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A man needs to keep his priorities straight.

Tonight I want more so I put on a fishnet dress that I have. When I pull it up and over my breasts, my nipples search out for a hole in the fishnet to poke through. I look in the mirror; the site of my nipples sticking out sends me into an even hornier mode. I have two of these bungee ties, the one with the elastic loop and a ball at the end. I take each one and loop it through the top of the fishnet and then I adjust them so the ball bounces off the tip of my hard nipples. If I bounce up and down, they bounce up and down right on my nipples. Every now and then I just take the balls and just rub them back and forth, ooh that feels so good too.

Tonight, I want more, so I add a few heavy chains. As I walk around they will sway with my movements and increase the sensitivity. If I was not in such a nasty mood, I could easily cum right now. I can get so much pleasure from just nipple play that I could cum by just nipple play only but not tonight. I have another part of my body that is swollen and protruding from its protective cover that is demanding attention.

I walk over to the chair by my computer; I reach under and pull out the breast pump that I have converted into a sucking machine. I have several attachments that I put on the end of the hose they all have their own special way of jerking off my clit. Tonight I want my clit sucked hard, I want it as swollen as is can get. It drives me wild to have my clit sucked and this machine never gets tired. So I pull out one of the larger clear rubber ridged but flexible tubes. It just fits the top end of my clit and after sucking on it for a while my whole clit will swell up and my little penis will be sucked right out of the surrounding protective folds.

Sometimes, I like to change to a different attachment, one that will stroke and suck my penis. Actually a baby bottle nipple does a fantastic job, once it is attached to the hose and I put some lube all over my penis, I will placed it right at the head of my penis. There is a wonderful sucking sound and a tugging of suction and my little penis is drawn inside. At that point, I turn the strength of sucking down a bit, just enough to keep my penis in the nipple, I can start to tug on the hose or lube my fingers and jack my little penis. Oh, the feeling is incredible, my eyes close, and I start swinging my tits so the balls start bouncing off my nipples. My hips are grinding my pussy into the chair...

I go online to check my emails, I had finally submitted a few of my stories, I had gotten feedback from a few people who had gotten off reading them, and they want to let me know. While I am reading through them I like to start tugging on the hose and attachment, if I pull just a little too far you can hear it try to suck my penis right back in.

Now I grab the attachment and start jacking my clit as the suction builds.

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