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Breaking in goes south when Ellie finds she isn't alone.

And so it 'seems'. Unknowingly, my fingers are wandering all over my nipples, pinching it a little and pulling it a little. I let out a soft moan and looked at myself in the mirror. All I saw was a horny slut getting ready to offer more tease. Why? I was really confused.

A loud voice spoke inside me: "You know you want it. It's your fantasy...just let the men do what they are their little slut."

It was too much for me to bear...I could take it no more. My lust was overpowering my logic and my sense of fear. As if in a possessed state, I walked to the door and opened it. The door was left open in a 45 degrees angle. I could hear a moment of silence from the men and I realised they had switched the television off.

Catching a quick glimpse, I could see that their attention were drawn in the direction of my room. I walked back to my bed and laid by my side, legs crossed in the most suggestive way. I breathed hard, pushing out my tits and breathed again, each time harder and letting my right tit rub hard on the bedsheet.

I closed my eyes and started touching my tits. I gave them a gentle squeeze, then traced an imaginary line to both my areolas, circling them. My nipples reacted fast, erecting even more, just like little raisins. i moaned softly, enjoying the sensation building up in me. I slipped my right hand down to my shaven cunt and touched my clit gently.

I moved down a little and was greeted by the enormous wetness in my vagina. I wantonly pushed my middle finger into my cunt, halfway in and twirling it around. This time, I moaned louder, loud enough for all the men to hear me. Pinching my left nipple hard, I let out an audible sluttish moan which I know will raise cocks.

I opened my eyes slightly, peeping at the direction of my door and I could see all 7 men looking at my direction. Some were even standing to get a better view. I know they were enjoying it, because some of them were already stroking their cocks and flashing an undeniably lustful stare. I was turned on even more, and moaned even louder, shoving my middle finger in all the way.

In my little mind, I told myself it's going to be alright, and my sexy game was working well. The tenants would not dare to do anything to me, they will have to account to my parents if they try something funny. After all, I was enjoying my fun immensely. I could still be the angel I was after I had my fun, since nothing will happen, I thought naively.

I went into a kneeling position and went down even lower, letting only the tip of my nipples touch the side of my bed(which actually had a surface like sand paper). I moved my body in a forward and backwards motion, dragging my nipples along the rough surface, gasping and moaning in ecstasy. I know I want the guys to see, and I kept consoling my logic that it's nothing to worry about. After all, they are only seeing, what 'else' will happen?

My eyes rested upon the metal ruler I saw on my desk and next I gently pulled the metal ruler along my clit, my body now shivering in an excited motion of ecstasy. The coldness of the metal ruler made my whole cunt tingled in excitement.

I threw my head back, allowing the men to see my facial expression while I moaned shamelessly, like a bitch on heat. By this time, I could sense that the men were just outside the area near my room door, having an open view of me, playing with myself in the naughty manner.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that I got more horny, I swept my hair back to one side, knelt down and opened my legs wider, growing more daring as each second ticked away. I looked at the men straight and moaned, moving my hands all over my body, as if inviting them to fuck me.

I was about to shove my middle finger into my cunt again when I felt a pull on my right nipple. I looked up and gasped in shock, Dan was standing right in front of me, stroking his seven inch' cock as he pulled my nipple. I moved back in surprise, causing my nipple to be pulled hard and released, which went red and swollen the next instance.

"What are you doing?" I screamed.


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