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Reconnecting is good.

She giggled and remarked, "ah ah ah, be careful, you don't want to get too excited, not yet especially."

We embraced and I kiss her neck. My cage pushed against her as I would have done if my erection were free.

"I want you to get me ready, make sure pussy is sopping wet before getting fucked..mmmmmhmmmm?" She moaned. "You remember today is my most fertile day...I hope you've been able to save your're going to need it...every last drop inside me."

I felt like I just wanted to rip off the cage and unload my cum inside her right then...but I knew it wouldn't work. I was too constrained.

I lowered to my knees and my hands ran up her smooth legs, between her thighs. I felt the warmth from her sex. She was already dripping down her leg. She was definitely ready for me, but I wanted to taste her, and make her squirm. I began kissing her legs, her thighs. My lips moved higher. Her dress began to get in the way, but she lifted it for me...just enough. She was smooth. Smoother than ever before. I guided her to lay back on the loveseat. Her beautiful pussy was on full display for me.

Again, I knew what I had to do. My lips moved up her legs, licking up her dripping wetness. I kissed firmly against her labia over her clit. My lips started to suck in her lips. The scent of pussy mixed with the perfume and it was as if I was hypnotized. I sucked at her pussy lips, darted my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy, sucked and licked her clit, fiercely flicking my tongue over it, giving her shivers and causing her to moan softly. Every time I would bury my lips inside her, they would emerge even more wet with her juice.

"I think pussy is ready now," she told me, "pussy is ready to get fucked."

"Mmmmmm. Where's the key?" I asked.

"In the other room. You'll see. Go sit over on that chair though. I'll get the key."

I wasn't sure what she was planning, but I was ready for it. I sat down on the other leather arm chair, across from the loveseat...but she also just sat there. It wasn't for a few more second that I heard footsteps.

"Here's the key," she said.

I turned around...I saw something I didn't expect...not at all...

A dark figure emerged from the next room with a glint around the neck, walking slowly. The figure stepped into the candle light. Malik was proceeded by his large, stiff dick, which swayed left and right With each step. He was hard as I've ever seen him, pointing straight out with a slight upward bend, and a single drop of clear liquid was emerging from the tip.

What was Holly planning? Was I going to have to make this man cum before I could let myself out of my cage? Was he GOING to let me out of my cage? It seemed it was up to him and not Holly since he had the key.

"Suck his big dick, hubby," her voice drew me out of my dreamy gaze, "lick him until he's all wet and slippery."

I didn't even pause to think about what she might be thinking. I could feel myself swelling in my cage, and I immediately wrapped one hand around his dick.

I had already seen his dick a number of times, plus just last week when he modeled for my photography. I had also cum a number of times while printing the photographs, but now it was in my hand.

He was warm, it felt strong, and swelled at the tip every couple seconds. I leaned forward and licked up his precum. It was sweet and stringy. My fingers worked to push on the bottom, and encouraged more precum to flow onto my waiting tongue. I didn't swallow the drops this time, but instead started running my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, getting his entire length wet. I could only fit the tip in my mouth, but I sucked on him hard as i stroked the his length, slimy with precum.

"Gooood, good. Now spit on it and rub it all in," he commanded softly.

I did as he said, and spit on the head of his cock.

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