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Bored & horny on road trip, sex is inevitable.

"That's not what you said two weeks ago." I teased; the memory of our first night together on the office sofa made me blush.

"Insatiable and incorrigible: you're one hell of a girl!"

"Did you mean what you said to that guy earlier tonight?" I asked, knowing he was following close behind me as I entered my bedroom. "About me having a boyfriend?"

"Hell, yeah." Shaun growled, putting his hands on my hips, turning me to face him, and kissing me thoroughly. "Unless you don't want me to be." His hazel eyes were serious.

"I never said that," I teased playfully; reaching up to trace the hard line of his stubbled jaw.

"Good," he moaned, his eyes flickering shut as I traced the planes of his handsome face. "Cause I already told my Mum about you."

I reached my hands under Shaun's t-shirt; he jumped when my cold fingers met his warm chest. "What did you tell her?" I ran my hands across the chiselled breadth of his upper body, flicking his nipples, drawing a sharp hiss from him.

"I told her I had this amazing girl who was smart."

"Uh, huh." I stripped his t-shirt off, standing on my tip-toes to pull it over his head.

"And funny."

I ran the length of my tongue up his neck, pausing to nibble his earlobe.

"And gorgeous."

"Mmm?" My hands ran down the sculpted heat of his chest, across his abs, and lower to undo his belt buckle.

"Who was damn good at her job."

I slid the zipper down on his jeans, leaning in further to flick open the button of his fly.

"And who is even better in bed." Shaun's breath hitched as I eased his jeans off his hips. "And who is the best damn kisser I've ever known."

"Uh, huh?" His erection tented his boxers. I teased the length of it through the fabric with one finger.

"And who has the most breathtaking tits I've ever seen."

I laughed lowly, reaching into his boxers for his hard cock, caressing it with my small hands, marvelling again at its size. "And what did she say?" I purred, pressing myself against the heat of his bare chest.

"She told me not to fuck this one up."

Laughing, I pulled Shaun's boxers down, enjoying the sight of his erection pointing skyward; it really was a gorgeous piece of work and it was all for me. "I think I'll like your Mum," I predicted, running my hands further down, playing with the soft, delicate skin covering his balls.

Shaun's groan came from deep in his throat. "I'd really rather not talk about her while you're doing that." He leaned in, laced one large hand around the back of my neck, and kissed me hard; the wet, rasping thrust of his tongue made my pussy gush. "And why am I naked and you're not? I think we should make this fair."

"Yes, boss." I laughed, shucking off my jeans and tank top to reveal a black lace bra and panties.

Shaun whistled appreciatively, circling me as I stood unmoving before him. "You're like a Vargas pin-up girl: all sexy-ass, hourglass curves. Never would have guessed that under that work uniform you were a naughty underwear sort of gal, either."

"What's naughty?" I asked in earnest. The ensemble was pretty standard; the panties weren't even a thong.

"It's black," Shaun ran one hand from my hip to my breast, tracing the outline of my body. His gaze was intense. "And I can see your nipples through the lace; in my books that qualifies as naughty."

"You're probably right," I grinned wickedly, unclasping my bra and drawing it off. "I'm feeling pretty naughty. Where's the t-shirt?"

"T-shirt?" Shaun's eyes were glazed over, his erection clearly interfering with his ability to think.

"The little titty Super Bowl t-shirt you wanted me to wear?"

"I forgot all about it." Shaun shrugged his shoulders, gesturing down to his engorged cock. "I don't think we'll need it. Do you?"

I shook my head, smiling. It thrilled me to no end that it was little ol' me who could bring Shaun to such a state of arousal.

"So you're definitely not too tired?" Shaun asked, eying me greedily as my panties hit the floor.

"Well, I'm not going to guarantee a

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