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Basil is teased and denied by his cruel wife, Lindy.

He locked the door behind him, after which he closed the window I was just trying to escape from.

After this, he took a good look at me. "I don't mind punishing a pretty lady like you, you're pretty much irresistible with those curves, blonde hair, and blue eyes, teasing others with that mini skirt." I rolled my eyes, but was too scared to answer. "Don't get sassy now. Bend over."

I hate how he treated me and other students. "No." I said. He pushed me down on the table without hesitation. "You [spank] will [spank] listen [spank] to [spank] my [spank] commands [spank]. Understand?" Fuck, it hurt. "Yes." I said.

"It's 'yes sir' for you, young lady." He pulled down my panties before I could realize it and spanked me harder. "O-okay, sir." Oh god, it hurt so much, but I couldn't help but getting turned on. I always had a thing for spanking, I guess, but I didn't think I'd be turned on by this fucking teacher.

"That should be about 20 spanks. I think you deserve a little more than that." he said, while smirking. "P-please..."

"Please what?" he stopped. Fuck. I decided not to answer. "I thought so." and with that he continued spanking me.

"Nnggghh." I moaned, not sure because of the pain or because of being turned on.

"You like it, don't you, young lady?"

"nnn.. . ."

"Well? Answer me with honesty."

"yes, sir."

"Well, you're not supposed to like it, are you? I think we should go a little further."

He flipped me on my back, and I quickly held my skirt down, so it wouldn't fly up and reveal my parts.

"Don't bother." he said, and he grabbed my hands and tied them together with a rope I assumed he used more often. He then tied that to a 'table leg'. He then spread my legs and tied them to the other 'table legs'. I tried to struggle, but he was just too strong and honestly, I was getting pretty turned on.

I then noticed he grabbed some scissors. "Wait, sir, I won't have anything to wear home if you-" but he didn't care. He cut open my skirt, simply because it was in the way. "You're very beautiful." he said while staring at my pussy, and looked up after a while. "Aww, your nipples are poking through your shirt." I looked away in embarrassment. He then cut through my shirt too, and my cup D breasts were revealed.

Only then I truly realized I was fully naked in a classroom with a pervert. He started playing with my nipples. Twisting them, sucking them, you name it. "Sir, you can't just--" I stammered. "It's your punishment, isn't it? And you've been a very bad girl." He knew exactly what he was doing, he knew I was getting turned on by his dirty talk plus nipple playing. I desperately moaned softly, I wanted him to so bad, but he's A TEACHER. A perverted, old teacher.

"p-please.. sir." I moaned.


"fuck me, please. sir."

"As much as I'd love that, I can't punish you with something that pleasures you."

"What?? So you're just gonna -nnnhh- play with me until you get bored? ..sir?"

"Well, I don't mind you like this. I can go on forever."

He kissed my body, while still playing with my nipples, which were getting sore.

"Sir, p-please. please take me. I'm desperate."



He stopped what he was doing and I noticed he grabbed his phone. Oh no. I heard the record sound.


"Tell me how desperate you are."

Fuck. FUCK. I was so turned on and wanted this so badly, but a fucking camera? Seriously?

He started teasing my lady parts, rubbing them only slightly, but making me moan nonetheless.

"That's all you're getting if you don't answer now."

"Please fuck me. I'm so desperate for you. Please just do it. Please take me, sir."

He started unzipping. "Will you be a good girl?"

"YES, sir, I'll do anything for you, please just fuck me."

"I'm not convinced."

"Ohhhhhh please, just please, I'll do absolutely anything, pl-"

With that he rammed his cock into me, making me moan so hard, while fully realizing he was still filming me.

"Ohhh ohh yes sir, h-harder"

"I'll destroy your little pussy."


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