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Club Eros De Venus ... And Further Revelations.

I just focused on controlling my breathing. I continued to hear the muffled sounds of Tim's cries of pain and Dan's moans of pleasure, as I was certain that Dan was roughly fucking Tim's asshole.

I was forced back to my own situation, as I felt Ben's hard cock being removed from my asshole and his cock head once again come to rest just inside me. Ben then gripped my hips tightly, signaling to me his intention to really start fucking me. I tried to steel myself for what I knew was about to happen, but was thrown out the window when Ben shoved every inch of his hard monster cock all the way into me. I groaned loudly, as I felt his hard cock plunge into me.

Ben didn't wait for me to get used to the feeling this time, he withdrew his cock just as fast as he entered me, then forced it all the way back in. My breathing was once again coming out in deep grunts and groans. I would try to suck in a breath, as Ben would pull his long hard cock out of me. I then felt my breath being forced from my lungs, when Ben's would slam back into me. Ben had a tight grip on my hips as he roughly fucked my boy hole. I felt the signature sting of his huge balls as they smacked against my own smaller boy balls, with every deep and hard thrust into me.

The pain to my balls was eclipsed, next to the rough ass fucking that I was receiving. I had a tight hold of the blanket on my bed, as I had to hold myself upright in my doggie style position. Ben's leather pants were also smacking against my ass cheeks, as he slammed his hard cock all the way into my insides. I actually could feel Ben's massive cock pushing deeper and deeper inside me. I wondered if he actually was trying to his my stomach.

Ben then kept his hard cock buried all the way inside me, as he climbed up onto the bed behind me. I looked back and saw him bending his legs to keep his cock in my ass. His crotch was still pressed against my ass cheeks, as he gripped me tightly. He then began fucking me even harder and rougher, than he aver had before. This new position for him, allowed his cock to go deeper than ever. My grunts and groans increased in volume against my own will to stay quiet. My breath was being force from me with each hard thrust of his massive man meat pounding my insides.

Ben apparently liked this new position. His moans grew louder and louder. He began to moan out, "Oh, yeah! This is the way to fuck you. Damn you feel good. Take my cock, boy! Take all of my monster cock! Love my hard meat! Tell me what you feel, boy. Tell me what I am doing to you."

I whimpered out, "You're fucking me, sir. You're fucking my asshole so deep."

Ben smacked my ass, as he continued his deep anal rampage of my boy hole. Moaning in pleasure, he said "Damn right, I'm fucking your asshole. This tight asshole always feels great wrapped around my hard cock. Keep talking boy. I want to hear what it feels like to have my monster cock inside you."

My body being pushed back and forth, I grunted out, "You're too deep, sir. You're fucking me too deep. I can feel it in my insides. Uh, god it feels like your cock is punching me from the inside."

Ben laughed at my description, but continued to pound my ass with all of his strength. His huge balls continued to slam into my own boy balls like a hammer, sending pain radiating through my body. I was able to hear the slapping sound of his hips and leather pants as they smacked into my ass cheeks. I knew that at this speed and force, Ben could not last long. I was slightly mollified by the knowledge that at least this round of having my asshole fucked was almost over. I was further sure of this when Ben's grunts and moans grew louder and deeper.

I attempted to clench my asshole, only to discover that I was stretched to my limit.

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