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Punishment and redemption after an error in judgement.

Another alternative could be to turn on some night lamps. Or if you have dimmer switches you use them as well.


The candle could have a light vanilla scent or any aroma that is pleasing to the senses. This will fill the room with a pleasant aroma that might wake her up and put her in a good mood.

Soft Music

Put on some soft music in the background. Make sure that it's not too loud it will be a rude awaking. Try something slow and romantic or the best thing would be to play her favorite songs.

Soft Caresses

Caress her thighs, stomach, and then move on the/her breasts. You don't want to start off by touching the/her breasts. Work your way towards them. Take your time, don't rush. Be as slow and gentle as possible.

Kiss Her- One of the most important actions a person can do.When she starts responding to you, start by kissing her neck, then move on to her face, all the time use butterfly kisses, soft and gentle all the time. When you feel the time is right, gently but firmly turn her on to her front. Kiss the back of her neck, as before slow gentle kisses, most women like having the hairs on the back of their neck gently touched or kissed then move on to her ear lobes. Use some discipline that means no teeth and no tongue action! If your wife or girlfriend is fully awake and responding to how you want her to, then it is time to take things further.

Take off any outer layers she may be wearing on the top half of her body. You may need to caress her while removing her clothing, do so gently as always, but listen to her, if she wants more then give her more.

When she is topless start kissing the back of her neck again, if you think she likes it, then gently blow on the back of her neck, most women like that feeling, but you should know if she likes it or not.

Kiss her shoulder blades and in between, gently lick and kiss you way down her back. Take your time, by this point she is hopefully as horny as you are. When you have reached bottom stop there, move her back onto her front. Sit back and admire your wife or girlfriend. Let her see how much you love her and desire her and let her see the lust in your eyes.

Gently kiss her eyes, her nose. Go back to her ears; show her that you love all of her features. Slowly move over her face, down her neck, then, gently kiss her lips. Women really do respond to this.

Let her know how much you desire her by allowing your kiss to speak for its self. If she responds by wanting the kiss to deepen and then do so, let her take control for a moment.

She is probably waiting for you to continue your journey down her body, don't let her wait too long. Go back to your kissing of her neck and collarbone, with gentle kisses work your way down and across to her chest, by now if all is well she will be breathing faster and her nipples will standing up waiting for attention, keep them waiting a little longer.

Move your kisses between your wives or girlfriends breasts ignore the nipples that she will be asking you to touch, keep moving downwards. Move past your partners breasts, no matter how tempting they might be.

Start kissing your partners stomach area, circle around her belly button, while doing this why not caress her breasts, reach up and stroke and caress, don't squeeze! Most women don't like that! When you have covered her upper body in kisses, finally move over to your partner's breasts, caress them, gently lick the erect nipples, and gently take them into your mouth. If she asks for more then do so, nibble he breasts if that is what she likes, but always soft and gentle. You are here to worship her make her understand this.

Her Hair

Run your hand through her hair very softly and play with it. Make sure you don't pull her hair, this will spoil the mood. Lightly give her a scalp a massage.


Lean in and in a deep romantic voice tell her what you want.

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