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An eighteen-year-old is taken by five guys.

She's a tallish blond with great long legs, flat stomach, perky C-cup breast and a smile and eyes that could captivate any man (or woman for that matter) that she wanted. She unfortunately is also a prick tease that makes a load of tips by stringing guys along, and then dropping them. She to my knowledge has always gotten her way. I've watched her and drooled over her for two years now, and even talk about her with John who is also quite taken by her. Little did I know what was in store for this evening.

Erin in her drunken state soon climbed on top of a table and started a slow striper like dance, I was ecstatic especially because she got on top of my table and was giving me quiet a show of what she had on under her mini skirt, a small black thong and a beautiful firm ass. I was getting wet just watching her sensual dance, and I couldn't help but notice the blond curly hair sticking out of the sides of her thong. John soon reappeared and immediately climbed up next to her and they started to slow dance. For months I fantasized about being with another women but I wasn't aware of how badly I wanted it until I say my fianc__ started grinding slowly against Erin to the cheers of the drunken crowd below.

My hand slipped off the table and found my clit immediately, thankfully only John noticed, and the look he gave me told me he was as turn on by her as I was. While John and I talked about three-sums I never confessed to him my true wish - watching him fucking another woman. The thought of another girl moaning from his cock and me being forced to watch makes me so wet it drips down my legs.

The song to my disappointment ended, and they climbed off together, Erin falling into John arms so as not to fall off. John whispered something in her ear, and before I could even grab my coat the three of us were walking home. We didn't say much, and we soon staggered the 5 minute walk to John's apartment.

Erin was clinging to John and kept attempting to slide her hands down his pants, I should have been jealous but I was too turned on to stop anything that was about to happen. We made it inside and John locked the door and led the way to his bedroom. Once there, he grabbed Erin and through her on the bed, she screamed but didn't protest, instead she calmly turned to John and said:

"Fuck me now, you know you want me so just do as I say and fuck me!"

John laughed at that as he kneeled on top of her "I don't know what your used to babe, but when you with me I call the shots, you'll do as I say, isn't that right Chrissy?"

I had never seen this dominate take charge side of my fianc__ before but I loved it and immediately answered "yes, that's right."

"Strip you hot little prick tease," John's words were full of control and the dirty talk drove me nuts, to my surprise Erin stood up and pulled her white shirt over her head and unbuttoned her mini skirt, there she stood in her black push up bra and matching thong. I couldn't help myself anymore; I needed some relief and started rubbing my cunt feverously.

John heard my soft moans and turned to see me, leaning on the wall shoving 2 fingers in my cunt, He turned back to Erin and mockingly said to her "look what your doing to my girl, lets give her a show shall we." He undid her bra and his mouth flew to her already hard nipples, sucking on them hard, and biting causing her to gasp sharply. This cry of pain drove me over the edge I slid to the floor as Erin slid onto the bed.

John yanked her panties off her and teased her by rubbing his cock up and down her tight little snatch. Erin's hips arched off the bed silently begging for sex.

John laughed at this gesture "looks as though I'm gonna give two bitches in heat what they want, Erin needs my cock, and you little one, you get to watch me fuck her."

My eyes flew open in disbelief how did he know.

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