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Obsessed teacher kidnaps 18-year-old guy.


Feel it...

Mark breathed deeply and tried to relax in the latex coils and open his mind to his captor when suddenly-


"No.. Sarah don't!" Barely a whimper emanated from his throat as he felt his prison tighten further around his body.

She is about to be caught and will be returned to us my love.


Yesss, even now she is ours.

Mark closed his eyes and mind and began sobbing not wanting to feel or witness his friends capture by this horribly seductive creature.


Sarah had regained her breath after several minutes and slipped the bottle back into her pack. Before shouldering it she set off..

And stopped suddenly against nothing?


She pulled back but felt something cling to her front and resisting her movement back and forwards.

Feeling the something against her face she was just able to make out hair thin lines somewhere in front of her and on her clothing.

Black hairs..?

She pulled back harder but still couldn't pull free of it. Worse, it seemed stretchy and managed to glide over her more of her shirt and shorts.

It's almost like a spider web...!

Panic gave her strength and managed to pull back hard, and with a grunt - and a tear - she got free and stepped back.

Oh man! I just ruined my best top! Oh geez... and my shorts!

Her clothing was indeed ruined, with most of its remnants still stuck to the black hairs she stepped into.

Sighing she dropped her bag and removed the rags still on her to expose her upper body and firm butt and legs while silently thanking fate for there being no one else around.

What is this? Is this a spiders web?

Stepping closer she had a look at it.

It was completely black.

Not a spiders web then... huh

Touching it revealed it to be very sticky... and flexible.

Pulling her hand back pulled the webbing more than it should have, inadvertently coating her hand in the webbing.

Grr not again..

Turning around, and pressing more of her skin against the webbing, she tried to reach for her bag but couldn't reach...

Wincing as the webbing pulled at her skin she again tried to reach for her bag bug again it was just too far.

Looking up she noticed the rags that use to be her top were laying on the ground.

What the.. I thought it was stuck?

Pausing for a few moments to take it in she turned back around to her stuck hand, which was now her stuck arm.

Damn stuff..

In a moment of absent mindedness she pulled a foot up and attempted to push the webbing away from her arm.


But all she managed to do was stick her boot to the webbing. She reached over with her free hand and managed to unlace her boot before pulling her foot free... then watched in amazement as her boot dropped to the ground some moments later.

Looking around her with concern she noted the thin black webbing was strung between all three trees, effectively entrapping her within its small area.

How am I going to get out of here...

Sarah started to struggle again to free herself.


The webbing was relentless though and failed to give in to her demands. Every movement however seemed to draw her into it further, piece by piece.

Feeling the webbing stick to her thighs she growled and tried to pull back hard but again was pulled back, but this time not by the webbing but by her bra.

Damnit as if it wasn't bad enough when I lose my clothes!

Her bra was firmly stuck to the webbing and seemed lost. Again growling in frustration she reached back with her free hand to unclasp it before it was suddenly and forcefully pulled off her shoulders, down her arms and onto the ground.

On the outside of her trap.

What the!

Opening her mouth in shock she failed to feel a breeze wash over her exposed skin, but did feel the webbing land all over her chest gently and latch on to her.

Oh for the love of..

Again she struggled harder to free herself, not noticing the webbing behind her gently land on her b

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