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A chance encounter at a nude beach leads to a seduction.

That's how the brother ended up bent over, with his cute dark brown ass facing me. Stroking my shiny new strap-on dildo, I admired Elias cute butt, and then proceeded to lubricate my dildo with some Aloe cream. I prefer Aloe Cream. It is the best lubricant out there, if you're going to indulge in any type of anal play. The KY stuff that everyone keeps talking about isn't my style. I stick to what I know.

I discovered my fondness for Aloe Cream thanks to my ex-boyfriend Rashid Osman, a Somali guy I dated during my final year of undergrad at the University of Ottawa. Tall, lean and sexy, with light brown skin, curly Black hair and soulful golden brown eyes, Rashid was a vision of masculine beauty. I always thought Muslim guys were uptight and boring, but Rashid proved me wrong. The brother was easy on the eyes, and awesome in bed. I still shudder when I think of our sexual escapades.

Rashid would lay me down on his bed, and he would worship every inch of my body. The Somali brother loves thick, dark-skinned woman, and I am exactly what the doctor ordered. Burying his face between my thick thighs, Rashid ate my pussy like his life depended on it. I would scream like a madwoman as Rashid licked, teased and probed my wet pussy with his agile tongue and magical fingers. The brother definitely knew his way around the female body.

After licking my kitty, Rashid would put me on all fours, give my thick Haitian booty a sound spanking and then drill his long and thick Somali dick into my horny cunt. I love getting fucked by that man. Rashid would pound his hard dick into my pussy like an invading army conquering enemy territory. We had a lot of fun together, seriously. Rashid is the one who introduced me to anal sex. Aloe cream is the lubricant Rashid used before sticking his dick up my tight asshole. Worked like magic.

Rashid and I were obsessed with anal sex. Not only did I love getting on all fours and getting my tight butt hole stuffed with Rashid's thick Somali dick, but I also enjoyed returning the favor. That's right. We practiced extreme gender equality in the bedroom. I thought that Rashid would have a problem with my feminine dominance but he was cool with it. I would don my strap-on dildo, lubricate Rashid's ass with Aloe cream, and then fuck him with it.

Rashid loved getting fucked by me, and we bought numerous dildos to enhance our sexual experiences. Smacking Rashid's cute ass, I would stuff him with my dildo and the Somali brother would howl until I made him beg for mercy. Yeah, Rashid and I had tons of fun together. We were quite happy. It's a shame that we split. Rashid graduated with a Master's degree in business from the University of Ottawa last year and moved to Minnesota, where he apparently got a job offer. I miss Rashid, but I don't believe in long distance relationships. Moving on, folks!

A lot of dominant females in the Ottawa BDSM scene are sticklers for tradition, and they're big on the whole leather outfit and whip thing. Me? I wear clothes that I am comfortable in. I am a woman of generous proportions, to say the least. I stand five feet ten inches tall, and weigh two hundred and thirty pounds. My body is curvy, my hips are wide, my tits are huge, and my ass is gigantic. My skin is dark, my hair is kinky and my lips are full. I am damn proud of my Haitian DNA, thank you very much. Why should I strut about in Black leather like those skinny White bitches?

I am all about practicing BDSM my way. I am a Haitian woman, and nothing can take that away from me. I addressed Elias in Haitian Creole and told him to spread his cute "bonda", which is the Haitian word for ass. When Elias didn't comply fast enough, I smacked his ass, and finally, he did as he was told. I pressed my well-lubricated dildo against Elias ass, and then pushed it inside of him.

With a happy sigh, I penetrated Elias with my strap-on dildo.

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