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Daddy begins teaching Angel about pleasure.

It was anxious to get away from the creature and the door quickly shut, separating them.

The creature jumped at the door, snorted and snarled. I heard a hiss sound and then it jumped back. It must have been trying to use it's acid, but it's protective muzzle would have repelled it back at it. I couldn't help but chuckle at that. It made me think of the shock collars we had back home. Home...would I ever be home again?

My chuckle caught it's attention, it looked over it's shoulder at me. It's face was mostly covered but from what I could see it had an oval head that ran the longest from shoulder outward to the muzzle on it's face. It walked on all fours and had what appeared to be a tail like appendage on it's back. It was firm but slimy in appearance, and it was getting closer. No scales, no fur, just wet hard shape picking up speed as it approached me. It was almost like a cross between a machine and a being.

It was just a little thing, what were they so scared of, at least with the muzzle on it couldn't kill anybody. Right? It was right next to me now and I could hear it breathing. It began to sniff me out, right until it reached my ass. A deep rumbling sound came out of it from behind me and then a high shrill screech as it launched at my back.

There was no warning, no attempt, it launched right at me with it's body and it's dick instantly met it's mark. The pain was incredible. I screamed out in horror as it slammed into me with great fierce, focused thrusts. I'd never been fucked in the ass before and even with the lubrication the officer had provided this felt like being ripped open with knives.

It grunted and panted on top of my back and at least for my sake it didn't last long. With one deep thrust I felt a shot of hot liquid fill my anal cavity. It burned like a gentle acid might burn but the burning subsided, maybe that was the act of the lubrication the officer had injected me with. After all, these were acid spitting creatures.

The muzzle slapped my back a few times like it was trying to get at me and then with a few failed attempts it slid out of my ass and walked away. A light went on to my right, attracting it in that direction, a door opened and the spent creature wandered out.

That wasn't so bad, it was short at least. I waited for the door in front of me to open and for the officer to return. But he didn't. Instead the door on the left opened again and in was shoved another runner. This one was angry, it ran around the room, smashing into things and making a mess.

It was the size of a human, just walking on all fours. It's tail was different than the tail of the other, this one had a stub for a tail. Other than that they were mostly the same. Although what it didn't have in a tail it made up for in it's dick. That thing was huge, and scary looking, it was spiked and angry looking. I gulped, it turned at me and growled.

I closed my eyes tight, when I opened them it was laying down in front of me. I didn't understand, these things were supposed to be violently interested in breeding. It just lay there like it was going to take a nap. It pawed at it's muzzle. I became scared, if it was successful in getting that was between me and my exit!

A disembodied voice sounded in my head, it was the officer, "I'm so very sorry, evidently after you have already been bred by a runner you lose the scent I injected you with. In the future I will keep a larger supply at the ready and inject you between runners. The only way to increase it's interest at this moment is to add some competition. I was hoping to give you breaks in between but perhaps it's just as well you get this over with fast. I will have a few more officers join me to watch and ensure we don't miss the first sign of trouble. We have your best interest at heart. Hold on tight, this might get rough."

And with that, the door to the left opened and 3 runners were shoved in.

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