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A little guy has a gigantic heart.

For Ann, the ticklish feeling had developed now into a tingling one and she arched her back needily, pushing her breasts out to receive her daughter's attentions. Her eyes were drifting closed and little shivers raced through her as the pleasure swamped her senses, deep moans of delight rumbling up her throat.

"Yes, Kris," she whimpered, shifting her shoulders as she actually tried to make her breasts move so that the aching nipples would end up under the brush. "Oh, God, yes, baby . . ."

Only know did Kristen let the brush work it's magic on her mother's teats. The effect this had on Ann was immediate and overwhelming.

As the bristles made a pass over one diamond hard nipple and then the other, Ann let out a hoarse, choked cry. It was an orgasm, one that swept in so suddenly and intensely that it surprised both mother and daughter. She jerked so wildly as she came, bouncing against the pillows behind her, that the headboard rocked and threatened to tear loose from the bed.

Though caught by surprise, Kristen still had the presence of mind to keep working the brush on those nipples, trying hard to help her mother along by making this climax last just as long as possible.

Slowly and a bit unwillingly, Ann started to come down from her orgasmic high.

Her eyes dancing and her grin bigger than ever, Kristen now abandoned those boobs and started brushing her way gently down her mother's belly, making no secret of where she was heading.

Breathing hard, Ann bit her bottom lip and waited excitedly for what was coming.

* * *

Ruth had closed the distance between herself and her father without a moment's hesitation.

Pressing the length of her body into his, the aroma of his manly cologne filling her nostrils, the teenager soon decided that she liked the feel of a masculine frame almost as much as a feminine one. Looking up at him through her lashes, a small smile raising the corners of her lips, she pulled the hand she still held down to her lap, placing it on her thigh perilously close to her crotch.

His eyes were huge and wondering. "Ruthie . . ." She would never know what he'd meant to say.

Leaning in, she pressed her lips to his ever so lightly in a tentative, exploratory kiss, her eyes half closing. Their lips lingered against each other and whispered moans made their way up from the backs of their throats, this first kiss igniting all kinds of fires within them both.

It was she who eventually broke the kiss, drawing her head a little back again. He followed after her instantly, his lips returning to hers as if drawn by some irresistible force. This second kiss was even longer than the first, firmer, and even more arousing. It was joined by some movement down below as well as that hand on her thigh slid down between her legs, firmly griping the inside of her thigh.

Though he had not yet claimed it as his own, Roger would have sworn that he could feel copious amounts of heat radiating through the crotch of the girl's jeans. He wondered if his inexperienced and virginal daughter might be soaking wet already, but was too involved in other matters just them to carry out an investigation.

At length, this second kiss would draw to a close too, but this time neither of them attempted to draw back. If anything, this was just a momentary break so that they could inhale a new lungful of air.

The third kiss followed swiftly, even longer than the first two and undeniably harder. When his lips parted, his tongue begging for admission into her mouth, she was only to happy to oblige and the couple shared a deep, wet kiss that did nothing to quench the inferno building within each of them.

Breathless, their heads spinning and their hearts pounding, father and daughter stole a moment to get their bearings back, gazing at each other with happy smiles.

No longer holding onto him as that hand showed no inclination to move from where she had placed it, Ruth grabbed the bottom edge of her shirt and hauled it up.

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