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Kelly learns how to write a story.

"Keep going," Brian commanded crossly, and Peter resumed moving his loose grip over his shaft. Cindy approached Brian and lifted herself up on her toes as he lowered his head to kiss her on the lips. He put his arm around her waist and they both stood looking at Peter.

Cindy said, in her rich, sweet, throaty voice, "He stop once. I tell him keep going."

Brian chuckled, and then cleared his throat, so that Peter looked up at him. He was pointing at his shoes. Peter crawled over toward Brian's shoes. "Don't stop!" Brian scolded harshly, and Peter resumed stroking his cock as he crawled toward Master's shoes. Cindy giggled. Peter kept tugging himself as he kissed Master's shoes passionately, watching Cindy's shoes beside Brian's out of the corner of his eyes, and kissing Brian's shoes amorously in the way that he wished he could kiss Cindy's shoes. He was so horny, fucking his white panty clad ass back against the air, as he licked and kissed at Master's shoes.

"Enough. Stand up," Brian commanded.

Peter stood and faced Brian and Cindy. He continued to stroke at his cock, and he could not help but squirm his hips wantonly as he did so. Cindy's face was happy and radiant again, and it was all for Brian. From behind her glasses her happy eyes watched Peter with curiosity. Her rich, sexy lips, lips made for kissing, were smiling. All for Brian.

Brian took from his pocket a thin pink collar, a large version of the type of collar that cats wear. There was rhinestone lettering on this, but Peter could not make out what it said before Brian stepped behind him and fastened it to his neck. Peter kept tugging himself slowly as Brian again stood beside Cindy, and she stepped closer to him and read out "cocksucker." Her pronunciation was strange and cute, and Brian chuckled to hear her say it. She giggled to hear him chuckle. Brian lifted the name tag that dangled from the front of the collar, and she stepped closer and squinted through her librarian glasses to read what it said.

"Faggot?" she asked.

"Faggot," he said, correcting her pronunciation.

Cindy was so close to Peter now. He could smell her, and he could see all the wondrous details of her features. He noticed that she had tiny freckles at either side of her nose. The slow steady squelching of his cock slowed and stopped as he ceased stroking at it, afraid that he would shoot at the puff of a breeze. With Master and Cindy standing there so close in front of him, his sperm would get all over them. Master glared at him menacingly, so Peter ran one finger slowly up and down his shaft. Cindy looked down at his cock, and she prolonged her gaze as her cheeks flushed. Master gave Peter as nasty sneer as he noticed this.

Cindy, realizing that she had prolonged her gaze at Peter's cock too long, looked away, smiled at Brian and said, "'faggot' shi shenma yisi?" -- what does faggot mean.

Brian explained in Chinese, and Cindy hmmphed and said "Yes, that's right," with finality.

"Back to your spot and keep tugging," Master said to Peter.

Peter crawled back to his place in the center of the room, facing the TV, and continued stroking his cock delicately. Cindy and Brian went and sat on the sofa behind him. Cindy was asking about the cock cage in Chinese, and Peter was explaining this to her in Chinese, but Brian could not understand much of what was said.

"Ok, faggot," Brian said. "Get your nose in the corner."

Peter, still running his fingers lightly over his stiff cock, crawled over to the corner, put his nose into the corner, and kept stroking his cock. His ass was humping back against the air, his hips were squirming wantonly.

"I am going to let you come in a minute, faggot. After that, you take your maid's outfit and the cock cage down to your room, and put them both on. Use cold water and oil on your cock. Do what you have to do to get it in. When you have the maid's outfit and the cock cage on, come back out and give me the key.

"Oh yes sir, thank you sir," he gasped desperately.

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