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My wife met a man at a bar or did she.


"One!" Leo yelled as if he'd won already. I got back up on my feet without touching anything, but as I started going through a square sector my jacket hit the bottom piece of yarn.

"Two, it counts and you know it!" Leo exclaimed

"Yes I know!" I yelled back as I zipped up my jacket and made my way through the yarn. I went on through and by the time I was finished with the course and on the other side of the room a total 5 points.

"I'd like to see you beat that Leo" I said as I sat to watch his turn.

"Oh you better pay really good attention Dare Bear..."

"Never call me that."

"...Because I am going to pull out my trump card for this." He was jumping around like he was getting ready to fight Apollo Creed.

"Hurry up and start Little Leo I got plan..." I couldn't continue my sentence Leo had started to strip off his clothes, first his shirt revealing more of his dark brown skin, almost like mine, a very slender frame with a thin six pack, unlike me, also a somewhat filled out chest and little nipples that were hardened from the sudden unveiling. Leo then proceeded to take off his shoes and socks, then came the pants and tighty whities all in one motion. His broad size 12 shoe feet gave a base for his thin, stick like, legs which led to his 4" soft penis. I instantly popped a boner, this being the first naked body I've ever seen, outside of porn, so I crossed my legs and gave a nervous laugh at this body that I really, really, wanted.

"What are you doing?" I asked already knowing his answer.

"I'm not losing any points due to clothing errors" He replied still hopping around with his penis flopping in the wind, my eyes following every movement. He had almost tripped over the pants he just shed he turned to toss them aside and in doing so revealed the most beautiful black butt I'd ever seen. HOW HAD I NOT NOTICED THIS BEFORE, I asked myself. He then started floating like a butterfly again and his butt jiggled a little extra each time he touched the ground. I had to turn away as I almost came in my pants right there. As Leo started to go through the first string I stopped him.

"Wanna make this interesting LITTLE Leo" I made sure to stress the little as any good straight boy would.

"Sure, I'm up for any bet." He said somewhat eagerly.

"I know you suck at this game and you know you suck as this game, naked or not, we know I win." I sounded as cocky as I could with a literal cock bulging between my legs that might as well have been pounding at my zipper with a hammer. "I make this offer, if you get through with more than 10 points then I win and I get 10 pictures of you naked in various poses."

Leo blushed and hid his face with his hand "What hell no! Knowing you, you would put those pics on the internet!"

"Oh I could do that too" I smirked indicated I had far worse plans. "Okay look, if you get through with under 10 points, I'll suck your dick."

Leo looked at me with a questioning gaze. "Okay" he quickly said as he started his way through the maze.

"One" I said as he touched his first string, "two...three...four...five, you are really bad at this game...six, I" And that's when he was done at the other end.

Leo started smiling, then laughing "Ha ha ha, suck my dick!" he said pointing to my, I mean his, prize. I got up from the chair and onto my knees, at this point I didn't care if I seemed too eager, I basically through him against the wall and gobbled his soft dick in my mouth, I started bobbing up and down on it just as I had seen in the many flicks I've seen. Leo's head went back and hit against the wall, I looked up and laughed and as I inhaled, his dick started to grow and stiffen within my mouth until it was at his full 6 inches rock hard. As I continued the blowjob, Leo continued to writhe in pleasure.

"Awe man yes!" he exclaimed "Shit, you are good, ugh."

"Why thank you" I said as I started to lick his low hanging ball sack while jacking him off.

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