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As punishment her body is occupied but also pleased.

She cried with shame when she was finished, but she still had an orgasm.

He hired a prostitute one Saturday night and recorded Orla sucking and licking at the whore's pussy.

These recordings were hidden from her.

He threatened her they would be made public if she wasn't a 'good girl' for him.

Orla knew she would have to be extra careful if she didn't want her daughter or the rest of her family being shown these recordings.

Every filthy thing he did to her, or made her do to herself after that, was recorded and hidden away.

He started to humiliate her in public. Taking her out to pubs at the weekends dressed in tight, short clothes. He didn't like the marks her bra straps left on her back and shoulders, so he decided she wouldn't wear one again.

Orla felt embarrassed meeting up with her old friends and acquaintances in her revealing clothes, knowing her hard nipples were on display and her unfettered breasts jiggled about under her sheer top, to the amusement of the men in the pub.

Her panties were the next item of her clothing to be banned. He didn't like the obvious panty line under her skirt, and he disliked the marks the tight waistband left on her flesh, so he decided she wouldn't wear panties again.

This was difficult for Orla, as she had to wear a butt plug at all times now. It wasn't a large plug, It wasn't meant to hurt her, but to keep her anus 'warmed up' and most importantly, lubricated at all times.

Orla was constantly afraid the plug would fall from her lubricated rectum onto the floor, as she stood in the pub.

He took her on drives in the country and, after parking, he insisted she strip naked, first masturbating herself to a climax in the car, then sucking his erection until he too had an orgasm, squirting his salty load into her softly sucking mouth, all being recorded.

He insisted she get out of the car naked to piss before the return journey, and as she squatted red faced beside the car in nothing but her high heels urinating, he recorded her shame.

He sent her into her local pharmacy where she was well known, with instructions to approach the elderly woman behind the counter, a woman who knew Orla's mother, and to enquire from her, if she would recommend Vaseline or KY jelly for anal sex.

He would emerge from pub toilets with a wallet he had 'found' on the floor, opening it for the barman under the pretence of looking for a phone number or an address, letting the Polaroid's inside tumble to the floor and onto the counter.

Then as he and the barman studied the many pictures of the naked woman in the photo's, Orla would enter the pub and, red faced, enquire if a wallet had been found. The barman would snigger as Orla would gather up the naked photos of herself, thanking the barman before leaving, tears in her eyes.

These excursions and Orla's subsequent humiliation excited him no end, and on returning home, he would sexually abuse Orla for hours. Demeaning her, hauling her head back by her hair to bite and chew on her exposed throat, marking her for all to see, hurting her, tying her down and fucking her, as, under orders, she begged him to hurt her more, thanking him for fucking her and declaring her love for him and the things he did to her, all this being recorded.

Her hands were tied behind her back for hours as he abused her. Forcing her to adopt and hold difficult positions as he pummelled her with his erection, hurting her nipples or other sensitive parts of her body to make her comply.

He fucked her cunt hard and deep before pulling out and ramming his erection into her anus. Spending ten minutes plundering her greased rectum, then forcing her to her knees to suck him again. Holding her head still with a two handed grip in her hair, forcing her to gag and drool as he sawed his penis in and out of her throat.

He was ins

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