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Mark surprises her with a visit from Pete

Descending the stairs to the most remote area of the platform, we were again alone. In silence, we slowly drew toward one another, again into each other's arms. Our hands roamed over one another's backs, our kisses growing in passion and urgency. The softness of her body, even through her winter clothes, aroused me. My gentle yet insistent touch entranced her. My hands slid below her coat and then back up to her ample butt. I squeezed and rubbed her soft ass, and Linda responded by pressing her body into mine.

Her hands then did the same, sliding down until grasping my tight buns. Again though, our solitude was interrupted, this time by the approaching train.

As the train pulled to a stop, we boarded the last car. Fortune smiled on us, as there was no one sitting in the car we entered. Linda slid into the seat first, and I quickly followed.

Wasting little time, we quickly began making out, our tongues rolling together. Our kisses moved from mouths to cheeks to necks, each area touched inflaming the recipient that much more. Our hands became blurs, moving over each other's bodies, quickly unzipping coats to provide access to more intimate areas.

As her hands moved inward, I was sure Linda could feel the heat of my body. My chest, my back, my legs---they all provided a warmth that was both reassuring and exciting! Meanwhile, my hands traveled up to the two familiar round globes I had often fondled: her lovely breasts. As my palms and fingers kneaded the firm flesh, her nipples hardened at my sensuous touch, causing her to moan. We continued on, hands getting freer to explore as our arousal mounted. I slid my hands under her sweater, and then quickly inside her bra, to lightly stimulate her rock-hard nipples. Her hands moved to my thighs, and as her strokes lengthened, I spread my legs, eager to give her even more access. Linda eagerly reached further up my leg, touching my growing member. Oh how she enjoyed stroking it, feeling it harden to her touch! I responded by lowering a hand in between her legs, feeling the incredible heat being generated by her most intimate region. We sighed simultaneously. And then, yet another interruption: the conductor announced her stop was next.

Linda reluctantly rose from her seat, trying to tidy herself up before exiting the train. We looked at one another and, as if scripted for a romantic movie, Linda motioned for me to join her as I was getting up to do just that! We smiled knowingly at one another, yet again experiencing the unscientific yet very real phenomenon of thinking the same thoughts simultaneously.

We quickly made our way out of the train station, eager to be alone once more. We headed to the parking lot, where her car awaited. We settled into the car, and Linda drove to a secluded spot in the lot and parked. We quickly embraced. Finally free from interruption, we began again to explore one another's bodies. Though the winter weather was near freezing, the inside of the car rapidly warmed. Coats were unzipped, then removed. My hands became much freer and more determined, gliding over her breasts, legs, and ass. Her arms held me close; Linda wanted me to engulf her. As the heat continued to rise in the car, more zippers were unzipped and buttons were unbuttoned. She slid her hand into my shorts, grasping for my dick. Her fingers wrapped around my growing erection, while I busied myself with her now-bare breasts. I rubbed her tits, pinching the nipples, and then licked them, all the while feeling her hand stroking my rock-hard cock. Her 36C tits felt so nice---round and quite firm, especially considering that she, as well as I, was in her early forties.

While one of my hands and my mouth were busy with her tits, my other hand slid down her smooth stomach, slowly unbuttoning her pants.

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