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Dad and Debby connect.

"Did you? Because I could always-"

Wrapping her legs around Peter, Anya spun them around, jamming him against the wall while she clung to it with her hands and drove herself against him, Peter now being the one slapped against the cement as he took her thrusts.

"You could always! Shut up! And! Dame! Esa! Leche!"

It was an action Anya had no trouble demonstrating, as she thrust her hand down into her curling pubic hairs, found her aching clit, and attacked the swollen bud with her fingers. Almost immediately, she was shuddering, sucked into another violent climax.

"I'm coming again! Fuck, fuck, ahhh, Jesus, coming! Finger my asshole more! Put more fingers in my ass!"

"I'm not fingering your ass!"

"Shit, are there any languages you do speak? Just-keep it in my ass and hold it still-"

"No, Anya, I'm not-"

And, having lubed Anya up successfully, Venom drove her cock into the woman's ass.



There was something to be aware of about Earth-69. Yes. It was a far more sexual, more permissive, and more open society than most Earths. However, by and large, it was still recognizably Earth.

The X-Men still protected a world that hated and feared them.

The Avengers were still Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Arana-whatever her kinks and whoever her partners-was still a hero who could competently save, rescue, and apprehend the various persons she met in costume.

And Beetle... although more than willing to allow herself to be penetrated for the sheer fun of it... was still a criminal who would do whatever it took to avoid arrest and enrich her bank account.

She had been contracted to steal a particular item from STAR Labs (an institution you may recognize from other parallel worlds; yet another difference between Earth-69 and Peter Parker's home). She had been well-briefed on its contents, how to transport it, and what to do if it were compromised.

The Venom Symbiote, after its removal from Earth-69's Peter, its bonding with Eddie Brock, and his subsequent capture, had been frozen and sent to STAR Labs for study. Transporting it was accomplished with a mobile refrigeration unit to keep it docile. When, outnumbered, Janice Lincoln had realized she would be captured, she had shut off the refrigeration and allowed the container to fall, knowing it would at least crack upon impact. She had been right. And while she had distracted Peter, the symbiote had thawed.

Perhaps if Arana had found it in time, she could've patched the crack, reactivated or repaired the refrigeration, and kept the symbiote in captivity. However, she'd been as intoxicated by Peter losing his Earth-69 cherry as he had been. And, while she watched, the symbiote moved into place.

It had become wary since its negative experience with this world's Parker. It would no longer attempt to bond solely with the strongest host. Instead, it weighted its options.

Arana was powerful, but too much like Spider-Man, too moral and strong-willed for their interests to align.

Peter, too, was powerful, and more neurotic about sex than the Spider-Man the symbiote had known, but it was unsure about his foreign taste.

Janice-though powerless and strong-willed-was as amoral as they came. She knew what the symbiote was capable of and was receptive to it. Willing to peel her eyes off the very distracted Peter and Anya, she spotted the symbiote.

Looked at it, running her tongue around the oval of lips sensuously glossy from licking the cum off them, beguiling it with a little arching of her neat brows. She tossed her hair back from her lovely face, her eyes flicking down her own body expectantly.

That decided it-the symbiote had no wish to overcome a reluctant host. While Peter and Anya continued their coupling, the symbiote began its own...

Being bonded with was indescribable.

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