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A man goes camping, a fairy relieves him of stress.

"I said GET OUT!"

"Alright, Dad. Okay... sheeesh..." Jack said, getting up and quickly leaving. His dad was really losing it lately. It would seem that Jack could do nothing right in his father's eyes. Jack scurried out of the office, disappearing down the hallway. He couldn't leave the building as his dad might call him back on a whim. If he went too far, his dad would be furious. "I hate my life," Jack was thinking.


John and Natalie were looking at The Banner too in John's office, reading the front page which told of Marty's escape from St. Anne's. "She's out there somewhere, John. What if she tries to take Liam again?" Natalie worried.

"Brody won't let anything happen to Liam," John sighed, knowing that both Brody and Natalie had been greatly traumatized by Marty abducting their baby. "I'm calling St. Anne's. I want to know how Marty got out. After her last escape, I thought they had increased her security. I have no clue how she got out again."

After calling St. Anne's John had more answers than questions. "Someone helped Marty escape last night..." he said with a heavy sigh. "Now the question is, who would want to help her get out of the mental hospital?"

Natalie looked back at John, clueless. "I honestly have no idea."

"St. Anne's is having the surveillance tapes sent over to me, so I can try to identify the man," John told Natalie. "Don't worry. Liam is safe... and we'll find Marty and whoever this idiot is that broke her out."

A few minutes later, the surveilance tapes were brought to the police station. With Natalie by his side, John began watching the tapes. He fast-forwarded the footage to moments before Marty's escape. A man was seen entering St. Anne's. "There!" John said, pointing to the image of the man on the screen.

"Ohhh my God!" Natalie gasped as John paused the tape so they could get a good look at the man. "It can't be!"

"Who is that, Natalie?" John asked urgently.

"He... He looks like my Uncle Todd..." Natalie said as though in shock. "...Before he underwent facial reconstruction. How-How can that be?"

As they continued watching the remainder of the footage, they saw the man in question walking around the halls of St. Anne's as though he owned place. Later the man came out of a supply closet wearing a nun's habbit and not long after, he walked right out the door with Marty Saybrooke. "Unbelievable," John muttered after they had finished watching the tape.

"What does this mean?" Natalie gasped, still in shock because the man who had helped Marty in her escape looked so much like her Uncle Todd.

"I don't know, Natalie, but I am gonna find out. Your Uncle Todd has been keeping secrets. He's hiding something. And I am gonna find out what it is."


Todd had gotten up early as his stomach was growling. He had went to a vending machine and gotten some chocolate donuts and two cups of coffee. He brought breakfast back to the motel room where Marty was still sleeping. She looked like an angel, her long curls cascading over the pillow. "Uhhh... Marty," he spoke, sitting down on the loveseat and clutching the coffee cup in his hand. She stirred a little, muttering something in her sleep. After a moment, she came awake, looking at him.

"I thought you were a dream," she said softly as she sat up in bed, looking at him.

"No, I'm no dream. It's me in the flesh in blood," he lightly chuckled.

"What time is it?" Marty asked, slightly disoriented. "How long have I been sleeping?"

"I dunno, it's somewhere after 10:30," he answered with a shrug. "I got us breakfast. Are you hungry?"

"10:30?" Marty gasped. "Why did you let me sleep so long?"

"I thought you needed your rest. Let's have some breakfast... and talk about what we are going to do; how I'm gonna get my life back..."

"Breakfast? Okay... alright," she agreed, reaching for a steaming mug of coffee Todd had extended to her. She took a little drink, finding it bitter, but since she very much needed the caffeine, she could not complain.

"Ohhh, and here are some yummy, nutritious c

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