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Her life was taken, only for fate to start her a new one.

He noticed this and gave a small smile. "It's ok, Princess, I just didn't want you getting hurt."

The surprise was getting to attend a work dinner with Daddy that night. I would get to dress up all fancy and do my makeup and hair and stuff. He helped me pick out an elegant, floor length red satin dress, making me feel very mature. My makeup was smoky and bold, I was ready to seduce. Hair curled and heels tested, I stepped out of my room, nearly bumping into Daddy again. He grinned and stepped back, looking me up and down appreciatively. I smiled and flushed at his gaze, feeling extremely sexy. He was dressed in a fancy tux, making me quiver slightly. Even when I was in heels he was easily a head taller than me.

"One last thing," Daddy said, lightly touching the skirt of my dress. "Lift this up," he ordered. I followed instructions hesitantly, pulling it up to reveal my bare legs and stilettos. Kisses traced up the inside of my thigh, stopping as he reached my black lacy underwear and sliding them off with his teeth. He pocketed them and slipped a vibrator into my pussy. I squirmed slightly, acclimating to the new toy inside of me, this one bigger than the previous.

We walked into the glamorous ballroom together. His arm wrapped around my waist as we made our way to the tables. I knew how to waltz and foxtrot, but was a bit shy when it came to doing so in public. The vibrator buzzed slightly, causing me to sit a little straighter next to Daddy. He greeted the people at the table, introducing me as Rosemary, which was strange. Dinner was tasty, full of small talk and a few cocktails which I mostly refused, being an extreme lightweight. Halfway through I realized how badly I needed to go to the bathroom. Just before I was about to ask, the vibrations increased a few notches.

"Da- Mr. Blackwell," I whispered, trying to not draw attention away from the conversation. I turned to look at me, eyes smiling. "I um... I need to go to the bathroom," I flushed. He nodded and stood, excusing us as the vibrations increased more. I wobbled slightly, nearing orgasm already and let him led me. We ducked down the hall and into a bathroom, me on the brink of cumming. I begged him with my eyes to let me but he shook his head. I went, him waiting outside the door to give me privacy. I refrained from touching myself unnecessarily, using all the willpower I could muster.

We returned to the table, Daddy again excusing us. I smiled and nodded, trying to hide the pleasure racing through me.

"So, Rosemary, where are you from?" One of the ladies at the table asked. I began to speak but was cut off by the vibrator growing stronger inside of me.

"I'm from..." My voice came out breathy and unsupported. "I grew up in New York City actually," I finished, sounding weak.

"Very nice, what did you major in?" She continued to ask me questions and I did my best to answer with the pressure from the vibrator and Daddy's hand on my thigh.

"Well it's quite a surprise that Mr. Blackwell has held onto the same lady for so long. He usually jumps around quite often," she joked. I grinned in response, trying to hold back an orgasm with Daddy now rubbing my clit through the satin of my dress. I turned my head to him, pleading with my eyes for him to let me cum, but again he shook his head. I shuddered as he moved faster now, staring into my eyes and still carrying on a conversation with the woman next to us.

"Ah, yes. Rosemary has been much more understanding of my busy work schedule. We get along quite well. I'm very glad that she was able to come tonight." With a final buzz he nodded at me and I climaxed, letting out a small cry. I flushed horribly red, trying to play it off like I had bitten my lip accidentally while still orgasming. He patted me on the back proudly and faked concern.

"Oh dear, you seem to be bleeding Rosie, lets get you cleaned up," he mused, throwing a jokingly exasperated look at the table, covering my mouth with his hand in a loving gesture.

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