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Kora meets Stacy.

I think that it was breaking my cherry that set him off within a minute of breaking my hymen. Obviously, I didn't get off and the mess was sickening - blood everywhere. We would only fuck one more time and I was so drunk as to not really remember it.

Two years out of college -- I still had not been fucked again. I didn't want to go the route of one night stands and had been trying to find the right man. But, I had discovered masturbation and actually found significant release overall in that manner. Sometimes I would diddle my clitty up to 3 times a night before drowsing off to sleep. Nevertheless, I wanted a man and security -- not my fingers and a dead end job. And, when I was out applying for a new job (at that time I was a salesperson in marketing phone room) I found my second lover. His name was Otis. And yes, he was black. He was applying for the same outside sales position that I was with a cosmetics company. Neither of us got the position that day but he asked my out for that night. He seemed very interested in me so I said yes.

He was interested in me all right -- he had a fetish for small white 'girls' as he would call them. By this time I had lost that extra college weight and weighed the same as I do now. Indeed, except for a few extra years -- I had the same body then as now. Anyways, he picked me up and we went to a club, that turned out to be a black dance club. I was one of about 10 white girls in this place (no white men) and the music that was played had sex as the theme nearly every time.

I went home to Otis's place that night and found out that the stories about black men were true as he had an enormous cock. In fact, it was too big for my small pussy hole and every time he tried to enter me he could only get the very tip of the head wedged in. And, even though I was very wet - pain was all I felt when he forced even an inch or so inside. So, even with Otis, I had to turn to blowing him. But, he was so big that I had to open as wide as possible just to get him in my mouth. I also found out that black men have lots of come and I nearly drown in comparison to my previous boyfriend Jim (who was white). Otis also was the first and only man to shoot his juice all over my face. He especially liked to aim right up my nostril and once even held his cockhead on my nostril for his entire come. I gagged until I vomited. This was not going to work out.

Then, I met Mike. At first, his older age was a complete turnoff. But, slowly he won me over with his gentleness and promised rich future with children. Somehow, I didn't even want sex with him because I was worried it would be as unsatisfying as the other two overall. But, my lovemaking with Mike was different --- unlike the two others -- he loved to eat my pussy. And, unlike the two others, he didn't have a penis that was too large for the petite frame I had. Indeed, I couldn't believe that his cock was so short as to not make me deep throat -- it didn't reach my throat. And, his cock easily fit into my tight canal too.

But, as I said earlier -- he also -- had a problem in bed. He had no staying power right from our first times of fucking. I've never had him last more than 5 minutes at most and as I mentioned it often is just seconds. Needless to say, he knows that any woman needs more than that for sexual satisfaction --- and, unlike the others -- Mike did give it, orally. In fact, I often would have him sucking, nibbling and licking for a good hour before I'd let him enter me for the one minute drill. Often, I would come numerous times in that hour. I loved to see how wet his face would get and often I'd rub his face into my cunt as I came. His whole face was often drenched and if so, I'd often make him wash it off before I let him fuck me. Coitus interruptus for him. But, he always followed my rules.

Slowly over the years, I imposed more control over the sex we had.

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