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A summer of wild debauchery begins...

He told me that I could mail the key back to him. Then he winked at me. "Have a good time! The fresh mountain air makes for great sex! I know!" So much for fooling him about the reason I wanted the cabin!

I called Jenn and told her that we were going to a mountain cabin, and that all she needed to pack was her clothes, toiletries, and similar stuff. I told her that I would take care of the sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, washcloths, etc. I reminded her that the temperatures were cooler in the mountains, particularly at night, and not nearly as warm as we were experiencing in early June.

We agreed to sneak away and leave just before noon on Friday when both of our roommates would be at lunch. Jenn asked about food, and I told her there was a store about a half-hour from the cabin where we could buy perishables on our way in. We agreed to split that expense.

Over the next two days Jenn slipped me several small plastic bags of clothes which I stashed in my VW Bug. She obviously didn't want anyone to see her carrying out a suitcase on Friday and then bringing it back on Sunday! I bought some sheets and a pillowcase on sale at the local K-Mart, and I added my camping blanket, a cooler, and some other supplies.

I made one decision that caused a chain of events that determined the rest of my life. I didn't pack any condoms. I told myself that I was worried Jenn might see them, and I didn't want her defenses to be any higher than normal. But the real reason was even more childish. She had teased me for two years, and I wanted her surrender to be absolutely complete.

I hadn't changed my basic plan. I wanted to arouse Jenn to the point where fucking me was more important to her than anything else, including the possibility of being impregnated during unprotected sex. I wanted to feel Jenn's pulsing cunt squeezing my cock as my cum made that intimate connection especially slippery. I wanted us both to watch as my cum seeped out of her pussy lips.

I withdrew all but a few dollars from my minuscule savings account. Since I knew Jenn's bra and panty sizes, I was able to buy a really sexy black negligee top with really tiny bikini-panty bottoms for her to wear at the cabin. Of course she expected to be wearing other things, but I decided I would surprise her. I fully expected to talk her - well, arouse her, actually - away from her no-intercourse stance. I fully expected to get laid no matter what her plans were.

I had to study for two more final exams. I managed somehow, in spite of being almost constantly hard thinking about Jenn's sweet-smelling pussy covered with those tight little blonde curls. I kept thinking about how my penis would look, wet and slippery, sliding in and out of her through that thicket of soft, blonde fur. I could imagine her moaning with each in-and-out thrust. Would she really moan? Would she scream? Would she tremble and shake? How wildly would she climax? How would her pussy feel as it gripped my organ?


Finally it was Friday, exams were over, and everything was stashed in the Bug. I drove to the spot we'd selected for Jenn to join me. I was afraid that she might not show up, but she appeared right on time, tossed another small package of clothes into the back seat, and climbed into the car. She looked apprehensive, and she whispered, "Let's get out of here! I don't want anyone to remember seeing us together!"

Jenn was wearing sandals, white short-shorts, and a T-shirt through which I could clearly see the outline of her bra. She looked delicious, and she had obviously just bathed because she smelled fresh and feminine. As soon as we got onto the main highway, I explained the route we were going to take, and handed her the directions to the cabin.

I decided to begin getting Jenn sexually aroused, still hoping that she would eventually become so excited that she would lose control and beg me to fuck her.

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