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Ruth and her dad, Kristen and her mom.

By the time my clothes are off, my cock is already rock hard. I am standing directly in front of you, my cock standing straight out towards you. I bring my one hand down across my stomach and start to stroke my long, smooth shaft. I am jerking off for you baby, looking at your body, thinking of how much I am going to enjoy you. My cock is swelling in my hand. You hear me moan, low and soft. I could explode right now and shoot my hot, sticky cum all over your body.

I stop myself just on the edge of orgasm. My eyes are drawn up to your wet lips. I want my cock in your mouth so bad. I move to the side of the chair, bending over and giving you a hot, wet kiss, playfully teasing your lips with my tongue.

I back away and stand up straight. I have my cock in my hand now, right in front of your face. I rub my head lightly across your bottom lip. Your mouth opens and I feel your tongue touch me sending shivers down my spine. Your lips close down over my head sealing me in your mouth. I move closer to the chair, putting my hands behind the back of your neck and pushing my cock further into your mouth. I feel your tongue dancing on the bottom of my shaft as I slowly move myself in and out of your mouth. Baby, your mouth is so hot. I shove my cock all the way in feeling my balls hit against your chin. I want to let go, I want so bad just give in and let my cum shoot down your throat. It is so hard to control myself. I am reaching down now, cupping one of your breasts in my hand and gently pinching one of your nipples. You are moaning now and the vibrations from your throat are driving me crazy. I pull out of your mouth. I have to or else I am going to cum right now.

I move around to the front of the chair again. I bend over towards you rubbing my cock down your whole body as I drop to my knees between your legs. The lips of your pussy are so wet they are shining. I want to taste you so bad, but I need to have my cock inside you. I am holding your pussy open for me with my fingers. I put the tip of my cock right at your opening and slowly move my hips forward. I hear you moaning as I slowly slide my cock inside you. I am watching it disappear all the way in to your tight pussy, my balls now resting against your ass. I grind myself deep inside of you. I start to fuck you slowly watching my cock move so slowly in and out of you. I move my hands up, now massaging your breasts and playing with your nipples. I see my cock covered in your juices as I feel a trickle running down my balls. Your moaning is driving me crazy. I can barely keep up this slow pace, but it feels so good baby. It feels so good to have your pussy cover my cock when I am all the way inside of you.

You are starting to moan with an increased passion. I see your wetness on my cock and I know I need to taste you. My face is between your legs now. My tongue lapping up your juices. I dive inside you with my tongue, licking your pussy as I bring one hand down to massage your clit with my fingers. I take your clit between my thumb and fingers and start to jerk it gently as I fuck you with my tongue, faster and faster driving my mouth against your pussy. You feel my tongue darting deep inside of you. Your clit is getting harder. I can feel it. Don't hold back baby. I want you to cum for me. I want you to cum on my face when my tongue is buried deep inside of you. I massage your clit faster now as I hear your moaning getting lower and deeper. Please cum on my tongue baby. I feel you clamp down on my face. You are cumming now. I can feel your juices running down my chin.

It turns me on having you cum on my face.

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