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Public sex in Moulin Rouge; girl-girl sex w house sitter.

I played it off like I normally did but deep down yearned to spend a night between Gigi's thighs. I offered to give Gigi a ride home as I was headed that way and she was too drunk to drive. She jumped at the chance. Cassie gave me the stink eye and said that I'd better behave myself of there would be hell to be paid. I nodded my understanding to my Cuckoldress daughter.

On the drive to Gigi's mom's house, she was all over me. Gigi made it quite clear that she knew about my relationship with Cassie and that although she though it was messed up, she sort of understood my situation and figured that I continued letting Cassie and Kayla cuck me due to the black mail pics and video's in their possession. Gigi said that if I had sex with her it would be a perfect way to get even with Cassie.

I let Gigi know that I was flattered that she was interested in me and that I would take her offer into consideration but that if something were to happen it wouldn't be with her being intoxicated. She would have to be sober and still willing to get down and dirty.

Seeing that I wasn't going to jump her bones YET, Gigi laid back in her seat and proceeded to rub one out, fingering herself to an orgasm. I had a front row seat as she spread those lovely thighs and slid her thin panties to the side, her already short skirt hiked up almost to her waist.

Gigi pulled her fingers out of her now glistening pussy and forced them into my mouth so that I could taste what I was missing. She was delicious.

As we arrived at her mother's house, she reached over and gave me a deep wet kiss so that I had something to think about while I drove the rest of the way home. My tiny dick was stiff as a post and it actually wasn't as small as normal. Maybe this was destiny? I'd have some time to think about it.

The next morning(Saturday,) I was awakened by Cassie. She was by herself which was unusual. I normally had a bull to service when she visited. Cassie said that she was pissed off at her best friend for the way she flirts with me and wanted to make sure that I had no intentions of returning the advances. She brought with her the bdsm kit both her and her mother often used on me when they wanted me to understand who was in charge. This had the makings of one of those sessions.

I told my Mistress daughter that I had no intentions of succumbing to the advances of her friend but Mistress Cassie wanted to beat it into me. She forced me into my normal introduction position of kneeling before her and jacking my tiny cock off onto her feet and then licking them clean. This was followed by rimming her ass and licking her arm pits.

Mistress Cassie proceeded to get into my face, spitting on me, slapping my face, pulling my hair, choking me, kicking me in the balls, shoving a butt plug up my ass and head butting me in the chest, knocking the wind out of me. As I lay on the floor, she hovered over me and the crack of the crop began.

She was not holding back, beating me senselessly trying to break what small amount of will I had left. . . ensuring that I continued to serve her and only her(well, her and her mother.) As I entered my "subspace" she could tell I was at the end of my pain tolerance. Now it was time for the mind fucking to begin.

The verbal abuse began. She was really getting into it this particular morning and it wasn't long before she actually had me in tears. I begged for her to stop but the insults continued. She said that I was a worthless piece of shit and that I was lucky that she even gave me the time of day. Then something happened that changed the whole dynamic of our relationship.

Cassie went down a road that no one should ever go down.

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