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If you've got it, flaunt it.

Now she couldn't see or speak.

There was a hand near her throat, and a slight tug at her collar. It was a familiar feeling. The feeling of having the end of rope tied to the D ring below her chin. Then the hand was gone. She could feel the rope moving slightly, and she knew it was because the other end was being tied around the headboard, or the bed frame.

She felt the rope being wrapped around her left leg, then her right. Still she didn't dare to move. She waited patiently until motion stopped around her, and tilted her head to the side.

Master Gabriel's hand grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her face down into the pillow before her. She felt the ropes tighten at her throat, then around her legs as she felt herself being spread open. Finally, the free end was tied to her collar again. She pulled back slightly, realizing she couldn't move. She was tied down tight, her face down low, her ass up high.

She felt pressure on her pussy, but could tell right away it wasn't Master Gabriel's cock, nor was it his finger. It rubbed back and forth on her, brushing her clit. It was the handle of the flogger, she realized moments later, as it was removed from her soft flesh. The gentle feeling of it rubbing there was immediately forgotten as she was hit with the flogger across her back. She cried out quickly around the gag and winced at the pain. A second blow hit her shoulder, and a third hit her ass. She bit down on the gag against the pain, felt a tear roll down her cheek, but didn't dare make another sound.

She lost track of how many times he had hit her, but her back and ass were numb from the pain. She cried, though her tears were absorbed by the blindfold. She tried to cry out, to beg her master to stop, but the ball gag prevented her from making a sound other than her moans and screams.

Finally, the hitting stopped. There was more silence. She shook from the stinging pain, the anticipation of what would come next, the cold of the air on her naked flesh, and from fear.

Someone climbed onto the bed, and there was more pressure against her clit. Something hard slid deep into her pussy. It was a wonderful sensation as it slid in and out. She moaned softly, the pain on her back forgotten as the pleasure washed through her body. The bed rocked gently as she was fucked, and she tried to push back against it, but couldn't.

The ball gag was removed, and before she could make a sound, something was pushed into her mouth. It was her Master's cock, she realized, tasting the salty pre-cum on the tip, her tongue sliding along the soft flesh covering his hard shaft. Mistress must be using the strap-on, she thought. But she didn't care. She was happy. She had someone fucking her, and Master's cock in her mouth. She loved to suck him. He tasted good, and it made him happy.

Her mind snapped back to the situation as the strap-on was removed from her pussy, and a stinging pain washed through her as something hit her clit hard. Reflexively she tightened her muscles, but it was too late. Her jaw had moved wrong, and she had bit down slightly before she could stop herself.

She cried out as his cock pulled back. She didn't have time to anticipate the punishment as his hand was brought down hard across her cheek. She cried out, turning away, but it didn't lessen the pain. Her cheek was red from the blow, she knew.

"NEVER!" he shouted at her, pulling her hair back so she strained against the ropes holding her down. "NEVER bite me!"

Master Gabriel took the flogger from Krista that she had hit Meliawen's pussy with. He hit her there again, knowing the stinging pain would hurt. He only hit her a few times, though, knowing she would be numb from the pain. She needed new punishment, something to torment her rather than to hurt.

"Let me take care of that, Master," Krista said, dropping to her knees, working her tongue along the bottom of his cock and feeling him harden in her mouth. She moaned in delight as she played with his balls, sucking him and hearing him breathing heavier.

"But Master

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