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The woman of my dreams: an exhibitionist with a good head!

I moan in ecstasy as I pretended that both were taking care of my hard cock and giving me the best blowjob I ever had.

After a few more jerks, I felt myself stiffing up and I began releasing my own juice, hitting the spot left by Steve. I opened my eyes and saw Barb standing at the door. She was fully clothed and had a smile on her face. She shut the door before I could say or do anything to cover up what I had done.

With the heat of the moment gone and the glow of embarrassment upon my face, I finished cleaning myself off and rinse off the semen off the glass. I dried myself off and got dressed. I went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Steve had returned and Barb had eggs and bacon on the table. I pretended nothing had happened in the shower, but I did noticed Barb and Steve glancing at each other with a knowing look. I felt like a kid who had gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar as I sat at the table and ate my food in silence.

When we were done eating, we left for our hike in the woods. Along the way, we saw several animals including two rabbits caught in the heat of the moment. Barb lean against Steve and made a sly comment that that particular position looked familiar to her. We all laughed. We continued our way up the mountain and reached the top. We ate our lunch and then headed back to the cabin.

After a dinner of steaks and potatoes, Barb announced that she wanted to relax in the hot tub. I told her that I thought it was a great idea. As I headed to go into my room to get my suit, she told me that Steve and she had a rule that no one was allowed to wear a suit in the hot tub. With the last of her words, she took off her shirt and head off to the tub. Steve and I followed her, taking off our clothes as we moved. I found myself growing harder and harder as I began to lower myself in the tub. I looked and Steve. I was not the only one who was turned on by the moment.

Within a few minutes of sitting the tub, Barb suddenly looked at me and smiled. She asked me what I had been thinking about when I was in the shower. My face grew red and I tried to stammer an excuse, but end up telling her what I saw. She laughed and asked, "You like that, eh?" Want to see more?"

I nodded my head. She got up and sat at the edge of the tub. She told Steve to go sit next to me. She then spread her legs and began to rub her inner thigh. She glanced up and gave a sly smile as she pulled back the fold of her lips. She then took her index finger and inserted it into her pussy. She began to move it back and forth, her wetness glistening off her knuckles. She stopped for a moment and entered her middle and ring fingers. "Mmm, that feels so good." She continued her stroking; she worked up herself into frenzy and within seconds, she climaxed over her fingers. She pulled them out and began to lick them as she watched the expression on our faces. She then lowered herself into the tub.

She then announced it was her turn to see a show. She ordered Steve and me to stand up. She told us to face her so that she could see both our shafts. She then told us to stroke our own cock, slowly at first. She wanted us to look at her eyes and mouth as we jerked our hard cocks. I rubbed the tip of my cock with my open palm, slowly so that I could feel the tingly of my skin rubbing with the tip. I kept my eyes on Barb's mouth and imagined that it was her tongue touching me. As the intensity in Barb's eyes grew, I formed an "o" with my hand and moved my cock through it. I moved my hands up and down, watching Barb's mouth open and her tongue coming out as if it was stretching to taste my cock. I began to stiffen up. I could hear Steve's moans growing louder and louder.

Barb could sense we were both ready to cum.

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