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Teenage daughter seduces older men to help Mom.

As the phone call drags on she moves to sit directly in front of him. Crossing her long legs; she sees him smile as he catches a glimpse of her trimmed pussy. She can tell that his attention is drifting away from the phone call and towards her. She unbuttons the first two buttons of her blouse and let's him see just the top of her black satin bra. Playfully she props one of her feet up on his chair; right between his knees. The toe of her spiked heel gently brushing against his crotch.

He's really starting to have trouble keeping his mind on his conversation now. Letting her knees spread a little more; she starts to tremble as she feels his hand rubbing over the calf of her leg. She's able to tell that her plan is working, because she can see the bulge starting to grow in his jeans.

When he's finally done, she takes the phone from his hand and lays it down on the desk. He gives her a puzzled look as she turns around and shuts down his system. But he leans back in his chair and smiles because he knows she has a surprise for him.

Standing in front of him, swaying her hips, she flashes him the playful smile that he knows so well. The smile that says she's in the mood to be naughty. Slowly she slides her skirt up, exposing the top of the black thigh-hi stockings she's wearing and straddles his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leans forward and kisses him softly. Feeling his arms pulling her closer, the kiss loses it's romance and becomes filled with an urgency they can both feel. Two people locked in a passionate embrace as if trying to eat each other alive.

Breaking the kiss, she pushes him back in the chair and pulls off his tie. As he tries to catch his breath, she begins gently licking and nibbling at his ears as she tears opens his shirt. Letting her fingers run through the hair on his chest, leaving kisses on his neck and upper shoulders. Soft moans begin to escape from his lips as her kisses move down over his chest; leaving teeth marks as she goes lower.

Sitting on his lap this way she can feel his excitement growing. His cock pushing against the mound between her thighs. She feels her pussy becoming wet as he grinds into her. Sliding off his lap, she goes to her knees between his legs. Using only her teeth she loosens his belt and opens the snap on his jeans. Slowly she slides the zipper down, and smiles as his hard cock pops out, finally free.

Taking his hard cock in her hands, she looks up at her man and smiles. Letting her fingers trace around the tip. Stroking the soft underside from the head to the base, feeling every ridge and bulging vein. She let's her nails scrape against the sensitive skin of his balls and then cups them in her hands. Feeling how tight and full they already are. As a tiny drop of moisture appears at the tip she bends low enjoying the salty taste as she licks it off.

Putting her hands against his inner thighs, she can feel him squirming beneath her touch. She feels his hands stroking her hair as she leaves tiny kisses along his warm soft skin. He pushes up wanting to be in her mouth. She allows it to slide in, but for only a brief second. She can tell he likes the warmth and the wetness of her mouth on him. The moans from his lips are becoming louder; but of course not too loud. Neither wants the other workers outside his office to know what is going on.

Finally she pulls the length of his cock into her mouth. Moving slowly up and down over him; her tongue flicking over the head as she continues to please him. Still cupping the balls in her hands, gently squeezing them causing his cock to jerk. She sucks gently at first then hard, using her tongue to pull him farther in her mouth. When she feels the head hitting the back of her throat she eases up and let's her teeth scrape against the hard but yet soft skin.

She sucks his hard dick this way for what seems like hours, hearing his labored breathing and moaning.

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