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"This Door Must Remain Unlocked During Business Hours."

We exchanged pleasantries and even a peck on the cheek which, encouragingly, was not an air-kiss but a solid smack of affection. She directed me into her front room whilst she bustled off to brew some tea,

I sat leafing through the books she'd left out for me. When she returned with the tray she set at it again, obvious flirtation. She offered me the plate of ginger snaps by leaning forwards whilst keeping her legs straight causing her breasts to tumble forwards, plainly showing off her more than ample cleavage. Once she had sat down, instead of holding her cup and saucer over her lap, she kept leaning forwards to lift them from the coffee table taking a sip and then returning them carefully, contriving to work her skirt a little higher up her thighs with each and every sip.

I rambled on about Christmas at my parents, searching frantically for things to say; my desperation not be caught staring up the small gap between her thighs, the gap that she was displaying so casually was tying my tongue in knots. My composure evaporated completely when it became evident that rather than tights she was wearing stockings. Once sure I had seen this, she stood, straightened down her skirt and offered me another biscuit giving me a second heavenly view of the tops of her breasts. As I took a ginger snap I lost it, I blushed.

"You seem all of a fluster today David, is there something wrong, anything I might be able to do to help? Perhaps it's too warm in here for you and that's making you drowsy;" her honeyed tone made my penis begin to swell, it was totally out of my control. "Here, perhaps it will help if you sit on a more upright, less soft seat," and she indicated a plain unpadded stand chair, "a little further away from that hot radiator." Now I was in a daze but I did as I was bidden. I was definitely being seduced, a wholly new and very exciting experience, clearly planned with meticulous attention to detail. Tracy placed a cool hand across my forehead, "my you are warm, you're sure that you're not coming down with something?" emphasis firmly on the word coming.

Well I can do innuendo too; "oh dear," I reposted, "when I do come down with something I always seem to have to spend ages in bed."

She was better though, "it would be terrible if we had both caught the same bug at the same time, infecting one another. Here let me take a closer look," and she flipped her skirt up and straddled my lap facing me. I prayed that she would not feel my erection through my trousers but a little wriggle of her bottom, to make herself more comfortable, dispelled any such notion. "Well that's better, isn't it?" and she placed her mouth about two inches from mine, head cocked to one side, lips slightly parted.

I supplied the answer we sought desperately by placing my lips across hers and we began to jostle and joust tongues, like two love-struck teenagers. She was soon in control though. She positioned her legs so that she could swing her hips, using my pelvis as the pivot for her pleasure and forcing me to hold her tightly round the waist, with both arms, to prevent her from falling backwards. She wrapped her arms around my neck, held the back of my head with one hand and kept my face firmly clamped against her own as she pressed her lips hard against mine whilst we explored one another's tongues diligently. She was not sensuous nor even passionate, she was desperate for intimate physical contact and forced me to keep my mouth glued to hers for an eternity. As we kissed she mashed her breasts against my chest and ground her hips into my groin, rolling her sex over mine. I was overwhelmed and just a little intimidated by the extent of this exhibition of pure animal lust.

"My God I needed that," she exclaimed when she did finally permit us to break apart.

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