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Kirsten Dunst comes to a party.


"Jesus, the shit I do for you!" Christi let out a laugh of resignation. "Well, okay. Here I go...waking up the neighbors!" My mind played out the scene that I could only imagine. In the soft glow of the Tiffany lamp by the bed side, Christi slowly pushed the oversized shirt open wide, exposing the creamy smooth flesh beneath. I felt as if I could almost reach out and take the protruding nipples between my lips....trace the outline of the small tattoo on her upper left breast with my tongue.

I squeezed the bulge at the front of my jeans with my left hand, as I held the cell phone clutched tightly in my right. My "mental tongue" lazily made it's way down Christi's burning flesh, teeth nipping at the belly button ring in her navel. This was becoming unbearable, my fever rising rapidly.

"Oh fuck!"

"What is it Christi? Tell me babe."

"I think I can see that one guy...the one who has that yellow mustang in the next building...I think he's got binoculars or something. Shit! Now his light's off, but I know for a fact he's looking at me with binoculars!"

"Keep those covers off, Christy," I said sternly, my voice thick with arousal.



"Oh, God...yes they're off. I am absolutely bare. Well, at least I hope he's enjoying this."

"I'm sure he me." I rubbed the palm of my hand yet harder against the rough denim fabric covering my throbbing cock. "Christi..."


"Christi, lick your fingers and then wet your nipples...make them hard."

"Okay...but they're already hard."

"Make them with them for me."

"Mmmm," she moaned. "Feels good.'" "Now.....keep playing with your nipples with your left hand, and slide your right hand down your stomach...all the way. But slowly....deliberately...."

I could hear the passion building within the words as she whispered, "Slowly moving down....down.... Ohhh, yes. I'm touching myself for you now. My pussy is so wet! I want to make myself cum. I want to cum for you now...Holy shit!' "Holy shit?' I exclaimed in surprise.

"The mustang guy! He turned a light on again. He is looking through binoculars...but for Christ's sake he's got all his clothes off now and he looks like he's jacking off!"

"Forget about him baby...just concentrate on playing with yourself for me. I want to taste you so bad. Taste yourself for me Christi! Smear your juice all over your face...suck your wet fingers. Come on Baby..."

"Ummmm...yummy," she whispered as she did as I asked. "You know," she said in a husky voice, "Mustang man has a pretty big cock....ohhh, this feels so good.. My face is all sticky with my cum...I'm stroking my clit for you. Ohhhh...mmmm. Mikey, I'm getting close, honey...I think I'm gonna cum soon....", then, "God damnit! Somebodies ringing the fucking doorbell! Mmmmm....Fuck em...I'm going make myself cum!"

"Christi, no! Go answer the doorbell!"

"Noooo! Christ... I wanna cum!" she cried. I heard the desperation in her voice, knowing that she was furiously pummeling her throbbing clit.

" me! Go open the door....naked!"


"Naked, Christi! Now!" I heard the sound of the phone being slammed down on the night stand, and the sound of Christi's panting voice, cursing as it receded in the distance...

Not caring at all who was at the door, Christi flung the sleeping shirt on the floor as she ran to the door. Two of the fingers on her right hand still clutching and rubbing her freely flowing pussy, she threw it wide open, jaw dropping as she found herself standing face to face with..... me. Without a word I pulled her to me and crushed her mouth with mine, our tongues fighting a fierce duel, me sucking at the stud she wore there...our hands grabbing at each other as if we were afraid it was only a vision and might disappear.

A throaty growl sounded deep in her throat.

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