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Redhead and boyfriend have fun with a bar of soap.

Once we start, there is no stopping."

"Fuck me, your horny bastards," I responded, and in an act of sheer willpower, I leaned forward and took Keith's dick into my mouth.

Seconds later, I felt my asshole penetrated by the first of Mike's fingers. While I Concentrated my efforts on licking and sucking Keith's head, I was still aware of Mike's finger working itself in and out of my. I felt him touch that sensitive spot where my prostrate lies. Unlike the brutality of the doctor, Mike gently rubbed my p-spot when I groaned in appreciation. I felt pre-cum dribble out of my cock and felt a perverse sense of pride that already I was showing signs of appreciation for this first homosexual assault on my asshole.

A few minutes passed, and I felt Mike insert another finger. I instantly noticed a difference. While Mike finger fucked my, I continued to focus my oral attentions on Keith's enormous Johnson. Having never tasted a penis before, I was somewhat disappointed that it just tasted like my flesh. It never occurred to my that with all the soap and water we had applied to his dong, there was no residual sweat to provide taste and odor. For the most part, I applied suction to his soft glans, stopping to lick it occasionally. Being circumcised myself, I am used to a glans that feels like rough skin. My tongue told me that Keith's was soft and moist, and his moans informed me that the end of his penis was sensitive as well, perhaps more sensitive than my circumcised corona.

Occasionally Keith would push his joystick against my lips, which I knew were resting on his foreskin. I would feel the foreskin move back and forth across his shaft. This never was deep; at this point I had taken in maybe three inches of his cock, with another inch added for just a moment as he thrust his hips up before relaxing back towards the headboard.

When Mike added a third finger to my asshole, I was really aware of it. At this point, I knew my asshole was being stretched wider than it ever had been before, partly because of the intensity of the pain. At the same time, there was almost a double sense of sensitivity. Although I was uncomfortable, the pressure on my anal sphincter felt good, and when his fingers ran over my p-spot, it was as if I were having some sort of mini-orgasm.

As he twister his fingers around my asshole, I realized that he was stretching the muscles further apart. On one hand it was hard to enjoy him doing that, but I also knew that if Mike - and equally important, Keith = were to place their love muscles into my back door, my arsehole must be stretched out. So, I tried to ignore the sensations on concentrate on Keith's tube steak.

That was hard to do when Mike slipped his fourth finger into my still tight bung. I began to wonder - fearfully - if Mike intended to fist fuck me. Certainly, it made sense - Keith's dick was easily as thick as Mike's wrist - but somehow being fist fucked seemed like the ultimate in gay degradation, and I am not gay. As Mike moved his fingers in and out of my poop chute, I found myself worrying more about my asss than about Keith's skin flute.

"Suck my nigger cock, White. You know you want to. You know you want to worship my black meat with your pink lips, White," he urged. "You like that, don't you, bitch. You like have this big nigger dick fill your throat. You want to taste the white cum that pours out of my black cock, don't you, bitch."

As he was slowly face fucking me, I felt Mike withdraw his fingers from my queer cunt. Abruptly he reached around my thighs and pulled me back to the end of the bed. I felt my feet flop over the edge of the mattress as he positioned himself behind my upright buttocks, and I knew that my full fantasy was about to be filled. Like a bitch in heat, Mike was going to fuck me doggy style with his dong while Keith finished face fucking me with his shaft. At last I would have some idea of what it was like to be wedged between two cocks.

I felt Mike place his d-head against my puckered brown

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