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Mengxia puts her boss in chastity.

Such control. We both know what you are thinking, and what you are doing to me. I let go of your right breast, and again it is quickly replaced with your other hand. I wrap my left arm around to your back and watch you as you kneed your breasts and pinch your nipples and enjoy yourself. I watch as you continue to suck on my finger like it was the most pleasurable experience you have ever had. Your eyes are still closed and I expect you to cum any minute as much as you seem to be enjoying yourself. You eventually release my finger.

I reach around you, now with both hands and pull you down on top of me. We laugh together and kiss passionately for what seems a lifetime. While you lay on me I run my fingers along your back and down through the small of your back to your panties. I gently tug upward on them and you just giggle and occasionally let out a small faint gasp. I try to reach farther but I can not. You move just enough to keep me from getting a hold of that cute little ass. You continue to giggle. You are so beautiful when you are happy! And you certainly seem to be. Once again you slide your hand across my tummy and into my jeans. This time you do not even stop or hesitate. I feel you wrapping your fingers around me. Oh how much I want you.

You rise up to your knees and step off the end of the chair. Very pretty lacy white panties cut quite high on the sides and little more than triangles on the front and back. I can see the outline of your labia through them. I wonder if they are always swollen like that or just because of how excited you have been so far today. You begin to pull my jeans off by pulling on the legs. Apparently they are too tight for you to get off that way so you crawl back on the overstuffed chair... this time facing away from me. Again, you sit on my chest. You grab the jeans at my hips and begin to push them off of me. As you push, your ass comes off my chest and gives me an incredible view. As you slide the jeans down my legs your breasts caress the sides of my erect cock. I can not imagine it ever being better than this, but somehow I know it is going to be.

I reach up and put my hands on the bottom of your ass cheeks. It just got better! You push yourself back against my hands and again your breasts brush against me. I hold my breath. I grab your waist and pull you back to sitting and then on over so that you are laying on me. I reach around and grab your breasts and take your left ear lobe between my lips. I run my left hand down your beautiful naked body and under the white lace. You reach down and put your hand on mine and guide me on down so that my fingers brush the top of your labia. You are very swollen! I kick off my jeans as I spread your soft lips apart. You begin to breath more shallow and quickly. I can feel your heartbeat pounding against my chest. You are very wet. Oh how long we have waited for this.

I whisper, "Why not take these off," expecting that you would get up to slip out of your panties, or allow me to take them off for you. Instead, you take my right hand off your breast and wrap it around your chest. Then you draw your legs up to your chest, with my hand between your legs the whole time, and you reach down and remove your panties. Once off, you spread your legs slightly and my finger easily slips between your swollen lips, and onto your clitoris. You immediately melt in my arms and allow your legs to part even more. I move my right hand back to your right breast but as usual your hand is already there. You take my right hand and place it under yours and sometimes I control what attention your breast get and sometimes you set the stage. Either way, we are never in each others way, we are completely sharing the experience without any thought of self or personal gain. There is no need for such thoughts since the entire experience is beyond anything we have ever experienced... to this point.

I trace small circles around the perimeter of your clitoris, sometimes so soft it almost tickles you and sometimes with a pressure that makes you moan loudl

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