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Two wives decide to take two black men into their bedroom.

He looked down in a panic and saw the splotch of liquid on his thigh from where his cock had been trapped in his jeans. He quickly placed his hand over the puddle like he was simply resting it there. He knew he had been caught, and his breath shortened. He waited for his sister to freak out, but that did not happen.

"Pants off first... interesting strategy," Wendy mulled, pretending as if nothing was out of the ordinary. She had jitters on the inside.

James was relieved. "I wanted to mix things up."


The game was certainly up another notch with one defeated player already nude, and four others getting down to their most vital garments.

Whether it was because he finally was getting too distracted or if he simply had a bad spell, Austin lost two races in a row and found himself having to join Luke in nudity. After remembering how Wendy was impressed with Luke's confidence with his erection, Austin shed his boxers to reveal his stiffy with conviction.

Watching the scene unfold, Wendy tried to recount the events, fibs and comments that led her to a position where she was in a room with her brother and two naked guys on a couch that were comfortable showing off their hard dicks. But Wendy was not concerned with being this position, because she felt like she had her riveting social life back. And the longer this game continued, the more likely it was her brother would want to be around her.

She had other things to think about anyway. Wendy realized she would soon have to decide between pulling off her leggings, or being topless.

When the next race began, Wendy could quickly tell how it was going to end. By the time Harris and James had crossed the finish line, Wendy was still on her second lap.

The moment the race ended, all four men turned towards Wendy.

Like it had been the last time, the men all had their eyes glued to her, remaining quiet. Wendy knew she was going to go through with her task, but it felt so weird undressing in total silence under their intense gazes.

Wendy put her hands on the elastic of her tight, heather-gray leggings. She stood there waiting for anyone to say something, anything, to make things feel lighter and cheeky.

"You guys know this is a flirty strip game, right?" She prodded them. "You guys aren't at a golfing tournament! You are allowed and encouraged to express joy that I'm slowly getting naked for you."

Picking up the heavy hint, Harris spoke, "I think we're just still stunned that we're about to see your ass again." Everyone laughed in agreement.

Glad that the awkward tension was going away, Wendy admitted, "Well I did give you guys a pretty generous view of it yesterday."

"You almost gave me a heart attack." Austin's dry joke drew to more laughter.

"Well then for medical reasons you might want to look away, because even that thong bikini had more material than the fun item I'm wearing under these," Wendy titillated.

She looked in front of her and saw that she had James' undivided attention. James knew his sister was about to strip to her underwear in front of his friends, but the alerts in his head telling him to stop her went unheeded.

Wendy had been in similar clothing at the pool, but, again, this simply felt different. She stalled for a moment.

"Luke, you should give her a drumroll," James suddenly encouraged.

Wendy was shocked that James had the nerve to help her out while he saw her hesitating.

Luke started hitting his hands on the couch for the drum roll, and Wendy certainly was feeling the moment now. She playfully wiggled the tight leggings off of her butt to the sound of hoots and whistling. The guys could see her thong was just white lace connected to a one-inch-wide band of black elastic running around her waist.

"I feel like I should be paying for this," Luke gushed.

Wendy blushed at the compliment.

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