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Coed finds a fun way to study with the professor.

"I know how much it hurts."

Roger smiled grimly and nodded. "Well, I'd better get to the store before Amy gets home."

"Okay. Nice to chat with you."

"Same here."

'She's divorced.' Roger thought to himself as he walked down the street. 'Maybe there's hope after all.' He got so carried away in thinking about Ella that he walked right past the 7-11 and had to back track. He was still deep in thought when he got home. A plan was taking shape in his mind. Now, if he could just find the courage to implement it.

That night, after making sure Amy was tucked in, he lay in his bed. He felt restless. He'd kept his bathrobe on in case he decided to go out into the living room and watch TV. But the thought wasn't very appealing at the moment. He wondered what Ella was doing right now. He fumbled his hand between the folds of the robe and found his cock. It was half hard. It felt good to hold it in his hand. He imagined Ella, naked, on all fours on the edge of his bed, her legs spread apart. He could feel the smooth skin of her bottom under his hand. He was hard now. His fingers were finding the juicy opening of her cunt. Probing into her. She was wet. She was moaning. He knew she wanted him. Wanted him to fuck her. Fuck her deep. He was watching his cock slide between the full cheeks of her ass. And she was pushing against him. She was saying, "Fuck me Roger, Oh Roger, fuck me." And he was shooting his cum out over his chest and belly.

ELLA HAD BEEN ON the AFF site for a week now. She'd spent a lot of time on it and was getting the hang of things. At the moment she was updating her profile, adding more information. She'd had some responses to the first profile she'd put on but, although a couple looked promising, most of them didn't appeal to her at all. They were either too short, too crude, or contained a penis pic without a face. Like any of that was going to make fall on her back and spread her legs.

She'd also browsed through the listings of men in Mississippi and Tennessee. Again, some sounded promising but most of them seemed too single minded. Simple minded. But there was one she liked a lot. And he lived nearby, his profile said. He hadn't included a photo but she felt that his words came from the heart. He said he wanted sex but in an open human way. Reading between the lines she could feel his loneliness. It made her hurt for him.

She'd found herself going back and reading his profile again and again. As soon as she'd finished her new profile and clicked to update it she went to read his profile once more. And, on impulse, sent him a "wink".

ROGER LOGGED ON TO AFF. But he was beginning to wonder why he bothered. He still had his long distance friends but it seemed that finding someone close by was a lost cause. As soon as his home page came up he saw that he'd received a "wink" from a woman whose handle was "Friend4u". He opened her profile. And liked what he saw. But when he thought about contacting her a heavy weariness fell over him. He just wasn't up to dealing with another disappointment. He logged out and shut down his computer.

On his way to the kitchen he glanced out the window and saw Ella walking her dogs towards her apartment. It was time to put his plan in motion.

"Amy," he called. "How'd you like to go out to eat?"

His daughter ran into the room with her face aglow. "Awesome, Dad."

"Do you mind if I invite a friend to come along?"

Amy's face closed down a little but Roger didn't notice. "No, that's okay, Dad."

They walked across to Ella's apartment building. He knocked on the door he'd seen her enter once while driving by. Her front door was on the opposite side of the building from his apartment.

ELLA HAD BEEN WATCHING from her window. The moment she'd realized that he and Amy were headed in her direction she knew what was going to happen. It made her sick with anxiety. She prayed she was wrong. Her husband looked at her from his easy chair when the knock came, glancing away from the TV. She walked to the door, her heart twisting in her chest.

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