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A girl with car trouble has the most unbelievable biceps.

Phi gasped audibly when her eyes fell on her friend, she had always known her to be pretty, but this...

"How do I look?" Kachi asked self-consciously.

"oh my God, girl! If that man doesn't give you the fucking of your life tonight, we'll have to question his sexuality."

"Phi, I'm not looking to get..." Kachi's voice trailed off with her hesitance to use the 'f' word, she wasn't as liberal as Phi was with her words.

"...your cherry popped?" Phi completed

Kachi's eyes widened alarmingly, Phi used her words liberally alright, a little too liberally, "Phumi! You know how I feel about that"

Phi laughed, "Well, going by this dress, we know how he feels about you, and something is getting popped tonight, whether it's your cherry or his dick is up to him"

Kachi shook her head with a smile, "I swear I should've introduced you to one of my brothers for the 'friendship' test before certifying you, now I have you corrupting me with all your nonsense talk" she replied.

"Yeah, yeah, take it to Oprah"

They both heard a car pull up close to her apartment and exchanged glances, "You think that's him?" Kachi asked, the sound of a car door opening and closing and approaching footsteps answered that question

And then came the knock.

Kachi moved to open the door, but Phi stilled her movement and shushed her away from it, just before she said, "Be right there" she shook her head in exasperation when Kachi stared oddly at her, even as the older one, Kachi had a lot to learn in the art of dating, everyone knows not to answer the door at the date's first knock, that was a desperado move.

She cleared her throat at the second knock and slowly unlocked the door, only to find- a stunt-double for Chris Hemsworth? Kachi hadn't exaggerated Jeremy's looks, dude was foine! Even as tall as Phi knew she was, she was eye-level with his broad chest. She was just as dumbfounded as Kachi had been when she had first met him- and was staring just as long.
A slight cough from him brought her attention to his silver screen-worthy face. She could swear she was drooling.

"Um...good evening" Jeremy began, choosing to start up a conversation the pretty lady at the door couldn't quite begin, he felt a bit self-conscious being...ogled.

"Good evening" Phi mumbled, her eyes still taking in the god in her presence.

"I'm here for Kachi, this is her place, right?" Jeremy asked, suddenly doubting himself again, maybe he had gotten the wrong street.

Phi suddenly snapped out of her Jeremy-induced trance, "Yes, yes, it's her place, you must be Jeremy. She'll be here in a few minutes, just putting some finishing touches." She said with a beautiful smile, "I'm Phumi, Kachi's friend, everyone calls me Phi though" she said as she extended her hand out to Jeremy for a shake.

He received it, "Jeremy Blair, nice to meet you."

Phi signaled to Kachi to come over from behind the door, making sure Jeremy didn't notice, "Oh, here she is" she said as she stepped away from Jeremy's view of Kachi.

Holy freakin' Mary! She was smokin'! Jeremy's eyes drank in Kachi's appearance, he knew she was attractive, but he would never have guessed this dress would fit so...right, the green of the dress blended nicely with the earth tone of her beautiful skin, the cut of it achieved the desired aim of showing off her slender neck and collar-bone, the satin material clung to her small, curvy frame like a second skin, leaving no doubts that this dress had her name written all over it in bold letters. He gulped feeling that familiar twitch in his nether regions, he was fully aware he was gawking, but he couldn't wrench his gaze away long enough to construct a meaningful, audible sentence- and this was what he would have to put up with for the next two to three hours?

Kachi blushed, truly embarrassed by the raw look of hunger in Jeremy's eyes and his speechlessness, she could just melt under his gaze and Phi's presence only heightened that feeling.

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