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She was feeling faint.

Danny just stood there in the doorway, staring at her body. She stared anxiously at his eyes, trying to adopt the same intense expression that he always wore so easily.

"I had to do this, Danny," she finally said. Her tone was even, with just a hint of tremble, from true nervousness. She had wanted to make her voice breathy and frantic, but was afraid that it would sound corny. To Lori's ears, it came out that way anyway.

"I had to tie myself up, to keep from touching you this time."

Lori tensed as she waited for Danny's response, then forced herself to relax. She closed her eyes, waiting for Danny to tell her to stop it, or to just untie her, or even simply turn and leave her helpless. She couldn't look at him.

He stood there, at the foot of her bed, staring at her for what seemed like an eternity. After a while, Lori couldn't resist. She half opened her eyes, peering at him through surreptitious slits.

Danny began unbuckling his belt.

* * *

Dan tried to take it slow, to be the one in complete control in the room. He forced himself to patiently undo his belt, and his zipper, before kicking off his shoes and lowering his pants. When he took his shirt off, he threw it at her. It landed on her precious tits and her face, startling her. She laughed softly into the cloth.

He sat on the bed beside her. As he tugged his shirt off of her, he revealed that beautiful, wide, full lipped mouth, wearing a bright, satisfied smile. He continued drawing his shirt gently toward himself, watching jealously as the fabric enjoyed a light caress across her round tits, jerking slightly as it caught at and then exposed each erect nipple in turn.

Lori looked at him, her expression calm but otherwise unreadable, and he looked back at her, keeping his own face stonily serious.

"You can't fuck me, Danny," she told him. "You can't touch me. You're Stephanie's lover, not mine."

"I'll do whatever I want with you, Lori," he told her.

Dan rose up onto his knees, towering over her, looking down at her exquisite face beneath his raging, surging cock.

* * *

After months, after wasted months, his cock was finally there again. Danny's cock was right there, so close she could touch it, if she hadn't foolishly tied herself up first. She knew now that it wasn't just part of the tease. She really did have to tie herself up, because without doing so she would be hungrily holding his cock in her hand right now. Lori had to squeeze her eyes shut at the thought, scolding herself, fighting back the guilt and enjoying the vivid image of the fantasy, all at once.

He was Stephanie's lover. Once lover, at least. Her little sister's once lover. And if Stephanie had her way, he would be again. Maybe not now, but soon, once they both graduated. An she'd watched him grow up, for Christ's sake. She'd watched him ride his bicycle down the street, proudly wearing his little league uniform, while she was going up to her own room to learn how to make out.

Now his magnificent, tempting cock was right there.

She opened her eyes again, wondering what Danny would read in her face. Would he see the confusion, or the fear, or the lust? She was sure that everything was written there and easy to see. It was embarrassing, but at the same time she wanted Danny to see it all. She wanted him to sense every emotion she was feeling.

Danny was silent as he leaned forward, lowering his cock to within tantalizing inches of Lori's face. She watched as it grew, until it filled her vision, becoming the only thing that she could see, his cock, and his sandy brown pubic hairs, and his taught, athletic abdomen. Lori smoothly raised her head up, trying to take his tempting, rigid cock into her mouth.

Danny jerked away. He was too quick for her.

"You're obviously not tied up well enough, you nasty little minx. I'll have to watch myself with you. Keep you out of trouble."

"I'm supposed to keep you out of trouble, Danny," she said evenly, almost as if by kee

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