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He sold her virginity to his dealer.


"Like what?" Mary inquires.

I paused for a second and answered, "For instance, the first time was with Dwayne and his 3 friends. I had assumed they would use condoms but none of them did. She also let them do anal sex on her which in all the years we had been together, she had denied me. She had only met them a few hours before so they were basically strangers, you can imagine how this made me feel."

Mary looks at Amie and asks her, "Why is this? Why did you do sex acts with these strange men but denied your husband?"

Amie bites her lower lip, thinking and responds, "I have always been VERY submissive to my black lovers and have never denied them anything. I don't know why but it turns me on so much to not have anything off limits when it comes to them."

"That is interesting, I have seen something like this before. Even with your reservations you continued in this lifestyle for quite awhile. What finally happened to make you feel like you needed counseling?" Mary asked us.

We told her about Amie dancing in the strip club and picking up Jackson over my objections. I told her how much I hated him and really did not want him fucking my wife. I found him to be so smug and I felt he was trying to intimidate me the whole time. Even so, I found myself turned on the whole time Amie and Jackson had sex.

We also told her about the my wife's risky behavior by the lake with the 2 young black thugs and how I thought we had decided to take a break from Amie taking on black lovers while we started a family. I then told her about the last straw which was Amie having an affair with Jackson. That was what led us to seek counseling.

Mary asked, "Amie, why did you do this. You know your husband did not want you to be with Jackson. Why did you betray his trust, especially with that man?"

"I don't know. I do know I was very attracted to Jackson, his self confidence and how he seems to be in so strong and in control. I was also angry that Bob forbid me from being with him..."

I interrupted, "I don't understand your attraction to him, he's not that good looking and he's an asshole!"

"That's your opinion!" Amie hisses.

"Now, take it easy. We'll talk this through." Mary interjects.

I decided to use this opportunity to find out what happened between Amie and Jackson when they disappeared, Amie has always been so honest with me and this thing really hurt me. I turned to Amie and asked, "What I want to know is what happened when you and Jackson left the motel, where did you two go?"

"Do I have to answer that?" Amie asked Mary.

"You don't have to but it would be good to be totally honest with your husband." Mary says.

Amie is silent for what seemed like an eternity and finally says, "Well, I had gotten together with Jackson three other times before Bob caught us. During the time we spent together I had told him about my fantasies and fetishes. I told him how I was particularly aroused by bondage, being tied up and totally helpless. I told him about the 8 black man gang bang where I started the evening tied spread eagle on the bed and used. He seemed to be very interested in this subject and the day that Bob spied on us something happened."

"What was that?" Mary asked.

Amie takes a deep breath and continues, "We were making love and Jackson suddenly and gets out of bed. I was begging him to continue but instead he asked me if I trusted him. I thought that was an odd question and told him we didn't need to talk about that and kept pleading with him to continue making love to me. He refused and repeated the question. Finally I asked him why he needed to know if I trusted him. He told me had a treat for me that would fulfill my bondage fantasy." I made a mental note that she twice referred to him "making love" to her. This bothered me, she could have used the term screw or fuck of something but she seemed to think of him as a lover and not just a fuck buddy.

Amie pauses and glances at me and continues, "He told me he had a friend that specializes in that kind

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