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The day it began ... how I lost my virginity.

Watching her as I began to move my fingers again I saw that her passion had not subsided at all and was still running at full boil. Quickly she began to build again the flush darkening across her chest and her nipple growing harder in my mouth and my finger rubbed her g-spot inside her. I was slowly and softly stroking it, not putting a lot of pressure against her g-spot. She was moving her hips and sighing softly as the pressure built inside her. She opened her eyes and looked at me, I could see the fire in all its glory in her eyes as she pushed me back. I moved back and rose to my feet. Her hands went quickly to my cock as she sat forward and pulled me into her mouth.

Karen was so fired up that she took me deep on the first stroke something she only does when she has been sucking on me for awhile, after her mouth and throat have adjusted to my length. As she did this a low groan escaped my lips, due to the wonderful sensations on the head of my cock. Karen kept this up for a few minutes, her right hand gripping my shaft when she didn't have me deep in her throat, and the left playing with my balls. Ever once in a while sliding her finger back to my backdoor and teasing around the ring, causing me to clench my butt cheeks and push forward driving my cock deeper in her mouth.

She then took her mouth off my cock, and looked up at me and asked "You ready to scratch that itch I have?"

I just nodded my head as my hands descended to her shoulders, gently pushing her back to a reclining position. I knelt before her and slid forward until my thighs were up against the couch. I grabbed my cock in my hand and rubbed the head against her wet slit, pushing the head up to her clit. A soft sigh sounded as I pressed the head harder into her clit. I then slid the head of my cock down to her entrance to heaven, and slowly pushed myself forward. Karen took her legs and lifted them and I helped her to put them over my shoulders as I began to slowly fuck her pussy.

Karen had her eyes closed, and I was watching her face and in the back of my mind I could see the definite similarities of her body and her daughters. Their breasts were very similar with the nipples being the biggest difference, whereas Lexi's were smaller, both in nip and areola, mom's were a little bigger. Karens eyes opened as I slid my right hand forward to grab her breast and my left arm held her legs in place. Gradually I increased the pace of my fucking watching her face and body's reactions as she built again to a hard climax.

Mother and daughter are both multi orgasmic and I have a perverse delight in making them cum one on top of another. This time was no exception as I built Karen up for another good cum just seconds after her having one. I could feel her clutching my cock as I buried it inside her keeping the same pace building I had been, my right hand playing with her hard nips, pinching and pulling on them. I knew I would be going for a while, since I had cum once already that night. Karen's arms moved down to my sides and was helping me to slide inside her, wanting me to increase my pace. But I resisted keeping the same slow pace that I was at.

"Come on baby, pound my pussy." Karen said to me.

She knows it is hard for me to resist when she talks dirty to me. "You want me to pound it hard, baby?" I answer her.

"Yes" came the simple answer.

I pull back out til just the tip of my cock is resting inside her folds. Then I slam in once, twice, three times, causing her to cum hard on the third stroke. I can feel her pussy muscles gripping me trying to pull me in deeper.

"Like that baby. Want me to pound you hard." I ask Karen.

"Yes, fuck my pussy hard." She responds.

With her words sounding in my ears I start to ram my cock hard into her pussy. The sound bouncing off the walls, as wet skin hits wet skin. Karen starts so moan a little and it increases as I pound her pussy harder, until she has one of her huge orgasm, her pussy gripping my cock and trying to milk it.

I slid my right thumb down to her clit and started stroking it as I went back

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