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Kirsten Dunst comes to a party.

" And I did. I'm not supposed to move so I concentrate on just riding the wave of that first exquisite orgasm. I know there will be many more because Johann likes to do everything very thoroughly and won't stop giving me pleasure until I am completely satisfied.

He whispers, "Mmm sweetheart, I can smell the aroma of your sweet pussy. I think I might need a shot of insulin after tasting it." Oh my God, I can feel another climax coming on just from his voice. Damn this is good, I just wish he'd let me touch him. He likes me to grab his dick and just attack it. But I'm not allowed to participate yet. This is his show and I'm a captive audience.

He moves away again and I feel my dress being lifted slowly. My breasts are still exposed and the air is making them more sensitive. There is something so incredibly erotic about tuning out everything else and concentrating on one sense. I can feel everything. Adrenaline is pumping and surging through my body.

Johann slowly slides my dress up my thighs exposing me to the elements. The breeze has kicked up, but it's not cold, just pleasant enough to keep me from overheating. He continues to painstakingly raise my dress higher and higher, the anticipation of what he will do next is making me tremble. I want to hurry him along but I promised I wouldn't move. Finally I feel him push my dress up as far as it will go. The fabric is bunched up at the tops of my thighs. Johann then says in a hushed whisper, "I'm gonna taste you now baby."

I nod my head even though he doesn't really require an answer. I feel his warm breath travel up my inner thigh, and then the tip of his tongue slowly moves up from my ankle bone then straight up to the crevice where my thigh and pubic area meet. He licks, and then blows a warm stream of air on it. I groan because my pussy is now throbbing and Johann is killing me slowly.

He tells me to lift up my hips so that he can slide my panties off. I obey the suggestion. Once my panties are off, I feel Johann pull my hips forward to the edge of where I'm sitting. He tells me to lie back. I now realize that I'm on a table. Johann groans and says, "Just lie back and enjoy." I feel the first flick of his tongue on my clit and my hips rise. He says, "Baby, hold still and just feel this." Is he crazy? I can't keep still. But I do it. Not being allowed to see or actively participate is causing all these feelings and sensations to hit me at once.

I feel another orgasm coming. Johann feels it too and encourages me while chanting, "Come for me Kierstyn, just come and I'll catch you." And I did, over and over. He has me riding the waves of orgasm like a professional surfer.

I want to grab his head and grind my pelvis against his mouth but I don't need to. Johann knows what I like. He begins by penetrating me with two fingers alternating between sliding them in and out and around. Then with his other hand, he circles my clit, masturbating me as he is licking and sucking the areas around my sex. I'm being bombarded with such intense pulsing sensations that I scream. Johann gets very caught up in eating my pussy and he sometimes doesn't like to let it go. I can't stop coming and he won't stop sucking and licking and fingering my tight pussy. I want to tell him to stop because now I'm getting very sensitive, but I can't. I want everything he's giving me.

Johann knows my body and can tell that he is over stimulating me so he eases off by removing his fingers and hands. He continues using only his tongue. He is sliding it in and out and circling it inside and around my mound. Now he is stroking my g-spot with his tongue, rolling it around inside of me and flicking it until I orgasm again. This time there was a rush of fluid. It's my first gusher and I feel my juices run down my ass. Johann's mouth and chin are now sticky with my essence. But he isn't finished with me yet.

He tells me to sit up and guides my face to his crotch.

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