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She hates his guts!

"But it's getting kind of late right now. Isn't there some way we could like ... I don't know ... if you could let this incident slide away for both of us? I can compensate you for it right now if you like."

The cop zeroed his eyes at him. "What exactly are you saying, sir?"

Andy kept up his salesman type of smile, congratulating himself that things were moving in his favor. "What I'm saying is ... we're all tired, and this is something neither of us would like to have hanging on our necks much longer. Why don't we settle our problem right here and now and forget about the rest and keep on being friends. What do you say?"

"Are you talking about a bribe?" Sheff inquired.

"Since you put it in such words, yes. But I'd like to think of it more as 'compensation' for a job well done." Andy reached into his back pocket to unearth his wallet. "I think I've got something in here to worth your whi-"

He was stunned when the cop grabbed his wrist and clamped a handcuff on him. Sheff took his wallet from his hand and brought his other arm to his back and cuffed both wrists. He turned Andy around and pushed him towards the direction of his wife and partner.

"Officer Monique, would you cuff her, please." Sheff indicated at Sherry.

"My pleasure," Monique replied. She took out a pair of handcuffs from her belt and before Sherry yelped with surprise as she pulled her wrists behind her back and cuffed her up. Sherry was stunned and confused at the same time. She turned to her husband, but even he didn't have any answers.

"Andy! What the hell .... for God's sake, what's happening?"

"Lower your voice, Mrs. Clarence," snapped Sheff, "and I'll tell you what's happening. What's happening is that your husband here just tried to bribe an officer of the law, and that constitutes a felony."

"Very serious felony," chipped in his partner.

"You're both in deep river right now, and it's going to take a lot more to get out of this." The male cop pushed Andy towards their sedan. He dumped him in the backseat, but not before taking the SUV keys and going over to lock the doors. "You're both coming with us."

"Wh ... where're ... officer, where're you taking us?" stammered a frightened Sherry as Monique opened the other back door for her and shoved her inside next to Andy.

"Why don't you sit there and shut up!" snapped Monique, slamming the door close then jumping inside next to her partner. She turned to him: "You going to call it in, Sheff?"

"Nah, ain't no need; we've got them fair and square." He turned in his seat to grin at Andy's helpless state. "Besides, I've got a better idea how to resolve tonight's situation." He turned to his partner, grinning. "You up for it, Officer Monique?"

Monique crackled. "Always down whenever you are, Sheff. Lead the way."

Sheff started the cruiser and drove forward. Andy glanced at his wife, still reeling dumbfounded by their change of events and couldn't think of anything to say to calm her nerves down.

"Andy," she beseeched him, "what's going to happen to us? Where are they taking us?"

Before Andy had time to answer, Sheff tapped on the glass screen that demarcated the backseat occupants. "We're on Marybone, Mr. Clarence. Which is your house?"

Andy indicated his house on the street and Sheff pulled into their driveway. He and Monique opened the backdoors to let the couple out and marched them towards their front door.

"Keys, please," Sheff said to Andy.

"Just what has this got to do with anything, Officer?" harangued Andy.

"We need to check if you've got any drugs and stuff inside. It's standard procedure."

Andy looked at him incredulously. "What utter nonsense! This whole thing is preposterous!"

"Nonetheless, keys, please. I'm being polite, Mr. Clarence. Next time, I won't be."

"Okay ... whatever. The key's in my jacket pocket." He indicated which pocket he meant.

Sheff took out the set of house keys and Andy indicated which one opened the front door. The lock turned and both officers pushed the couple inside and locked the door behind them.

Officer Monique undid Sherry's and

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