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She enjoys husband & two male friends, completely.

"Exactly; let alone in headlines, it shouldn't be a big enough news to be put on the news-paper, and why does it even have to mention about her divorced husband. So out of curiosity, I read the article and found a very familiar name in it: Ayla Fernandez. In our previous facility, that woman was once your neighbor," said Vas.

"You mean that she's the beautiful lady that was with that fat and short, politician husband? If she's really the one mentioned in the news, after being rescued, why did she come back to this country?" Lisa asked with amaze.

"I asked myself the same question when I saw her name. So I sent a guy into the city to ask around and investigate. Interestingly, after the investigation, I found out that she had paid the news-paper to put that headline and put her details in the article, including the place she's currently staying at. It's as if she had published those, specifically targeting us, with the purpose of letting us find her. I'm quite worried about this since the last incident was the first time that people without altered memories had left the facility; I sense a trap," Vas said with a worried expression.

"Yes, it could be a trap, but seeing how she was with Boris and understanding how a woman that had been with him feels, I have a strong feeling that she's doing all these to be with Boris once again. You don't understand it, Vas; for me, it's as if I'm addicted to Boris; I'm sure that I would suffer a lot if can't be with him. I think she's addicted enough to leave all her luxury to be with him. This is what I want all the woman in the world to be: realize the true ecstasy and embrace it. I know that it's a risk, but I really want to give her chance. It would give that much validation for my existence in this project. Please, Vas; would you please give her another chance?" Lisa asked in a pleading manner.

"Alright. Going against my instinct and better judgment, I'll contact her," after thinking quietly for a minute, Vas said with a sigh.

"Yay! Thank you, thank you, you are the best," Lisa said playfully and excitedly while hugging Vas to express her gratitude.


Just when the last sip of whisky flowed down Michelle's throat, she found that the alcohol in the small bottle didn't have enough strength to make her completely oblivious to the rape she was about to go through; instead, she found herself tipsy enough to make her incredibly horny. Even though it was too late, she realized that Lisa must have had diluted the whisky in order prevent intoxication and had tricked her in to drinking the whole bottle. She knew that she was caught in a trap to make her own plan back-fire, but at least the bottle had enough alcohol to make her ignore the regrets and worries.

Suddenly, the big metal door opened with loud noise, and the huge body of Toshi appeared through it. Upon seeing the overly-masculine figure of him, Michelle felt a switch being flipped inside her head. Images of her previous encounters with him flooded into her thoughts, and she let out an involuntary gasp when her loins set ablaze with carnal flames as her treacherous body assumed its state of sexual submission. Due to the alcohols, she couldn't think clearly about a reason for the sudden transformation of her body, and all she was able to think about was, how overpowering the carnal desires her rapist has induced in her.

The next time her thoughts came back to the real world, she found herself pressing the lit-button on her door. She couldn't believe that her unfaithful body had taken the main controls and was executing actions, without even consulting her mind.

When the door opened, Toshi came through the door while feasting his eyes on Michelle's unparalleled beauty. When she felt his lustful gaze feasting on her partial nudity, instinctively, her arms went down to provide some decency to her exposed loins.

Even though her transformed body was burning and screaming to taste the forbidden fruits, she felt a very heavy and uncomfortable feeling about the bridal a

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