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He meets his match and learns about humiliation.

..otherwise, we shouldn't be..."

"Oh, that goes without saying," Bob said. "Right guys?"

I mustered the courage to look at Jim and Harvey. "Definitely" and "Absolutely" were their answers. I found myself looking at their crotches, too. I know from my husband's bathing suits they often have a mesh lining, so things were more under control than Bob's exhibitionist display, but there were definite lumps where I don't think lumps were before. I felt a rush of feminine power that was new and exciting. My body in my bathing suit had given three men erections!

I sat back against my corner of the couch and pulled up my leg like Bob had done. It was blatant body language and I hadn't thought it through, opening my crotch wide to all three of the men. When I felt the fresh air down there and the stretch of those tender muscles of my upper inner thighs I though about retreating to a more lady-like pose, but I stayed there, relaxing with my drink in my hand, wondering if my poor grooming habits were showing. I don't shave as cleanly as I should in my 'bathing suit area', and to my horror, when I snuck a look, the edges of my hairiness were showing. I sipped my drink and weighed my options. It should have been a simple slam dunk - close your damn legs, girl! - but I didn't move, choosing not to, I guess, or maybe I was just numb from the sensory overload and the alcohol.

"This takes me back to my youth," Bob said. "My college days. There was an evening very much like this."

"Tell us about it," I said.

"Are you sure, Margaret? It's a story that can't be told without, some, well, it's rather blue. Dirty, I guess you'd say."

"I know what blue is," I said. "I sneak a romance novel into my purchases at the used bookstore once in a while."

"You do?" Bob said. He smiled that meltingly handsome smile again. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised, a beautiful woman like you."

"Tell us your story," I said. I sipped my drink, the scotch even warmer, its heady aroma and smooth taste overtaking my senses.

Bob told of a night of drinking with his dorm roommate and a female friend of theirs whose room was down the hall. Trish was her name. Bob and his roommate were both in boxer shorts, their usual lounging around wear. The conversation between friends had turned sexy and Bob and his friend had erections.

"She said we could take them out and touch them if we wanted to," Bob said.

"Did you?" I asked.

"Of course!" Bob said, smiling again.

"What happened then?" I asked, nearly breathless, excited and terrified to hear the answer.

"My first threeway. It was a first for all three of us."

"Just like that?" I said. "You just started...doing it?"

"No, it was...first she wanted to watch us. It could have stopped there as far as I was concerned. That was exciting enough."

"What do you mean watch you?" I asked. "You with your roommate?"

"No," Bob chuckled. "Nothing like that. I'm strictly a lady's man. No, she wanted to watch us...touch ourselves. I'm pretty sure it wasn't her first time as a voyeur. Maybe it was a high school thing, a way to stay safe but still have some fun. Kids are always coming up with creative ways. Have you heard of soaking? Supposedly the Mormon kids do it."

"No, I don't think I have," I said.

"How can I put this delicately," Bob said. "The boy puts his hard...erection inside the girl, and they just lie there without moving. They think that if there's no movement it doesn't count as intercourse."

"That's crazy!" I said. "Of course it counts!"

"Well sort of, yeah, but if they truly believe it, and no one else knows that it ever happened, what difference does it make?"

My response should have been something about God knowing about it, but He was nowhere to be found in my mind.

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