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The perfect seduction.

In the course of their conversation, Katya told the gentleman that she wasn't seeing anyone and that she had dated off and on but must be too picky because she hadn't had that true spark of someone with whom she could spend her life with.

Dan told her, "You are beautiful and smart. Don't worry, the right person will come around eventually."

After a quick bit about politics, they somehow got to talking about first times and losing their virginity. "Mine was a good experience but it didn't last," Katya smiled.

"Mine was different. I married my first and only," Dan responded and Katya became even more attracted to him.

Katya then explained how private dances worked, talked about prices and asked him, "So what do you think?"

What he thought was, how beautiful this woman was and how much he wanted to have her dance for him. He replied, "I think I'd like to have you dance 3 songs for me," eyes twinkling and grinning from ear to ear.

She smiled back at Dan and went over the rules - no touching and payment up front, then asked him, "How do you feel? Is this really your first time?"

Dan responded with a smile and a nod and Katya knew that she had to make this dance special for him. She led him over and sat him in the booth, smiled sweetly and asked, "Ready?"

Dan smiled back into her big brown eyes, and whispered, "Yes."

Katya began to perform, sliding her body above his, but not touching, fully clothed in a t-shirt and tight, short shorts. She passed her lips over his, her long hair brushing his neck, and it was all Dan could do not to grab her and kiss her. She slid her face to his neck, breathing gently, making Dan instantly hard.

He pulled his hands close to his side, so that he wouldn't reach out and break the rules. He looked into her eyes, smiling, as she slid out of her top, revealing petite, gorgeous, round breasts. Katya took her nipples in her fingers and rolled them, bringing them within tongue's reach of Dan.

Dan was mesmerized by her beauty. Katya saw the look of lust in his eyes before he looked up from her chest, smiled sweetly at her and winked. She felt his lust... no it was more than that. She felt his full appreciation of her, and she started to become rather aroused, something that didn't generally happen.

As the music carried on, the talented dancer slid between Dan's legs, and slipped her face over his crotch, again so close but not quite touching. She looked up at him, smiled, and asked, "Did you just wink at me?"

He replied that he had, and her desire to please him and her own personal desire continued to build. Katya slipped off her shorts, revealing her blue lace panties to Dan. Still between his legs, she leaned back and lifted her bottom, presenting it to him. He let out a little moan, as he caught site of her tight ass and the gorgeous panties. Katya could sense his want, and slipped her thumbs into either side of the blue lace and slowly thrust towards him, sliding the panties down to her knees and then off.

Dan's eyes were glued to the hot young lady, watching as she revealed the last of herself to him. She had a beautifully shaved pussy, with large full lips, unblemished skin, and a smooth, taut butt.

Katya sat back up and slithered up, her sultry lips again almost touching his, before she continued on. She slowed as her breasts passed his lips and actually found herself wanting him to break the rules and take a little taste, imagining the feel of his tongue on her erect nipples. But when he didn't, she knew Dan was a true gentleman and that made her begin to really want him. She placed a foot on the seat on either side of him, climbed up, and offered him her pussy.

Dan noticed the light, lovely scent of her perfume, his eyes glued to her pussy. He had never been with another woman and wondered what it would be like to be with this one. He had to be careful not to actually drool.

Katya could feel the older man's desire, and she traced the outline of her pussy flesh with her finger.

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