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Devil Queen Lilith has a craving for holy, virgin cunt.

Again and again I pounded her wet cunt with my pulsing cock, the corona massaging her G-spot as I thrust in and my cock head slamming into her cervix.

"That's it fuck me like a mad dog!" Ginger exclaimed as I continued my assault on her soaking wet loins. Every time I thrust forward Ginger pushed back to meet my cock.

"FUCK ME!" Ginger screamed at the top of her lungs.

I could feel the all too familiar tingling beginning in my loins as Ginger moaned sinfully then exclaimed. "You're gonna make me cum!"

Kay continued fingering her erect clit from below as I slammed my cock into Ginger faster and faster.

Ginger threw her head back and screamed again. "I'M CUMMING!" Her voice extending the word as her climax built.

"Oh god, oh god!" She exclaimed as the full force of her orgasm washed over her body.

I continued pumping her flooding pussy through an inspired climax, the wet sounds of a cunt overflowing with climatic juices filling the air. I felt Kay's lips against my cock as she slurped the juices flowing from Ginger's quivering pussy, my piston like cock forcing more and more of her cum from the swollen flesh.

That tingling in my loins was now concentrated in my balls as they began pumping hot, thick cum along my cock shaft. My cock swelled into Ginger's sopping wet cunt as I exclaimed. "Now I'm gonna cum!"

I pulled my thumb from her asshole and grasped her hips with both hands as Ginger found a way to turn her head toward me. Her lust filled eyes staring at mine as she begged. "Fill me with your hot, thick cum. Pump every single drop into my hot wet cunt!"

I dug my fingers into the soft flesh of her hips and thrust hard into her my cock head slamming into her cervix as the thick cum exploded from my cock head I screamed one word. "YES!"

Again and again my cock spurted hot thick cum inside her swollen cunt. The tight wet flesh deep inside Ginger's incredible pussy enticing my balls to give her every drop they could offer. I could feel my cock bathing in our combined orgasmic flood of juices as my climax subsided.

Kay's mouth continued slurping at Ginger's pussy lips knowing that very soon the flood of hot, thick cum I'd just pumped inside would join the cunt cream and begin seeping from the swollen slit she licked at.

Sexually spent I pulled my cock from Ginger's flooded cunt and collapsed onto the chair behind me. Ginger's pussy lay open, swollen and oozing. I watched as Kay lifted her mouth and clamped her lips tightly on the entrance to Ginger's pussy. Ginger moaned lustfully as Kay sucked hard on the throbbing flesh before her. She urged Kay on. "Suck his cum load from my hot cunt."

I watched as Ginger clenched her muscles drawing her sphincter tightly closed and forcing the sperm deposit I'd just made inside her cunt out and into Kay's wanton mouth. Kay's mouth sucked and slurped at Ginger's loins as wad after wad of thick sweet cream slipped from her cunt and into Kay's cum craving mouth. Once Kay's mouth was full she removed her lips from Ginger's slit. Ginger instantly moved sideways then turned around hovering over Kay's mouth as she pleaded with the sexy redhead. "Share his taste with me please!"

Kay opened her mouth to show the wad of thick sauce it contained and Ginger instantly dropped her mouth to Kay's extending her tongue into the pool of creamy cum Kay offered. Kay used her tongue to push the sweet cum load between her lips as Ginger sucked it into her mouth.

"Hmmmm." Ginger moaned through closed lips as she savored the taste of sweet thick cum.

Through pursed lips Ginger let the pool of cum dribble from her mouth, some into Kay's waiting mouth and some onto Kay's already wet lips.

I sat there holding my spent cock in one hand and watched as these two sexy mature vixens played with my cum load for several minutes, Ginger slurping and lapping at Kay's mouth and Kay again and again offering the wad back to her sultry cum loving partner.

Eventually each took turns showing me their part of the sex prize as they swallowed my cu

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