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How a mother educates her son in sex.

After about 10 minutes, she simply said: "That will be all, Carly, thank you" and sat, still with her legs apart, as the other woman stood, turned and headed out of the office.

"It's not over yet," I said to Shona. "Keep watching."

As the door closed, Watkins reached into a drawer on the right hand side of her desk and removed a smooth, silver, slim vibrator and flicked it on. It took her only a second or two to apply the throbbing aid to her clitoris, and almost immediately she began to jerk and writhe as she finally gave in to the sensations pulsing from her sex.

"I told you it was all about control," I said. "She wants to prove that she has power over other staff, but she also wants to show that she has the control to resist showing emotion when she's getting a good licking from whoever is her chosen victim.

"Then, when she's alone, she has to give in to it - on her own terms. Just think, when we were getting it on in that meeting room, she was just around the corner, sticking that vibrator in and taking care of business. It could just as easily have been my cock, but she doesn't want to play that game."

"No, but I do," Shona purred, grabbing hold of me through my jeans. "I know we can get our own back now, but that's for later. Right now, I want you inside me."

"So watching one woman lick off another, and then watching a woman pleasuring herself with a vibrator, gets you so hot you have to have a cock? Are you sure you're not even a tiny bit gay?"

"Fuck off," she grunted, unzipping me and teasing me to full hardness, which took about half a second. She pulled her top up over her braless breasts, rolled astride me, hitched her panties to one side and then sank down onto my waiting cock in one smooth movement. "And fuck me."

I was happy to oblige, burying my head in her glorious breasts and grabbing roughly at her perfect buttocks as she took control, rising and falling on my manhood until her orgasm overtook her and the sight of her in the throes of ecstasy caused my cock to twitch and pump spunk into her waiting hole.

We agreed to wait another few days to gather all the evidence we needed, and at the end of that time I had gathered clips of three other members of staff being forced to submit to Mrs Watkins demands. I looped all four files, each carefully datestamped, together to create the case for the prosecution and then Shona and I decided to go on the offensive.

First Shona arranged a meeting with Mrs Watkins close to quitting time, when everyone else was packing up for the day and getting ready to go home. When everyone else had left the office, I slipped the memory stick containing the video files into my top pocket, knocked on the office door and, without waiting to be beckoned, walked in.

"Yes, what do you want?" Mrs Watkins asked severely. "Can't you see I am busy?"

"That's what I wanted to discuss," I said. "I know exactly how busy you have been over the last few days, and I think it's about time we did something about it."

"What are you talking about?" Mrs Watkins didn't suspect a thing, but it was our firm intention to make her pay for her abuse and teach her a lesson at the same time.

"Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the pictures I'm about to show you can be summed up in just one - disgrace," I said, slipping the memory stick into the port on her PC and quickly setting the film clips playing. "Here's the evidence of systematic abuse of your staff, sexual harassment, not to mention jerking off in work time. Coupled with statements from the two of us, I'd say that if this comes to the attention of senior management you'll be out of a job in an instant."

Mrs Watkins couldn't tear her eyes away from the screen, which was now displaying a segment showing her plunging the vibrator into her sopping cunt. "How?" she gasped.

"Just a littl

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