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I talked to the main contractor and had Mike hired on as a crew supervisor. By the end of the first month, he was the shift coordinator for all three shifts. The main contractor was damn glad to have him.

The busy work schedule was good for me. It wasn't unusual for someone to pound on my door at two in the morning because of some difficulty that had come up. I would solve their problem and maybe manage to get back to sleep before the day crew arrived at eight. It kept me from thinking about things that I wanted to forget anyway.

I hadn't seen or spoken to Janice since that fateful day in the hotel room, a year ago. She had relentlessly tried to see or talk to me for several months afterward but I had steadfastly refused. I wanted nothing to do with her or her explanations. Maggie had presented me with several letters from Janice, over a period of time and I had her return them unopened.

Maggie decided that all work and no play made Jimmy a dull boy and an irritable boss. She insisted I accompany her and Mike to a nice restaurant every Saturday night, regardless of the workload. She was partly successful. I did manage to meet and date a couple of nice ladies. However, they were looking for a long-term relationship and I was unwilling to commit. I guess I sorta felt like; once burned, twice shy.

My boss had another long term project all lined up. I would take a long vacation, spend a month at the home office to review specifications and then head for the new site. Maggie and Mike were to take a long vacation and then go to the site and start on preliminary work. I would join them as soon as my work at the main office was done.

We said goodbye early on a Wednesday morning. I hitched up the trailer, fired the Dodge up and headed for home. Home, that was a joke. There wasn't a home waiting on me any more. I had instructed my lawyer to give it to Janice. She had a lot more invested in it than I did. I took time to do a little sight seeing along the way and pulled up next to the cabin a week later. It wasn't like I left it.

My buddy had managed to get electricity to the cabin and he had installed a small bathroom and a shower. Other than that, everything was the same. Well, not quite. He had installed a large refrigerator. That eliminated the trip to town every other day for ice. He worked for a large corporation and was currently in Europe, doing whatever it is a lawyer involved in mergers and acquisitions does. I had the place all to myself. After two weeks, I had endured all the peace and quiet I could stand.

The drive from the cabin to the home office wasn't all that much fun. There were too many memories there and not nearly enough water had flowed under the bridge, so to speak, to erase them. I found a small campground not far outside the city, parked the camper and started making my boss happy.

Chapter 09

I ended up in the bank a few days later. My salary, which was good to start with, had substantially increased. My living expenses had decreased. The project had come in on time and under budget. To make matters better, I was holding a real nice bonus check as a reward for a job well done. I wasn't the only one with a bonus check. The main contractor had given Mike a nice little check and a hell of a good recommendation for his next employer. I made sure my boss made out a nice check for Maggie as well. She more than deserved it.

Standing in line, whether in a bank or any other place, is boring. I was gazing around, wishing I were somewhere else, when I saw Janice come around the corner of a hallway. She stopped dead in her tracks, halfway smiled and made a little wave with her hand. I stared at her and didn't wave back. She started to walk toward me and I slowly shook my head. Her face contorted and she turned around and hurried back the way she came.

I guess I should have changed banks a year ago. At the time, there just didn't seem to be any need to do it. Seeing her sure ruined my day. I managed to conclude my business and left, contemplating whether I should change banks.

It was lat

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