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A surprise encounter turns into a hot night of lust.

Have you been a good girl?"

I feel a soft vibration begin between my thighs and I smile. I cross my legs, squeezing them together and say, "I have tried".

We chat a little about our jobs and you can tell your little remote still works as I squirm a little in my seat. I am starting to flush and you can see the outline of my nipples through the light fabric of my sundress. The slight arousal I felt in your presence intensifies with every moment I have a vibrator dancing between my thighs. You get up and close the door.

"Show it to me," you say softly.

"Yes, sir."

I stand to comply, lifting my skirt. My thighs are bared as I slide the hem of my skirt up, enjoying the sensation of the fabric against my skin. I pull the skirt up enough that you can see my neatly groomed sex and the small harness holding the vibe against my clit. You lean in close and breathe deeply, caressing my thighs softly. You can feel me tremble at your touch and I give a soft moan at the contact.

The vibrations immediately cease and their lack is tangible. My hands drop the hem of my skirt as you chastise me for making a sound the staff might hear. I apologize profusely and you calmly tell me we are done here for the moment. Its time to head for lunch. I hear an odd noise coming from behind your desk but before I have a chance to ask about it, you have me by the elbow and are guiding me out.

You lead me back to the main entrance and I wave goodbye to the secretary. I am sure she can tell what's going on by the way I am breathing and the pink flush that covers my face. Taking me by the arm, you guide me to your car and open the door. I sit down and you quietly bind my hands and feet with leather cuffs.

As you walk around the car, I press the hard leather against the egg and grind my hips. When I hear your door opening, I lay my hands back on my lap demurely and wait patiently for whatever may come next.

You make sure I have my seatbelt fastened and start the car. Warm, winding music plays from the cd player as you drive. You reach over and caress my thigh as we drive and talk. We have a half hour drive before we reach our destination so you slide the skirt up to caress my sex. Your fingers find me soaking wet and incredibly aroused. You push my seat back so I am reclining and move my hands behind the headrest. You continue to talk casually as you push the vibe aside and slide your fingers into me.

You have me panting and grinding, begging for more. Begging to taste you. Begging to fuck you. You just laugh and push the sundress off my breasts to reveal my lacy bra. A quick flick of your fingers and the front clasp is undone. You are pulling and twisting my nipples as you share a story about your co-workers and something funny your neighbor said.

I am almost in tears, my desire is so strong. I cry out occasionally at the rough touches but they just intensify the moisture between my thighs.

"Please, sir. Please. I didn't mean to cry out earlier. Please, may I taste you before lunch? I would much rather devour you than any item on the menu."

You relent and smile. Pulling over, you come around to my side of the car and remove my wrists from behind the headrest. You unclasp my hands and move my arms behind my back. You re-bind me in this way, push the vibe back between my thighs and walk back around to your side of the car.

Undoing your belt and unzipping your fly takes you a moment. You pull out your semi-hard cock for me and pull me across you so my face is in your lap. You take hold of my arms and tug on them to put tension on my shoulders as I greedily take your cock into my mouth. My lips and tongue toy with the tip and you can hear the wet smacking noises as I slide all the way down on you. After a few moments, you release my arms and say, "good girl".

I feel my vibe come back on and you pull back out on the road.

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