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Mother doing Yoga leads to son taking advantage.

I'm going to give you all the fucking you need myself." She then stood her cousin up and pushed her to the bedroom and down onto the bed, where she immediately pulled off Cheslea's underpants. "Here's where you get yours, loving cousin," as she dived into her cousin's crotch, her tongue moving like a pinwheel as it made contact with the lower lips. Chelsea's eyes went back into her head at the assault, and Justine's hands came up to knead her breasts as her breaths grew shorter and faster.

Justin closed the window and shut down the camera and microphone. Checking the recording, he found that his program had captured both tracks of the conversation and he saved them to disk. Then he flipped open his phone and hit his speed dial. "Hello, Auntie Pru. Justin here. Just got off the Internet with Justine. She's doing fine, I"ll tell you about it later. Can you stop off after work today? We need to agree on the properties we're going to inspect together tomorrow. No, don't worry about dinner; I've got your dinner right here. I may even have some food for you as well." He laughed a couple of times. "OK, bye, bye, sugar." Justin picked up his dirty clothes and sprinted into the house to turn on the shower.


Chelsea found a young man and middle aged woman waiting for her at the airport as she cleared the Security area after deplaning. She recognized the young man from the Internet sessions: it was her cousin Justin. Throwing herself into his arms in a big hug, she kissed him hard on the lips and said, "Hi, cuz. Nice to meet you. And this must be your Aunt Prudence."

Justin struggled for breath after being almost knocked from his feet and stammered: "Yes, uh, this is my aunt, Prudence Tailleferre. Auntie Pru, this is my cousin, Chelsea D'Enfer, on my father's side of the family. She just got back from Italy last week, and has been up in Toronto since then. How's Justine doing?"

"She was doing fine when I last left her. Her agenda was a long cruise through the eastern Mediterranean and two weeks in England before coming home. It'll be a month before you see her again."

Justin nodded his head. "Sounds like her. Well, we'll just have to do our best to entertain you while you're here."

They collected her baggage at the carousel, and went out to Justin's Hummer for the trip into town. It was a rainy spring Saturday, and mid-morning saw relatively little traffic. Heading into town, Prudence was jolted out of making small talk with Chelsea in the back seat: "Justin, are we making a detour on the way home? I'm sure our guest would like to settle in and relax before we do much else."
Justin shook his head. "We've got to stop by this club that we're thinking about buying. It's still operating in the afternoon and evening, so if you're going to get a good look at it, it's got to be now. The negotiations have gotten to the point that I want to get a second opinion before deciding where my position is. Do you mind making a detour, Chelsea?"

Chelsea pouted in the rear view window for a moment, then shook her head nonchalantly. "As long as it doesn't take too long. I'd be interested in seeing what kind of club you're thinking about buying."

Prudence rolled her eyes. "All right, Justin, but let's not stay any longer than we have to. You and I have some business to take care of later today."

They drove down the theater district, and around a corner they found a rare parking place in front of second floor entrance. The sign suggested the place's name was _The Walnut Club_, featuring two rough shells next to one another dripping water. Justin led the women up a staircase and Chelsea wondered out loud: "What kind of place is this? Some bizarre food club?"

Justin shook his head. "No, it's a bit more symbolic than that. What did the sign outside resemble?" Chelsea looked at him blankly. "What usually goes with two nuts?"

Prudence looked disgusted while Chelsea's mouth became a perfectly round circle. "That's a pretty weird name for a gay bar, isn't it?"

"Yes, that's part

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