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A couple spends a romantic afternoon together.

The feeling was everything he thought it would be; meaty, soft, and firm. "Yeah, that feels good doesn't it?"

"Yes, but, Sarah, do you really want to do this?"

Sarah sat up straight. She placed a finger to the side of her mouth as if to think. She smiled, biting her fingernail, and said slyly, "Have your way with me Shane, like I asked you to last night." She arched her back, thrust her hips forward, and pulled his head up to rest on her chest.

Shane realized she had been playing him. The napkin was dropped on purpose, like in high school. He grinned respectfully at her ruse. Sarah was right. There wasn't anything that could be done in the past to alleviate the tension brought about by fantasies between a teacher and student. He wasn't her student any more.

Still grinding on him, she pulled his shirt over his head and placed her hands on his chiseled chest. Her long hair fell around her face when she lowered her mouth to take in one of his nipples. Sarah sucked and used her tongue to draw a circle around it. Shane had moved one hand to the front of her and fondled her breast. He pinched her nipple through her dress while she continued to suck on his.

Her palms spread flat over his rippling abs, making their way down to his pants. She undid the fly and pushed with her hands at the edge.

Putting his arms between her legs, he grabbed the top of both his pants and underwear, and pushed them down past his knees. On his upward approach, he seized the hem of her dress, pulling up until it rose above her tits. Sarah lifted her arms, offering Shane the needed access to remove her dress completely.

Shane traced the contours of her body. One hand stopped on her tit. He squeezed and rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. His other hand travelled down her body and found its target. His fingers traced along her swollen sex. She shuddered and shifted, sending out a ripple of heat. He accepted the invitation and dipped his fingers inside. The escaping lubrication both coated and coaxed his driving fingers.

Sarah helped Shane knead her breast and pinch her other nipple to match his pressure. She pulled on it; stretching it. Letting go, she cupped her tit and brought it to her mouth. Her tongue snaked out of her lips to flick at her nub before they opened and clamped onto it. Shane watched her teeth grab the nipple as she closed her mouth around it, and sucked; releasing it with a popping noise.

She cupped her other breast inviting Shane to suckle her. Sarah continued to lap at her breast as Shane watched out of the corner of his eye. Whenever she bit down, he did. When she licked he licked; sucking, biting, and lapping in time with each other. Her moans ensured him she was enjoying it. Sarah leaned forward for him to get closer to her.

Shane could feel her legs trembling from holding herself up. He caressed, massaged, and lightly spanked her ass cheeks before grabbing them, taking the weight off of her legs. She was wet; he was hard; they were hot. Sarah lowered herself onto him. Shane knew to sit still until she was able to get used to his size. Every couple of pushes down on him she took more into her.

"AHHH!" she sighed reaching the bottom of his shaft. She began to rock back and forth, side to side, until she was rocking and rolling her hips like a belly dancer. She made his penis touch every part of her insides before slowly sliding up and down on him with short strokes.

Her muscles tensed and released, siphoning his cock. "Oh my GOD!" Sarah screamed.

Shane heard the screen door and remembered the front door was wide open. Anyone outside could hear them.

A male voice spoke, "Are you ok Miss Jenkins?" Footsteps could be heard making their way to the living room.

Shane's heart stopped. Sarah continued to ride him, quickening her pace. "Mmmm. That feels so GOOD!" She panted and rolled her hips more.

Shane heard the footsteps turn.

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