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Stacked GF shakes things up with a little military roleplay.

She wanted it BAD. But she can't help it, Davey. That's what you have to understand. It doesn't mean she doesn't love you any less. It's just she's peakin'. See, Davey, I took anatomy and physiology and all that, and I know about this stuff. I'm a nurse; I know about hormones. When women get to the end of their childbearing years, especially if they haven't had any kids, their body makes them desperate for sex, like it's tryin' to trick 'em into getting pregnant. She's gotta have it, she can't help it.

"Now I doubt seriously if Patty's on any birth control, so I wasn't gonna let Tyler fuck her. But suckin' his cock? Absolutely! Hahaha. Of course now, when she's back in Bellewood and I'm not there to keep an eye on her, I can't prevent her from gettin' knocked up by him, but ... that'll be her choice. If it happens, I guess you'll finally get that family you always wanted. 'Cause you know damn well Tyler ain't raisin' no kid. And if you think I'd let YOU walk away from it, you're livin' on another planet. No way would I let you abandon her when she'd need you the most.

"Anyway ... I made her suck Tyler's dick, and while she was doin' it I reached down and played with her pussy. I told Darcy to rub and squeeze Patty's tits. And Patty put us to shame with her cocksucking. Hahaha. Oh my GOD! She was hot! So of course Tyler's like 'YYYYYYEAHHH!! OHHH FUCK!' She was slobbering all over his cock. Oh god it was fuckin' HOT. So I said, 'Not bad, huh, Tyler?' and he was like 'Fuck. I never woulda guessed she could give such a hot fuckin' blow job. God DAMN!'

"So then, I'm like 'OK Tyler stand up and really give it to Patty good, I mean, just grab her by the hair and FUCK that face.' So Darcy and I sat back and watched the show, and this little fucker stood up and just started drilling your girlfriend's mouth, hahaha. He's chokin' her, she's gagging, he's got her by the hair and he's just POUNDIN' her mouth. It was right about then I heard you start to come down the steps, and I came up and stopped you. You weren't ready to see something like that, Davey. Some time you might be able to handle it, you might even enjoy watching it, but it wasn't time yet.

"So then he's got Patty on her hands and knees, and he's holding her head with both hands and just rockin' back and forth, fuckin' the SHIT out of her face. And you shoulda seen the look in her eyes, Davey, she was just ... like ... drunk with pleasure. And Tyler reaches down and tries to slide her panties over so he can smack her ass while she's suckin' him. I helped him out, I came around behind Patty and slid her panties down to the middle of her thighs. He starts slappin' her ass, and she's goin' 'nnnh, nnnh, nnnnnh!'
"Then all of a sudden he pulls her by the hair and throws her on the couch so she's lyin' on her back. I said, 'Don't fuck her, Tyler.' He's like, 'Mmmm, fuck! Why not?' Hahaha. He really wanted to. It was like he forgot all about me and Darcy, haha. Like he thought we were ugly all of a sudden. He had no idea a woman twice his age could be so hot. So he's like, 'OK, I'll just make her swallow my cum.'

"I can see how devastated you are, Davey, but you know what, you asked for it, so you're gonna hear it all.

"So she's on her back, here on the couch, and he bends her head back over the side and goes back to fuckin' her face. But now he can get to her tits and her pussy with his hands, so he pulled her shirt up and started squeezin' and slappin' her tits, and fingerin' her pussy, and SLAPPIN' her pussy, and she's just lovin' it. At one point her hand was down there rubbin' her clit, and I grabbed her hand and it took it away. She's like 'mmmmm', whining. I said, 'No, don't rub yourself, Patty, let him slap your pussy. Slap it, Tyler.' Then now and then I stuck my finger in her twat, and she's like ... squealing. And she was SOOO fuckin' wet.

"So was this little slut," she said, pointing to Darcy.

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