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Cindy begins training of her new slut.

... a blindfold." He removed her panties before his mouth lowered down on her breast, lavishing attention on it as he proceeded to wrap her legs about him and carry her the rest of the way, until she were writhing in a sea of bubbles.

Gasping for breath as he finished his assault on her other breast, his mouth trailing down the planes and valleys of her abdomen, she arched against the feel of a sponge against her bottom. Slowly, torturously the sponge worked into the sensitive mounds of her cute ass, working its way down each thigh and back up against.

A tongue dipped itself low into the crease of her belly button, sending shiver upon delightful shiver up and down her spine. He worked his tongue in and out of it, every joy she experienced revealed on her beautiful face, every pleasure she felt sounded aloud with a moan. He worked the sponge down her long legs in slow circles, going carefully over the inside of her knees, her delicate ankles, and her toes. It spread soft soap on the flat of her stomach, circled her breasts, all over every inch until she felt like a piece of clay to mold to his will.

"How are you, dearest Alex?" Lucien whispered huskily into her ear before circling it with his tongue. His teeth began to pulse about the flesh at her ear lobe, setting the sponge aside before he circled her thighs with his hands and grabbed her ass to massage it deeply.

"Mmmm" Was her only response, her lashes creating half crescents on her cheeks, her breasts lifting and falling to each breath she took. She was so relaxed she could barely find the time to think. Her skin tingled and crawled with the need for release, yet she didn't want to move an inch.

She was slowly lifted from laying against the side of the tub, being moved so that her back faced her phantom lover, his hands wrapping about her waist as he slid her down his front. His feet linked about her ankles, his mouth whisper soft against the side of her neck, his voice as soothing as his gentle touch. "Relaxed, sweetheart?"

She didn't have time to respond as he finally found the perfect moment, taking the opportunity to plunge his hard erection into her tight ass before she had time to tense up. His grunt was followed by a moan of her own, fingers softly tickling the skin of her sides.

It was an extremely odd sensation, to be filled there. Her face was flaming red with embarrassment, even as she knew the action exceedingly turned her on.

He nuzzled the side of her neck, staying as still as he could inside of her as he allowed her to adjust to the new feeling. "Stay relaxed and it won't hurt." he murmured, moving a hand to grab her wrist, guiding her hand lower on her body until he shoved two of her fingers beneath the soft folds of her pussy.

She gasped at how slick she was and a moan escaped her lips as the pads of her fingers ran over the swollen skin of her labia. She wanted to move on his cock, but he held her lower body still in his strong hands, lips sucking at the beads of water on the back of her shoulder. It seemed a long time indeed that all he did was nibble at her skin, allowing her only to play with herself and nothing more.

He was so annoying sometimes, she concluded as she bit her lip.

Frustration coiled inside and out as she rubbed at the ache and struggled to move. No matter how she strummed her fingers against her erect little nub, she couldn't cum with him just sitting there. He could very much see the look on her face in his mind through the distinct whine in her voice. "Lucien" she cried, wiggling in his arms, her voice breathless. "Fuck me already!"

"Ah." He laughed against her ear, hands tightening about her waist. "Sweet little Alex wants me to fuck her in the ass?"

"Yes!" She moaned, grinding her hips down against him as hard as she could.

He groaned in response, his hands moving down her soft skin to grip at the cheeks of her ass as he moved himself inside of her. The pressure was enough to make him explode without any real effort on either of their part, but he gritted his teeth and held it in.


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