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The rum had caught up to me and I rolled over to catch a couple winks before she got back.

I woke the next morning to a beautiful sunshiny day. Cindy looked wonderful lying beside me and I felt great. As I gave her a good morning kiss, she woke up and smiled at me. I apologized for falling asleep on her but she stopped me. She then told me that she had not been back long herself. It seems that when she had gone to David's room to tell him good night, David was already in bed. She asked if it was ok to come in but when she did, she noticed right away that the covers had a pretty obvious tent right about his hips. It was obvious that he had been excited also about the earlier events and had been masturbating. She went over to his side with the intention of just giving him a good night kiss. As she bent down, her robe fell open and he reached for her breast to caress it. His hand felt so good so she didn't make him stop and kissed him a bit harder. Finally, she broke away and said that she couldn't do this. She didn't want sex to come between our friendship. David was obviously disappointed but suggested that if she could help him get a release, she could lie with him a few minutes and he could sleep much better. He kissed her again and Cindy crawled in beside him. As they hugged, Cindy felt his hard cock press against her. While it was in no danger of entering her, she could feel his heat and pulsing energy. In only a couple of minutes, she sensed his urgency and he held her tight as he unloaded a powerful load of semen between their bellies. She drifted off to sleep and woke up just as the first cracks of light came across the horizon. Cindy slipped out of David's bed, put on her robe and came back to our bed.

As I reached over to kiss her again, I saw that her stomach was covered with his sticky remains. I again told her how much I loved her and that I thought she had done the sweetest thing for our friend.

Family Friend -- Cindy's Story

David sent me an email that he was painting his apartment this weekend and asked if we could come up and help. It's not a big place, only one bedroom, but it gets us out of town and my husband Paul and I certainly like to help our friend out when we can. Anyway, I checked with Paul but he was on-call from work and cannot leave town in case something were to come up. He told me that if I wanted to go, that would be fine as we didn't have anything else planned for the weekend. With that, I emailed David back that I would be up first thing Saturday.

Friday night Paul decided to treat me to a dinner out. I dressed up pretty sexy (for me at least) in a flowing skirt and light top. I wore a new set of Victoria Secrets I just got that seemed to hold everything just right but reminded him just enough of what the secrets were. We had a good time. When we got home, Paul made us some drinks and we lied on the couch and watched a movie. Well, we actually didn't watch much of the movie as it seems both of us had other ideas. I'm a sucker for when he puts his arms around me to just melt. I seem to have a direct electrical connection or something between my tits and my control -- as in he plays with me and I loose the control. His touches became larger and his kisses removed whatever hindrances were left. As he moved down between my legs, I felt his tongue flick gently on my pussy. I locked my legs around his ears and pulled him deeper to me. It felt so good as I had the first of several orgasms that night. God, that man can eat me good!

Once I calmed down from his most excellent licking, I pulled him up to me so I could put his cock where his mouth was.

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