parent's home waiting to see the curtains open. Daddy backed slowly out of the drive as I held my breath in fear until he finally turned and started to drive away. Daddy laughed at me as I let out gust of air and took in a deep breath again.

"Now see," he chuckled, "That wasn't so bad was it?"

"Maybe not for you," I replied pertly. "I thought I'd pee myself if the curtains opened."

Daddy roared with laughter and said, "Well they didn't and you didn't so I guess it's safe to go on eh sissy."

"Where are we going daddy?" I asked.

"Just a little diner of some friends of mine, where they'll be happy to see you." He replied grinning.

"Mr. Lester and Mr. Davis's," I asked excitedly, "do you think Paul and Felix will be there too?"

Daddy smiled, reached his hand to my thigh and pulled me closer to him and said," I'm sure they'll be there, I called Leo while you were in the tub and told them we were coming."

I suddenly felt very excited to be seeing the guys and finally being dressed up as my real self for them as I snuggled up to daddy's side and rested a hand on his thigh. He patted and rubbed my thigh with his hand as we silently drove the rest of the way.

The parking lot we pulled into was large and quite full and I started to feel a bit nervous about being here dressed like a young school girl. I looked forward to seeing my four friends especially the boys but I was sure that some of the other people might recognize me for what I really was. I stayed close as I could to daddy's side holding on to his arm as we walked through the door. I didn't remember ever coming here with my parents before and was unsure of what to expect.

I was a little relieved to see that the inside was dimly lit with candles on every table but the place looked packed with customers. Then I saw Paul walking towards us and he looked so handsome in his tight white dress shirt and black dress pants. The material of his slacks fit so snug against his legs I could easily so the bulge his penis made and I shivered remembering how good it tasted.

"Good evening Mr. Clark," he said coming nearer then he looked at me and his eyes grew larger, "Kary is that you?"

"I almost didn't recognize you at first," he exclaimed pulling me close to him for a hug and whispered into my ear, "I can't believe how beautiful you are."

"Hy Paul," I said as I melted into his hard body feeling my little penis start to grow, "Thank you."

"Sorry sir," Paul spoke to daddy, "your table is ready sir, if you'll follow me please."

Daddy just waved his hand in assent and Paul turned to lead us through diner. Daddy guided me ahead him right behind Paul and I could feel the other patrons eyes on me as I followed him past their tables but I only saw his bum flexing inside those tight pants. We where led to a small table in the back corner and Paul held my chair for me making me feel so special. A waitress arrived and placed napkin and a drink in front of daddy before looking at me with a smile.

"Would you like something from the bar miss?" she asked.

"Ummm, no thank you," I replied in awe, "Maybe a strawberry milkshake please."

"I'll let my father know you're here Mr. Clark," Paul said and looked at me, "it's good to finally see you Kary, I hope you enjoy your dinner."

I t all felt so unreal to me being called miss by the waitress as she looked smiling at me.

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