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The night I was fucked and used like a slut.

She smiled and made room for me next to her on the bed. I lay down and rested my head on the pillow. Her head was next to mine. I could feel her hair brushing against my cheek. I lifted my head, turned, and kissed her on the lips. She held the back of my head and pressed. We kissed passionately. My hand went to her breast. I wondered if she would object. She did not. I undid the hooks of her blouse. She helpfully turned round when I tried to reach for the bra clasp. I was trembling as I uncovered her breasts. For the first time I saw her magnificent breasts, defiant even when she was lying on her back. The areola was a smooth mound and the nipples were flat. I ran my finger over the smoothness, and then I touched the nipples and the gently pressed them both into the soft breast tissue. When they sprung back they were turgid. I looked up. Our eyes met. She smiled her sweetest smile. She was not blushing. Even at that moment I felt how our middleclassness has so cruelly deprived us of our sexual needs in the prime of our sexual lives. I was thankful that my sister and I have found a solution.

With my lips I reached for the nipple nearest to me. She placed a hand under her breast and pushed it forward. Her nipple felt soft between my lips. She was reclining, almost sitting up, and my head was on her lap. I was suckling her as if I was her baby. My lips were not strong enough to hold her nipple. I covered my teeth with indrawn lips and bit on the nipple. Now I had the purchase to grip the nipple. She moaned. Thus encouraged I bit more firmly. I did not know then that babies bit on the nipple rather than suck at them. Milk poured into their mouths when the stimulation of the bite releases hormones that squeeze the milk from the breast. I also did not know that milk is not stored in the breast. As the baby suckled the glands of the breast produce fresh milk.

Akka now shifted my head to the other nipple. As I was settling on the nipple her hand went to my crotch. She removed my dhoti and held my penis with one hand. She worked on it the way I had taught her. She did it expertly. Once again I warned her that I was about to ejaculate, and once again she did not mind soiling her hands. As I spurted she held on till it was all over. My head was still on her lap pressed on her breasts. She lifted my head.

"Why are you weeping?" she asked. I did not reply. I do not know why but tears poured out like torrents. Her breasts were wet. I tried to wipe it off but Akka wanted it to remain.

"Come we'll wash. Mother will be back soon." Again she washed me as if I was a baby. I put on my dhoti, kissed my sister, a chaste brotherly kiss on the cheek, and went to my room.

"I do not need milk, Akka," I said speaking for the first time. "I will come down later for coffee."

That evening I had an important piece of shopping to do. I took a bus and went to a nearby town. I could not possibly purchase what I wanted to in my town. In this small town it is possible that someone known to my family might see me and report the purchase to my father. No mystery purchase, just condoms. I went into a shop near the bus station. I waited outside for the crowd to subside somewhat. It was a popular shop for the crowd, mostly young women, never seemed to thin. I walked to the next street. There were no customers in one of the shops. This is what I was looking for; but I was in error. If the shopkeeper had been busy he would not have had so much time to devote to me. In my hesitation I purchased a tube of toothpaste and one cake of soap before summoning sufficient courage to ask for condoms.
"A packet of 'Moods'," I said. 'Moods' was the brand name of a condom advertised on TV. In a flash the shopkeeper gleaned my entire sexual history.


"One packet."

"One packet contains just one. New to this place?"

"Yes, I am from... I named a town that was in another direction from my town."

"Please take my advice.

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