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When the parents announce their divorce, kids get involved.

" She walked over to the bed and knelt on it facing them. She could feel her juices on her thighs and lent forward on her hands. Micheal went up behind her, positioning himself at her pussy's entrance. He ran his middle finger around her pussy lips parting them, skimmed her hole and teased her clit. Abriel moaned and wriggled her arse against his finger. Laughing he drew his wet finger away. She was so worked about the night that she was already sopping wet and gripping his cock he pushed himself into her burying his whole length.

She grunted and looked at Patrick. "Come here" she said as Micheal began thrusting into her very hot tight hole. Patrick moved forward. He had never seen another couple having sex before and he was enthralled. She held his cock in her hand while moaning and encouraging Micheal to fuck her even harder. Opening her eyes, she licked the precome from Patrick's cockhead. His size would make him an easy deep throat and she began to lick around the throbbing cockhead. Patrick moaned and placed his hands on her head urging her mouth to take his cock. "Oh yeah sugar" he moaned as his full length sank into her willing mouth. If her mouth was this hot and clinging, he could only imagine what her arse felt like.

"Good hey?" Micheal grunted as he slowly and deeply fucked Abriel. As her head bobbed up and down his shaft he moaned "Unreal Mate! She's very good." Her moans were muffled around his pulsating cock. She'd never experienced two cocks at one time and could feel her orgasm approaching. Micheal began moaning "I'm gonna cum baby get ready for a flood!" His thrusts were faster and not as deep and he could feel her pussy spasming around his bonehard cock, tipping him over the edge. With a last grunt he buried himself to the hilt his cock pumping his load into her quivering pussy in long hot bursts. Hearing his friend cum spurred Patrick on. He felt his balls tighten as he face fucked Abriel. His cock jerked in Abriel's talented mouth and grabbing handfuls of her hair, he rammed his engorged cock down her throat. Moaning he felt her throat contract around his shaft as she swallowed his load.

Moaning and laughing they fell in a heap on the bed. "That was fantastic!" Micheal said trailing a hand across Abriel's tit. "Unreal!" Patrick said reaching over to take a thick nipple into his mouth. "Hope we can repeat it soon!" Abriel said. Micheal knew how she loved having her nipples sucked and he reached over for the other one. She moaned as she ran her hands through their hair.

After a while Patrick began trailing kisses down her body until he was positioned between her legs. His tongue parted her pussy lips and lapped at her clit. "Oh yeah baby, keep going" she moaned and opening her legs wider she placed her feet on his shoulders. She felt his cat like tongue enter her hole. Micheal continued to play with her tits his head turned in Patrick's direction. Patrick's tongue began exploring her scarlet pussy, lapping at the juices pouring out of her. Her moans and words spurred him on and he settled down to some serious cunnilingus. "Oh yeah baby that's it! Make me cum, oh yeah!" she screamed.

The fingers of his left hand played along with his tongue.

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